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i like to do dumb shit for fun

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happy 420 everyone #happy420 @HTea101 Feel better! ❤️ @TarkovPete @HTea101 @Wyspycremes I’ve heard this same thing too, not sure how true it is or notready for this all to be an april fools joke
@qt_cinderella @MegSevinth Pray for me @Tradi3_ @wydstepbrOoke Right all these dudes who are just mad they’re not comfortable enough with their sexuality to do it @RajjOfficial Just lie @freedomdesteny1 @jonygula agree :) @BabyCup5 ur beautiful hunnyNEW BANNER! and omggggg I LOVE it! artwork by @MegSevinth 😍 with anime profile pics, do you just get off on being called out for having an anime profile pic when you get i… @mirta0001 @HildegainCaoCao If you think that I meant that literally and not as a joke you would have to in good fa… @indieannatv @skippybobippy @BlRDOFPREY love when ppl are willing to take their jokes to the next level lol
@HildegainCaoCao okay incel, go rage on some image message board about how kaceytron wasnt permanently banned for a satirical comment @mirta0001 @GravLabs i literally dont think that. please dont listen to someone who has an anime avatar as a profile pic. @skippybobippy @BlRDOFPREY .... omg you really did, didn't you? most people think this is a joke, and it is... but… @TheVordie Wow honestly this is a good look, you kind of look like a jock @HeyGuysTwitch @K_Thompers @Twitch @TwitchSupport It honestly works so well @MaddSeazyn @parickwilliams1 @JasonWi29078626 @NabizadehPoeya @rennie55385407 @StreamerBans tell her i hope shes doing well! @parickwilliams1 @MaddSeazyn @JasonWi29078626 @NabizadehPoeya @rennie55385407 @StreamerBans oh, so the truth comes… @parickwilliams1 @MaddSeazyn @JasonWi29078626 @NabizadehPoeya @rennie55385407 @StreamerBans im a better person than… @MaddSeazyn @parickwilliams1 @JasonWi29078626 @NabizadehPoeya @rennie55385407 @StreamerBans lol true, its just some… @parickwilliams1 @MaddSeazyn @JasonWi29078626 @NabizadehPoeya @rennie55385407 @StreamerBans I DIDN'T SAY IT WASNT A… @parickwilliams1 @MaddSeazyn @JasonWi29078626 @NabizadehPoeya @rennie55385407 @StreamerBans Also, in the time that… @parickwilliams1 @MaddSeazyn @JasonWi29078626 @NabizadehPoeya @rennie55385407 @StreamerBans oh, so you think I mean… @parickwilliams1 @MaddSeazyn @JasonWi29078626 @NabizadehPoeya @rennie55385407 @StreamerBans because im tired of peo… zuckerberg donating to coronavirus research
Retweeted by kaceytron @mrkomp777 did you know that a lot of humor is just saying dumb shit @parickwilliams1 @MaddSeazyn @JasonWi29078626 @NabizadehPoeya @rennie55385407 @StreamerBans I’m sorry an apology fr… @RajjOfficial @wwwojtek17 no, nvm, its just the weed @RajjOfficial @wwwojtek17 were on the same brainwave @KateIsBaked710 you'll say something dumb again too, like you just did, dumb cunt @wwwojtek17 @RajjOfficial almost @Cr9mson I wish @Quackity read anything I tweeted but he's 2 kewl @K_Thompers @Twitch @TwitchSupport okay karen @ThatGirlTammie folllow me back!!! :o @K_Thompers @Twitch @TwitchSupport its medicinal and my doctor prescribes me 4oz a month, thats a lot of weed to sm… @dntefd its my carb cap okay @ChristosBgt Okay Karen @ALtrocity not if you're in a recreational state, pretty much if its legal where you live its legal on twitch. its… @pgm128 @MrGMYT yes @ALtrocity is it okay to take your medicine that youre prescribed by a doctor on twitch? @pollito320 lol okay sexist @MaxHydeInPlace i was thinking more so desmond intro from lost :O @Puddock3000 okay karenI am now unbanned, I will be returning on Monday with a 24HR stream! Hope to see you there.
@davhut1 @ItsPeachABoo @cat_falco @szymbertv1 I just got unbanned after a week of being banned, I'll be back Monday!Good luck to all the ladies tomorrow! @ItsPeachABoo @cat_falco @szymbertv1
@Mike_from_PA golden retrievers are the best, you should adopt another one a lot of animals needing adopted rn, ok, get to it @FRANA_OW wtf bitch @TheVordie @sharpazula This is so true tho
@AdventurePros1 @Siggoh why tf would you think i voted for biden @BeardedBeauty3 the switch is such a good system honestly, i love mineAnimal Crossing couldn't have came at a better time, it's the only thing curing my anxiety
@JustAnEditorYT @Siggoh If you look at the distribution of wealth I don't think that the people at the bottom wanti… @Siggoh @JustAnEditorYT there's no point in arguing this with conservatives, they all think that they're going to b… @JustAnEditorYT @Siggoh yeah, it's just insane to believe that social programs could do anything to help this country during this time @JustAnEditorYT @Siggoh corporate bailouts aren't exclusive to democrats, George W Bush did a mass corporate bailou… @Siggoh tHatS sOcIaLiSm!!!!1 HERE IN AMERICA WE PULL OURSELVES UP BY OUR BOOTSTRAPS AND GIVE ALL OF OUR TAX DOLLAR… feel like most americans are so used to not being eligible for sick leave, pto, unemployment benefits amongst oth… @ericrh95 you sexed her?
@Steve1x1 @realDonaldTrump @McDonalds lol relax.... not trying to be devisive but trump wanting to re-open everythi… @Ann45828353 follow me and holly lol @MythiKzwtf @realDonaldTrump @McDonalds ... if you dont want to see my opinion then unfollow me on twitter, idiot @dapuq @realDonaldTrump @McDonalds my family is all working class and nah, they don't need to be working... their l… @aenihx @realDonaldTrump @McDonalds EW D: @mangorumble @realDonaldTrump @McDonalds a lot of places having citywide shutdowns of everything except grocery stores and pharmacies @gonzdx52 he was loved by more people than you were, sorry your mom never paid attention to you @brandibowles84 ... for jokingly mocking an Animal Crossing character.... uhh, okay.
@LeBlackPanda same to you, thank you! @LeBlackPanda honestly awful but cant really complain much, feel like im just in the same boat as everyone else @ericrh95 nobody cares that you want to fuck a cartoon character incelso tired of dealing with this 'tammy' bitch, ya heard?
@nmplol ... I need some grass if u know what I mean teehehe weed 420 blaze it dab dab @antphrodite @NikkieTutorials Soon I’ll stop being scared haha @antphrodite @NikkieTutorials She taught me how to do eyebrows, she’s my favorite omgggg @iGotTheJoos @contenthoe Omggg we’d have so much fun tho ❤️❤️❤️ we get high and swim and talk about aliens and stuff @johnthinc you're posting something that has nothing to do with hasan on a post where people are offering condolen… @johnthinc dude, remove your tweet on hasans post... theres really no reason for you clouding it up with hateful… @hasanthehun I AM SO SORRY HASAN. You gave him an AMAZING home and I know he loved you so much too. I am very heartbroken for you. So sorry. @gore1UAC that's not how that works. the two aren't comparable. perhaps it would be the same if i targeted a single… @Mr_Stormraught what a cutie, I love bassetts :( @Fishsti78087368 @Ann45828353 @KyleDoe7 I got myself lumped in with the people underplaying this whole thing... Whe… @Fishsti78087368 @Ann45828353 @KyleDoe7 I think a lot of people are frustrated right now with the current state of… @MetalManatee he was there for my mom when she needed it so badly and I cannot thank him enough! sorry about your g… would have been Dusty's 16th birthday, really missing this good boy rn 😭 GIVE YOUR ANIMALS SOME LOVE
@Tamblain I just want to apologize to the people who I have hurt and let them know that I do regret my actions. I d… @daleburden2 I understand your frustration, I apologize, please understand that I do not truly believe that. It was… @Soldier505 If you'd like I can apologize to her myself. I am sorry for hurting her feelings and I don't want anyon… @Mike_P_Williams It was a horrible distasteful joke and I regret saying it. I don’t hold a true hatred towards elde… @Makexevil I don’t truly feel that way in any shape or form. Of course I have older parents who I love, I hate in A… @Westendgonzo @CheekzMr I’ve found fault in my words seeing people speak about their families who are immunocomprom… @toowhitetobemex Yes, fair and I will hold myself to higher standards.
@CheekzMr I truly do feel ashamed, I don't like that my *bad* joke has made me seem like an egotistical bigot. I am… @alacealace @TONE_EX I'm not trying to justify my joke, I'm trying to make clear my intent. People are saying that… @EllieNoiree_ @TONE_EX I really don't sincerely want to commit mass genocide against poor and elderly people, I ass… @CheekzMr ... I'd have to be a sociopath on the level of Hitler to truly want mass genocide and believe what I said… @Sue71160748 I apologize and I understand where you are coming from, I am ashamed of myself. @lacy_condila thank you! and yes, I will be more careful of what I say. I do not like seeming hateful or making oth… @EpicDoggo1 Please do not have a hard time believing it as I would have to be a complete sociopath amongst Hitler's…