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Mike Lucas @KAGS_Lucas College Station, TX

Sports Reporter at @KAGSnews | Formerly @news5WCYB | Emerson College grad | Giants, Nets & Yankees. RTs ≠ Endorsements. All opinions are my own

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Retweeted by Mike LucasGood morning everyone, but especially to #Aggies fans because GAME DAY IS OFFICIALLY HERE #BTHOvandy @1cherylallen @BHSVikingFootba @VikingSports2 @kbtxsports @BrazosSports @Tanner_Allen22 @1cherylallen @BHSVikingFootba @VikingSports2 @kbtxsports @BrazosSports @Tanner_Allen22 Got a great shot of Tanner… In an EPIC FNL Game of the Week, @TraceBrightwell & @twistercade led @SJCSEagles to a 48-44 win over… In an all Brazos Valley showdown of Tigers, Centerville came out on top of #7 Bremond 36-32. @BrantRoberts4 @RudderFootball couldn't have asked for a better start to the season, crushing Bastrop 49-7. @QBEJ_EZAR ,… @BHSVikingFootba starts the season with a big W, taking down Waller 31-20. #txhsfb @Wayne_tha_goat @AlexMill20 boooooo @AlexMill20 WHAT?!?! @KPRC2Ari @Dematrius09 Ouch @JessGruenling 👀👀👀 @TristanLewisTV @BrenhamFootball @KAGSnews @KAGS_Justin You’re good luck
@ScoopSports I'll see you there shortly! @TexasFootball @_HuntsvilleFB_ @Tvondre_ is the definition of dual threat. All we needed after that was your sack dance 😂I love the "The Huntsville Item does not endorse gambling" tag line at the bottom. Also, if you want to make money… @aggiembk will tip off its SEC basketball schedule on December 29/30th @AggieWBB tips off on the 31st #GigEm @tdots25 @angsparkz Thanks for sharing Tyrel. Stay strong man 👍🏽Bravo @12thMan 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 football: still very very good. @rotototot It’s a sad sad worldFrankel quitting on the #Jets two weeks into the season is the only thing that feels normal about 2020
Somerville HC @CNeatherlin tells me the game against Milano will be made up on November 6th #txhfb @JackiePeevy check out this article on your son! Big things coming for Jayden this season.'s original Week 1 game was cancelled after Nederland reported positive Covid-19 tests. Hornets will be… @ChrisThomasson7 @KAGS_Justin We were going to try and show 15 games on Friday so we’re back down to a much more re… The District 13-2A DII game between Milano & Somerville has been cancelled for this Friday. This is th… @WCYB_TheRealPJ I’d shoot a 96 on this hole alone @msschneid It’s the perfect mix of getting to the right team at the right time, but the kid is crazy good for a 20… @Coach__Adams @turbittabc27 @Flydog92 I have no idea how long that lasted. Bet someone tracked it though. If you did — show me the numbers lol @Flydog92 They’ll try it in the regular season before messing with playoffs, but they’ve been more innovative then… @mrjean I bet someone actually times it. The last minute in this one 100% took 15+ mins @Flydog92 It works great in the TBT. Think the NBA would be smart try it at some point during a mid season tournament @mrjean Like I love the games as much as anyone but cmon, I gotta get to bed soon lol @saw111671 I am a fan. Great call @thetournament @ElamEnding I stand corrected — this is the answer. Loved it in the All Star game this year & in the TBT annually.The end of #NBA games take way too long. I don’t know if there’s a solution to fix the issue, but 50 seconds of ga… Herro is FLYING up my list of favorite NBA players. Certified bucket getter, period.For 364 days of the year, @TraceBrightwell is friends with some guys on the @AllenAcademyFB team. This Friday nigh… year, new look for the Bryan Vikings. Ross Rogers says this @BHSVikingFootba has some dynamic playmakers on of…
The Rudder football team has never reached the #txhsfb playoffs. The @RudderFootball team motto in 2020 is "someth… @jayobtv @MikeBloomberg @GovRonDeSantis Let the record state I was Jay O’Brien’s first stan. @byDavidGardner One of my biggest pet peeves on network news. Maybe even my biggest @ColinDeaverTV @MCTrent23 @BHSVikingFootba @NicCaraway3 This is hypnotic#SEC Media Polls just came out: Texas A&M is projected to finish 4th in the West. @TheKellenMond ,… to @HerdAthletics QB Brett Hoffman for winning the Mr. Texas Football 3A Player of the Week award. Hoffma… @cassmcwha I swear to you, I’ve wanted to do a segment like that but With a full stadium. Like be at a tailgate in… @cassmcwha I hope I’m allowed in too lol @cassmcwha 👀👀👀 @AshlyElamSports I think we need an official guideline set up for how we're calling weeks this season. Like are we… first opponent of 2020 is calling off Friday's game after multiple positive Covid-19 tests within the sc… coach @CoachGSoccer says the Covid-19 test which led to the cancellation of Sunday’s game against Aub… @cassmcwha You coming to the game??Gabe, Olin, @BrentZwerneman, @KAGS_Lucas and @Travis_L_Brown discuss Mond and the A&M offense, mental health in col…
Retweeted by Mike Lucas @JRbroadcaster ....every shirt I’ve ever owned....Hanging out with @BHSVikingFootba today & the Vikings got some dudes this year. They look way bigger, stronger &… @cWhitey_NY Spot on. He’s played in a Sweet 16, was part of one of the greatest comebacks in NCAA Tournament histo… SEC QBs heading into 2020: 1. Mac Jones, Alabama - 78.7 2. Kellen Mond, Texas A&M - 76.7 3. John Rh…
Retweeted by Mike LucasWATCH: Under 245 yards and 1 TD is all the production A&M returns at wide receiver heading into Saturday's season o…
Retweeted by Mike LucasWATCH: @ConsolFootball opens its 2020 campaign on Thursday night at Waco University. The Tigers begin the year rank…
Retweeted by Mike Lucas @ggarcianews @MattWard93 @TristanLewisTV Like too famous for DWTS or not famous enough? @MattWard93 @TristanLewisTV @ggarcianews That’s why I said at best. Catfish was a huge show at one point but Nev is… @BCoyle11 @lucasfrankel @max_schein Very good stat @TristanLewisTV @ggarcianews Nev is a C lister at best.... AT BEST
After back-to-back 5A DII Regional Semifinal appearances, @BrenhamFootball is looking to make an even deeper playof… @cWhitey_NY I know his dad pretty well & he’ll be the first person to tell you not even he expected Alex to blow up… @JPerkins_Eagle Cover looks great.@AggieBaseball pitcher @Bryce_miller9 says he put on 12 pounds since his time this summer with the @bv_bombers . S… super senior infielder @Brycecolin3 on the team's expectations for the upcoming season: "Same as i… Tigers***, not Rebels. I’ll do better in the future, I promise @KAGS_Justin The Tigers*** my bad. I’m a bad multitasker.@AggieSoccer ‘s home opener against Auburn has been cancelled after a positive Covid-19 test. A&M was set to hos… kick & this #Raiders win is for Oakland
@RealRickyMorton Happy birthday Ricky! Hope all is well back in Tennessee... my new gym isn't the same without you guys. @ChadDWashington I have no idea to be honestCONFIRMED: Navasota’s game vs. Yoakum has been cancelled this Friday after Yoakum had some positive Covid-19 tests.… Fisher: Ainias Smith is a running back and that’s where he’ll play. Might have some packages where he moves… 's goalkeeper Shantel Hutton is your SEC Defender of the Week after recording her 9th career shutout… @Brysonwash15 That’s 24 yards per carry, sheesh 💨💨Here’s some clarity on Anthony Hines decision to opt out of the 2021 season #Aggies morning everyone, but especially to all the A&M fans out there because we are JUST 5 DAYS AWAY FROM SEC FOOTBA…
@_skferg @WCYB_TheRealPJ @JoeAvento @WCYB_CaseyGoetz Great broadcasters, good golfers, decent dudes — the ultimate trifecta @turbittabc27 I am traveling back to Texas so I haven’t seen anything yet (got the game recording at my house) but… senior linebacker opts out of the 2020 season. @DGray_5 Sheesh 💨💨💨
@Travis_L_Brown So is it really the start of the 4th ? What’s the period to quarter translation ? @Travis_L_Brown Period 4? What is this, hockey?
@waxbeingwax @KaceyonFox7 We all know who this is really about... @waxbeingwax @KaceyonFox7 Kacey also had a knack for guys with European flare, so I’d assume she’s talking about Mbappé @waxbeingwax @KaceyonFox7 Houston Astros pitcher Brad Peacock?There’s a new No. 1 metro area for producing NFL players this year...
Retweeted by Mike Lucas @KaceyonFox7 Are you talking about Sergio Garcia? @rcb05 This is a very good tweet @HookTSB Just announce the winner before the playoffs start and we can avoid all this non-sense @turbittabc27 It was one game against a really good defense in the debut of a new HC/OC. He’s the Giants best pla… @turbittabc27 You stop it right nowPretty eye popping numbers that show how good LeBron plays alongside former @AMCHSboyshoops + @aggiembk star Alex C… @Item_Criswell @southlandeats It is in Huntsville?
On the latest Brazos Sports PrepsCast, @KAGS_Lucas joined @JPerkins_Eagle and I to discuss last Friday's classic b/…
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