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@100Lecs @vaith_ @shamditioner Not mad just pointing out the way twitter works.
@STEPHBYSTEPH10 @AEWrestling They had the ring and belt at my Walmart and all the signage for the figures someone e… @Her0Sum Ellie isn't a good person (sorry wrote Abby originally lol) Killing Abby would have been on character for Ellie at this point. @vaith_ @shamditioner @100Lecs Its almost as if no one on twitter does any research and just wants to be mad about… @AEWrestling Its all good and thanks for being upfront but can we get an update when they are finally put out? I've… @STEPHBYSTEPH10 @AEWrestling Been to three different walmarts the last three days and was told they are delayed unt… @seahawk_Jones @KillingTimeGD @Wesrosero25 @JeremyCom @theAdamPage @sammyguevara @JonMoxley @SexyChuckieT @seahawk_Jones @KillingTimeGD @Wesrosero25 @JeremyCom @theAdamPage @sammyguevara @JonMoxley @SexyChuckieT @seahawk_Jones @KillingTimeGD @Wesrosero25 @JeremyCom @theAdamPage @sammyguevara @JonMoxley @SexyChuckieT @FallGuysGame This is the one of the most respectable things I've ever seen a dev do. You're currently alerting peo… @SophNar0747 Fucking idiots. @Her0Sum If what you're saying is true Ellie would have killed Abby. It cost her everything she had nothing left to… @FallGuysGame Legit your game is the most fun I've had in multiplayer in years it really brings back that feeling o… @Her0Sum When the ending is broken down to its simplest form it is literally "revenge bad.. maybe I was the monster… @Philip_J_Powers @neverchoked @QuickTake Man makes one joke to prove how shitty a service is that is made for peopl… @kungfuman316 @adultswimOOC Disagree I think it was a great show and still holds up till this day. @Candyquetpie @shamditioner @100Lecs You're on twitter you can't expect people to do research about the topics they are mad about. @KiraTheG0D @TheAn1meMan I mean its true but I still found this funny.
@AEWrestling @ScorpioSky @ScorpioSky is so damn good we need more of him on weekly Dynamite again. @TheAn1meMan The irony of seeing these two post one after another has me laughing my ass off. @TheMechanick My friends and I are playing tonight. @ElGobelyn @FallGuysGame So why should people praise a non-working product?Class day one CoD. @shamditioner @100Lecs That joke being the fiver one seeing the most ridiculous thing someone would do for $5. The… @shamditioner @100Lecs Actually Journalist triggered the adpocalypse trying to shut down youtube to become relevant… @Candyquetpie @shamditioner @100Lecs Nope not a single time. There was a fiver joke 4 years ago where he wanted to…
@CharlesVHoly @Rhymestyle It did like 2 years ago on PS4. Its made by the Yakuza Devs and is awesome. @outterYeet @Rhymestyle There is a VR game.. @NZE_DP @BeastAxl @YourTransSister @Rhymestyle Eyes of Heaven is fine if you treat it as a Jojo skin to Power Stone. @Rhymestyle How is this even a question? @sunscreenhotbox @killmeclown Ah so I see you've never actually seen him and only listen to what the media tells yo… @shamditioner @100Lecs You wanna try using some actual truths to it instead of just what journalist post repeatedly… @gupimusic You're an actual idiot. Gatekeeping music is an insane idea. The man had his issues 4 years ago and most… @onemorechris @FallGuysGame If it doesn't work today people should know that info before buying players reviewing s… @TadCooper15 @FallGuysGame Accepting that is what is wrong with you kids today. IF things get fixed that is fine bu… @allnitelong222 @The_MJF Nah there are a few interviews out there where you can see MJF most likely isn't a bad per… @pixelyne Its a recording of an actual VHS rip. If you ever saw it on VHS the tone feels a lot more ominous and sur… @FallGuysGame I feel like review bombing is the wrong word. If the server doesn't work on launch day that is a gene… @Kermittend Stardust Crusaders is the most difficult part of Jojo to get through. @MarinLlwyd @injunmonet @mikumo112 @Kermittend See that is the genius of part 4 he is shown through out the series… @pixelyne @tragicjohnson84 The biggest issue with the Baccano anime and why it failed was how it was released. They… @pixelyne EYYYYYYYY Another Serial Experiments Lain fan. Check out my VHS rip. @TheMechanick I meant ahead of time not instantly on site. @MAP_RlGHTS Never. Also your community was started as a troll on 4chan.. so yeah theres that too. @wrestlingleva I'd love to watch this I hope there will be a VOD as Tuesday is my virtual D&D night so I can't watch :( @TheMechanick Slasher is a known liar for clicks just gonna take a moment to say maybe they were all tested before…
@FoxHopSmash @SophNar0747 Game Journalist hate them since they won't bend the knee to their demands. @OrdinaryGamers Go on.. @ReseteraTakes The last of us 2 had the most cliche'd ending ever its probably one of the worst I've seen this gene…
@JoshH_123 @Emperor_L2 Man has a Switch also.
@dustinrhodes What are your thoughts on this clip? I hear whichever one I just read.
Retweeted by Brandon @dustinrhodes Which ever word I say before it says it is the word I hear them saying I've done it with both.. @CDawgVA Honestly you sound like how I treat MMOs and gacha games.. but you do it for every game and that scares me. @CDawgVA @Evanit0 Unless he skipped the DLC cutscenes also he did you a favor I think Borderlands 3 might be the we…
@MadKing1981 YES!!!
@The_MJF I hate you but I love to hate you and this promo was amazing. @ChristinaTasty Honestly this person you quoted couldn't have been farther from missing the point even if they were on another planet. @joelaskoartnsfw Idk people are always cry sexism for others drawing sexy characters and attacking those artist and… @JPWARHORSE @JPWARHORSE your match was so much fun to watch and your theme song is awesome! @AEWrestling @MikeyRukus @TheBrandiRhodes @VickieGuerrero @NylaRoseBeast @SonnyKissXO @RealIvelisse @JPWARHORSE @thegameawards Easy.
@JohnBFromNC @juanv7844 @summergamefest @veric7998 Skyrim doesn't have a Netflix series releasing. @lauramariehart @summergamefest @geoffkeighley It didn't both Switch and PC exist.. @juanv7844 @summergamefest @veric7998 This.. is actually true since they announced a Cuphead Netflix series lmao @piloht @Saiyaman_Kabe Have the missed the Smash comp scene fall out the last few weeks? @Papa_JoJo_ I've seen the movie Anti-Christ this isn't a good idea.. @PlayStation Amazing game I'm happy more people can play it but a bit bummed the DLC leak was false. @byBeli_02 @QIsMyNameMyDude I don't think I've read a more wrong statement in my life. @byBeli_02 @Hideki_Naganuma Get out. @SophNar0747 Sadly these people appear to be real and not trolls showing once again the communities biggest problem is itself. @NormallyNormal7 @Chrisleroux @geoffkeighley DLC releases tomorrow on Xbox/Steam and the game releases tomorrow on… @geoffkeighley @MicrosoftStore kinda knocked the wind out of your sails by leaking the Cuphead DLC just a little bi…
@JayComicz @AngryJoeShow Ah okay I always forget he calls all reviews he's part of "Angry Reviews" and thought you… @AngryJoeShow Hell yes Fall Guys is awesome. @JayComicz @AngryJoeShow Why? Fall Guys is awesome. @The_P_I_G @NiceTryMydude @AnimeFanFTW25 @ReseteraTakes Wolfenstein 2 was a bad game compared to New Order. @DoesItPlay1 @Morfid_plays See the thing is they've stated they won't be doing exclusives anymore with their upcomi… @DoesItPlay1 @Morfid_plays Oh I do agree with you there but I honestly don't think its as big of an issue on the PC… @DoesItPlay1 @Morfid_plays I feel like Staida games will be like when MMOs go under and are no longer playable so i… @DoesItPlay1 @Morfid_plays And honestly that is fine if their content is else were and with them also releasing on… @DoesItPlay1 @Morfid_plays Basically what I'm saying is I see a time where Microsoft's consumer base will only be a… @DoesItPlay1 @Morfid_plays But that is the thing it seems Microsoft is just doing this for their content/consumers… @MBJR_SHARK @anishinaa_gay Someone is being dumb and trying to use a meme to push their politics with a false narra… @anishinaa_gay Wow this one didn't even have to be put on Meme review to be killed good job. You're a whole idiot. @YaBoyTwiz @cyanfiremusic @SFounder2019 @MercenaryTalon @GameSpot I'm just saying I ran 3 games with RTX on Geforce… @YaBoyTwiz @cyanfiremusic @SFounder2019 @MercenaryTalon @GameSpot That is what I originally did with no issues what… @CodyRhodes @JANELABABY @GCWrestling_ Also @CodyRhodes I really wish I wouldn't have missed your cage match in Atla… @CodyRhodes Gonna be honest AEW got myself my friends and my fiance either into or in some of our cases back into w… @DinkDaBird @ReseteraTakes Junior phase is just an excuse notice how it always removes how many post and the date t… @Scrounged9 @ReseteraTakes I kinda wish the hacker that had got all their info and threatened them with giving out… @AnimeFanFTW25 @ReseteraTakes Its because he didn't like The Last of Us 2 they label anyone who doesn't like that game a phobe of some kind. @ReseteraTakes They are just mad because they realize Dunkey isn't actually a black man. @Papa_JoJo_ Best parts Anime 4>5>2>3>1 Best parts Manga 7>8>6>4>5>3>2>1 @Papa_JoJo_ Part 3 is the second worst part. @ReseteraTakes These people are mentally ill and need help.. good thing they don't exist outside the internet. @RJ41569688 @SophNar0747 They actually hated Animal Crossing due to colonialism or some stupid shit. @cyanfiremusic @SFounder2019 @MercenaryTalon @GameSpot I don't currently have a sub anymore but I might try again w… @OOCBoondock @adultswimOOC They are also inspired by Naruto and Cowboy Bebop.
@ReseteraTakes Translation "Shut up let us white people tell you other cultures how to feel" Isn't this exactly wha… @ReseteraTakes LKD is a lying piece of shit who only starts crap to get clicks. Swery did nothing wrong he wanted t…