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@RGGStudio @WHO Imma be honest with you. I really want a release date for Yakuza 7 in the West and maybe the PSP/Sp… @FourEcchiTasty You said Rian Johnson and you weren't speaking of him in a positive light and talking about how The… @bussiarati Jolyne is bae but have your heard of our lord and savior Foo Fighters? @HenryKu08 @ReeraTakes Keyword is non-violent crime which are lower on the priority list when police are dealing wi… @ReeraTakes I said it once and I'll say it again I hope every single one of them one day has to deal with a non-vio… @iatemooncake @ReadJojolion OMG finally someone that draws Foo Fighters I'm so happy enjoy your follow.
@ReadJojolion Sex sells bro and so does controversy so when you add two and two you get bank. @RinneganRikudou @IGN I honestly like all consoles and PC but at the end of the day to pretend it won't release on… @RinneganRikudou @IGN I mean you do realize that it'll release next year along side the Windows 10 version right? @adultswim @psychicpebble @MichaelRCusack @Nick__Wolfhard @FinnSkata Give these boys a full series. @HxnnahBanana Chairs and tables work just as well. :P @HxnnahBanana Its what I use to have to do when I was younger and had someone over. Modern problems require modern solutions. @majornelson Good luck all. @majornelson My favorite Resident Evil is actually 5 I know its the black sheep of the family but I had a blast pla… @HxnnahBanana gotta get a sofa to move in front of itI'm so happy that @psychicpebble and @MikeStoklasa from @redlettermedia both got to be on TV even if it was just a… @FrankieKazarian I didn't know @Shadbase was a wrestler. It all makes sense now. @FourEcchiTasty Its almost like these people don't actually believe what they say and only do so to get the most clicks and money. @ReadJojolion @StickerTrickerDamn Rohan got fucked up so bad he's rethinking his personality. #JoJo #TheRun
@FourEcchiTasty Personally this is how VR makes me feel now. I know it'll age like sour milk but right now every ne… @toejamandearl JET SET RADDDDDDDDDDDDIOOOOOOOOOOOOO @DBelardoMD This is after she got her test results back and was negative for the virus. They decided to make a poin… @DBelardoMD Update on my mothers situation. When I last left you her work made he get tested then used it as a grou… @toejamandearl @Watch Its a Childish Gambino reference. @ReadJojolion Kira came back after death.. you'd think with your twitter handle you'd at least remember that even i… @MATTHARDYBRAND The world needs more people like @MATTHARDYBRAND @FourEcchiTasty Wasn't this one of the same people telling people to leave Randy alone? hmmm... @MiaYim Its a game based off of SCP of course it is gonna be scary. @MiaYim Control is my favorite game of 2019 I gotta try the new free DLC expansion. @snowboiiii @realmarkostunt once cut his own brothers head open and had his gashed open as well by that same broth… @TheShuckmeister @ReadJojolion I feel right now. @SupTheGamer @PoorlyAgedStuff LMAO he blocked me instantly guess that is what happened when you have fact that you… @SupTheGamer @PoorlyAgedStuff Its one of the all time highest rated games on Steam with an Overwhelmingly Positive…
@FourEcchiTasty Amanda is such a piece of shit I 100% do not believe any of the shit she claimed after seeing just… @StickerTricker My favorite Persona is Persona 3 FES and when I originally bought Persona 5 I just wasn't in a good… @StickerTricker Honestly I wanna play the new one I never finished the original version even though I own it. @IGN Plot twist knowing how Rockstar is this will end up being their April Fools day joke. @VG247 That is a shame the world could use some laughter. @cedric_miner @johnBtims @geoffkeighley Rift S- 399.99 Xbox One X- 399.99 Window's Mixed R… @StickerTricker Sadly this is an April Fools joke. @JimSterling They aren't gonna donate anything this is just Rockstar's April Fools joke. :P @GamerTaks Wow.. I just.. wow you got me good joke. @StickerTricker I'm sorry Jobro I wish you the best. Stay safe and I'll drop you a line if someone subs the episodes.Hmm
Retweeted by Brandon @PridefuISin @ReadJojolion @StickerTricker @ReadJojolion @PridefuISin @ReadJojolion DIO sucks go with Kira instead.
@lawton0fett @RiverdudeCovers Right click create copy then go to your files and right click download. @PassionOfJoJo JOLYNE!!! @JesseCox holy shit.. the madlad did it.Sooooooooo @LeafyIsHere made a youtube video today.. the world truly is ending. @amimzuno Holy shit its real.. @kaijaonline @tickaten Gappy is best Jojo @ctrls_cph @Clarknova1 And the issue is a lot of older animes can still only be gotten that way by those fansubbers… @johnBtims @geoffkeighley You can get a good VR headset for less than the price of some consoles. @nandopandopallo @Clarknova1 Spoiler alert quite a few things never come to the US from over seas especially when it comes to Manga. @ctrls_cph @Clarknova1 THANK YOU. Seriously when subs are butchered or entire music scores are removed from a paid… @IGN X to doubt. @Clarknova1 And as for the illegal option being better I mean such as the fansubbers releasing un-edited subtitles… @Clarknova1 Okay let me put it this way if its something you can't get legally in your country because it isn't tra… @TheAn1meMan Its obvious that your April Fools joke is saying there is no April Fools joke. Who wouldn't wanna laug… @ShiinaBR I've honestly played since season 1 chapter 1 and think this season is the last straw it just feels so ha… @StickerTricker You're welcome :P @Clarknova1 What if the product you can get illegally is better than the one you can get legally? @tetsurouslut What do I win? @SJG_4 @neon_sehd Its already online but no subs
@ballistixgaming congrats everyone @TheMechanick We had someone at 438 in our group the other day.. it was bank. @SwoleWorld Yep people have known for years that she did it but no one would listen or investigate properly hopeful… @NVIDIAGeForce Shadow Drop the RTX update now. You know you want to :P @chryco4 @retrocrush_tv eh it took less than 5 minutes but to each their own. @BackalleyD @IGN Its probably one of my favorite shows as a kid its very funny has a really good message and overal… @BackalleyD @IGN Watch GTO its a classic. @chryco4 @retrocrush_tv It loads up on Android Emulators. @Clarknova1 Wish I could watch this in browser :( @LedditMoment @SophNar0747 Any he is telling gaming companies to cancel April Fools because of the world we live in… @splatjack @SophNar0747 Not sure if this is a joke or not seeing as how many from the other side have actually been… @Borderlands All of the dialogue with the possessed people in the town. @euggeeoo I certain site that is the sound a cat makes has it @JJBAPoses Check your main.YES The bluray of the Rohan OVA collector's editions just made it online!!! @StickerTricker The Bluray is online now! @ZigzagTF2 I stand corrected the entire Bluray just made it online! YESSSSSSSSS @pcgamer I hope its soon I recently got myself a 2070 super. @mogadeet @pcgamer I'd recommend looking into it more RTX on a game with a day night cycle that constantly has ever… @ZigzagTF2 Its been 6 days already since release and only one person online has posted anything from them since the… @ZigzagTF2 Ah yeah I already own both of those they came out many years ago. The two new ones released a few days a… @ZigzagTF2 Which episode is it? Are they the two new ones or just the originals in 480p? @ZigzagTF2 Damn how'd you get ahold of it?Worth a shot since mine just ran out. @Softgirl2789 @JCHauntsman @FourEcchiTasty Because its being buried by the 1,000 post memes of just saying simp. Th… @ReadJojolion @Ardis160 I watched the Millionaire Village in 480p when the DVDs originally dropped it was extremely… @Softgirl2789 @FourEcchiTasty It kind of does though she constantly insulted those who did sex work on his Twitch S… @SJG_4 Yeah sadly no one has ripped it yet you can only get it physically from Japan. @SJG_4 where? @Softgirl2789 @FourEcchiTasty Absolutely not lot of people are just memeing him because its teh epic funny meme but… @Softgirl2789 @FourEcchiTasty Part of that reason is because even though its his partner he is supporting she is no… @MikeyRukus Totally worth it.Just finished the dlc and you did great