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Associate professor of economics at John Jay College, CUNY. Fellow at Roosevelt Institute/Forward. Married to @LauraTanenbaum. Father of Eli and Abraham.

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@mrcpangallo @RebuildMacro @AnToniPichler @RMaria_drc @INETOxford @arthurturrell @iainmartin1 @ian_goldin…"Let's not make any tough decisions because we have plenty of time" is his strategy for everything, from traffic sa…
Retweeted by JW MasonThis shouldn't even be a question. At a time when crowded indoor spaces are a serious health hazard, how can anyone…
@JWMason1 Quite happy with the increasingly non-means tested approach to school lunch subsidies - and this nice non…
Retweeted by JW Mason @maxbsawicky Sure, but the tax system is not regressive. You're right that if the main tax in the US was something… @maxbsawicky Maybe its time has come?Every additional means-tested program makes this problem worse. This is one reason - one of many - that we want Med… to the article, this is the guy Cuomo wanted to put in charge of the whole MTA.Public sector management in 2020. @BCynamon @arjun_jayadev @the_torff @MarkVinPaul Will definitely be taking you up on that. @arjun_jayadev @the_torff @MarkVinPaul Was definitely in the back of my mind. @Brad_Setser Gonna be weird to look back at this time period and realize how many people didn't realize that govern…
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@jedgarnaut At least it's not a BuzzFeed article. @maxbsawicky @MattBruenig Watching!You got to respect Ionnidis’ commitment to being absolutely wrong about this.
Retweeted by JW Mason @KatharinaPistor @PMehrling Oh for sure. I'd actually assigned Perry's article and left the Beggs as optional, then… @wwwojtekk OK. But still possible that policy debates are using assumption of 100% uptake. At this point important… @wwwojtekk OK, thanks. One thing I was wondering about is how fairly existing literature was being chracterized. @Mitchell_JoshW @wwwojtekk @mattunrath I saw it. Criticisms seem reasonable but hard to see how they change qualitative results. @wwwojtekk How wrong is very wrong, tho? Is Matt's approachof assuming uniform uptake at the average rate more wron… @MidwestDeplore @MattBruenig @delong @pearkes @ernietedeschi I am 100% fine with listening to the technocratic expe… @MattBruenig @delong @pearkes @ernietedeschi Yeah, that's really a separate conversation. And imo a much less productive one. @MattBruenig @delong @pearkes @ernietedeschi It's definitely not in my mine. That's why I included a tweet inviting… reread @mikejbeggs 's Jacobin piece on Minsky. It's really good! If you are curious about Minsky and wondering… where are the pop-up bus lanes? Where is concern over employers' plans to bar workers coming in via mass transit…
Retweeted by JW Mason @MattBruenig You could rerun your estimates using the paticipation rates from one of the studies he cites. Just eye… @StynesMichael Thanks. Seems like some valid criticism on details, but nothing that would change qualitative result.This looks like a valid criticism of Bruenig's assumption about fraction of eligible people receiving benefit. But… @mattunrath What's the evidence that that's implausible?This piece is a nice model for what kind of work on social programs is useful, which economists imo could profitabl… is a good case study in problems with means-testing: admin costs higher; backward-looking income measures may…'m not an expert on this, and I'd be very interested to hear from labor economists who think his specific factual… piece by @MattBruenig arguing that the EITC has only half the impact on poverty that is usually claimed, seems… @NathanTankus Actually that would be the fourth mandate. Don't forget moderate long-term intrest rates! :-)
Here's a virtual event on "Green New Deal: a People’s Recovery from Corona & Climate crises", starting right now. I… @tobyarbo Simple - a country with free financial flows can't set its own interest rate to meet domestic goals, like… @stonex100 @pickfos Exactly. Have you read @tsgouros on this?
Outside the US/EU, this also means anyone genuinely concerned with public debt sustainability should be advocating for capital controls. @BenDWalsh I don't remember the "maybe" part. @MaxJerneck Sure. But keeping r low is a lot easier than raising g! @MacRoweNick Well, for instance, do the relevant policymakers respond to the two signals symmetrically? Do the inst… @MacRoweNick They're the same at a high level of abstraction, but not necessarily once you move to a more concrete level. @stonex100 The lesson people should be taking is that prefunding pensions is irrational when interest rates are low… @derek8921 @ToreEllingsen1 @dandolfa I don't think "real" is a useful category to be using here. Nominal interest r… @derek8921 @ToreEllingsen1 @dandolfa OK, sorry, thoguth you wer making version of Neo-fisherian argument. My bad. Still don't agree, tho. @derek8921 @ToreEllingsen1 @dandolfa I may have misunderstood you. Are you saying that lower rates reduce inflation… @derek8921 @ToreEllingsen1 @dandolfa And I am saying that the claim that higher interest rates lead to higher infla… claim that since the "real" interest rate is fixed by fundamentals, lower nominal rates must lead to lower infl… @derek8921 @ToreEllingsen1 @dandolfa Claim that the "real" rate is exogenously fixed, so lower policy rate leads to… @derek8921 @ToreEllingsen1 @dandolfa A bunch of freshwater types have been saying this for a decade or so. (Google… @ToreEllingsen1 @dandolfa Right, both the output gap/inflation and the debt ratio are jointly determined by fiscal… @adamshersh @econinbricks Haha, I wish. @rch371 @dandolfa My argument here, as in many things I've written over the years, is that *if* the debt ratio is p… @PotomacRC @NathanTankus @AdamPosen @PIIE Right. What is not present here, or anywhere else I have seen, is a commi… @dandolfa I think that thinking about alternative policies, including central bank mandates, is an important part o… @dandolfa You don't need a theorem, you just need arithmetic. Period t+1 debt ratio= period d debt ratio times 1 +… @theoryhack It's not guaranteed that this is possible at a non-negative rate. But the thing is, as the debt ratio g… @PotomacRC @NathanTankus @AdamPosen @PIIE Unfortunately that's not quite enough, he also needs to say that th Fed w… @theoryhack As to whether it's sufficient - well, to keep the debt ratio from growing you need an interest rate equ… @theoryhack I'm not saying we should be concerned with it. I'm saying that if we are concerned with it, that's wher… @dandolfa How so? The change in the debt-GDP ratio is a function of the interest rate just as much as of the primar… is where the debate over government debt needs to be going. If the problem is the possibility of a situation i…
Looks like the country has decided it's open again.
Retweeted by JW Mason @contextproblem I really hope causal cake is not a typo. @contextproblem @Sharon_Kuruvila @BuddyYakov @irl_neil OK. I guess to me a causal claim necessarily implies a counterfactual. @contextproblem @BuddyYakov @irl_neil @Sharon_Kuruvila So if we are interested in why Europe's African and Asian co… @contextproblem @Sharon_Kuruvila @BuddyYakov @irl_neil Do you think the question "how much did the existence of the… @contextproblem @BuddyYakov @irl_neil @Sharon_Kuruvila How about history as in our timeline thru World War II, but… @irl_neil @BuddyYakov @contextproblem @Sharon_Kuruvila I'm sure many would have. But many of them presumably didn't… @BuddyYakov @contextproblem @irl_neil @Sharon_Kuruvila What do you think would have happened to European colonies i… @IsaacScher__ The Grandin for sure. Here's a good review of How to Hide an Empire. @dandolfa Right. The solution for "fiscal risk" is for the Fed to commit to holding down Treasury rates as long as… @CStellakis I think there is a reason why the norm in literally every academic field is to declare conflicts of interest. @insanedreamer 1) Yes, my bad. But he's still an airline executive, so that doesn't matter afaict. 2) There are dif… @NoblePublius @jdbatts79 Oh, I see, you're one of the people who wants to kill my parents so you can get a haircut. @NoblePublius @jdbatts79 Where's the 30% figure from? A couple weeks ago there was a claim of 22%, which given exce… @kalhan @JetBlue I was slightly wrong about this - he's the founder and former head of JetBlue, now runs a differen… @Mateyush That's fair. For whatever it's worth, I added another tweet making the correction. @mpp75214 Would it be better if it were from the New York Times?* Founder, no longer CEO. Still an airline executive tho. Also, was already clear that there were serious problem… @Mateyush Really? My bad then. But does it change the story in any meaningful way?
I remember way back in the old days making the argument that being a billionaire was bad—I’m just not sure why anyo…
Retweeted by JW Mason @PaulHerzog3 @lalasoo Definitely the latter. @teachinggov @flglmn Definitely don't want to let Gates off the hook. @Kumar_EconIneq for a reason, it turns outThousands of people are going to die because an aircraft guy funded ideological science
Retweeted by JW Mason @RichPuchalsky Sorry yes I was wondering whose feed I saw that on, it was yours.There’s conflicts of interest. And then there's your CEO funder explaining that he's sought you out as the "solutio… that Stanford study claiming coronovirus infection far more prevalent than we all thought, and fatality r… @stephsterlingdc Obviously I realize that. "won't allow" is imo reasonable twitter shorthand for "are an insuperable obstacle to". @ChrisMctwtr Wait, so "evildoers" = CBO?In all seriousness: If the current state of play is that Congress would like to do something to prepare for the pos… the Democratic House Speaker thinks that a bad number from the CBO is a bigger problem than millions of people…
In a sane country, reopening would involve generous, universal paid sick leave, so that workplaces don't immmediate… @asymptosis I think that is going to be challenging. In the US financial accounts, most flows are computed from the… "reopening" means in practice. (Note that they are also reimposing limits on sick days. Expose your coworkers… @asymptosis No, it means the capacity to make loans. Which is something quite different.
@b9n10nt @davidshor If we take original claim seriously, there are three possibilities: 1) Improved education expla… @b9n10nt @davidshor Yes, this is a beautiful example of the dishonesty of so much empirical economics.BuT wHaT aBoUt InFlAtIoN?
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