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Mike Lucas @KAGS_Lucas College Station, TX

Sports Reporter at @KAGSnews | Formerly @news5WCYB | Emerson College grad | Giants, Nets & Yankees. RTs ≠ Endorsements. All opinions are my own

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@EmersonLions @SportsCenter this was as the kids say... nasty. @TylerShawSports Ugh oh, @KAGS_Justin isn’t the only golf fan on the beat anymore 👀👀
@waxbeingwax @KurtisQuillin @ShowardSID @Jake_Kobersky Wow. @KurtisQuillin And you didn’t send @waxbeingwax or me an invite? RudeCollege Station native has found a new job Williams is a one-woman pregame hype show, a handshake maestro, and the single best teammate you could ask for… @gateshoops2000 @NHSRattlers @BrazosSports @Nick_RoyReport @ScareTactics23 Great win and congrats on the 800 W recognition coach! @jasonbarfield @MHSBearSoccer @KeeperToWatch 👀👀👀 @AllKindsWeather A&M played Texas in hoops earlier this year in Dallas, but it should be in the SEC/Big 12 challeng… The @AggieBaseball team held its first practice of the 2020 season this afternoon. As always, expectations f…
Retweeted by Mike Lucas @JPerkins_Eagle I focus on coach for a cutaway shot for one pitch today at A&M's scrimmage and missed a home run.… Blair calls her the #Aggies most valuable person. Her teammates says she's the perfect mix of energy and craz…
Didn't get a chance to post the other night, but @ZachNutall2 @N0LimitBub @LampleyDemarkus @bigshotjuanton @1tkt4 Texas A&M tabs former Georgia OC James Coley as TEs coach. Big-time addition to Jimbo Fisher's Aggie staff.
Retweeted by Mike Lucas @Travis_L_Brown @DLumps @AggieBaseball @TyColeman7 @mchoehner @LoganSartori @Christianroa24 😂😂😂 my ultimate hype manPicture perfect day for the first official practice of the season for @AggieBaseball . @TyColeman7 getting some ha… on your retirement, and a great career Eli! Not going to lie though, I wish you hadn’t won any Super Bowls.
Retweeted by Mike LucasPress Row is back! Our first ever basketball episode features Robert Cessna of @theeagle, @AlexMill20 and…
Retweeted by Mike LucasToday is the first day of practice for @AggieBaseball which brings up all the bad memories of getting cut from the… @ONeillJess_ @barstoolsports I knew what video this was gonna be as soon as this popped on my home screen.
@Steve_McGuire12 Cease and desist that cat @Ryan4VT @OliviaBaileyTV This makes me so happy and so sad at the same time 😂😭WATCH: @BearkatsMBB gets a big win over Abilene Christian 82-76. Sam Houston improves to 7-2 in @SouthlandSports ac…
Retweeted by Mike Lucas @JessGruenling This is a quality tweet and y’all should all read Jess’ old article. It is, as the kids say, litJumping with @ZachNutall2 is a risky, risky business decision. This guy got lucky ACU 81, SHSU 73 Bearkats drop their first SLC game of the yearThe @BearkatsWBB team leads @ACUWBB 61-60 heading into the 4th quarter in this highly anticipated @SouthlandSports
@cassmcwha take this back. No Eli slander on my TL tonight... @Item_Criswell @JohnsonColiseum @SouthlandSports Save me a seat @AllKindsWeather 100% agree @KAGSnews thank you for whoever wrote/posted this story. Means a lot to meEli Manning and the #Giants took down the 18-0 #Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. One of the biggest upsets in sports hi…
Retweeted by Mike LucasEli.
Retweeted by Mike LucasEli Manning's career: 57,023 Passing YDs (7th All-Time) 366 Passing TDs (7th All-Time) 2x Super Bowl MVP 210 Stra…
Retweeted by Mike LucasEli Manning is my single favorite athlete of all time. He's responsible for the two greatest sports moments of my l… AM NOT OKAY Carolina head coach Frank Martin had this to say about @TeamCoachBuzz and his #Aggies team after last Saturda… @RockdaleFBall RB has more P5 offers than I can count now, and I don’t expect them to stop coming in anytime so… Blair says Chennedy Carter has not practiced yet since spraining her ankle against LSU two weeks ago. @mexag05 We may be err vet know @WCYB_TheRealPJ @PhilMickelson You don’t want to know @KREMKarthik @ZagMBB @Jeremy_Jones2 @natereed10 @breezyreed bravo my dude, well done is an understatement @lamitrius @yaboiTCfresh That sounds about right. Anyone with a number over like 5 give or take is just out of their mind.The #Aggies hold on to beat Missouri 66-64 on the road and avoid a near disaster as the Tigers almost pull off the… @AsoHoops & @HempsteadHS game provided a ton of highlights, @KAGS_Justin will the best of the best in 15 minute… @MattBurrell51 Knew it was coming and no one could stop it. Lethal @MattBurrell51 I never thought I’d see Ronaldo Balkman on my TL again but sheesh, what a blast from the past. Nasty move tooNever seen anything like this before. The refs called the @AsoHoops game off early with 14 seconds left and ejectin… @GabeBock Thanks for the support on this one Gabe. The 12th Man needs to stand up for Jeter on this one and make things right#SeniorBowl Day 1 North winners: Jason Strowbridge, DL, UNC Quartney Davis, WR, Texas A&M K.J. Hill, WR, Ohio State…
Retweeted by Mike LucasHis teammates found out he didn't get anything for Christmas, so they all chipped in and bought him new shoes 👏🙌 (…
Retweeted by Mike LucasChecking out the @AsoHoops doubleheader tonight against Hempstead. Lady Owls lead by 10 at half & the men are up n…
I want the record to state that I am VERY angry at the one person who did not vote for Jeter. Shame on you @yaboiTCfresh 3 or 4 at most. I just showed this to everyone in my newsroom and no one was higher than 3. A few… @yaboiTCfresh This is the least controversial list ever. All of these are pretty standard foods @KurtisQuillin @BaylorSoftball @ViewFromHill @coachjpfluger I was referring to the swing. Where's the leg kick, where's the bat flip? @NickCanizales @BUMoore @BaylorSoftball cc: @MarissaAvanzato @AggieSoftball -- let's make this happen @KurtisQuillin @BaylorSoftball @ViewFromHill @coachjpfluger Kurtis, this is sad.The @BearkatsBSB star hit .356 as a true freshman with 7 home runs and 54 RBIs get for Buzz Williams and company. Robinson is the #1 rated player in Oklahoma and a top-50 player nationally.… @AggieSoftball team needed a boost to its offense after a subpar 2019 season, so @Coach_Jo_Evans brought in… @TaylorTravis15 @waxbeingwax I don’t know how this factors into play, but my mom would have loved this tweet @TaylorTravis15 Cc: @waxbeingwax 👍🏼 or 👎🏼 @MekenaKBTX Yeah @iam_POOCHHALL could ball for real. We used to give people work at the gym @MekenaKBTX I haven’t watched it but the dude who plays Daryl in the show is my boy. We played ball almost every da… @lucasfrankel what other Stanton trades do you have cooking in your mind? @turbittabc27 @81sportsfan 6s was a legendary phone @turbittabc27 @81sportsfan Andre makes a valid point. Were you a non-iPhone user before this Damon??? @lucasfrankel I do not hate this idea, for once
ICYMI: #Aggie 5-star commit @DemondDemas1 put on a show at the Polynesian Bowl this weekend with two touchdowns (th… @footwork_king1 He did respond with this, but I’m excited to see the buzz around his name after the workouts in Mob… @WRALRosalia Twitter almost broke the day the avocado shortage was trending so I respect the audacity to put the opinion out there @WRALRosalia Bad take @nfldraftscout Quartney DavisVery important content for your timeline today CAREER TD‼️ ❄️❄️❄️ #NFLAggies ✖️ #NFLPlayoffs @_Jstern | #GigEm
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@NickVasto So what it sounds like is the Madden curse hasn’t been a thing for a while and I’m just behind the times lol @rcb05 This was the answer I was looking for 😂 @RaisnCurns that’s true, forgot about him. 5400 yards and 43 touchdowns feels like a W @rcb05 Do we count that as beating the curse, or does Mahomes have to win it all to collect his W? @desmondiv Fair. In that respect, has anyone beat the curse yet then or is it still undefeated?Is Mahomes the first player to ever beat the Madden curse?The two-game losing skid is snapped. @AggieWBB takes down Florida 69-42. After only scoring 8 points in the first q…
Retweeted by Mike Lucas @bwise1995 .....................I am very jealous of #Chiefs fans that they get to root for Pat Mahomes on a weekly basis and I don’t. @jasonkinnard @AthleticsBrazos @SteelBryce It's a rough estimate but it has to be in the ballpark. Coach would te… @KAGS_Justin For the record, Justin shot these and did a very good job doing so.The @AthleticsBrazos QB threw for approximately 8,384 yards and 410 touchdowns this year. Once again, well deser…'s JT Anthony helped lead the Tigers to the Regional Finals playing both QB and RB. Anthony had 5 TDs in an… @BlinnAthletics & @BlinnWbb dominated the fourth quarter against Jacksonville 75-60. @haileyatwood_
MBBALL: @EmersonHoop Knocks Off No. 19 Springfield, 74-70 🏀 BOXSCORE: NOTES -O'Connor: 21…
Retweeted by Mike Lucas @WCYB_Heather @michaelburgett @ETSU_WBB Happy birthday! @KurtisQuillin Would not be against that one bitFinal box score made 18 total FGs while South Carolina connected on 16 3-pointers. A&M falls to 2-3 in conference play after the 81-67 loss.Buzz Williams vs. Frank Martin for the title of “Most Animated Coach on the Sidelines” is the heavyweight title fig… @AlexMill20 I could not zoom out fast enough to see where it landed.About 10 minutes until tip at @ReedArena for a SEC men’s basketball matchup between @aggiembk and South Carolina.… @NickMcD_23 It’s Bryce, I had in the script right and for whatever reason I said Brandon. @JPerkins_Eagle The Nets old school jerseys stink, but like Toronto & Memphis should always use these.