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You ever knew someone super fine but you hated their speaking voice?
I need parts @r0beeezy This was hilarious ahah @BleacherReport @JaySpann24 @Lakers @BlahhJohnson @yanstaNoDoubt Give him a minute lolTHATS NOT WHAT HE ASKED FOR
Retweeted by Kev @AyeVialpando Seems like a very smart use of money to me
@whoisreese Yeah. That’s OUT!! Haha @whoisreese Dawg rugs are OD expensive!! All kitchen appliances too @ashyashh_ Open up the box like... @AyeVialpando This is super dope! Not $200 dope but yeah lol imma try to find a knock off version @ashyashh_ This ain’t funny at all ahaha @_Immxculate Those ain’t it for me @alishardeee You know what, You right. Imma be on there cooking omelets haha @alishardeee That’s not gonna get it done man . Won’t even cover the tax lol @alishardeee That’s not even true come onnn lol @alishardeee Can I be one of them? Lol @BlahhJohnson Idk how I could drink all night then do a full shift in the morning with no sleep. Tf was I on? @WSInvasion @BlahhJohnson Can’t hang like I used to @BlahhJohnson Be ready to call it a night at 10 lolI think people who live a minimalist lifestyle are WAYYY happier than us materialistic people.This the type of breakfasts that be in movies and the husband only take a strawberry and rushes out to work lol
Retweeted by Kev @CapitalJustice_ That be pissing me off too haha
When you 80 and yo grand kids play Nip
Retweeted by Kev @alishardeee They should’ve locked their car. 2.) how close was your car to theirs lol @alishardeee Lmao whaaa? Haha @Eunique_ny Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t think so at all. @Eunique_ny You think Kawhi is overrated? HmmmmmmKobe didn’t want the Clippers in the WCF anyway @meeshybaby_ Yeah I am. I feel a lot better without it @WhoIsLeJerion @PrinceOf_MoVal I’m just watching the game thinking man a brew or 5 would be nice lol I ain’t gon do it tho @PrinceOf_MoVal Idk hoe to do that lolMan I want a drink, but I’m trynna stop 😩 smh
@toondayyy Who you be pissing of @toondayyy You be having bad luck man. I’m sorry dude @castingshadowss @castingshadowss Light or dark @castingshadowss How was it @Eunique_ny Let me borrow this when you done with it @sinluzdenuevo @TharaMendoza This is OUTRAGEOUS 😂😂@WhoIsLeJerion @_Immxculate @iStay_Trickin Nah Devonn can’t come. The natives gon think he from where ever we goIf @iStay_Trickin doesn’t include me in the next trip, me and him gotta line it upThis is me fashooo haha’m still stuck on Mos Def ordering fish and hot chocolate EVERY DAY.
Retweeted by KevMary J. Blige, Cleanser of Hateration and Holleration, of the House of Dancerie, first of her name.
Retweeted by Kev @maarvxo That’s surprising coming from you @maarvxo A daily thought for me is, I’m too old not to know how to grill lol
@WhoIsLeJerion @JoeBudden @NoFckinYeezy Why does he play like that ?? @JoeBudden @NoFckinYeezy @WhoIsLeJerion ayyyy yooo 😭😭 @simplyugochi Like huh? That’s crazy. Paying that much for a Hallway is crazy lol @ashyashh_ @KingElgin12 Hahahaha like some mid? That’s crazy @daddyDYCE You pregnant ? Cuz what?WiFi & utilities NOT included in price?! 😧 is hilarious 😂 @DaiJaMonet_ This is hilarious haha
He fuckin missed?!!!!Let’s go BURROW!!!Goodmorning, YOU are the problem. It’s YOU.
Retweeted by Kev @BlahhJohnson Bruh look at Jada! She was some heat @IamKing_RL Exactly! God said enjoy
@BlahhJohnson @WhoIsLeJerion Lmao this guy haha @AH_NOIIIR 22?! Damn bro that’s motivation for me to keep pushing7 days without a drink. Let’s go for 14. Gotta celebrate the small victories. Trynna get my body right
@castingshadowss Yeah that’s what I been hearing. Imma check it out @_CheyDoesIt_ You finished the first season? @Brimarkelle Imma have to start it tonight and see what y’all talking aboutMan imma start P Valley since y’all over here hyping it up. It better not be trash @BlahhJohnson @WhoIsLeJerion Man i want stuff to go back to normal @WhoIsLeJerion Man just go catch a flick dolo was the most peaceful joints @TylerLizola They back open or what @TylerLizola Like that movie movie popcorn is fire even tho it cost $45 hahaI lowkey miss being able to go to the movies @meeshybaby_ Hey hey can I use it tho haha I really wanna watch the Laker game haha
@JelonnaRae Lmaoooo imma give her a hat 😂😂 @Eunique_ny @EuphoriaHBONews @euphoriaHBO Man!! I’ve been waiting for that show to come back. Last season was fire @Eunique_ny @EuphoriaHBONews @euphoriaHBO Which one? @tatianaalexis_ I’m just curious lol @EuphoriaHBONews @euphoriaHBO @Eunique_nySeen that they’re back filming Euphoria again, it’s lit! @daddyDYCE Idk maybe a weave. I thought you just throw a wig on like a beanie and keep it pushin @maarvxo Oh that’s fire !! Without affecting it? @maarvxo Oh that’s fire!! How’d you check? I know mine is in the 800’s I just don’t know what it is exactly @daddyDYCE Mann I don’t be knowing that stuff lol @daddyDYCE Of that means it’s a wig?!!! @Cheezerwitz Aye you comedy 😂😂😂 @tentwentyfour_ 😂😂😂What does it mean if I can see a small net in her part on her head? @AyeVialpando Yeah til you wake up high too lol 😂
@AyeVialpando You’re telling me @daddyDYCE This kid made me so mad @AyeVialpando Must be nice. I had to work so I couldn’t participate @AyeVialpando Went crazy huh lol @Eunique_ny Diddy & Busta’s back and forth 🔥🔥🔥this w her money >>>
Retweeted by Kev @WhoIsLeJerion @BlahhJohnson Ayoooo why did you say this ?!!!! 😂😂
@BlahhJohnson You out there ? @Kieeelo_ was talking that talk on her single 😦How’s Vegas? I know y’all out there
@Eunique_ny The YG joint?I would knock my 20 year old ass tf out