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Tourney Organizer for @AuraGEsports Head TO of @SSBU_SDD He/Him

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@keithofsaturn @Phonic321 Where do you got to school phonic? @Phonic321 @keithofsaturn It's the techchase crew battles. It's for college teams @GooshiGaming @RadicalMGF Lol we gifted you like 50 subs on your last stream so uhhhh. Just be prepared for that @Artisan_Editor @AuraGEsports We've only just met but it's been fun working with you so far! Looking forward to doing more events with you.
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @danidoll7 Watch it with me on discordGuess I'll just have to watch 6 hours of One Piece every night.On a travel job but have free time in the evenings, usually I use this time to hunt down the local smash tourneys a… everyone! I have been working on making a discord to easily find Midwest streamers, events, tournaments, and co…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)Mace Windu definitely did not die in the prequels.🌼
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @keithofsaturn Wait, you got a crew battle win? WOW @ECAofMSU conquers Oakland in a nail-biter crew battle that left both teams with their final two players. Only the…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)Led by Tohjo and Hawk, @MSUsmashUlt takes the win over Ferris State Esports to put them to an impressive 3-0 on the…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @AquinasEsports @KUeSports1 @DU_Esport Very entertaining games today, good work in both crew battles!sure everyday we stray one step further from God, but that’s one step closer to Huniepop 2
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)
Week Two kicks off TONIGHT! Catch all the action at the streams below: Stream 1: Stream 2…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)This what I mean when I say LETS GO GRAB BOBA
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @HugTheBowz He doesn't have an alt. @SSBM_Aghi @Magma743 Yeah all of his B buttons work a billion times better than they do in melee. @Magma743 It's pretty insane that Kirby has been a low tier for 4 games and they haven't done like anything to try… @Magma743 Ganondorf has literally 0 reason to still have captain falcon clone moved at this point. Then like to mak… @Magma743 Yeah like they have made some of the Smash64 character work in the meta of Ult. But their kits could defi… @Magma743 Kirby and DK stand out the most for me. Especially seeing a lot of newer designs of like "well have this… think a lot about some characters in Smash that are held back by the fact that their base character design was do… @StevensWhitford I only stream their first game of the night unfortunately.I'm going to be running stream 3 today. Very hyped to see if MSU can stay undefeated today. @BlueMilkGG Sorry I was the first one to do this and it seems to have created a chain reaction.In week one we saw @2v2Hawk absolutely DESTROY for @ECAofMSU! Earning him the player of the week award! Can he cont…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)Working at McDonald's was more stressful and had more negative effects on me mentally and physically than any other… @Regnilla RIGHT NOW?My job at the beginning of last week: "You will travel next week for 2 weeks" End of the week: "you will travel ne… @Regnilla Explosion
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @kevy1885 @QuarkBird k @QuarkBird If Falco downair's you while you are in the air, tech it and you'll be in position to punish him. Also… vs Kiara #artsofashes #HoshinovArt #ぺこらーと #StarWars
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Bakin's Banana Brawl #6 @Bakinsandwich Crossplay* @aGTomBom Aight I'll hit you up next time im gaming. I'm bad though so you better carry me. @Bakinsandwich PC. But it has cosplay now so I think you can play with anyoneI'm so bad though lolAs soon as I tweeted this I started playing Apex until just now. Why did I ever stop playing this game. @itsZfan pog @itsZfan @Regal_Vanguard @AnthonysNotCool @Thomlette @GabJGA @Daveidjb @XavierGarcia479 @LonglegsVGC @Nes_Tssb
Garbage Can 3 BEGINS! Smaller turnout today, but there's another big tournament going on so its ALL GOOD! We got s…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)You ever just get into something just to get someone's attention or get them to do something with you. Anyway just downloaded Apex LegendsBeen really missing yesterdog recently. Made my own chili dogs and they just don't hit the same. This pandemic needs to end man.This is literally what $7.25 looks like you fuckin knob
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)mfw buffered airdodge after getting pushed gently off stage leads to an SDmfw Quark lands the same 70% nair combo for the 300th timemfw they fall out of uptilt and I die for it. @forevergoose and @mohs__21 recently made an emote of me just looking disappointedly at the camera during a stre… forgot to mention yesterday that registration for Garbage Can 3 is now LIVE! Registration closes THIS SUNDAY at…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @Fawlyn_MW Pretty sure most people hated min min since her announcement video lol. @Adveux I've dealt with so much of this myself, your words and experiences resonated with me a lot thank you so muc… everyone. I have been absent for quite some time as some of you can tell. I've come back to talk about that a…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @teardispenser Damn its once of my favorite Pizza places, open till 4am too, perfect spot for degen gamers... or af…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @teardispenser Gdamn why you gotta make me remember this feeling right nowSDD was so fun tonight new players shaking up the top 8 and making for some very exciting matches.
Social Distance Demons #34 @Artisan_Editor We make a good team. @Carpy_Cat Yeah just the capRan my first professional stream today and I think it went incredibly well. Thanks to anyone who tuned to the first… @DU_Esport Panthers Pounce to a victory against Kettering to start off the Major League! #DavenportWIN
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)Now that the Major League is underway... Clip your favorite moment, tag us on Twitter, and you'll be entered to win…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)Hey! I'm commentating this with @ArtisticBeb right now. We got some hype college crew ba…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)I'm super excited to be part of this! Also lets go MSU!!! game cube controller repair/customization people follow me? I replaced my joystick and now it feels like its ge… into stress is a true combo.I don't think that "unskilled labor" is a real thing
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @FieldingWizard @QuarkBird miss you.Crazy how Wario's Woods for the NES is the best competitive online game for the Switch.As game day draws near @FerrisEsports has a roster that wont allow anyone stand in their way of their W! 🏆
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)The guys at @cmichesports are prepared to take on the toughest of competitors 💪 Show some love for CMU!
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)It's almost time to get this thing started! The Tech Chase Major League kicks off this Saturday. Here is the schedu…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @KUeSports1 is poised to tear up the competition this season. Check out Kettering University's season one roster be…
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)Just a reminder to sign up for SDD, Bracket starts tomorrow at 7PM
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez)
@keithofsaturn Wait you really signed up to play in more crew battles? off today's Roster Reveals we have @OaklandEsports who are looking to tear up the competition!
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @exJORDANary @exJORDANary @LonglegsVGC Oh yeah Low Tier easily. Idk if anyone would debate that one.For me 2007, 2012-2013, and 2017 we're S tier. I'd have to put more thought into the rest. But those were the good ones.Do you ever go back and think about how good/bad your life was at different points just to see how they stack up. L… really doesn’t get any better than this.
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @bitsnpixelspod The Great Pretender. @bitsnpixelspod @pinoyknight5 Hades and Ghost of Tsushima @danidoll7 @Pikmanz1 I don't think I ever did. I skipped pep rallys but never actual classes.“good evening” 🎩
Retweeted by AG | Kevin Jezuit (KJez) @aGTomBom @Pikmanz1 Cap. @keithofsaturn Also a Slick thing some people do is "wanna plat a first to 5" then you have a built in out if they… @keithofsaturn Eh. People can handle it as long as you aren't too mean about it. I'm super bad so usually I appoliz… @HjartaStudios It looked pretty good but like... So much work lol @Pikmanz1 woah woah woah. "someone" I didn't say anything about me. I wasn't even there. Nope. I was in class like… was a food fight at our school and someone threw a baby. @HugTheBowz coward. @HugTheBowz bring itStream is LIVE for Shell Shocked 35! Tune in below!
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