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Jay Mumford. Drummer, composer, producer, writer, industry outsider. 1/2 of The Du-Rites w/ Pablo Martin.

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Reminder - some of the greatest art created has been slept on, ignored, uncool, discovered way after projects broke…
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@BlockheadNYC HahaMost interviews just expose the interviewers lack of research. If you have a Wikipedia they get it all from there a… @BlockheadNYC No. Blocking is like ghosting. Could be seen as petty and cowardly based on life as we knew it as kid… @mindbendermind thanks brother!Jewelry in the bass drum
@Kuahmel Very true @Hillsofhermits Salute. I tell em everything I know at this point. Can’t complain about the youth not producing at… @MrUnique74 @StefanMolyneux That’s only second to Richard Jefferson calling off a wedding by email the night before hahaEvery drummer I asked about a particular lick or pointers they obliged because we’ll never play the same thing the…
This morning I finally understood why some of my childhood friends got left back. @realverbt @officialshid COLD @fromoldharlem It's really sad to watch. Narcissism 24/7 then sudden concern for privacy. If you value privacy that… favorite MC of the last 20 years. Him and @officialshid @mindbendermind thanks brotha!Here's a new Du-Rites cut we made by accident while getting levels for the upcoming live album. A lil something to…! Went to bed, woke up and even more people are posting that meme, but in a different font now! Ha! This is gre… @fromoldharlem @blackwellspace welp! @LosGeez I swear man. This is embarrassing. @hiphopgods @iAintNew2This__ @MrChuckD @Iamsoundwave @IsaNahilaS @MadeInManchestr @LibrarywithTim @DJBurnOutB… @SteveBaril ha!IG profile with 227 photos of your kid slobbering & drooling, comments with all your business on display, then a me… @SteveBaril freestyle fellowship used the cut with Purdie on it @SteveBaril love that album
@jsmooth995 wow @ExamineBaseball @karenkho @LauraMLippman Ain't seen that either. But I seen every episode of Sanford and Son. It just is. @ExamineBaseball @karenkho @LauraMLippman I've never seen an episode of Seinfeld and it first aired when I was a te… @DJMichaelTimex that video is incredible haha"Got some activator, got some activator, got some activator, got some glycerine." Brilliant. I can't talk about rap… @DJMichaelTimex They definitely popularized it in '93. But I've heard it as far back as '88 @phontigallo Didn't someone just credit a new producer with "underwater" sound (aka filtering) the other day and it…, gimme my activator. Arrrrrgh! Arrrrrgghh! @ChumZilla You’re a national treasure G!
The lesson is we tend to undervalue what we do because we hear ourselves do it all the time so to us it ain't shit.…'t think much of it till 10 minutes later he says goodbye to me and he's carrying a cymbal bag. It was the same… saw his hands and feet & they were fast as shit. I got on, started playing & someone in the front row kept che… a festival over the weekend. Listened to the drummer from the band who went on before us from the side of th… @jzonedonttweet The book was great. The new music is great.
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)Point being I knew doing something new would be an uphill battle and a long game with the same bumps and bruises I… last night the crowd was insane, got a few drummers coming up to me after & it was in the middle of the fuc… for like 6 people in a nightclub? Did it on Wednesday. Really dicey camp ground accommodations? Did it last… on merits from your past artistic life to get ahead in a new one is foreign currency. @MacLethal Exactly why I don't talk about anything I did prior to 2016 besides my practice routine when I'm among o… @BrocPlymin Thanks I appreciate it!If I was told I'd be doing what I do now when I was writing my book, I'd be shocked. But if you wanna start over, i… gigging/touring pretty consistently since 2016 & having a ball playing, but it's ROUGH when it comes to travel…
@tonycliftonjr @REDEFrecords Thanks!The Mannix fight scene tribute is my favorite part of The Du-Rites live show. Only really works if there’s a bunch…
On my way to play a festival upstate NY on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock weekend so what better a time for some… @JoshuaBuergel Thanks!The "Neckbones (Live)" single absolutely smokes, this album is going to rule.
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @Funkster1970 @dtension Light bulb!I've been a recording artist for 20 years and till this day the thought of promoting my own music gives me mild anx… @HEVnamedmeGRAP @TheImpossebulls @YAWmusic @DagogetaTv "Mr Controversy" is crazy. "I Be Gettin Busy" from In Contro… @pharoahemonch Coolidge could’ve gone pro. Hayward could handle too and Thorpe was decent. The rest of them cats were awful.
When someone tells you to work for free for exposure/ the culture, take a screenshot of your deductibles and premiu… @Lady_VEE We don’t seem to realize that trying to change a stranger’s mind or even trying to validate our take on s… mean if I’m not super knowledgeable or passionate about it, silence is becoming my favorite policyKnowing when your opinion is just noise and Cadillacs will still roll without it is a turning point. @cjillz04 @REDEFrecords I did a lot of those on this album. Pre-order in 3 weeks! @Platurn Preciate ya, pimpin @fwmj "Empire State of Mind" is to gentrification what Robert Tepper's "No Easy Way Out" is to Rocky avenging Apollo's death.Thanks and yessir! 350 will be pressed so jump on it. brief taste of test pressing of The Du-Rites upcoming live album Soundcheck at 6. Out in 3-4 weeks with…
The quandary of preferring 18" bass drums. Perfect kick drum sound for what I do and how I play and they're easy to… @shazam_bangles Ouch!
@PapiPanty why he's chillin at 3AM on Atlantic Ave with all that ammo is beyond me. It's like it's a task for these cats to lay low. @ELGINDOTCOM You know I have my coffee waiting for them Elgin-Hov takesSame thing happened to me in everything I did which is why I ended up choosing something I love to do regardless of… @CR__3 Damn. My first year covering hoop was his freshman season at Lincoln. 2 Slam covers to this. Shit is hard to watch @hierodomino @Dart_Adams Always felt an east coast bias against live and let die from a lot of people but to me it… Telfair damn what the hell. Saw him play all through HS. Lincoln vs Grady / Lincoln vs Robeson games were…
@MacLethal Cc: @ELGINDOTCOM - welp!I am so glad this @jzonedonttweet episode of @SDTW_Podcast is their most-viewed on YouTube. It shows that valuable…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites)3 albums (#4 out in September), five 7" singles & on-record pairings with Eddie Palmieri, WaxTailor/Ghostface Killa… @TheNickRuffini I got screwed on a snare drum even though there's an instrument allowance in their policy. All the… @liotiamusic thanks! @jasonwajung nice!Mo’ cowbell
If artists promoted things half as well as @jzonedonttweet I could probably retire by now. Thanks for including me…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @KoolBabyBrotha As far as a bill I wasn't on, Super Soul Banned! Y'all funked out Lincoln Center that night. @REDEFrecords @retroglo Algorithm shmalgorithm.Tabernacle When you're young you got a hand in everything & hustle a dollar at a time. When you get older time becomes your…“I Got Tired of Playing in My Basement by Myself”: Pablo Martin and J-Zone Explain The Formation and Rise of The Du…
Retweeted by J-Zone (The Du-Rites) @BlackXtian I believe it
@DrRubberfunk Exactly! I think miles said that @retroglo I hired a top publicist in 2003 and kept getting reports I couldn’t get coverage because they had more po… One is my fav things to do is alter the backbeat when I’m playing. If it’s a steady rimshot I’ll miss on purpos… of the hardest things to do in modern music is leave a mistake in. Some of the best moments are mistakes, just… @MrUnique74 @BENBALLER I know a bunch of em. Deep fried tofu, impossible burgers, coconut animal pr…
@TruthspeakerHQ I played with a guitarist like that. I had to dunk my wrists in ice water after every show @AlphaTrionRftA That bass line is homicidal. There’s YouTube tutorials on itBohannon appreciation and some funk history. One of the first artists I started collecting with my allowance in the… @Sutter_Pain SameWear earplugs in loud ass venues. Can’t stress this enough. @SmokeyStouvr In the words of Kid n Play, "Mind blowing...deciiiiiiisions." Kids 2 and 3 probably came around legal… Du-Rites live at Symphony Space NYC. A taste of what to expect on our upcoming live album Soundcheck at 6, out…' greezy from The Du-Rites for my funk 45 folks:
This interview is among our best episodes and truly inspiring. No matter what your passion is, I highly recommend…
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