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17 main for @ViralEClub @emi_csx😼

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The MVP of the finals was none other than @G2NiKo! Excited to see what you can do at the Spring Finals 💥…
Retweeted by jxy @OkinFPS yeah dude sorry! i was just trying my hardest! why r u mad! @ethexpriv yeah. @ethexpriv Hey Ethan.Watching FranzJ play Nuke Actually playing Nuke
Retweeted by jxy @Serotonicide @cbdcs_ @bologna_eater79 Yeah. He's a somebody. Yeah. @bologna_eater79 how can you have that many seasons of open and still keep playingLFT Val, Available everyday of the week. Mainly play controllers but can play sentinels or duelists. Willing to lea…
Retweeted by jxy @PowerTaleCSGO HOLY FUCKKKKKKK @Ethexfps @el_jack0 ban him please. Im BeGgIng!!1 HeS S TrLSlLiJNG my PUGSssWhat a fall from grace
Retweeted by jxy @OkinFPS is mouse1 hard or something LOL!!!!!!
@KEEMSTAR @jackharlow well thats funny because i swear shes tied up in my closet
Retweeted by jxy @ariessqc @viz_cs @TriumphGamingGG 🗣️🗣️🗣️ @ethexpriv good shit lil homie ilylft premier everyone is exploring options for now any rifle role, i know i can be a solid piece in any roster
Retweeted by jxy @Serotonicide happy bday big homie @HuzaifaCS 🤨Phantom or VandalThere's about to be a whole lot more Chaos in the server 😈 Please join us in welcoming @Xeppaaa to #C9BLUE!
Retweeted by jxyThis one's no imposter ඞ We're excited to announce that @floppyCSGO has joined #C9BLUE!
Retweeted by jxy @Ethexfps usimagine getting kicked by this kid LMFAOOOOO have some good news for the bears 🧸️ Your North American #ESEAPremier season 36 CHAMPIONS! 🏆 @PTR_tvCSGO
Retweeted by jxy @emi_csx @Ethexfps @Ethexfps 5-10 Pistol Ace Unranked Savant. @Ethexfps @bootylord @ariessqc how is it possible to lose at life twice
11 mdl seasons, 149 mdl maps, 3.3 years of the same division. We finally made EPL. I hope this serves as an inspir…
Retweeted by jxy @BLASTPremier @JACKZ_CSGO @G2esports me n u @Sinless_CSNEXA WITH THE 1V3 | @BLASTPremier
Retweeted by jxy @AllinGaming23 @Ethexfps @PowerTaleCSGO's up fellasLMAOOOOO WHAT @floppyCSGO people paid money to see that @JacobSick954 playing vs the mentally impaired0-2 vs imPerium, we just arent ready for premier yet and thats okay, glad with how far we came, gonna have some tim…
Retweeted by jxy @treythun @CambridgePolice get his ass @f1reformed if i have time sure babe!
LFT VALORANT - Duelist / Sova (can flex other agents) - Can secondary call - Willing to do anything to win RT's a…
Retweeted by jxy @f1reformed how r u today f1
Retweeted by jxy @scottiyioioioio Yeah.I thought main teams would troll less scrims but apparently they are worse than open teams trying @scottiyioioioio Nice tape. @treythun probably 30 @PNDLMcs @f1reformed hey48 rounds are not enough to separate @RBG_Esports & @HighCoastES! 😲 #ESEAPremier
Retweeted by jxy @Sinless_CS What's so funny? FUckkkk AwpPWInngggG @Vanityxz they'll do it in officals! @NotChaseyb BRO
Retweeted by jxy
@OkinFPS is there a one that wont be a waste of timeIs there a valorant scrim discord @awhnutss Thanks awhnutss @ariessqc too many freaks out thereThe internet is a normal placeCloud9 and Keiti Read:
Retweeted by jxygod @G2huNter
Retweeted by jxyI summon bachunga negev man in face-up attack position
Retweeted by jxy @Ahmoar @Ethexfps ZenZog. @Ethexfps ayo bro this giveaway is fake asf dog LMFAOOOO @39daph @AllinGaming23 @ethexfps @Ethexfps @Disputesz @f1reformed LMAOOO @ryu9zaki buy a i9gpugaming processdr @Ethexfps ADVANCED NEXT SEASON @Ethexfps fUCKk yOUUU @Ethexfps IM IN THE VIDFEOOO!!!! FOLLOW MEEE!ESEA is a simulation
Retweeted by jxy
Retweeted by jxyValve updates RMR eligibility rules regarding VAC bans
Retweeted by jxyajnsfndf>Ds dsfkfd. @NotAdamJW id kill a mf for a jordanfirst one in a long time, pugs wit da boys
Retweeted by jxy2-0 against @RBG_Esports in @ESEA Premier Upper Bracket Semi Finals. We play winner of @HighCoastES and @BnB_pt2 tomorrow at 8est.
Retweeted by jxy @Ethexcs @abbyisqueen_ @CohesionConcept LMFAooooOOoODsadSFMN GoOTtt YoUU @Ethexcs @abbyisqueen_ @CohesionConcept @Ethexcs @abbyisqueen_ You need to go outside dude im worried ab you @cbdcs_ Playing csgo for over 4k hours. @ariessqc @scottiyioioioio How. @RyanAtRBM @Cloud9 @Keititv
@IconsCS You didn't say what type of losing. They losing the game of life.Gaming with the boys @fiveohS550 @JSaulsTV @iForbiddenn
Retweeted by jxy @IconsCS I'm not losing, my two teammates who are going double + negative are losing.It's Where The Pros Play, ESEA. @scottiyioioioio @nitsuA_tv
Retweeted by jxyfinally got rank g thxs to everyone thats supported me time to reach even grander heights!
Retweeted by jxyLFT Main+ only for the coming future -any role, best role is IGL and or main/secondary awp -open 7 nights a week i…
Retweeted by jxy @HuzaifaCS i am good they are just not funvideo games aren't fun