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@heysammetz a BABEi always knew that i loved zac efron, but something about a bearded zac efron traveling the world, trying to explor…
TY @PopMatters! 🧡 Check out @NuDecoEnsemble and @Kishi_bashi's performance of "I Am The Antichrist To You".
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👀 Check out our first installment of our Culture Talk series featuring hip hop artists, @FABNEWYORK and @ASAPferg b…
Retweeted by Katy CooperThis week we recommend @ava's documentary 13th, which explores race and the aftermath of the abolition of slavery,…
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @ericacxmpbell @CandaceLynneBee 💕 @ericacxmpbell @kernieflakes !Available everywhere on all digital platforms, our debut album ‘𝑺𝒐𝒖𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒊𝒓𝒔, 𝑽𝒐𝒍. 1’ releases today, featuring our ne…
Retweeted by Katy CooperOld school meets new school at SummerStage Anywhere as hip hop artists @FABNEWYORK and @ASAPferg discuss how they c…
Retweeted by Katy Cooper"Those two things co-exist, and we have to acknowledge that." - @SteveKerr
Retweeted by Katy Cooperi can't wait for the day that @CatherinePowell and i do a tour de' taco bell @SannyDamet time to make a playlist @asslesschapbook gimme him
thinking about space while watching this and all i'm hearing is "breakdown in 13" @MariaGironas @phoebe_bridgers wait this was me last Wednesday lol. Just CRYING and unsure why @ashleyosborn YEEEEE.@MoonTooth1 share song off new acoustic EP for @purenoiserecs
Retweeted by Katy Cooperhave you listened to "california" by our favorite duo @girlfriendsxo yet?!?! thanks to our friends at @idobiradio,…
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @SannyDamet @Enquirer @jbalmert wow a print press HIT
@travismills gimme this dog please thank you @mandaaabearr so fun fact. tried to go pink this weekend. but the dye was left in my car for too long and...was no longer pink haha#PREMIERE: Two days before releasing their second album, LA-based pop-rock sextet Paper Jackets (@paper_jackets) pr…
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @Tyler_Levenson @fitforaking Hell yeado i become a blonde bitch again or succumb to just letting these roots grow out? lemme know thoughts plz and thank u!cool cool cool. taking away access to MEDICAL CARE because you have a "moral objection" to it glad you can buy you… @SannyDamet BAT FLIP SZN
Even if it looks like your TL is returning to "normal," the #BlackLivesMatter movement is not ending. If you're con…
Retweeted by Katy CooperSo you agree. People that don’t like their country should be able to leave and choose another country to live in…
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @TurnThePageLDN @fitforaking VERY excited to work together on this!!!!Enter for a chance to win! 👀 #SummerStageAnywhere
Retweeted by Katy CooperOur new album “The Path” will be our 9.18 via @solidstaterecords. Build your own bundle at
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @HeyIm_Carol cool let's go together @Sammah love u so much @GothamGlamourNY @MosesNYC If you told me the Herald Square station was actually sitting just a few inches above th…
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @mandaaabearr @Kaitiii I said something similar to her last night and she tried to say it wasn’t true we… Dan Campbell, the lead singer of The Wonder Years, supports our movement, you should too. #theWillforChange
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Dwight Rhoden of @Complexionsnyc will join SummerStage Dance Curator @DanniGeeNYC for the first live episode of Sou…
Retweeted by Katy Coopereverything ok over there
Retweeted by Katy Cooperthere is something very dark and strange about a heterosexual man that listens to phoebe bridgers
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @cpayneonaplane Omg I love this for you. Please report back all thoughts.
LAST CHANCE TO PICK UP A PRINT! U.S. store closes today at 11:59 PM PST. ‼️‼️‼️
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @SannyDamet HIGH SOCKS LETS GOplz stop the fireworks now! lily is NOT A FAN. thank you
@madlarrr It’s wild that literally nothing else is ever going to be on our tv again @kir_carmel love this for you. HAVE A BEAUT WEEKEND. apologies about the bad hangover. @kir_carmel did we get a negative?!Real talk. For everything you do to “celebrate” this weekend (beach, bbq, fireworks, etc.) do at least ONE thing to…
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🔥🔥🔥 @maggielndnphoto And I YOUV COOL THING ALERT 🚨 is truly special. i'm ordering prints today. are YOU? @whackkat @christinaperri omg omg omg INCREDIBLE POP OFF YOU ARE A QUEEN WOW @idewaynejackson @MTV Lets do the damn thingGUYS!! proud to announce im doing an @mtv #alonetogether JAM SESSION tomorrow @ 2pm PST / 5pm PST 🖤 im not crying i…
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the Long Distance music video will be 🌍 WORLD PREMIERING ON @MTV tonight !!!
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @HaveMercyMD send me this plz and tysiri plz play "freaking out" by @WeAreTheWrecks @WeAreTheWrecks omg OMG omgYou can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @bigpicturenyc @MTV @girlfriendsxo WOW SAME Here’s an easy link for ya @MTV 💕💕💕 @astoldbyjuliaa I just spit my beer out all over my phone and I’m not even mad about it
@jamespcrowley68 i need @kayleyhyde ur cute. u have a big heart. ur my pal for life.women listening to phoebe bridgers: her music reclaims power in trauma and speaks so beautifully to the messiness o…
Retweeted by Katy CooperWe are thrilled to announce the continuation of our free digital series #SummerStageAnywhere. We will highlight ge…
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @purenoiserecs @taylorswift13 A BOP. A CERTIFIED BOP @kirstynhippe so proud to call you my pal. love you so much
@SannyDamet i see no camel crushesyou’re welcome twitter'all..... i'm listening in to @idewaynejackson chat for a very cool project right now and i'm here to let you know… @State_Champs and @girlfriendsxo (also hi i guess @GoneFishkin and @idobiradio) @OhHeyAdamK i'm just gonna stay here forever i thinkI don’t think people understand. This is NYC right now. Day 30. In a row. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is just…
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🥺🥰🥺🥰 - me after receiving one of these said gifts @CatherinePowell ordered the koozie so it'll be kind of like i'm drinking with you maybe idk @CatherinePowell literally all i've ever wanted @omgmichelle love you. would fight to the ends of the earth for your beautiful soul @ashleyosborn @BLMphotocoll MMM K GONNA BUY THIS I THINK YES PLZ!
In lieu of NMF posts we've decided to use this space each week to highlight 1 organization or way to contribute to…
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @scottgum yessir sign me up plz and thank you!creative direction courtesy of the QUEEN @ashleyosborn congrats to the whole @grandson team @jordandbassett @NME hell yeah congrats!! what's the best email for ya? would love to send some pitches your way! @instabaeth @BenHundreds @bobbyhundreds @thehundreds So so so happy for you, proud of you and excited for what comes next. You’re a rockstar @JamesShotwell_ @selfishthings @JamesShotwell_ @selfishthings hi I want this plz!! send to meeee
just a reminder to get on board with @idewaynejackson STAT. this recap from global star @angeliquekidjo at SummerStage in Central Park In 2018 and don't forget to tune i…
Retweeted by Katy Cooper*whispers* Soooo, people really like this @phoebe_bridgers record. Grab it if you haven't:
Retweeted by Katy Cooperi am no longer dating humans i will simply just date the raccoon that climbs on my roof at night 🤍
Retweeted by Katy Cooper @astoldbyjuliaa OMGGGGTHREAD: as a waiter, here’s a list of things you can do to increase safety when eating at dine in restaurants: (1/11)
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🦕🐘 yes. was waiting for the earth to officially welcome me back to california. looks good on you but it made a mess of me
Retweeted by Katy CooperEnd no knock warrants Mandatory independent investigations of police murder Redistribute city funds for holistic…
Retweeted by Katy CooperWhen I won in 2018, many dismissed our victory as a “fluke.” Our win was treated as an aberration, or bc my oppone…
Retweeted by Katy Cooperthat’s $8,625 going to: - @splcenter - @NAACP_LDF - @eji_org ...EACH
Retweeted by Katy CooperTHE POWER OF COMING TOGETHER TO FIGHT FOR CHANGE. this is where my salary from #BlackOutTuesday went.