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Kait Tremblay @kait_zilla Toronto, Ontario

Writer/Designer @CAPYGAMES | Co-director @DMGToronto | Games: Watch Dogs Legion, A Mortician's Tale, others | Books: Ain't No Place for a Hero | she, they

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@NitaiB @mikegbrown @Browen_McIntosh Guys, oh no, what’s happening @mikegbrown @Browen_McIntosh Oh noooooooo
I’m so pumped about this exhibit!! DMG is and was such an important part of my game dev career, that it’s rad to… giddy to announce our EIGHT Origin Stories artists! Ahn Mur @ahnmur BUILT TO FAIL 01 (2017) Gillian Blekke…
Retweeted by Kait TremblaySo excited to be putting this show together. It's often hard to track the impact of DMG's incubators on participant…
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @maryknews Hell yeah, congrats!! @catacalypto LOL no @JoelBurgess @brett_douville @RhamsterZ To be honest, I would’ve had no problems believing it but also the reality version is still fun @JoelBurgess I'm making a real strong bet here that there's a surprise hidden in these stories and I'm only half confident I can guess it @bbattye Hahah it was so much fun! @s3rioussam Yeah, please do!Not gonna lie, the Bow Pull exercise in Ring Fit kinda makes me want to get into archery @s3rioussam Oh that’s a bummer, it would’ve been fun to screamsing “Memory” togetherActually using my inhaler is wild, like, you all just breathe this well most of the time, huh?
@catacalypto @TabbyRose Yes, 100%! I do that in my own work, as well (I try to use "theme" for my narrative pillar… @TabbyRose Decide what your core pillar will be first and make sure when you get excited and want to add new featur… @farahcoculuzzi @CAPYGAMES I’m so glad you’re part of the team! @farahcoculuzzi @CAPYGAMES ✨✨✨ @stirpicus @SquanchGames @JustinRoiland @tanyuhhhhhhh Congrats! @studioanisa Good luck, that sounds like it’ll be really good! @ckunzelman Happy birthday!We’re at a song-a-long viewing of Cats and I am *very* excited
Light Fingers concept artist @portablecity has an updated portfolio page featuring a detailed breakdown of the desi…
Retweeted by Kait TremblayWatching Tigers Are Not Afraid and I just gotta say, Tigers Are Not Afraid is such a very good name and I wish I wa… @maxfolkmax Happy birthday bud!!! I was terrified of my Instant Pot and it took my whole 31st year to accept that I… authors! Submissions are once again open for @TheFOLD_'s program! You can submit 1-3 poems and/or 1 essay.…
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @di_croft Haha thank you ❤️ I did! They’re just mega sheerSo happy and honoured to be speaking about Before I Forget by @3foldgames for the Game Narrative Summit: The Narra…
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @JurieHorneman I feel like that 5% “no” is entirely due to meReally the important moment of 2020 for me is the photographer at the wedding tonight stopping me to ask me “How do…
Snow day wedding outfit @neomonki It’s *very* goodHere we go! Getting started with the first open RPG gaming night of the year. Mall Kids, Goth Court, For the Queen,…
Retweeted by Kait TremblayInsomniac is hiring a Director of Story! Please come manage me. I'm real nice. And I need your scriptnotes pls & th…
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@AnnaHollinrake This is like when I worked retail at a sporting goods store! I had to do training that was actually… @maryknews Hard same @gabdar I’m so proud of you!!!
So proud of everyone who worked on this game!!😭💖 And also so thankful I got to work on it!!! 💖💖
Retweeted by Kait TremblaySo proud to produce and write this game. It is an absolute blast to play and the team did such a great job!! Get it!
Retweeted by Kait TremblayWe did it! Super Crush KO is out now! I’m so proud of my wonderful team for putting this thing together. 😭💖✨
Retweeted by Kait TremblayCongrats, friends, on the launch!!! Super excited to play ✨💕 had the absolute pleasure of art directing this game over the last few years! 💖✨ I got to work with the loveliest…
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @calixjumio Both! @calixjumio Yes, I absolutely think you should! I was actually thinking it would be worth sharing with some of the folks from Pixelatl :)Incoming thread: helpful resources to start or continue your education in game writing and narrative design!
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Applications for Amplifying New Voices close on Jan 18! This day-long workshop - the Sunda…
Retweeted by Kait TremblayI just RTed about the Amplifying New Voices program for GDC and want to add: it's not just for people applying for…
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @finalfinalgirl Yes!!! @gabdar Yeah! I had loved it the whole way through but then the ending just brought it into such a nice and honest… @NicolasVerge Yeah! I appreciated so much the honesty in approaching the ending convo and how that recontextualized… @SamMaggs @ImprintReads @RaincoastBooks @MacKidsBooks @WeslieTurner The cover is incredible! @Marri PROBABLY!! that does fit my picture of him perfectly @Marri Byron the OG frat boyA Short Hike is a beautiful, charming experience that I completely adore, and if you're not actively playing it the…
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @NicolasVerge Have you played it?? @esssko Yess!! I'm curious to hear what you think, also! @VanKelsing @joshscherr @hownottodraw Yes yes yes yes @markdrew No, only a handful of hours! (Probably less than 2?)I need everyone to play A Short Hike so we can talk about how important the ending is!!!This program is stacked with fantastic guild leaders! Definitely worth applying if you're interested in growing as… @johnnemann Let’s figure out whatever works closer to the date??? since I’m going to clutch to February with both hands @johnnemann Let’s grab boba! @ghostordie Ahh I can't make it that night, I'm sorry I'll be missing it!
One of my LOVELY COLLEAGUES likes to tease me for my love of spreadsheets. Today I was talking about how I also l… conference season coming up, I'm going to be hosting a Public Speaking 101 workshop over @DMGToronto next mont…
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Announcing #gamedevsforfiries a twitter auction to support the Aus fires. - Starts 14th Jan, ends 22nd Jan Detail…
Retweeted by Kait TremblayWith conference season coming up, I'm going to be hosting a Public Speaking 101 workshop over @DMGToronto next mont…
@maxfolkmax Em dashes are one of the greatest joys of being a writerThe first of our Games Writer Social and Circle at @DMGToronto is happening this month! I’m super pumped to chat w…🚨Ontario: WE JUST WANTED TO WAKE YOU UP TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING IS FINE AT #PICKERING POWER GENERATION PLANT. NO NUC…
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @anotherglassbox I just saw that! It’s as comforting as the initial “NO radiation leaked, we promise” haha😐 up to a provincial emergency alert about an incident at a nuclear power plant is sure not what I was expecting this morning.
@colinmcummings I really ended up adoring Tangle Tower (and it’s small and very completable). I’ve also heard that… @BuffTuffKRuff I worked with an escape room company (as a producer, but they had writers and NDs on staff) and I go… the Bubble Team
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @lizjsk 😍
✨ TRU FACT ✨ “Run n' gun combat has never had so many sparkles.” ✨✨✨
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @catacalypto My powers can only grow from here @elliejoypanic @jennie WHAT!My new job is to tell people when their joke is, in fact, a Doctor Who episode. My services are available for fre… @elliejoypanic Oh @jennie would the printers we use for the Damage Camp stickers work for Ellie's purposes? @Peter5tewart (nausea is also on that list for me. A's near U's, I tell ya, and my brain just misfires entirely) @Peter5tewart I don't know but it's definitely on my list of words that I just type out random letters for and hope… @Peter5tewart god, no, it's just an IMPOSSIBLE word @MitchyD okay Mitch I have it downloaded :DHello! If you’re interested in chatting about potential partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, or collaboration…
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @MitchyD @OskSta Ahhhh this sounds and looks so charming! @MitchyD @OskSta 👀👀
Show them this tweet the next time they say that game writing isn't a technical position.
Retweeted by Kait Tremblay @charlesrandall And none shall be exemptGotta love that typo from me, a professional write @Rhodes_Writes Yeah! It actually did help me just start writing the thing, you know? Like, I just told myself "just… @LeishaRiddel I want to play this game @waltdwilliams I'm so sorry, Walt. Sending you and your family lots of love. @MllePilgrim They look great! @MitchyD oh yeah yesterday I legit hit 4 coffees before noon @adamgryu Congrats! It’s so well deserved @transgamerthink Congrats!!!Hello! If you’re interested in chatting about potential partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, or collaboration…