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Fellow, @orfonline. Foreign Policy, Middle East/West Asia, (Counter) Terrorism. Book: 'The ISIS Peril' out later this year (Penguin). ⚽️ 🎸 ☕️

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😂 is next level in modern threats. Russian hackers pretended to be Iranian while conducting cyber attacks.'s air is going to be traumatic for the next few months... @Shyam23229104 @Cold_Peace_ LOLIndia will be the only one here with no (official) contact with the Taliban. Both Moscow and Beijing have officiall… @Bobin_James What are you implying, Bobin... @spignal @iainmarlow @SBengali The Canadian panels jointly are short by at least 32 panelists though"We will send a message to the whole world,” a man said to the camera in one of the videos. Pink hearts spilled fro… was inevitable, considering the demographics TikTok caters to, specifically in Asia (also forces me to actuall…
Attended a 35 mins long con call...said 'yes, I am here' once throughout. And thats it. When I have my own country… @azelin Not sure to be honest. @sorcerical?Delighted to share that my book ‘The ISIS Peril: The World’s Most Feared Terror Group and its Shadow on South Asia’… piece by Carter Malkasian. "If we want out, we need to temper our sensitivity to tragic albeit perhaps…"A soldier wearing the Syrian Kurdish Women's Protection Units badge sits in a U.S. military vehicle in the town of…"Already Turkey has the makings of a bomb program: uranium deposits and research reactors — and mysterious ties to…
all I see is hummus
Retweeted by Kabir TanejaIf people are wondering why protests in #Lebanon over economy, its because the government's answer to an economic c… @MalikAshok Just phenomenal! @MalikAshok And the historic connections are amazing. My grandmothers father was a trader and had an office in Hera… few days in Herat and Kabul, #Afghanistan , getting to know the debates around US - Taliban negotiations and… @azelin @Jihadology_Net Thanks for the shoutout Aaron!
This is more nuts than Trump's letter to Erdogan. "The US military carried out airstrikes to destroy the headquarte… @d_jaishankar "Sand? did he just say sand? Do I have to translate...sand?" @OmairTAhmad @amitvarma Did you see this though? I mean... on Russian help to Syria: "It's a lot of sand. They've got a lot of sand over there so there's a lot of sand… @amitvarma @OmairTAhmad How we've got till October in 2019 without a firestorm is beyond me
"The Pentagon’s controversial $10bn cloud computing deal is one of the most lucrative defense contracts ever. Amazo… co authored piece with @KabirTaneja on the Islamic State in Kerala written for ORF .
Retweeted by Kabir TanejaIs it me or every second white coloured car in Delhi now has a red 'Govt of India' sticker on it? Pretty sure at le… is what radiation LOOKS like. Uranium emitting alpha particles through cooled vapor
Retweeted by Kabir TanejaAs Putin visits Saudi Arabia for the first time in 12 years, I look into how much realistically Russia is prepared… a great time to be a benevolent dictator... who did this? I protest in the strongest terms of this dismantling of a perfectly nice name by Mumbai... type of cut-paste column of news reports (since 2015) lazily put together, with very little actual analysis, u…
@siddharth3 Much needed cost cutting would be shutting the airline down tbhAir India's new special 'Celebrating India' colour scheme on one of its 777s looks like someone printed out a few p… @pi_alize @StonerJesus @mycrotchetyluv I have academic version of it. Bhanuj would relate 2016 vs 2019 @pi_alize @StonerJesus @mycrotchetyluv Is this 2016 vs 2019 a new internet trend? I would like to take part @KunjaraS Bhai padh to le...Happy to finally share my new co-authored paper, 'The Islamic State in India’s Kerala: A Primer' which aims to fill… @siddharth3 Yep, not denying that but patience will not alert a jaywalker if you've taken a turn and s/he is right… @siddharth3 That's your personal opinion and experience then, i've had to many times thanks to jay walking, people… @siddharth3 It will be quite irresponsible. People's civic sense and sensibilities first need to change, horns are… being all like, "right, cool..." happy to see fellow peanut butter enthusiast @AmyKazmin has done a great piece on the history of the butter i… grey list? WTF is dark grey list? What next? Galvanizing Grey List? Blackberry Black list? Pakistan isolated… is the perfect metaphor of what's happening. Almost like dystopian art. @AmyKazmin @iainmarlow I am currently consuming the VEEBA smooth PB. Its not great (at all) but beggars cant be choosers. @iainmarlow @AmyKazmin I was just thinking the other day that I may need rehab for peanut butter addiction (smooth ftw)"The presence of B61 nuclear gravity bombs at İncirlik airbase, which is about 100 miles from the Syrian border and…
Heh...when Venkatraman Ramakrishnan had won the Nobel in Chemistry, 2009. "All sorts of people from India have bee… news, Abhijit Banerjee is one of three to win the Nobel for Economics! High time we also debate why brilliant… my @WarOnTheRocks piece from few years ago envoy to India Dr Abbas is only highlighting a long standing stance. India has nonchalantly supported Syria… @OmairTAhmad More over brewskies @OmairTAhmad Yes but Obama's efforts in the region came from his general disinterest, not from re-imagining of policies. @OmairTAhmad US policy in the region is clearly divided into the pre-War on terror and post WOT. So I think most an… changes these numbers like the weather..., and perhaps too much of a timely report by @CrisisGroup. 'Averting an ISIS Resurgence in Iraq and Syria'… you, Facebook is banned in China. And yet... Facebook confirms data sharing with Chinese companies | Article… to a breakfast meeting wearing a white shirt and black jacket, entered, and immediately some old lady waved at… US was about to fire back at a country—a NATO ally—in which it still stores ~50 gravity thermonuclear weapons.…
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There we go, Assad making deals with the Kurds. Peace (safe passage?) in return for territory, it seems. #Syria Russia chose Saudi Arabia as the first foreign office for its wealth fun. Moscow is tuning up the keys while T… am sorry but that's rubbish. America's Syria policy has been in dire straits since Obama, who spent half a decade… @samirsaran @arunmsukumar @SunjoyJ @akhildeo94 @WhoKnowsTrish @KabirTaneja @swatiarjun @raji143 @SaileshSriram
Retweeted by Kabir Taneja @shivithukral @MalikAshok Have Sipsmith, Botanist and Oxley at home these days. Rated on goodness in this order only.
Kurdish military leader: "I need to know if you are capable of protecting my people, because if you're not, I need… @secondofhername @StonerJesus Kingfisher one does. But yea, it doesn't, still has strains of it.Fun fact, Gin and Tonic was concocted up in British India. The 'Indian Tonic' water is basically made out of prophy… think high time Delhi gets some proper Gin bars now. Or is that too much of a mid-30s thing to say?German synagogue shooter Used 3D printed guns: "All you need is a weekend worth of time and $50 for the materials",…
Retweeted by Kabir TanejaInteresting, and important thread on how the terror attack in Halle, Germany few days ago did not go 'viral' despit… the 9th edition of CyFy — the conference on technology, security and society! From 14‒16 October, ORF w…
Retweeted by Kabir Taneja @YusufDFI @horror06 Norway was one of the top countries training the Kurds in northern Syria on de-mining and bomb-disposal squads. @AbhijnanRej Hey man, your first line outcome about Cage, take it back!
Well... @shubhsoni Wouldn't trade Road Rash skills for Yale Law tbhThis paragraph from @washingtonpost's piece on @RonanFarrow. Pity he didn't get to experience Sega Mega Drive when…'ve had a BBC article on a browser tab open for 18 days now...I am supposed to read it at some point. At what poin… @NihaMasih @NihaMasih I am not, I am saying that the prize to her would have undone most of her work by not making it bipartisan anymore. @NihaMasih Yes, not denying any of that. Just saying 'peace' was not really the driving motive of this outcome. MBS… @NihaMasih Lets be honest, while great outcome, it was part of Saudi/UAE strategy to counter Qatar in that part of… that Xi travels with two 747s now. Same style as the US president. #ModiXiSummit mean unless the masks are a way to deter facial recognition tech from Xi's plane, then it is cool.Wait...what? Why?"China is under no pressure to please India. Or, more precisely, it can afford to displease India". A good reality… @ArifCRafiq Man, I really feel bad for Rumi tbh. The internet has really taken him to the cleaners."She wore black pants and a black tank top that showed a Farsi tattoo of a Rumi quote down her backbone: “Out beyon…
Erdogan wants the world stage, from the Kurds to Kashmir. My piece for @htTweets - #Syria #Turkey @AlexisZakharov @nicoblar I think its reactionary re Ankara's UNGA garb. Later part of statement is fairly linear to India's lineGutted that #NobelPrize for Literature did not go to 'skip intro' option of Netflix. @AlexisZakharov @nicoblar Nope, not enough to make a statementHehe... out @orfonline's featured experts on #SinoIndia ties, Chinese powerplay and its domestic gambit. Read ➡…
Retweeted by Kabir TanejaSlain Al-Qaeda chief Asim Umar was Uttar Pradesh village boy who became best-selling jihadist pulp-fiction writer -“They (Kurds) didn’t help us in the Second World War, they didn’t help us in Normandy” Whattay?!? Trump downplays… were named Beatles, like the band Beatles. Not “Beetles”. And the entire withdrawal of US support is now ban…