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#CoachJasper, 25. I break gamer stereotypes. Fitness Coach for @FaZeClan. Team @Alphalete🐺Powered by @GFUELEnergy

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@TaliaMar @miniminter bro!! Couple workout routine?💪😏Jake v Ben this weekend, what are we thinking?? @FaZeSway eat more😤
@NioRooch Head up broski @FaZeRamos Cupping! @_AresGG I mean it’s doing SOMETHING, first time trying💪I feel like a new man😂💪 & dieting is often overcomplicated imo, it’s not so hard if you hold yourself to some basic rules. Im out, time to sleeeeeep! 💪💪Whatever fits you best & what you enjoy most. Play sports, go for a run, walk, cycle, play basketball, skip rope et… your calories, make sure you’re in a deficit. Add 30 minutes of activity to your day & only drink water for l…, each person is different! Try: to find out & go from there! Trial & error! losing weight? Lowering carbs is an answer but calorie deficit always has to be there! think your sets (12 reps) should take around 30-40 seconds. Slower on the negative! important! 1. Do your best 2. Have fun 3. Get results. 💪 @MaxxChewning I once got in an argument with a friend that said “soaking” will actually help clean it more? Didnt make sense to meWouldnt know exactly how to deal with anxiety but if you have loads of time left in the day but no calories left, s… don’t need motivation to switch to some healthy alternatives of foods you enjoy. Start with small things that a… @AverageJoeWo Hit the DMs🥵If you’re having trouble with any fitness / diet things, ask below, i’ll try to help! @AverageJoeWo Dude you’re handsome wdym#FaZeUp till the days up
This was SHORT but fun! @137Don you workout today?Relentless.Effort. @beatsbydre @therealgojjam @danielricciardo @beatsbydre Seriously, who doesn’t like Daniel? @danielricciardo @beatsbydre Those colors are sick
@C9EmZ Moveeeee around EmZ!! Go for walks to start off and eat some fruit!! @neymarjr Wanna play some Warzone?
@TTfue Has to be 1238 @TheBoiSantana @NioRooch Nio is something else, underappreciated 100% @Vikkstar123 @SidemenClothing We likeIf you could pick ONE exercise to do forever, what are you picking? @Tommey Hit me up, im a fitness coach but slay out
It’s literally been 42 days since my Instagram was wrongfully banned and I still do not have it back OR heard anyth… @BajheeraWoW Im jealous😩Did you workout today? @LudwigAhgren are you going for the all-time record at this point?? YOU’RE SO CLOSE @darkifiey Legend @socialgloves DMs!7 years of lifting, rice, chicken & protein filled yogurts💪 I HOPE THE GYMS OPEN UP SOON ITS BEEN OVER 3 MONTHS 🥲🥲🥲
Champ SUNDAY BABY #eZaF @NICKMERCS Biggest of W’sDid you workout? @Jukeyz @Fifakill_ @Tommey Lets go cant wait to watch @Clayster Brother I feel you. Hopefully things get better soon❤️❤️
@JesseSebastiani Gym is paying off sir good workIs Clubhouse audio only or video too? @vvbasvv FaZe Bassie, wanneer pakken we weer paar gimma’s dan??
@BradleyMartyn facevbook also @TheBoiSantana you know you can always hit me up brother if you need help! @obese_to_beast Fuck
@oreeeo @Teeqo You killed it bro @oreeeo @Teeqo Fax, jakob is right tho, goal is to live without counting but gotta realise first how much everything is! @FaZeRamos @FaZeClan You’re disgusting @Teeqo I mean yes but you gotta know what smart is first! Loads of people don’t even know how many calories are in… calories > Keto diet @CouRageJD @100Thieves @Nadeshot @Valkyrae @Drake @scooterbraun Congrats Jack! 👏👏 @faxuty Hahahah literally shut up😂😂😂😂 @FaZeMew I would give it some time brother, if you want to work on it then do that, don’t see others just to fill time❤️💪
@Megga @Furiouss Bro give the man a break😂 @faxuty @GFuelEnergy LETS GOOOO @FaZeScope Would argue Warzone to SS tbf but other than that best list ive seeeeeen😏😏 @EthanWJN Love that man! Keep up the good work!! @137Don Yessir @137Don Sheeet okay get ready for some burpees then😂💪 @137Don I love it, what are we talking about😏 @137Don yes! I do have 137 secs! @LewisMorganUK Makes sense thanks boss @sonii @jakenbakeLIVE You should try these with a bosu ball, its so good @LewisMorganUK Wait for a drop to buy or just get in regardless?
@SyattFitness LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT. Im excited for the treadmill even :)))))5 weeks no Instagram btw🙃 Facebook customer service >Are you working out today?Last week I had to apply sunscreen, today it’s literally snowing? @SypherPK Lets go dude, killing it @Fifakill_ @Vikkstar123 @Pamaj @LouiCM_ Damn okay i see youif you're reading this, do 50 push-ups! @KroIixx @timthetatman you can do 3,4,5 or 6 times a week! all depends on your split & volume throughout the week.… @faxuty Also losing some stuff along the way👀
new videooooo SHOW SUM LUVEEEEEEE! How @timthetatman lost 65lbs <3 @ZooMaa @BoZe HAHAHAHAHAH i fucking love you TomHappy easter Twitter💪
When I joined FaZe they were still living in New York👀 Fuuuuuuuuuuuucking hell @ZooMaa @DrinkCTRL @NotSoGoodChris Pause tho @ZooMaa @DrinkCTRL @NotSoGoodChris Fuck me sideways and call me Gilbert @LuckyGraafNL Cancel!!!after 7 months... uploading a new YouTube video:
Do you ever cry over a song?
Since it’s still april fools Instagram has great customer service🥰 @TmarTn Seananners
@YaBoy_TBreezy @FaZeClan @FaZe_Rain Thanks dude!! @EHauwer @FaZeClan I appreciate you❤️ @LandoNorris @willne LETS GOOOOOOO LANDOOOOO #FaZeUp @FaZeClan @Banks @FaZeApex @Temperrr @FaZe_Rain ❤️
@FaZeClan @CallofDuty Intervention all fucking day @FaZeFuzzface Yesssssir @KEEMSTAR @PowerGPU @MaxxChewning Lowkey drop thecskincare routineIf you’re reading this, do 40 push-ups
@FaZeMew @FaZeClan @beatsbydre Siiiiick