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Jared Yates Sexton @JYSexton Statesboro, Georgia

Hoosier, Political Analyst, Assoc Prof, AMERICAN RULE: HOW A NATION CONQUERED THE WORLD BUT FAILED ITS PEOPLE 9/15 @duttonbooks, Opinions mine

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@Rschooley This isn’t untrue. The problem is the ex military and ex law enforcement that give these groups legitimacy.We’ve been lied to. Fascism isn’t about strength, it’s about weakness. Fascism isn’t about ideals, it’s about perso… these white terrorist groups are fronts for pathetic men. They can’t operate in the open because they’re coward… is what fascism is. The final respite for insecure, sad, pathetic men. Trump is a coward and a tiny, little ma… all other strong men, Donald Trump is a coward and soft and terrified. Hiding in the White House and turning o… presidency is working exactly to plan. Trump is weakening America, creating a disordered and divided society w… isn’t a failure. He’s done exactly what he’s meant to do. He didn’t care to fight the pandemic. He didn’t wan… isn’t going to give a healing speech. He isn’t going to call for unity. He’s going to capitalize on the crisi… Dear god listen. Trump isn’t going to lead. He isn’t a president. He’s a grifter using prejudice to hide i… @jfreewright @MrJonCryer This is what I’m reporting on. It’s organized and focused. All over the country. Squads of… @BostonStuff I’m sorryThese people are obsessed with exploiting division within the country to create a crisis where they can take over t…, this is the new method, these disinformation and undercover campaigns. This is how places like Russi… Consider sharing. This is the emergency message I taped yesterday, detailing everything I've heard about w… doesn’t mean protestors or anarchists aren’t causing damage. Of course they are. But this is organized and profe… I keep hearing and seeing is that these operations are underway in every major protest. You have to understand… are accelerationists, following the plan of The Turner Diaries, which inspired Timothy McVeigh to bomb the OK… There are white supremacists looking to start a race war operating within the protests. They’re escalating… have to say, I keep hearing from former white supremacists that these methods are learned from Russian paramilita… is, unfortunately, what I keep hearing. Teams of 3 to 4 white men in black, coordinated, often with communicat… they can afford a war against their people they can afford to pay for the people’s education and the people’s ro… they have the money to put armored armies with military-style weapons and vehicles in our streets they have the…
I hear ya. That #StrangeDaysPodcast episode with @JYSexton’s insights, in retrospect, was like looking into a crys…
Retweeted by Jared Yates Sexton @ThinkerXthe1st They’ve been projecting everything for years. The conspiracies. The tactics. It’s the first thing y… lots of stories about suspected white supremacists and paramilitary dressing like Antifa to carry out viole… had better get with the program and in a hurry. Trump isn't president to lead or make lives better. He's th… Trump doesn't want to decrease tensions in any way, shape, or form. He wants to crack down on critics and creat… have to get up to date on how this entire twisted situation came about because the point of a managed democracy… people have killed and maimed and carried out terroristic actions for decades. The paranoid conspiracy theory…’s background on the white supremacist terrorist movement that’s escalating tensions right now to try and reali… is an emergency message taped yesterday morning with details about white supremacist terrorists infiltrating t… Right groups posing as protestors, escalating tensions, and performing planned violence have given Trump, an au… is an authoritarian and we’re in a cycle. Authoritarians are naturally insecure and incompetent, they create… Trump is calling for a state of martial law without declaring it. Like the pandemic response he’s trying to o… this being patently absurd and insulting, people need to understand Trump and the Right use Antifa as a bla… the truth remains. The Right Wing in this country has turned law enforcement into an occupying army that views… are good law enforcement officers who work hand-in-hand with communities. And there are officers who joined b… enforcement in this country has been turned into an occupying force meant to suppress a nonexistent threat and… are consequences to pushing Blue Lives Matter as a philosophy opposed to Black Lives Matter, to pushing law e… @ParkerMolloy It’s based on a worldview that America is evenly divided into equal alternate realities instead of be… police are fighting minority protestors and journalists like they’re enemies because they’ve been turned into e… isn’t a coincidence that Trump, Republicans, and Right Wong media peddle white supremacy and white paranoia whil… is like the 1960’s and 1970’s in that regard. Both eras saw calls for fairness and equality met by fascistic res… things have always existed. White supremacy. Police brutality. America as a dangerously paranoid and violent…’s be clear. We’ve got militarized police in our streets, brutalizing people, killing unarmed black men, because… is what a society looks like when racism and paranoia and fear are the only appeals of a political party that… cannot chop everything up to dichotomous choices with paranoia and fear and not lead here. Fearmongering mixed… years Donald Trump, Republicans, and Fox News have used tensions to raise money and consolidate power. They cre… don’t have a president. We have an anti-president whose only goal is to dismantle government in order to enabl… country has failed its people. Its government has been bought and sold, its economy wired to benefit the wealt… any nation that requires militaristic occupation is an unfair nation, a nation that has failed its people a… need a nation where aggressive policing isn’t necessary because aggressive policing is predicated on enforcing… real and fundamental has to change. The fascistic disease of white supremacy has to be addressed.If you’re protesting tonight, stay safe. Document any outsiders operating to escalate tensions or cause damage. The…
I’m both relieved that people are taking the threat of white supremacist terrorists using the protests seriously an… have to understand, this is a real alternate reality for these people where US politics is a supernatural battl… quick detour into the world of the Cult of the Shining City, where members are questioning whether George Floyd w… people responsible for this, the people infiltrating these protests, crafting this destruction, interrupting le… emergency podcast is meant to detail what I've seen in white supremacist terrorist channels, what experts have… @brooklynmarie @Rschooley Yes it is. It’s elements of managed democracy crafted by disinformation, artificial movem… is what the state of Minnesota was talking about today. White supremacist terror cells are infiltrating these… are escalating according to these plans. Let’s be clear. Other people are causing damage. Other people are r… supremacist terror cells have been operating for years and are organized and prepared to use this moment and… need to understand white terrorists have been organizing, preparing, and training for a moment like this wit… Consider sharing this. It’s an emergency message detailing what I’ve seen about white terrorist cells infi… @wexlerwriting No. It absolutely isn’t new. OKC bombing was another. White terrorist mass shootings. It happens all… @Rschooley @brooklynmarie There absolutely is. Minnesota confirmed it, but the chatter among white terrorist cells… pandemic and economic crisis and increasing electoral polarization and these protests have presented an opening… plan appears to be to escalate tension in Minnesota and around the country until asymmetrical violence spreads… @cpicciolini Yeah. That’s what I’m hearing too.None of this is tinfoil hat stuff. It's been brewing for decades. These groups have been training and prepping and… appears to be a widespread, organized attempt to infiltrate the protests, escalate the violence, and force eithe… I keep finding with these groups is they see the merging of the pandemic, the financial crisis, Trump's presid…’m telling you. There’s something very weird and very dangerous going on and all of it points to accelerationists. This isn’t an Info Wars type false flag accusation. Obviously protestors are causing damage and rioting. But…’s not just as simple a story as angry protestors destroying property. Sure, that’s happening, but there are acce… people have been preparing to cause a racial civil war that would allow them to install a fascist white dicta…’ve heard from enough people, been told enough stories, and seen enough chatter in the usual places to believe whi…’m so tired and angry and heartbroken.The more Trump fails the worse he’ll get. He’s looking at massive, unprecedented failures and the possibility he co… keep telling people. Trump is an authoritarian. There are cycles. Their incompetence causes crises and worsens th… authoritarian. Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, is a fascist authoritarian.The President of the United States of America claiming protestors were paid while gleefully threatening to sick dog…
Nothing like beating the drums of World War III to hide your responsibility for letting hundreds of thousands of pe… threatened to have soldiers kill Americans in cold blood and specifically used a quote from history that supp… hate waiting and knowing the President of the United States of America is going to make everything unbelievably w… like Donald Trump care more about businesses and protection of white supremacy than people’s lives. Thi… Please. Please. All of this is out in the open. Trump is an authoritarian and white supremacist terrorists…’ve been screaming about this for years. America has a fascist, white supremacist, terrorist problem. They’ve been… is exactly where we’re heading and where we’ve been heading. In budding authoritarian states it’s paramilitar…'s time to wake. Time to stop parsing our language about Trump and what's happening. Trump is a fascist authorit… this. Trump is president to enforce and protect monied white supremacy. That is who he is and the purpos… is an authoritarian. There are predictable cycles. Authoritarians will create crises or make crises worse.… contradictions and paradoxes of the American experiment have threatened to destroy it for centuries. What we're… was founded on both the concept of the government deriving sovereignty from its people and legalized white… your breath calling on Trump to lead or grow. He isn’t president to save lives or solve crises. He’s president… supremacy has always been fascistic. When they see power slipping white supremacists begin eradicating democr… didn’t just happen. It’s been building for a long time, but Trump dealing with a generational pandemic and a b… is a sizable population that not only listen to Trump but are raring to go, including fascistic white terrori… has revealed who he is every step of the way. A cruel and insecure white supremacist who is only president to…