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K$🥶🖖👾 @K4our301 Maryland, USA

Rapper from the DMV. 👾🥶👽 Rattpack/Mac head

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when i'm back it'll prolly be to announce a singleTaking a break from twitter my mental health is very bad rn and twitter not helping @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner @LayedBakDFR huh @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner fine either takes massive Ws or massive Ls @docdmusic @Logic301 🧢 @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner ofc not @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner u right u a tr*ll @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner u fr just a hater u can’t not dislike them that much @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner 3 amazing artists @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner u say everything is a 0 or a 9+i actually don’t rly have irls @JOHN_CUDI_04 hatre watching rhythm and flow @mrsoggyslobster @zelburner 😂 @MacIsA10 was listening to this while i seen this @Sing4ThaMoment na it’s fr weird it’s happened the past 5 nights from the same ppl @passthejoobie @HamHHT @StrappedHH what i was gonna saydon’t move to the dmvmight get abductedhow tf they get my numbermfs keep group facetiming me with like 32 ppl but i ain’t know who they are but they from my state wtf
@cozmologyy griselda @cozmologyy 95 @pikachulean 80Thank you for 1600!!! @Denzel_Avi_Lol i am the hht goat and i dont miss @Denzel_Avi_Lol do i rly gotta explain @passthejoobie 70 @stoptrynabeme @unknowndumbasd fr 😂 @SpoopyGrey W faces the best mixtape oat @CharlosLovesMac W i think i would take swimming and up too but it’s difficult asf @Brennancurley W low end theory one of my top 5 @ssteakbob WWWWWW switch piñata with swimming and that’s my exact one @noTRUUF all Ws
@iamisaiahjv301_ W wlr hasn’t clicked w me tho tbhif u were stranded on an island and could only listen to 3 projects what would they be @MattnRap @LiLCornDogRap weird way to spell W$ @LiLCornDogRap zel great tho @LiLCornDogRap 700 @ssteakbob samemy mind is what i’m scared of the most @imgreekboy ay W congratsi get the feeling that most ppl who’s favorite rapper is laroi or sum shit like that just wanna fit in and it’s les… @SaintRap i’m not real @stoptrynabeme ye i been making music sense i was like 6 lmaoooo @hiphopsuglyson W @TropicalJay8 W @stoptrynabeme im using dis one it'll def drop thoNew track produced by @K4our301 is out he killed the beat
Retweeted by K$🥶🖖👾 @GavOnHHT W here’s mine @HamHHT @big_hasso @love_scars14 aired g @username_wil fav mac songs @ST4RGAZlNGS oh sucklas got u what he do @ST4RGAZlNGS wat happened @NoLifeShaq @JojosLife4 AYYYYYYYYY CONGRATS 🐐
@passthejoobie i’m going crazy @liamtalkshiphop the sky is bluehonestly might be my best beatJust made a crazy trap soul type beat lmaoo wtf @love_scars14 @CyclonicALT tr*ll @Yooleeuhn no @apparaps lmaooooo i remember that @a1extron @love_scars14 wdym this is factual @HHopisland 5-4 @laidbackksam yep @unicornsmoothie Wim as per @niggaisaslur spain without the s @leaninwrld W u top 10 too @peteshin3 has a 4am i in your top 10 hht accounts? @xotreyy 😂😂😂Wrey for not unfollowing @TupacsBurner WWWWWW @CAM_R_EN taboo but it was still a very enjoyable album @CAM_R_EN one 9 @JianIsBrawny 3Take your pick of these sophomore albums
Retweeted by K$🥶🖖👾 @CharlosLovesMac i make own vocabulary call me dr seuss @stoptrynabeme obvbefore i loose followers this copypastaik we hate kanye (for valid reasons obviously) but how's his music? i've (proudly) never listened to any full song… @AstroBeanX @tervisscoot @Eilonmusk1 @SaintRap miller made circles and said fuck a genre @FriendlyHipHop W @dyeN000 na it’s real @mf_burger it’s a troll @mf_burger @ariHHT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ariHHT u don’t like ye?HOLY SHIT LEAKED DONDA TRACKLIST 👀😳‼️ @VBMJamie you hate i eat @VBMJamie stealing and posting for likes rn thxrt this is a bangerblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…