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Not so much a sound as a situation (they/them)

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@JoshAJHall fucking christok well apparently I am actually in the top 0.5% of Bruce Springsteen listeners in the world this year. Honestly ca… all seriousness it is such a relief when somebody not only prominent but universally respected by the establishm…'s wonderful to see you gandalf thanks to coronavirus for the unexpected drastic pivot back to slipknot in my late 20slol on this as we get itso what I'm getting from my spotify wrapped is that I've been listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen this year @coopercooperco lmao was gonna text you about Mad Men literally last night and stopped myself
need some earplugs for sleeping. turns out this is a whole *thing*, like buying a mattress. does anybody know anyth…
2020 Nigellaaaaaaaaaaaa 🥺🥺🥺
i could change him ❤️
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@Anarchopixie clearly these theydies and gentlethems did not get the memo @benedict_spring [coming home from the big city to greet my family for christmas]this kind of shit is going to force me to settle on a gender one of these days istg little theme that doesn't really have a distinct attachment to anything in BOTW (maybe just 'the nice bits aro…
@rolandbarfs this is just a really nice thing. have you ever listened to him reading it on the podcast? extremely dulcet.
even though I haven't seen you in years, yours is a funeral I'd fly to from anywhere!never have any idea when my biannual listen to Alopecia is going to come around but then suddenly it's here and I h… @dogwinters Hello, yes please do!“trans agenda” isn’t scary you fools, it’s just how Italians say “transgender”
Retweeted by Merl @hangsawoman it's good @hangsawoman have you ever seen Rat Film? It is very good @hangsawoman lmao I can't believe I got you to be sincere about this (also same by miles) @hangsawoman can't believe I am once again being red pilled over the disney film ratatouille @hangsawoman the food critic funds his restaurant. he just makes the ratatouille and feeds the other rats. @hangsawoman you're being very cynical. There was no mention of wealth. Just a passion for cooking and not being killed @hangsawoman he is not interested in such things. He just wants to cook his food for people and other rats. @hangsawoman he's a rat @hangsawoman booooooooo @benedict_spring bless you babe xxx @Anarchopixie that day rockedan ongoing joke in my relationship is paul sternly telling me "don't hurt yourself" @MrsMarketUK @peckhampeculiar @golden_anchor thank you! :)thanks @Anarchopixie for fielding this one loltrying to do a pop shove-it on the smooth flagstones outside my uni right before my year's graduation party and lan… with my precious face right over a bike frame with a stubborn seatpost I was struggling to remove and it s… using the back of the blade on my new penknife to try to scrape a bit of gunk off a wall and cutting a…, a toss-up between splitting my forehead open on my own pint glass headbanging to the breakdown in bohemian rhap… appreciated!anybody in Camberwell/Peckham/Nunhead/New Cross/Dulwich have or know of any nice rooms in nice households going tha…
it’s in the trees! it’s coming!!
@rolandbarfs I moved out to go to and almost immediately dropped out of the 'academy of contemporary music' when I… @julings YES COME THROUGH MICHAEL @_Cabble it is pure! magic!honestly if you're at all wowed by this clip of kermit riding a bike I implore you to watch The Crystal Calls about… into puppetry for lockdown 2021not only is the puppetry absolute magic this whole scene and its dumb punchline are just incredibly funny… @clarebot fair, I think I was just exceptionally pretentious and sincerely thought a lot of very toothless stuff wa… compelled to listen to sigur ros a lot this week for the first time since my dreadful late teens/early 20s....… government defending a massive rise in defence spending to the british public the only way they know will work
@Skatebutch 💞come on @ left twitter, take a break from posting about praxis for a minute and chip in a fiver.
Retweeted by Merlgo onnnnnnnn during lockdown waiting for the clubs to reopen :(
@iggigg pete campbell, MVP @iggigg IT'S A CHIP N DIPim begging yall to start dating ppl u actually like
Retweeted by Merlwhat about a no day week
Retweeted by MerlDone, help if you can!
Retweeted by Merl @_Cabble yessssss 💘come on @ left twitter, take a break from posting about praxis for a minute and chip in a fiver. and shares also appreciated tbh! community-focused bike workshops like this are so important and hard to k… folks, my local community bike workshop in SE5 was burgled the other night and lost all their essential tool… @corneliusbean this is at its worst when I make the mistake of wanting to listen to the news in the morning and ris… @corneliusbean this has been my conclusion too. also know that compulsion you described so well, every time, the pu… @corneliusbean have managed to entirely miss the actual Thing itself this time, it's been like a shit mystery game…
remember 'beer' by reel big fishI'm crying... gen z is NOT doing well
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Retweeted by Merla lot going on here
Retweeted by Merl @odhreo isn't it just one of the best facts you've ever heard @odhreo time to roll out my favourite bonkers pro chess fact! 12.5 grams of cutters choicethinking once again about this exquisite 15 seconds of footage @winemum2019 to be a wild hog floating down a river near Wassaw, GA
Retweeted by Merli'm an uncomplicated man – I am moved by the guitar as well as the flute, by roasting a leg of lamb and excluding a… is simply the funniest tweet I've ever read piece from ⁦⁦@Sarah_Cundy⁩: ‘Young people in this country have recognised the nature of universities’ offens…
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GAMMONS 4 LONDON @jellycrone omfg that is so RUDE
the world facing young people in the UK right now is so bleak it is honestly beyond comprehension to me, and still… the next day, some hateful columnist was spluttering in exasperation on Radio 4 at the idea of taking seriousl…[suicide] Been struggling to work out whether and how to acknowledge this unbelievable tragedy on here for a few w… @hangsawoman omg yess so excited to readahhhhh this game where I'm playing [checks notes] an elite viking assassin is anachronistic?? what the FUCK
@hannahkateboast people have been trying to explain this to me for years but like you I am just not interested
I have restored for you this evening a most beautiful autochrome by Gustave Gain, taken in the 1920s on a Normandy…
Retweeted by Merlstill laugh at every single one of these like I did the first one rode out to the Thames barrier and the river looked perfect) I’m cute, my friends are fit and bikes rule no @caitcadieux hi I absolutely love these!
@Skatebutch really sorry to hear this, but so good that you found something that works for you. it sounds amazing, would love to see it.a bokoblin sat on a cliff reflecting on existencewhat's he thinking cyclists celebrating on Brooklyn. E-Bike caravan
Retweeted by Merlme earlier today: google “it’s all bullshit.” this is really whatever me now: y’all Joe Biden is actually a radica…
Retweeted by Merl @Skatebutch literally please do!