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Believe it or not, @OscarTheGrouch wants to hear YOUR voice! He’s here with an important reminder to make sure your…
Retweeted by JW Cartoonist @OEdswald @MegaDriveBrad Rumor has it a remake of Sword in the Stone is in the works for Disney Plus, but I don't k… yourself in two Disney villains. @HernyEd Pris as Dexter's Mom. @AnodyneRhyme This contest is over! Give that man the 10 thousand dollars! 🤣 @SimpsonsGoofs @C_A_P_ Maybe he can run really fast?Except if you don't live in the US as a few people have pointed out to me. @cwroederer As bizarre as it might sound, AppleTV might be the more proper way to view these specials. @cwroederer The recent TV editions of the specials are also time-compressed (meaning they speed it up), I don't und… @cwroederer I 100% agree here, I stopped watching the specials (in addition to the Rankin Bass stuff) on TV ages ag… really believing you’re a Peanuts fan yet you don’t have a DVD or download of Great Pumpkin
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"Let's Get Dangerous" staring Darkwing Duck had now been uploaded officially for free on Youtube. So now you've got… is so funny........
Retweeted by JW CartoonistGet #darkwingduck trending plz
Retweeted by JW CartoonistYes, I know Drake and Launchpad sung the theme song at one point, but I wanted the whole theme, dang it!The one thing "Let's Get Dangerous" was missing.'s gonna be people upset when they find out "Great Pumpkin" isn't airing on TV this year, but people are going… has dethroned Marvel. All hail the new king! @Grimkitty2 To put it simply, ABC's contact for the Peanuts specials ran out and they didn't renew it. Apple TV+ sw… long do these classic specials have on TV before they join Charlie Brown in making the jump to streaming platfo… owns half of the RakinBass specials (Rudolph, Frosty, Santa is Coming to Town) and theyve got a current d… news of the Peanuts specials going to streaming makes me wonder about the future of other Christmas specials. (1/3)
I know I'm poking a hornet's nest here, but which is the best Sonic voice cast? @elaboratesunma1 took me over 3 hours of standing in line but I voted today. Now I'm exhausted. link if you want to buy this collection: am bit sad that the Peanuts specials won't be airing on TV anymore, but then again I haven't watched them on TV i…"It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is now streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. Watch it for free from October 3…
Retweeted by JW Cartoonist @Cartoontriper1 @NextgenerOG @FrankAngones Exactly, it works for fans cause seeing Bonkers beaten violently is the… for @JW_Cartoonist (had to adjust something)
Retweeted by JW CartoonistSpoilers for DuckTales "Let's Get Dangerous" but I just want to be the first to say, thank you @FrankAngones. As a… The #DuckTales/#DarkwingDuck special, "Let's Get Dangerous" is available FOR FREE, without subscription, on…
Retweeted by JW Cartoonist @C_A_P_ Oh, it sounds absolutely bonkers, but it's the kind of bonkers that draws me in like an ant to sugar. I'm b…'s so awesome to see a Darkwing Duck/DuckTales crossover that's actually canon and not officially published fanfi… last, the wait is over... Let's Get Dangerous! @NineEyes9Eyes @disneyplus As for House of Mouse, you are right that there were two direct-to-video movies on Netfl… @NineEyes9Eyes @disneyplus For the Aladdin series, the HD conversion explanation makes sense, though also, Disney a… @NineEyes9Eyes @disneyplus With Bear in the Big Blue House, Disney bought the rights to the entire franchise along… #10. I am so freaking HYPED! back to what I said about "Food Fight" I think that's why "Pepe's Incredible Game Show" and "Muppet Labs Fiel… of the Muppets Now skits feel like jokes that go on for too long. They can still be funny jokes, but even the… example of a good Muppet skit that goes on beyond 3 minutes is the 2013 short "Food Fight", but that's different… think I figured out a reason why Muppets Now didn't quite hit the mark. If you look at skits from The Muppet Show… @NdyBros Not sure how I feel about this, but it is nicely made. Personally I think he looks better without the fur,… @corekismet Dynamite salesman?!For some reason this Mickey smile gives me @TVsKyle vibes. @NicoColaleo Us too. @mouseposting Actually, Mickey has a ton of money, he just keeps blowing it all on cheese. This mouse has an addiction.
@benmekler Also, I don't believe "bananas" is the right term for it. I believe the word you're looking for is... Looney. @OOCCouchGags Now on Disney Plus for the whole family to enjoy! @benmekler ... When can I preorder my ticket?#OnThisDay #OTD October 18, 1987, "Football" first aired on "The Tracey Ullman Show" on the Fox network. Wr: Matt G…
Retweeted by JW CartoonistThis was either a goof-up, or something that was done on purpose.
Retweeted by JW Cartoonist @MarioBrothBlog Yoshi gets food poisoning. @C_A_P_ It's got it's flaws and isn't spectacular, but it's still a fun movie.Just a reminder that I'm on Pillowfort. You guys should head over to Pillowfort. It's nice there. @BeaPeaBear I still wonder how they were able to keep that puppet from toppling over. being pretty popular and lasting 9 seasons, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic never got a video game adap… @KevinTemmer Coming soon to Nintendo Switch! ... Honestly, now I want that. The Ghost and Molly McGee: The Video G…
Retweeted by JW Cartoonist @DylanCartoonell Lion King got just as much exposure back in the 90s as Frozen has nowadays ("Let it Go" is Disney'… drop when you kill me
Retweeted by JW CartoonistNow we got the random cosplaying character combos. 1. Lucy Loud as Alice in Wonderland. 2. My OC Sparky Sue as Pep… commission by @My_Echo4 featuring Korra cosplaying as Shantae. drawings from last night's live stream. First up, this month's Patreon pic, Rotty Tops along with my OC Zally… @AGuyWhoDraws My personal favorite were those Disney Masterpiece Happy Meal toys, but as a kid my sister and I were… @C_A_P_ You don't like the internet you say? XDI still like Ralph Breaks the Internet, but honestly, I think it should have been a half-hour TV special rather than a movie.No joke, I saw this exact same reaction on certain animation "News" sites when that preview image was released. Fr… @blytheandferb21 remember when I first saw this preview image, I immediately loved the designs and art style present. You can ima… Monster looking fabulous. when Cosmo and Wanda brought someone back from the dead? You'd think there would be a rule about cheating… remember when JibJab used to make videos parodying elections and going over the events of the year? I reall… is the better detective? @RexChapman The original Youtube link:
UPDATE: It’s starting soon! those who can't afford a commission, I've got something fun in mind. Leave a suggestion for 2 types of charact…
Retweeted by JW CartoonistOkay, special deal for tonight only. $25 character commissions to be done during the live stream, 3 slots only. Th…
Retweeted by JW CartoonistToday's the only day you can retweet this. Happy 30th Birthday, Shrek! Let's get #HappyBirthdayShrek trending.
Retweeted by JW CartoonistFor those who can't afford a commission, I've got something fun in mind. Leave a suggestion for 2 types of charact…, special deal for tonight only. $25 character commissions to be done during the live stream, 3 slots only. Th… to various reasons, I won't be able to have my traditional Halloween live stream on Halloween this year, so I'm… @JimHillMedia @EmeliusBrowne Also extremely notable is the appearance of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit near the top of th… it's trending (though not for the reason we wanted) here's the pilot to Trick Moon.
Retweeted by JW CartoonistEveryone's favorite furry friends are joining @YaraShahidi, @ChrisisSingin, & @AndraDayMusic to learn what you can…
Retweeted by JW CartoonistOne of the greatest artist of all time. Today’s kids would never understand
Retweeted by JW CartoonistThe Curious George movie that came out in 2006 doesn’t get attention and that’s truly saddening. It’s a great film,…
Retweeted by JW Cartoonist @Palastatic @disneyplus No, Disney doesn't have the rights. The Fraggles still belong to the Jim Henson company. Go… it's trending (though not for the reason we wanted) here's the pilot to Trick Moon. @Toon4Thought @MoonbeamMLP @RWalterson @disneyplus Plus, there's a good chance Disney was only able to clear the ri… @Toon4Thought @MoonbeamMLP @RWalterson @disneyplus Part of it is that streaming services don't work like that anymo… Network has seriously screwed up big time when Trick Moon is the top trending topic on Twitter!
Retweeted by JW Cartoonist @TVsKyle Definitely haven't posted before. I would have remembered these great drawings. @MoonbeamMLP @Toon4Thought @RWalterson @disneyplus They did that for select songs on the Season One boxset, which i… @AntlerWeasel @royal_poodle @disneyplus House of Mouse rarely showed the old shorts. The majority of the cartoons f…
@MuppetWiki I think I remember this one actually. Was it the same X who kept saying "X" over and over until Big Bir…, there are a ton more notable shows that are still not on Disney Plus for unknown reasons, but Twitter on…