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@jacksaint101 🤣🤣🤣 @joyeunn @7h4nd @Xx3v3r51nc3xX @iurns1 @catshit35 @buwhree real @7h4nd @joyeunn @Xx3v3r51nc3xX @iurns1 @catshit35 @buwhree all i said was that if you don’t do research on other re… @khokhouu @uramusaragok hell nah dis yo battle 😭😭😭😭😭 @selfsake1 Yep. @uramusaragok @khokhouu holy fuck @res86 🤣🤣 that’s all they do @joyeunn @Xx3v3r51nc3xX @iurns1 @catshit35 @buwhree lol what? who’s arguing you niggas are delusional @res86 they too bold @SkimVal @iurns1 @_tommyoh he’s talking about you 💀💀 @iurns1 @SkimVal @_tommyoh i will kick that lil nigga cross the field @_tommyoh @SkimVal yes that’s it because i know ima give her more later 🖖🏾 @Xx3v3r51nc3xX @joyeunn @iurns1 @catshit35 @buwhree i mean i never said that i don’t know of religions , im just sa… @_tommyoh @SkimVal i just gave my mom 5bands for mother’s day , she don’t need help with rent she got money 😂😂 , my… @SkimVal @_tommyoh because i played val…and now i don’t is that something that’s hard to comprehend or wassup? @RafCreates @SkimVal @_tommyoh it’s super funny how every non black person will compare me to ANOTHER black person… @shuboxs @SkimVal @_tommyoh 😂😂😂😂 skim val is not doin NANNNNN @SkimVal @_tommyoh i obviously don’t think i’m a social media influencer it’s just there to be there , do u want me… @joyeunn @iurns1 @Xx3v3r51nc3xX @catshit35 @buwhree knowing religions isn’t basic knowledge @SkimVal @_tommyoh oh ok so basically what ur saying is u and a couple more niggas are weird ? oh aii heard you @_tommyoh @SkimVal nope , just bored @fainthart these niggas gon b the DEATH of me literally @_tommyoh @SkimVal but you’re pushing 30 and ur still responding @SkimVal @_tommyoh oh my god a picture of myself , what am i gonna do 😓😓😓 @SkimVal @_tommyoh i can GUARANTEE i got a better job than both you niggas 😭😭😭 you deadass looked up a girls inform… @_tommyoh @SkimVal you niggas ARENT saying anything that’s hurting my feelings LMAOOOOO nigga ur 26 on twitter beef… @KaedenVAL @_tommyoh shutcho dollar tree tyler the creator headass up bro 💀💀
Retweeted by kaeden @_tommyoh @SkimVal y’all niggas corny @Dexteriityy panera is mandatory once a week @SkimVal @_tommyoh it’s okay , ik you couldn’t read that it wasn’t my house but whatever makes you happy gang 😭 @raniabeartv @dumbassmikee gimme his name n state ur in 😡😡 @_tommyoh @threeeFPS @SkimVal you’re 26 years old @SkimVal not my house lol @theresawinnn valorant niggas r too bold twin 😭😭 @_tommyoh @threeeFPS @SkimVal i really found myself defending the niggas that i don’t even fw , nigga ur saying gla… @azido niggas just be talkin for twitter stg @amaribans nigga a valorant dork callin out someone irly’all take too much offense to people shit talking on valorant it’s been 3 years please get a grip man @looking4myson33 i got a plane ticket for armani rn if you lettin em get jiggyi’m not even friends with dude but what the FUCK are you gonna do 😂😂 you niggas b chattin @khokhouu @angg4prez LMFAO @whogotfent @looking4myson33 australiangyattttt @urdoomergf naaa u caught @marrzho 😭😭 @purestgirl jail time buddy @GoIdenState @jaytatum0 would ruin the warriors franchise @whogotfent 😂😂 @rewind1k @heyimwoof LMFAOOO @k1ttyk4tluv3r what?what?
@idodies need some meat on those bones @servedurauntie na ur foul 😂😂😂 @angg4prez jail time for him fs @YhungPicasso fraud @whogotfent nigga hard @Noorthevirgo true @macnakno3 @wlyrrr @macnakno3 @wlyrrr dude ur literally cheating 😂😂 @bandaid i was gonna ask if ur selling those it’s fire @bandaid ME @kotaidk july 11-18th then i’m goin to miami 18th-25th @alyxdenim i think u gon b in france nigga i’m goin july 11 @ums @uramusaragok r u dumb nigga @ums @uramusaragok what have y’all not told me @angg4prez we gotta take some flicks fr. @tvmbIrr alright dude. @turbi55 yea for like the 3rd time 😭 @shantisdiary 😂😂 @F3nce33 @holyFPS made a twitter to ride meat is crazy @n4naholic terrible sister @eJelIy dude 😂 @zyla @azido ccs aren’t guaranteed , u can buy one from someone n it won’t work but niggas don’t know they don’t work until u try n use it @azido Facts @idodies Yes
@angg4prez LMFAOOOO @zu344 holy fuck 😭 @angg4prez i’m in tears @taylaaadgaf that was yesterday tayla @iurns1 i will go break his whole setup myself dude if i see some shit like this again . @josonminaj @fuckafancontest @fuckedupfoods have some shame omg 😭 @fuckafancontest @fuckedupfoods you’re sick @whogotfent @earf2nini wasn’t the question @whogotfent @earf2nini that wasn’t the question bro @raniabeartv @realdreamwynter 😂😂😂 @Dexteriityy my boyyy 🤮 @fagidiot06 dude @alyxdenim you’re the thug @inamra21 🤮❤️❤️❤️ @whogotfent me with 818🖖🏾