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Jay Mumford. Drummer, composer, producer, writer, industry outsider. 1/2 of The Du-Rites w/ Pablo Martin.

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Review of my group's latest at @hotpeasandbutta / Nostalgia King. Dig in and pick up a copy of the 7" if it grooves… @Clam_Chancellor But there's really no contention. Russ is so worried about Lillard (who's entirely indifferent) th… ends up being the only watchable first round series.
arrest Harden
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites).@jzonedonttweet chats with @questlove about his early days, the Roots and producing for others…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)Once upon a time "say, what's yo sign?" was a common pick-up line. The Du-Rites latest 45 goes there (with a lil go… @isvara_das @REDEFrecords No @JakeUno @EricVanderslice And when they have so many kindred spirits and like minds around, their behavior is norma… @JakeUno Because the days of hanging someone over a balcony like Big Red are gone. At the worst you'll get subbed on social media. @Clam_Chancellor Or LA-GSW if we can get Pat Beverley totally seizing Kevin Durant's heart a few more games. @ExamineBaseball @bluemagister The whole making something out of nothing ethos does not apply to actual talent @contakt321 @ExamineBaseball "RAW BEATZ FROM DA BASEMENT!!!"
@isvara_das @REDEFrecords Im confused? No idea what you're referring to. @isvara_das @REDEFrecords Say what? @rhodeislander I feel weird rooting for a mascot for gentrification like the BK Nets but Godddamn they're playing h… @rhodeislander Dudley MVPJared Dudley vs. EVERYBODY
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)I got three: @jzonedonttweet I'm all for creative sampling, but damn these kids gotta buy some equipment and invest into your TH…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)They're not. But the way people listen to music at this point does quality even matter? There's a line between lo-f… you a producer or know a producer who are looking for funky #drum kits to #sample - check out @jzonedonttweet
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @Clam_Chancellor I already got three! when I post clips of myself practicing on IG people sample the audio and make beats out of it. There’s t… new albums: a great new tape by Japanese beatmaker Aru-2 on @FreshSelects, grooves from Belgium by…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @KittyPatrick Will do! Thank you. @KittyPatrick I got Norovirus the other day and have been living on Gatorade ever since. At least there's no mayo cameo on either side. @natejonesonbass Bernadette all day @willgoodliffe Always appreciated anyone it impacted. Even then. I just entirely lost interest in what I was doing…
The b-side of the latest Du-Rites 7” is called “Monster” - have a taste. Hit to snag a copy… story!! this proves all the people saying it’s too late to start pursuing their dreams are wrong! big up…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @RemyVega_ Thanks G! @RemyVega_ Salute. Same here.Oh and obviously Maggot Brain“Slide” - Slave “Dujii” - Kool and the Gang “Let’s Go Crazy” - Prince “Dance” - Brass Construction of the new Du-Rites 7" at @fleamarketfunk dig! know what it feels like to quit music. Not only for unpaid bills but because by 2009 I hated my own music. A deca… @HeronDemarco My favorite comment in the world on social media is "unfollowing." Well Goddamn thanks for letting us…
The Du-Rites (J-Zone & Pablo Martin) – “Zodiac” b​/​w “Monster” Single
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)A dream @qls episode I hope to hear one day: @jzonedonttweet as the guest. Are you hearing me, universe? 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @DJHussa Thanks! @jzonedonttweet Listened to the Zodiac/Monster single last nite. It’s like a grease fire in an astrologist kitchen!…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)A lil write up of The Du-Rites' latest single at Nostalgia King. Dig in fo' yo self: @SteveBaril Thanks! @KDJ115 Haha in another lifetime @SteveBaril @jzonedonttweet peep the “Gumshoe Remix” i did produced by @rjd2 . @jzonedonttweet plays drums on that.
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @mtkusano @Dutchmassive there's actually plenty of good music out and something for everyone. just gotta dig for it… @Dutchmassive @mtkusano I actually forgot how to rap. Last show I did in 2007 I cut it short by 5 songs and just we… @mtkusano @Dutchmassive Respecting and acknowledging the past is great. Trying to re-create it and re-live it is th… @mtkusano @Dutchmassive HELLL NO haha. Me and Shid are homies for life but that's long gone. @chapterthrive I get why people like to see it but I personally despise it as an artist. I hear you @djpos2 jeeeesus haha @Vegacut @Bandcamp unnh!!!New Du-Rites 7" out today! Astrologically and monstrously funky. Bandcamp for now - digital and stores in forthcomi… @Djcro2 Most of those are cash grabs. Chemistry takes maintenance. But nostalgia plays a huge part in it. Even if i… in music for 20 years people will ask for halfass band/group reunions and re-microwaved collaborations for nosta…
@Funkster1970 Thank you sir funk!Just ordered mine, and you should too, because The Du-Rites are most excellent and funky.
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)The Du-Rites with a new 45. Find out how TRIFLIN’ your zodiac sign is. 7” on sale now at:… music! The Du-Rites' "Zodiac" b/w "Monster" 7" out now on Bandcamp. Everywhere else in a few weeks. Dig in on t… turned that Warriors-Clippers game off in the third quarter yesterday thinking TNT had a pair of duds. Holy shit.… @Dutchmassive If you're in NYC I can also just get it to you in person @Dutchmassive definitely. I leave for tour next Friday thoughGot about 20 of these Guerrilla Drums double 7"s left and it's a wrap. Other 2 albums are long out of print so go f… @shazam_bangles She tagged me alsoReleasing new music ain't no big deal in 2019 but it still feels like the night before Christmas when your records… @ExamineBaseball Digitally yes
Trying to get the hang of this Spotify thing. It's strange breaking up a 7" single into two separate releases sprea… @PsalmOne ha! @jzonedonttweet I don't know... I was a huge fan of hip hop J-Zone and I've since transitioned to enjoying funk dru…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @bluemagister I agree. And thank you. @Lonjalove That shit is so terribleTelling someone you're about to unfollow them in the comments is heaux shit on steroids. Go back to posting 17 dpi… sign in & feel like I'm watching a giant soap box for people to cancel everyone they don't like, fetishize everyt… @AmericanGriper Ain’t that the truth!Interviewed by @printmatic for Super Duty Tough Work Podcast a few weeks back. Covers basically my whole career fro…
@DJKingShameek @DjMightyMi This blew my mind when you first showed it to me @alexc773 Forgot about that one haha. Nah all those were one and doneKnew the lower seed would give the Raptors problems (and hope the Magic win that series), but the Nets are a pleasa… @SharpCheddar856 that's himNew music this week. “Zodiac” b/w “Monster” 7” from The Du-Rites. Stay tuned @Melanon Dead since 2004Chief Chinchilla and Broughamin’ Fred aka Mr Corinthian Leather. Rest are all pushing up daisies realized I had 10 aliases in 20 years and killed all of em off except 2. That’s what happens when you’re an on… years of experimenting with these crazy adjustable over engineered bass drum pedals I got the best results wi… @TheNickRuffini It’s a hard pill to swallow when you accept this but once you cross that threshold and get paid you…
@AIMEEJOSELLIA “Honey 5379” is serious. @tonycliftonjr Dope! Appreciate it thanks
“'I Got Tired of Playing in My Basement by Myself': Pablo Martin and @jzonedonttweet Explain The Formation and Rise…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @mrefjl2001 Exactly @bigpartymaker Very true. Finding work more easily helps!It’s also entirely possible to be proud of your past and own it but rather do 3 years of jury duty than go back and… @MacLethal It’s impossible to go back and be something you’re not anymore and feigning interest is something the au… Du-Rites are back on the case! Slandering all 12 zodiac signs! This 7” goes up for sale on our bandcamp next we… @Paturn Thanks! @Clam_Chancellor That never stopsI get DMs telling me go back to doing something I did decades ago about once a week. Totally get why but it’s hard… @ExamineBaseball @DJRude1 Did you see the front page?Fuck you @nypost
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@dancharnas @walterspot Congrats manAdd nuanced discussions to that also. No politics, no rap, no youth culture, relationships, what food is bad for yo…