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@SMOKEYW00Dz LMAO there’s a point there 🙄riot needs to up their christmas game bruh im tired of these trash ass valorant skins @Nek0Feet no ily @lolnerou felt this one LMFAOOOO
Retweeted by katelynni wanna buy new crocs but why the fuckkkkkkkkkk is the crocs store so fucking far @lolnerou i fucking hate this
By far my best video IVE edited
Retweeted by katelynn @Arcohz dayum arcohs okayyyyy @Svgebtw sheeeeshLoss of motivation has to be a Covid symptom, I ain’t feel the same since March 2020
Retweeted by katelynnbruhjjkglsdfhgkljfhgjs WHY does my ping spike up to fucking 700 when im tryna clutch breh kill methese mfs.. giving me no fucking space bro what the actual
@Arcohz @BustaBreezie sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehow tf u taking a double degree bruh i can barely handle one 🥴🥴
Short strum before I go tear my muscles...
Retweeted by katelynnit’s funny how i’m close with ppl i wasn’t close with in hs and i saw them everyday loloop @xugarxweet LMAOOO when i was tweeting this that’s what i was thinking ngl💀💀this mf arcohs kills me man LMFAOOO“you don’t need meds, everybody feels that way” okay no but for a second let’s pretend that’s true. if you mfers a…
Retweeted by katelynni wonder how much money i could save if i wasn’t a fucking idiot
Retweeted by katelynn @kaitlaime degen hours @Arcohz sheeeeeeeeeeeshimma get a dog @uniqlofanboy LMFAOOOO brehwe lost LMFAOmy cat turned off my pc mid comp game.. anyone want a catwhy buy a phantom or vandal when you can play chamber??? 🧐 WATCH HERE:
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@dixuuns @PlayVALORANT ftried plant based nuggets earlier o.o they were actually pretty good lolSelf sabotage is real asf, don’t let your mind destroy yourself.
Retweeted by katelynn @xugarxweet it’s ok me too LMFAOOO @xugarxweet q with meeeee <333Female content creators & streamers.. You are successful because of all of the hard work & countless hours you pu…
Retweeted by katelynn @_routers meow cat cat SOME LOVEE TO THE YT
Retweeted by katelynn @Nek0Feet yes wyamf called me chunky LMFAOOO okay bye 😒 @Airruhn it’s ok im old asf too @Airruhn oh u old asf happy birthday sirfeelin so defeated
@jesibears your eyes 🥺🥺 are so pretty♡︎ @TSavT21 mommy? sorryLive, the Diamond grind continuesss 🚀
Retweeted by katelynn @StrafezLIVE @dixuuns sheeeeeeeesh @kaitlaime it suxxxx :(mf really said ‘how my girl gon take my best friend’ LMFAOO bye 🤦🏻‍♀️mf really unfollowed me LMAOOOOthis mf 😂😂 partner sent me this post and it really really helped me reframe how I think about how I live my life as a perso…
Retweeted by katelynn @kaitlaime breh i started working again and mfs just fucking me over rngot home from worked and knocked the fuck out but now im wide awake after sleeping for 8 hoursi love hearing “i saw this and thought of u"
Retweeted by katelynnJoined Obey to shake arse
Retweeted by katelynn @lylacVAL 💀
this is funny bc i feel weird when ppl call me katelynn now LMFAOOO body is so tired bruh i need to fucking sleep @Kixnnxx same for me with kehlani LOOOL @stayVLR sheeeeeeeshunhealed trauma will have you pushing away healthy relationships with people who actually have your back fr.
Retweeted by katelynn @Airruhn bruh mine at 89k i was shook😭i fucking hate this mf LOOOOOOOL @xsxnny factsssss 😤 @luvsickjunkie LOOOOL it’s in my sweater 😭😭i casually have a fucking ham sandwich in my pocket while at work loli think i just fell asleep talking to a customer holy fuck im tired😭😭these mfs are such dumbasses LMFAOOOO @kaitlaime fr😭😭😭 @kaitlaime me asf so i didn’t even sleep LMFAOOO @GuaranteedInt 😭😭mf forgets my birthday then hangs up on some petty shit LMFAOOO ok 😒 @TSavT21 ilyyyyy <3bro i can't hear without the subtitles on
Retweeted by katelynni promise to always be here for u
Retweeted by katelynnWHO TF SAID YES my cats doin the fucking most -____-cant believe i used to stream on this shit ass laptop bruhmy supervisor really be scheduling me for the mooooost before i leave man😭😭LIVE COME THROUGH FOR A KITH
Retweeted by katelynn @xugarxweet booties @Svgebtw ily man <333 @amnqs_ LMFAOOOOO @lolnerou thats what im sayinnnnnnnnn😭😭is 5'5 short for a filipino woman pls im tired of getting flamed by these mfs @luvsickjunkie omfg i should have LOOOOLoh and my game crashed 5th round loland i ended up being last alive and my fucking teammate goes "viper are u ok" like no mf i am not okay i miss my computer 😭😭just tried to play spike rush on my laptop and we loaded in and mf goes "alright who got the toaster oven" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOsorry i left you on read i didn't mean to open it 😂
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Retweeted by katelynn @StrafezLIVE @luvsickjunkie @Svgebtw shut up charlestryna dl valorant on my shitstain laptop aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand shits stuck at 95% lmfao @luvsickjunkie @StrafezLIVE @Svgebtw no me @luvsickjunkie @StrafezLIVE @Svgebtw its ok ily tho