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me n my tattoos 😌
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ptsdme n my tattoos 😌“take my pen and write some love letters to heaven” #positions
Retweeted by KT“if i can’t have you is love completely off the table? do i sit this one out and wait for the next life?” #POSITIONS
Retweeted by KT“never thought you’d be so damn hard to replace” #POSITIONS
Retweeted by KTnow can yall wear this so i can hear this live #POSITIONS
Retweeted by KTI miss my boo
Retweeted by KT @Alyssavozuna felt thateven tho i’m wifey you can hit it like a side chickI LOVE THIS ALBUM #POSITIONSYESSSSS BITCHHHHHHH!!!!!🤍 positions (the album) is out now 🤍
Retweeted by KTariana grande's sixth studio album is here with features from doja cat, the weeknd, and ty dolla $ign #positions
Retweeted by KTBrilliant music and impeccable vocals, that will take you on a fantastical deep dive into the heart & soul of a mag…
Retweeted by KTI CANT WAITTTT many snakes in the grass so I stay by the sand 🏝
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@kaitlynntrev we could’ve been up there already
Retweeted by KT @3liasPerez don’t blame it on mei wish i was a famous youtuber so i could make a diss track to whoever is beefing w meAS SOON AS ARIANA GRANDE GOES ON TOUR AGAIN, IM BUYING PIT SEATS AND MEET AND GREET TICKETSme today before work
Retweeted by KTThis woman lives in my head rent free and it’s completely fine✨
Retweeted by KTAnother day of life , another reason to tell God thank u
Retweeted by KTuntil there is no longer, let’s get lost inside the cloudstonight 🤍
Retweeted by KTi wish the memories i have of you were different. i wish you would’ve been different.i will always love those who are no longer in my life 🖤i used to hate the idea of being stuck w myself for the rest of my life. now i truly love who i am & who i have yet to become,,, growth 😌✨“We all got our old emails” 😂
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hellooo ! can it be tomorrow night already please ! love u so much i am so so grateful and excited. can’t stop cryi…
Retweeted by KTwhen u leave the gm and u expect them to add you back but it’s already a day later and they still haven’t added you back...... @DlionFTX in SA, i like platinum tattoos & body piercings 😎could all b so simple
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You feel me ??
Retweeted by KT @isaelgonzalez25 hell yeah 😎i know it’s cold outside, but the last thing i wanna do is let you innvm. wish i had 10000000 mgs of melatonin @Jrent2018 that is a woman.goodnight world 🌎🖤
Retweeted by KTsome days i just feel like giving up on everything
when you're both dead inside but life's good
Retweeted by KTand no one to cuddle 😢 i don’t even feel real🎭
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cuz i’ll be switching the positions for u ☁️ want u and ur best friend @3liasPerez and so whatCUDDLE WEATHER ❄️ @3liasPerez hopefully 😓 @3liasPerez shut the hell up “pop out szn” @avalarae__ LMFAO thank you 😓someone stop mei’m simping hard 😓😓😓i strongly disagree with this statement
issa vibe. am i your type?As it should . @ArianaGrande
Retweeted by KTpositions out now 🤍 directed by dave meyers
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Retweeted by KTpositions out now 🤍
Retweeted by KTI LOVE ARIANA GRANDE OMGGGGGGGG @dayna_kathan 🔥🔥
I LOVE YOU BITCH best moments from @AOC's Among Us stream on @Twitch last night.
Retweeted by KT @DannyDuncan69 is daddy afCuddle hours but no cuddles ... this wack asf
Retweeted by KTOne of the best to do it. Glad to have had you on the sideline one more time @ZacHTrevv #BlackSwarmForever
Retweeted by KTwe can just be. no need to rush anything
Retweeted by KTif i got any cooler, i would freeze to death 🥶
.@ArianaGrande has shared a snippet of her upcoming single #Positions ahead of its release tomorrow night.
Retweeted by KTidk i looked fine w my purple hair 🥱 @gisellemarie143 yeswere any of y’all ever scared to get sent home when the nurse came to check for lice? don’t lie
Retweeted by KTjust kidding are dumb, i never wanna be in one @ZacHTrevv i will pay you 150 EACH to recreate it.150 likes and we will recreate it .
Retweeted by KT @kaitlynntrev one love man 🤝❤️
Retweeted by KT @3liasPerez one love 🤞🖤 @3liasPerez 😔 -> 😁
Retweeted by KTfacts is not no Naruto, but i chop that like Sasukejust looked in the mirror, got starstruck @Jrent2018 neh @Jrent2018 wow that was a badass comeback @Jrent2018 hopefully it helped knock some sense into youThat’s suspicious
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sorry i’m clingy i am Lonely and afraid of abandonment
Retweeted by KT @3liasPerez lmfaoMorning Twitter, hope y’all have a blessed day ❤️😌
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Retweeted by KT @JMB3303 i’m good sir!!! alllll lyrics 😎💖leave me alone, just leave alone. i’m growing so tired of this
that time when a teacher told me my brother was better than me @ everything in front of the whole class :’)’t talk to me unless we finna remake these.
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Miley covering Zombie by The Cranberries
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