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@monaeltahawy The funny thing to me is that these people give the words the power to offend them. Fuck is just a wo… @wikigamaliel Is it something to do with Fargo?
More fun than Eminem if you want some gun control rap in your life. @itsDanBull @Femi_Sorry Hope so, cos I can claim Turkish citizenship now. @e_j_hayes Can we send a few Ironclads to retake RI? I'm looking for somewhere nice to found a colony at the moment.'Pointing out structural discrimination is the same as when yer ma was worried about you playing Carmageddon in 199… @CountDankulaTV This is just another version of 'I don't hate gay people, I just don't want them ramming their gayn…'t people just do porn if they want to share their kinks this badly? @MikeStuchbery_ @BBC Dunno man, seems like a kink to me, like people who dress up as SS officers and seig heil when they bust a nut. @CS6543 But let's be honest, most people didn't vote for Brexit because they wanted to see a big increase in Indian… @CS6543 There should never have been a cap in the first place but also doctors from the EU are leaving the UK, and… @CS6543 Thousands of EU doctors snd nurses, as well as academics and many others will also leave because of the div… @CS6543 Brexit was driven by anti immigrant sentiment. Tories want to penalise all migrants to get immigration down… @CS6543 Spouse visa plus NHS surcharge is £3k. You have to do that at least twice before you are then allowed to ap… @richardjbellamy No it doesn't. It's had too long a run already. @jennarmathias @RhodeIslandRT Why though? It's too small to be a proper state. And it's not an island.Why does Rhode Island exist? It's the most pointless US state. Just give it to Massachusetts or Connecticut. @CS6543 However I feel as a white person doesn't really matter. I listen to people who are subject to racism and th… @CS6543 The Leave campaign won votes by lying to the public about Turkey joining the EU. That affects my wife, who… @CS6543 I've seen black friends get stopped by the police where I wouldn't have been stopped. I've heard white peop… @CS6543 It's structural. It depends who you are. I as a white person don't experience it personally, but I am treat… @Zac2302 @AprilPreston_ The problem I have with this attitude, apart from the fact that I don't see how this is dif… @peterboghossian @monaeltahawy @HPluckrose Peter, actually, let me explain to you, one man to another, how you're w… @june_mummery You have given our rights away, you've damaged the UK's standing in the world, given up our seat at t… @CS6543 Original Poster, i.e. Matthew. Matthew: Twitter tells me that Britain is engulfed in racism. Actually stat… @HarryJF_UK Being as kind to her as possible, she just doesn't have a clue what she's talking about, so I'm not sur… @jamesrbuk Peston just isn't online enough to have a good twitter persona, and consequently he comes across as a do…'Our current curriculum teaches kids about colonialism and the Empire but nothing about democracy here in the UK'… @me_think_free @EmilyGorcenski Must be pretty cool to have the freedom to enjoy 40,000 gun homicides a year.Tory election win good for people with capital, as house prices rise by fastest rate recorded for the end of year. government defeat of new parliament House of Lords to now be moved even further away from London
Retweeted by John Lubbock @PaulbernalUK White people can easily get away with large amounts of drug abuse without suffering any consequences,… @CS6543 At least you are acknowledgeing that people generally feeling that the UK is welcoming doesn't mean that ra… @CS6543 I don't think you've read OP's tweet then. He says 'People on twitter say racism is a problem. Actually the… @antoguerrera I have heard that they specialise in a form of pasta dish which contains large amounts of low quality… @blue_artemisa @GMB @piersmorgan You've gotta be a whole lot of sandwiches, cultery, napkins and a hamper short of… @PhilVabulas Thinking you can stop systemic social problems like gang crime and drug abuse with stop and search, ra… is incredibly disingenuous. The surveys, from 2018, show that 2nd generation immigrants in the UK, more likely… @Covbluenose @GoodwinMJ Yes, only 8% of predominantly white EU citizens say they feel discriminated against, but no… @smartoptimism So you won't listen to non-white people telling you about their experiences of racism, but you belie… @CS6543 Yes, two white guys doubting that racism exists in the UK means that racism doesn't exist in the UK. @GoodwinMJ Breaking: Another white guy doubting that immigrants have experienced racism and pointing to statistics… I worked as a community organiser, the local youth club was a safe haven for kids who might otherwise be drawn… not use black spraypaint on them instead though? @BitsOfNaaz Also, if your label/management would be willing to publish an image of you on a Creative Commons licens… @BitsOfNaaz Wikipedia is mostly written by white men from Western countries, so we have a lot less content about wo… @BitsOfNaaz Thanks Naaz. I am trying to help improve content on Wikipedia about Kurdish people, but also to encoura… corrupt oligarchs like Angola's Isabel dos Santos not only steal from their own citizens, they also park… @BitsOfNaaz If you want to help expand coverage of Kurdish content on Wikipedia, please follow my Kurdish Wikipedia… made a new Wikipedia page for Kurdish-Dutch singer @BitsOfNaaz. There isn't enough content on Wikipedia about Kur… guess capitalism has been cancelled now. relentlessly offering you 6 months of free Amazon music and automatically playing content on Echo from Amazon mu… @CAATuk Quite amusing also that the logo of German left wing football club St Pauli has made it onto this list of e… @omid9 I got sunburnt once and sometimes I get a little bit too much Vitamin D.When the UK diverges from EU regulations and repeals political correctness, there's lots of fun laws waiting to be…'ve supported @CAATuk for years. The UK's arms trade fuels wars, empowers dictators & kills civilians across the w…
what in God's good name is this
Retweeted by John Lubbock @CatioMiles Dafuq?13 years. In some ways it feels like yesterday, in others, decades ago. Today's voices calling for justice are rare…
Retweeted by John Lubbock @Elis_Gj Good thanks. Leaving Wikimedia this month to go and live with my wife in Milan. If TRT wants me to write s… @SE25A Thanks for your service. @Elis_Gj Istanbul nasil, abi? @Sandie882Sandie Toddlers have impressive levels of vocabulary compared to Trump though. @timcollie15 Poor little snowflake can't deal with criticism. Bless.I have a hypothesis that the price of a peerage will drop if & when Parliament is renovated. Millionaires don't pay…
Retweeted by John Lubbock @obefintlig English cuisine!What the actual fuck?! Gambling addictions are absolutely life destroying. I've seen it close up. Companies shouldn…
Retweeted by John LubbockI for one am looking forward to being free of EU laws that for years have prevented my small business from innovati… law is absurd. @don_darrow Heya. Follow me back and DM me and I'll see if i can help.
Good luck with that. @PublicChaffinch The only good gig I've seen sitting down in the last 10 years was badbadnotgood at Camden Roundhou… @cfinnecy Hannah's tweet seems to have been deleted. @PublicChaffinch I once went to see Tool and it was incredibly boring because it was a big arena and I was sitting… is doomed, so why not embody the accelerationist chaos energy of this komodo dragon? @BurnACopCar 1) applying for jobsSo what is 'aspirational socialism' then? I'd quite like to aspire to not leave future generations a dead planet. D… @TeckZilla108 @wikimediauk It depends if you meet Wikipedia's Notability criteria or not. Not everybody can have a… revelations here are very similar to those in Adam Curtis' documentary The Mayfair Set, about former SAS office… against Canal Istanbul grow in city that is led by an opposition mayor who is staunchly against Erdogan's…
Retweeted by John LubbockNaomi Smith: Labour needs to do something really radical to win again – work with other parties
Retweeted by John Lubbock @Simon_P_Hannah Lol they put CAAT on there.Wikipedia Türkçe’nin açılmasından kısa bir süre önce Londra’da Wikipedia Türkçe için içerik üretme eğitimleri başla…
Retweeted by John Lubbock @AlanKelloggs I'm going to call all these idiot men 'honky' until they realise that context and power structure matter. @dunkertruck @AlanKelloggs @LozzaFox Dunno man, seems hypocritical since you called someone racist for their factual statement that you are white.
@pennyb This means no desls with other parties i guess.He’s doing well on workers’ rights and environment stuff and taking Nandy’s line on devolving power to local govern…
Retweeted by John Lubbock @smogger4030 I hope people will have had enough soon. A good poll tax riot repeat would teach the tories a good lesson. @smogger4030 Thanks Colin. It's not forever. It's the right thing for me now but I care about the UK deeply and I h… @YiannisBab Milan.Only Iranian clowns are allowed to lie to the Iranian people. love too be a white person on tv who tells non-white people that the UK is one of the least racist places in the… @Istanbultelaviv Let me know if you want me to connect you to Ara. He recently returned to London from visiting Diyarbekir again. @anhalekry Sumood! @AmblingJohn @paperghost Looking forward to my induction in the visa tweets club lodge.If the answer to the politician drug question is 'I've been to Amsterdam', the next question should be 'should cann… @Istanbultelaviv Did you see the documentary I made a few years ago? You might want to chat to Ara Sarafian, its su… @Fydsy @DRobertPrice Thanks. Not sure how long I'll be out there as it depends to some extent on her job, but it fe… @MsAlliance @DRobertPrice To some extent, but she's just there for work and visits me in London a lot so I think it…