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Captain of @spawnonme. Featured on @fastcompany @IGN @Gamespot @nytimes @polygon @thr. Ideas & opinions are mine solely. I do gaming community stuff at @Intel

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@therealcliffyb I’m dumbfoundedTwitter put voice messages on the one account that I own with 2 followers lolHad my debut fight tonight against @MeansTim. If you call out Big Daddy in his UFC debut, you’re gonna get that wor…
Retweeted by Kahlief Adams @dragonddark @Yoshi_OnoChin That is amazingly kind! Thank you!
@GenePark Now if we can just get some of these folks on @SpawnOnMe..... @godfree @vicious696 My face at the end of the meeting @ZombaeKillz @RoryPlays_ @vicious696 NEVER AGAIN!!!! @RoryPlays_ @vicious696 I WAS TRYING TO BE CIVIL!!!!! @nseufot @NM_Che56 @SpawnOnMe HA!!!!! @NM_Che56 @SpawnOnMe IF YOU DON'T GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT MESS!!!We had the amazing @nseufot on @SpawnOnMe a couple months back. Would love to get her and so many other folks from… @iamBrandonTV Word, hit me!! @iamBrandonTV Now that is super wack. @vicious696 1000%Reminder that those grudges and petty energy you've been carrying is probably shortening your life.......LOVE THIS @RianaTweetsNow @CoreyCudney @WhatsGood_Games I gotta try to poach Corey now???Now that we know the formula, WHO WANTS TO MAKE A @SpawnOnMe TRAILER WITH ME??? @CoreyCudney @WhatsGood_Games SAY WORD!!!Magic Johnson - Ooh La La
Retweeted by Kahlief Adams @louis0nfire YupThere you have it.... better than your fav “LiL” rapper🔥🔥🔥🔥 @GG_Engage People are sharing some interesting versionsLots of convos around the 80’s crack era today. Having lived through that time, it was so wild to think that I cam… the reporters that have been calling him out need to have a show together @theNeXTfan Ha!!!I often have folks sing “Take On Me” swapped out with @SpawnOnMe when I first show up into a twitch chat. I’ll kn… @ocelotacon @SpawnOnMe ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾I remember hearing this in a bodega in the Bronx and was like “what the hell is this?” First time I really heard a… people in @FallGuysGame is the most contact I’ve had with other human beings since the pandemic hit. *cr… @Yoshi_OnoChin ✊🏾 @necrosofty yessss @Delafina777 No!!Loved this movie!!!! @TechniqTV Fam, I have to believe this is real. - Cornball messaging - Dumb Americans booing better health - Mis… @Drunkn_Buddha DOPE STUFF FAM @MaximumCortez @SheaSerrano Hell yes!!!!!!!Do what you gotta do. I know what I'm doing. #VOTE
Retweeted by Kahlief Adams @Civil_Warlord @Kahjahkins thank you so much! i'm really thankful to @Kahjahkins for giving me an opportunity to s…
Retweeted by Kahlief Adams @MerryKish YOOOOO DO DAT SHIT!!!! We got your back.if you missed the stream, here is a great conversation that i had with @Kahjahkins about 'culture vultures' in the…
Retweeted by Kahlief Adams @dapurplesharpie came threw and SLAYED the podcast episode tonight. If you aren't following her for her knowledge… on @SpawnOnMe with @Kahjahkins talking about innovating and creating more spaces for POC in gaming and in gene…
Retweeted by Kahlief AdamsWE ARE LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Kahlief AdamsWE'LL BE GOING LIVE AT 7 PM PST TONIGHT with @dapurplesharpie at A SUPER FUN SHOW TONIGHT!… @bxlennyz Dope!!!!
I want someone in tech to really tackle people’s wack ass connections in a real way.Input errors are gonna drive me mad today @bxlennyz Hey fam!!! Thanks for reaching out! Hit up for the whole lineSUPER EXCITED THAT @dapurplesharpie will be our guest tonight on @SpawnOnMe. Come hang out and show sis some love… @jessicaroache So far the fam from @glaad sent this over @duckvalentine @ForceinUnison @AgentTinsley @DaveOshry AGREEEEEED NO ONE WANTS THIS FOR REAL @AgentTinsley @duckvalentine @DaveOshry Dave is on point for sure. Well I mean, you're only really supposed to ha… @ohjeezitsrandy @Charalanahzard Folks usually do polling on this kind of stuff. @duckvalentine Same @AlucardAFT3003 @Charalanahzard I don't think that would get me the results I need. Sample set would be too small. @GovnaBerry I guess they might be able to but I don't see why they would go through the hassle to be honest. @glaad @AgentTinsley THANK YOU!!!! @andrearene @AgentTinsley @glaad oh yeah @IceColeBrew THIS IS REASONABLEAnyone know if there is some data out there that breaks down how many LGBTQ+ folks play games on console and PC? L… the end of the day, all I really want from this Epic lawsuit is for some legal ruling that opens up the Apple st… @TopherNunes yup @CgullzNS This is so wildI do find it pretty hilarious that Epic had some devs take time to make that video lol. Imagine getting that emai… @chancletamangu @TimSweeneyEpic Sure, from what I can tell Epic did sidestep Apple in a way. Will be interesting to… @babybluecollar Not sure, but I keep hearing the NBA JAM announcer in my head screaming "IT'S HEATING UP"This Apple vs Epic stuff is SO DAMN INTERESTING. I remember hearing @TimSweeneyEpic talk about breaking barriers… @TayNixster Oh shit! @RianaTweetsNow @BlessingJr @bbcgarcia @youssefmaguid @PAXEAST_2020 LOVE THISWe are living in amazingly uncertain times. Massive love to folks out here who continue to strive for nuance, under… @The_CSJR Or booty blast @nelsonblake2 @MillsTwitch @SpawnOnMe WORD, I'll get some emails going to snag ya'll for a September show. @UnburntWitch HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have an amazing day.This election is gonna be scary AF. @MillsTwitch One of the convos I wanna have with you and @nelsonblake2 is around how much of these constant year to… @MillsTwitch looking at the 2K info coming out right now and I have so many questions.This is beautiful YESSSSSSS
Retweeted by Kahlief Adams @Bboy_Izilla As default, I usually expect white folks to not know stuff about the culture so I get that. It’s funny… @Bboy_Izilla In what way? @RBryant2012 @Rokashi SHINRA WAS RIGHT! @CriticalBard LMAO @Rokashi Tik Tok isn’t the problem, humans are the problem @patbits I look like this anytime I see Elvis. @JorgeX All we gotta do is just give people some god damn grace on this platform. @patbits Hahahahhahaha @patbits Like, he even said it in the video. “BEFORE YOU WERE BORN” @vicious696 THIS explains your cooking!!! NOW I GET IT!!! @SamuelSchramuel Word on thatSure there are rampant cases of vulture-ism in so many of our spaces when it comes to things our culture has invent… @_terrywarfield @CJKnowsTECH @CKidTech @elgatogaming Happy birthday fam! @SamuelSchramuel Mine look good on a phone IS WHAT’S UP!!! Go support the fam!!!! So hyped to see this launch @JunaeBenne