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@h3eds @destroyjayy @NlTSUJ i’m in love with you and you know this @destroyjayy @NlTSUJ @h3eds bro this is MY true love wtf 😂😂 @destroyjayy @NlTSUJ @h3eds she’s mine bro hollons can find another one 💯 @clencat @37chap mf it’s for osu @h3eds what’s up w u bro u good 💀
@KYDAMl bf? @HK4RI @h3eds her butt big @h3eds u got bothi have my girlfriend pinned on imessage , anyways where the hoes at @wunjii @elladxy he uses a judge only what u expect @J6rni you need a ungodly amount of help @twicefan69 twin im j waiting for the bad bitches to get into ur comments Fr @twicefan69 bro going to a soccer game @deviIsanzu @pohluhr @deviIIbabie holy shit really ? 😂😂 i thought this was hot girl @destroyjayy @NlTSUJ what r u saying bro with 3 dots for @NlTSUJ good luck with that @NlTSUJ hello do you need help with female @wunjii @999sonderr @ignovercook @gunnypriv @CarbynVAL @AeroValorant @unshtable @Evs2x @spoofzera u applied pressur… @wunjii @999sonderr @ignovercook @gunnypriv @CarbynVAL @AeroValorant @unshtable @Evs2x @spoofzera bro i j seen 😭 @wunjii @999sonderr @ignovercook @gunnypriv @CarbynVAL @AeroValorant @unshtable @Evs2x @spoofzera applyin pressure gunny i see you 😂 @zoiie tell ur mandem to start paying eh? @zoiie bro i’m talking bout the fact i’m too lazy to take u off my spotify
@_routers @daimyoFPS she need to come arrest me rn @jennniiival you are my duo now @zoiie ur lucky im lazy @lilnatnat_ Nat Nat it’s a joke @destroyjayy ngl this more of a you fit my boy @daimyoFPS @jennniiival she fine @lilnatnat_ she not a celtics fan she just wants NBA twitter clout Fr @xtaii swipe that debit card for a flight rq @iriscolored get a job @twicefan69 TwiceFan69 @daimyoFPS @sehies u was askin u gotta demand next timeRADIANT but CHEATING ONLY (aimbot vs valorant pros) 🔻Full Video on YouTube🔻 📺 -
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@alyxdenim @inthemattress @Fendioso real shit @soizanami everything i’m completely broken @soizanami thanks @RYRYXXO yoo what’s up lol 😂😂
@RYRYXXO get a boyfriend @UncreativeVAL @JebaJSC @csimplyy let him simp she’s pretty , my man’s could simp @csimplyy i like the pics but post val clips fr @csimplyy post val clips @chennie444 hey @riseftdaisywrld what is it @webbslie they prolly were public before das y @1EDEN_ you so realto all my haters @1EDEN_ @ssav1or @nhuciferr @774saturn @RetroAlexVAL @wlyrrr bro i’m crying this is so funny @1EDEN_ @soizanami slut @wlyrrr @1EDEN_ @774saturn @ssav1or @nhuciferr here you go bruh @1EDEN_ @soizanami ily2 🥺🥺 @ayoMalikai you have played valorant 182 days ina row @1EDEN_ @soizanami she’s extra sad today bro let her rock @soizanami @1EDEN_ so real @1EDEN_ @soizanami fuck bro i was in the car 😔 @soizanami @1EDEN_ i’m just being a good samaritan fr @1EDEN_ @soizanami wait nvm i got her with one sit this one out son @1EDEN_ @soizanami YO HELLO MESSAGE ME @azialsv as you should gang @kevsarcade @shuboxs holy shit #HALFTHEVALCOMM @iriscolored @elj2h hit ‘em w a pissy punch @YhungPicasso @J6rni @LAPDHQ r u confessing to a crime @J6rni @YhungPicasso he a granny @KYDAMl nah wtf u tryna kill someone @aliceklana LMAO @WasteManOP @shaylibacy lemme stop before they pull up to ur crib and arrest you @bakamisu LMFAOOOOOOOO @risorah sorry @risorah ima beat u tf up
@rellyrellard @itsnotquiche she need her ass ate @rellyrellard @itsnotquiche she got red hair yk what that means @wunjii @sehies @fishszns @ignovercook @AeroValorant @maddie5716 sehi ur daddy @elladxy i hit that hoe @Etsy4EVR see personally if u were talkin to me i would NOT let u speak to me like this @notrxchel i’m fye bro ? @misery_na no i j got a layover here @wlyrrr i will piss on u @1EDEN_ orlando i am pretty sure @calicovaI shit u better start drivin @calicovaI r u not close to it @calicovaI orlando one or sum shit i think @J6rni 😂😂 @sanitrr my daughter would never be ugly 😂😂 @sanitrr OF daughter she can buy me a crib @itsfreylise those r binders too , u canadians too over complicated @itsfreylise that’s a fuckin binder @itsfreylise what da fuck is dat @Eiji_Val @luvhals BRO I WAS JUST APALLED AT WHAT THEY WAS SAYIN @zajinnG this bait right @justjennuh what @tummit_ @ophi777 BRO @1kotaaa @xoambrose @hoIlons @1OZNY ur submissive @aliceklana @BHVannessa she said unblock @calicovaI spill the tea fr @fanacc222 does megan pay u or sum @hentaibrowser @fanacc222 i’m crying @fanacc222 it’s evidence it’s quite literally public record 😂