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@antoguerrera Where are you?‘Profiting’ from poverty - Foodbank app owned by newly elected Tory MP Miriam Cates charges charities to use it
Retweeted by John LubbockProof of on-going #genocide against #Rohingya in #Myanmar. Two #Rohingya houses burnt down by #Myanmar military exp…
Retweeted by John Lubbock @SE25A Yes but it was funny and he deserved to have people laughing at himAt Liverpool Street Station there's a guy prosletysing, going 'STOP TAKING DRUGS AND BELIEVE IN JESUS'. It set me o… walking past me in the street in South London just smiled at me. Clearly a psychopath. Nobody smiles at strangers in London. @timfarron Glad you're still an MP. Keep at it.
@jeremycorbyn Yes, but you didn't work with the rest of the anti-Tory opposition, and that split the vote. Labour s… @pennyb Don't worry, i got about 30 piss diamond unfollows. Solidarity!Thanks to Fortune and @katherine_dunn for covering our Wikipedia election night editing session. thing I've got this tiny comb and this joke to cope with the despair. from work Chrismas lunch. Need more than 4 hours sleep to cope with this tbh. how a Tory candidate being investigated for anti-Semitism is now an MP. @DanceBakeGeek They did more than Labour, but reappointing candidates in Csnterbury and Uxbridge when the PPCs step… @Marcusas11 @DanceBakeGeek It should be @LaylaMoran. She increased her majority, is a good communicator, not tainted by coalition. @vinguard @LaylaMoran Yup. I hope Layla can figure out what sn appealing Liberal policy platform looks like. Needs… Lib Dems will be a better party with @LaylaMoran in charge. I hope she will listen to those of us who want to s… in this election, I got the impression that Labour and the Lib Dems wanted to own each other more than th… @dazmileham I hope all the opposition parties learn from this disaster that they need to work together. Swinson rea… @GaryLineker @BorisJohnson This is not, as they say, it chief. @dazmileham Not just the sniping, the more general refusal to work together. While the Brexit Party was standing do… a proportional electoral system, it wouldn't matter which party you supported - every voter's choice would be…
Retweeted by John Lubbock @sajidjavid Your party leader said anti-Semitic things in his shitty
Retweeted by John Lubbock @dazmileham You didn't read the tweet after that one, because I didn't say it was that simple, but we've all got a right to be angry today.Well that's it folks. Wellcome to five more years of this shit. Time to go back to the drawing board.Yes. Many of us would., this guy wins the 'most problematic new MP of the night' award. @Chesterfield4EU Nah, i honestly think they're just incompetent snd stupid rather than malicious but maybe i just w… enthusing on Sky about how Caroline Lucas has been 'ubiquitous'. He's right. Her continued reelection is a b… odds are stacked against the opposition. Sian Berry is saying right now on Sky that Labour need to work with ot… mistake the LDs made was to allow these pointless defectors from Tories and Labour to stand in key seats an… again, Caroline Lucas retains her seat while Sam Gyimah splits the anti-Tory vote meaning Labour lose Kensington. @Direthoughts They think it's gonna be Back To The Future 2, but it's actually gonna be Back To The Future 3.I understand the frustration from Lib Dems that Labour put their ground game into fights where they cancelled out t… bottom line here is that the Lib Dems and Labour have had their leaders defeated and need to figure out where t… @Chesterfield4EU I don't think that more people did vote for them, it's that the other parties are hopelessly divided.Another plus for the future of the Lib Dems, Daisy Cooper has won St Albans from the Tories. Cooper, from everythin… on the other hand, the DUP lost another seat.And Swinson becomes the biggest loss of the night, but in my opinion, the least consequential one. This is actually… Johnson going hard on being a One Nation conservative who will build lots of hospitals. Nobody believes this.… sad aspect of tonight is that there's been no big Tory loss. There's this inbuilt incumbent bonus that operates… side of this for the Lib Dems is that it looks like Jo Swinson has lost her seat. That may not be such a bad t… Dems have gained back Menzies Campbell's old constituency of Fife North East from the SNP. @MsAlliance @rd_aardvark I'm a Lib Dem member, I blame both parties for this result. Either could have chosen to be… @rd_aardvark I'm a Lib Dem member, so maybe you shouldn't jump to so many conclusions.Ugh. And Raab. @rd_aardvark Congrats for not bothering to read the tweet following that one.Oh look at that, Nigel Dodds of the DUP has lost in Belfast North because the SDLP stood down for Sinn Fein.But even in London, the Lib Dems and Labour cancelled each other out in Cities of Westminster and London, allowing the Tories to win. @Tangent3 We will never know what would have happened if the tactics had been different, I agree, but we can decide… needs to immediately start supporting Proportional Representation. it's a different story in London but i don't think that really detracts from the main problem here. is what I'm talking about. It's not just the LDs' fault, it's both parties for being stubborn and tribal. split in the Brexit vote there show what would have happened if BXP had stood against the Tories elsewhere. It… yes, thank you so much to Brexit Party's Richard Tice for splitting the Brexity vote in Hartlepool to allow Labo… @Bavage You've got a good point and I fully acknowledge that I'm angry at both parties for refusing to work togethe… Tory MP in Peterborough helpfully explaining that his second child is due tomorrow, which means that we at leas… @GarethLShelton Exactly why those parties should have stood down to help Labour if they really wanted to beat the T… @paulypauluk It's not the time to start pointing fingers. @ProudEurophile It's never too late to work together to stop bad things happening to our society. We can't afford to give up.I'd like to send my solidarity to my Labour friends tonight. Your enthusiasm was inspiring, and you shouldn't give… @ProudEurophile I am also literally a Lib Dem member. I am doing the kind of self criticism of my own party that's… @paulypauluk See, you're doing the thing that I'm criticising. Yes, they fucked up, but we all need to look at what… of the best pieces of political advice is 'dress to the right, talk to the left'. You can be radical if you do… @FactionToo It's largely the optics. Labour allowed themselves to be painted as extremists. @bspeed8 People like me have been saying this for ages, but the media only wants to listen to the extremes. I am av… @pennyb You are one of the best, most sensible Labour voices I know. I hope people listen more to what you have to say. @RiffGaffer You accused me of being a fascist. You can absolutely get in the sea you ghoul. @RiffGaffer Lol. Sure, whatever my good bitch.Apparently I'm an advocate for fascism for criticising my own party. Some people seem to have lost their fucking mi… @YPacaud My own party acted irresponsibly. @YPacaud Who is you? I'm a Lib Dem member.
@halfironmum @Otto_English You could have read the next tweet in the thread.I would of course immediately add that Labour should have done the same, and that putting tons of activists into Fi… Labour, you going to support Proportional Representation now and work with the smaller parties, or are you goin… @DominicKavakeb @ali_mn_aljamri It's about much more than that now, and that ship has sailed anyway.There's going to be a ton of seats like Blyth Valley where the Lib Dems standing quite possibly resulted in a Tory… @DominicKavakeb @ali_mn_aljamri We cannot let that happen. It's time to resist harder than ever. We cannot give in to that. @ali_mn_aljamri All the more reason that we need the reaction to be swift. We have to find out how to join together… @RiffGaffer @UKLabour I never said that did I?We must do everything we can to resist the dystopian surveillance state that the Tories will impose on us. Let's ge… result feels like it will lead to a certain amount of accelerationism. If the country wants a Tory govt, then…, at least Nigel Farage is annoyed. That's something. @mikegalsworthy Yes mate. @Pegster69 @gw_emily Nope. I'm sorry but you're wrong. A voting alliance would have made a huge difference and beli… @DanceBakeGeek I'm expecting a lot of responses from disappointed LDs that effectively amount to 'It's all their fa… @UncleVinceCable @LibDems I agree with you about Labour's failings. If LDs want to learn anything from this, you sh… @sxybio @LibDems I'm blaming Lib Dems for Lib Dem failings, not Labour's. I don't expect you to like it, but you mi… think that Jo Swinson losing her seat is one of the best things that could happen to the Lib Dems tonight. They w…, I'm equally angry with both Lib Dems and Labour for refusing to work together. Their dislike of each othe… @amertvs Evet abi. Dogru. @UncleVinceCable @LibDems The Lib Dems contributed to this result by being stubborn tribalists. Hatred of Labour ca… there's a lesson here, it's that those who don't want a Tory government need to stop fighting each other and con… hatred displayed by both Labour and Lib Dem tribalists towards each other has been sad to behold. Labour spent… sure how much Labour people will be laughing when Jo Swinson loses her seat, given that they may end up with fe… to say it, but if the exit poll is right, Labour and the Lib Dems have handed the election to Boris Johnson by… of the Yedz Meghern, while welcome, will not create reconciliation between Armenians, Turks and Kurds.… @HSCORPI0 @UncleVinceCable Yup, the anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and misogyny demonstrated in Boris Johnson's long w…