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Jay Mumford. Drummer, composer, writer, industry outsider. 1/2 of The Du-Rites w/ Pablo Martin. Tour & studio drums for Ben Pirani. Fleetwood Brougham funk!

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The Du-Rites “Showdown” breakdown live at Symphony Space. Hit for excerpts from the whole s… @mikeclarkdrums Sounds great Mike @HeronDemarco This reads like James Evans telling the Evans family of his plans to purchase a Cadillac drop top Bia… interview @jzonedonttweet
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In 2003 I wanted to focus more on producing & gigs so I signed a deal. $ from record sales was a fraction of what i…'d be surprised how many artists are averse to shipping product, pressing up stuff, writing press releases, lear… Hard for a label to stay in business doin 50/50. The 'blame the label' shit in 2019 is weak. Artist got assets… @realjlive @mortierMUSIC I have fun designing the 7" labels with the big hole. The old records did a great job of t… @realjlive Big unless it's more about the label design than the music. Which it ain't!Had to condition myself to detach from what a project does. Can't count how many times I released stuff to crickets… @Dart_Adams drum programming was bananas and a classic EWF loopOne of my favorites of all time. Pure wall of sound. was a guest on @DadBodRapPod last week. The interview covers a lot of ground so dig in here if podcasts are your… @porkfatback @porkfatback I’ll be there in MayTouring the mid-west with Ben Pirani & The Means of Production next month. Slide through for some sweet soul if we'…
Legendary Headhunters drummer @mikeclarkdrums joins @jzonedonttweet to discuss his decades-long journey from jazz t…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @mikeclarkdrums Catch the next episode of Give the Drummer Some with @jzonedonttweet featuring legendary Headhunter…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)Stream som'n funky and suitable to lay back on some Corinthian Leather this afternoon. The Du-Rites!: holding up their phones at shows to record normally piss me off. Grateful someone captured this, though...…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)A few excerpts from The Du-Rites' Valentines Day funk-a-thon live at Symphony Space (NYC) last week. So much fun to…
Thanks to @MrChuckD for playing The Du-Rites "Goons in The Alley" on #andyoudontstop radio. It's some funk in 5/4 t… for some greasy #funk music? @jzonedonttweet has got you covered with footage from his Du-Rites Valentine's…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)The Du-Rites live at Symphony Space NYC! A few excerpts from last week's show. Enjoy. the great @mikeclarkdrums breakdown putting Be-Bop language into funk licks on this teaser. Tune in to…
The Du-Rites “Gamma Ray Funk” for the Soul Train Scrambleboard. Live at Symphony Space NYC
The Du-Rites show at Symphony Space last night was the most fun I ever had on stage. Thanks to everyone who came th… conversation with @jzonedonttweet this week about artists aging gracefully, life, and his incredible new…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)Had a great conversation with @lifeafterhiphop @_davidma and @jzonedonttweet on @DadBodRapPod this week. He’s a bri…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)I was interviewed for @DadBodRapPod podcast this week about career change in your 30s, my @redbull_radio series Giv… case you can't get out to see @jzonedonttweet tonight, please listen to his interview with legendary drummer Ber…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)On this weeks Dad Bod Rap Pod we talked to Rapper turned Funky Drummer @jzonedonttweet Tap In!
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Of course we want you to listen to our pod, but definitely make time to check out @jzonedonttweet's Give The Drumme…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)This week's episode is centered on an interview with a dream guest of ours, @jzonedonttweet who was engaging, in-de…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @JrgGscn I dug the production and the story joints were great but there was a contrived reach at the Das Efx thing… Du-Rites live at Symphony Space NYC tonight! archive of my interview with the great @BernardPurdie can be heard here if you missed the @redbull_radio broadc… @durda @Dart_Adams nice! @durda @Dart_Adams Here: Drums on double 7" wax: 24 drum breaks for you to bend, chop, loop, whatever. Funk breaks, odd meter, fau… @SherronShabazz Blue Funk was dope too even though in '93 everyone adopted a rougher sound. At least Hev kept it be… @SherronShabazz WAY ahead of his time. All that Bad Boy shit people loved in '96 was right on that album cover. Wit… @SherronShabazz "It Gets No Rougher" >>>>>> @SherronShabazz Absolutely. LL is in my personal top 5. Also the ear of the public changed after 1999 so even music… @adammansbach YESAlways thought Heavy D was the complete artist. He grew up watching cats from the 60s-80s OWN a stage. Songwriting,… @SherronShabazz they way they're doing LL is a shame. Did it all. He and Heavy D contributed WAY more than they get… but stopped talking about rap on here but Amerikkka's Most, Kill at Will and Death Certificate...IMO it never g…
@jzonedonttweet i howled
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @SoMuchDavid He's trending for arguing with Mo'Nique about money vs integrity. I'm just saying - he's not the guy t… @ELGINDOTCOM @OriginaSweetT Wow. Yeah she wore her boyfriend from Slo-Bomb's old jersey.Steve Harvey still has a debt to society for those raggedy ass, wide-leg, conk hair acapella group reunion tour sui… @ELGINDOTCOM @OriginaSweetT Wow. Which video? They had the bulldog shirts, I remember seeing those around. @m40dotcom sounds about right @ELGINDOTCOM They also were the only team with no real jerseys because they were technically a "new" school. It was… @ELGINDOTCOM I said they had the best gym haha @ELGINDOTCOM It was definitely there in 90-91. Twain was the pool school, Burroughs had the best gym, Emerson looke…'s a new Levi's ad with custom music from The Du-Rites! Wearing our rock hats here more than our funk hats, but… @ELGINDOTCOM How you get kicked out of Twain and they had a pool though?! @iamzachmusic Thanks @PutOnInk ThanksThe Du-Rites' music in a new Levi's commercial! Not our trademark funk sound (more of a rock thing), but Pablo and…
@culpry @redbull_radio @chairmanmaonyc I posted a few video shorts on my feed but it's mostly audioUp now
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)Known for hits with Steely Dan and Aretha Franklin, to name but two, iconic session drummer @BernardPurdie joins…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)My interview with the legendary @BernardPurdie goes live at 6PM EST on #givethedrummersome Interview: @jzonedonttweet Talks New ‘Give the Drummer Some’ Series on @RedBull Radio & Debut w/…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @mrvegagenesis @chairmanmaonyc @jzonedonttweet @BernardPurdie You can listen tonight at 6PM EST.
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)'Give the Drummer Some' w/ host @jzonedonttweet & special guest the legendary @BernardPurdie premieres today at 6pm…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)Today at 6PM EST my @RBMA Give the Drummer Some radio show continues with the legendary Godfather of funk drumming,…
New Karen O & Danger Mouse album looks dope. I played drums on a cut, check it out when it drops in March: @printmatic @SDTW_Podcast @Illogic614 all of em haha
Finally took time to post upcoming gigs/tours, full discog & updated bio on my site bc my wikipedia stops in 2011 a… Du-Rites funk in 5 (inspired by Kool & the Gang's "Pneumonia") - @SherronShabazz my brotha. Catch you thenUpcoming shows: The Du-Rites at Symphony Space (NYC) on Valentine's Day + mid-west and west coast tours with Ben Pi… some inquiries about the drum break records this past week. Lunch Breaks and Backyard Breaks are out of print b…
My radio show started with this column. They helped me immensely as a drummer and there’s a lot of stuff for music… @KittyPatrick See a future you don’t want, get scared to death and start dumping everything and jumping without a p…
@Sharp_As_A_Nut Yeah!! “Showdown” by The Du-RitesYou know we have a whole song in our set dedicated to the cop show funk at the 40 minute mark of an episode of Mann… @SherronShabazz linked inYou unsubscribe from a mailing list you never asked to be a part of, then get an e-mail confirming you unsubscribed… for all types music. Nothing good comes from being so drenched in nostalgia that it’s a total facsimile of a b… @ELGINDOTCOM And to think...Buried Treasures was a great idea that got some intervention from social media and saved us some time. @DouglasMilez I think they would've definitely knocked off someone this year had he not gotten injured. Either Boston or Toronto @ELGINDOTCOM #barneyrubbleass muthafucka. What did I just watch?
One of my favorite players. Look forward to his recovery and return. @antipopny Fred Hampton too @DirtPorcelain yes @KoolBabyBrotha The Mickens Bros.! Yessir.Dope, a write up on the radio show/column that's actually up to date and in context instead of "former rapper from…'s some funk for your morning - put a neckbone in your oatmeal with my band The Du-Rites!… cool ass shit here --> @jzonedonttweet Presents: Give the Drummer Some Episode 1 with Questlove on…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)So stoked to see @jzonedonttweet and the Du Rites on 2/14 on the island of Manhattan. 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @N3STR0 Appreciate it thanks @ELGINDOTCOM I don’t even know who this person is but you have a way of expressing disapproval that’s unparalleled @jzonedonttweet the drums on this broken bells record are incredible!
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@TheNickRuffini Definitely! Anytime