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kate tea @kaatiemxx Liverpool, England 😉💦

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surely not hahahahaha @DeanS0717 thought so @DeanS0717 :/ @sharpbyname8 absolute worm him, get off twitter you danger ahahaha @WfcAlex i don’t know what that means but ok hahahaha @WfcAlex why ahahaha @WfcAlex ffs hhahaha @DavidThomasPar3 hhahahahaha i thought that toohahahahahahaha ruthless shouts across this timeline tonight ahahahahh @lfcollie9 *romantic.... @kaatiemxx I got more content for u ffs
Retweeted by kate tea @lfcollie9 hahahaahahahahahaare you a decent man mike wazowski ? @TadmanBing hate people me ahahahahajabba the hutt called, he wants his neck back u little ming what are you talking about of plan DO use it for outside of twitter in response to any question me ma asks me: @caffyhank @karlwizowski very good point caff. why can u have ur tiddies out mr mike wazowskiboys don’t want girlfriends that have cleavage showing but they like all girls posts on insta with cleavage showing?“corona was definitely caused by 5G” @WfcAlex plugging it in all my tweets? hahahaha @tomfeehan4 no @T98552557 love u more angel face x @T98552557 i forgive u @T98552557 the lip smacking makes me wanna end it all @T98552557 i hate these videos so much but i can’t help watching them @geepeaxo ur the good to my vibes @LukeWash31 ye ahahaha @LukeWash31 @_gp_98 swear i haven’t looked still hahahaa @tux1234 hahaha well the offer is there! x @Chappers28 :( it’s very sadWhen ye in a heavy situation but ye would have been sound if you was just a nob ed in the first place
Retweeted by kate tea @_gp_98 the king has arrived it’s about time she got knocked down a peg or two imo @zo1995x nothin fit aba these girl hahahaha don’t inow why i look i hurt me own feelings ahahhaomg they get even WORSE hahahahahahah this is what am doing when people reckon am blanking them @scott080687 elite tho @SolT_1892 hahaahhahaha don’t start @scott080687 yeeee hahaha @Mad10marcus :/ @SolT_1892 gets home bevvied eats crisp and cries to whitney huston pass it on @FireGoRedWings they are hahahah i proper loved them @iscox46 hahahahahaha this was a year ago. i don’t think i wasnice one snap memories for this. enjoy the memories. i hope it makes u very happy. wa a SAD little life. @_gp_98 i’m not hahahaha @_gp_98 i’m taking the advice for once in my life @_gp_98 no @_gp_98 am not lookin @StuffFromMyHead @sharpbyname8 @POORLENEx that’s cos ur stupid ian @StuffFromMyHead @sharpbyname8 @POORLENEx i’m not looking. ive seen every single warning and i’m listeningMad how undercover plod dress like undercover plod
Retweeted by kate tea @tux1234 :( i don’t mind listening if u ever need anyone @TomStewart__ @Jay_Short_ @LF_1906 hahahaha u picked the winning side @LF_1906 pick a side @_gp_98 ur wish is my command sir @_gp_98 i always use it dont i hahahah @_gp_98 @DeanS0717 hahahahahaha @_gp_98 u don’t mean that @Fingha you are very lucky angel x @caffyhank so so heavy @caffyhank they’d sob at ur funeral and say they thought u weren’t serious imoLike you should even have to say this, if your mate needs you this bad you fucking drop EVERYTHING, and become thei…
Retweeted by kate tea @good_lfc i think they would mate yeif your mate tells u that they tried to kill themselves don’t be the guy that makes them feel embarrassed and doesn… @vivanwtf hahahahaha i’m messin @vivanwtf i’m not lucky enough for that @Gabriel_Shoe hahahaha the worst isn’t it @tapedecksick i keep one in me bag now because am sick of walking back to the caranyone else reckon forgetting your mask is the new forgetting your bags at the checkout @PauItommo yeno tha @PauItommo my life thatIf my kids ever talk tough to me I'm just gunna look them dead n the eyes n say "pretty big talk for someone who use to live in my balls"
Retweeted by kate tea @jackawiles :( @obscuredfella hahahaha not half @lfcollie9 @obscuredfella i may or may not have asked someone to edit it on for me @lfcollie9 @obscuredfella ollie x @obscuredfella would u shag patrick’t use my content for outside of twitter please hahahaha @yo_its_jamez_ lazy u @yo_its_jamez_ what the fuck @ScouseDave4 @ScouseDave4 no i don’t ahahahha @UtdRob_ shut up rob were not debating beans rn were debating how to cook thempeople cook their beans in the microwave ? @ScouseDave4 :( @Greggsybabeee hahahahaha @DT3NCH hahahahaha exactly who even looks. just check the picture when it comes through the post don’t ye @Greggsybabeee least they didn’t see my other tweets that was the most normal one @nicethaa my king @xjemmagriffiths @obscuredfella yeno me clever cloggs @obscuredfella hahahaha i haven’t. i knew it started at 7am, and loads of people tweeted me at 10 so i simply skipp… @jay56789012 mad tha cos it looks like am winnin @obscuredfella he wouldn’t handle the smoke @davew97 made everyone from manchester look stupid there haven’t i. a win imo @jay56789012 pan