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@roronoa_mano Google image search your artworks and you'll see everything that has it @sonhawkss Shigeno my goat omg @Kumaspriv @aratasbf @dorandemiroglu @Tefio_ @TeoSeishuu Sjg so goat @maryorozuya @maryorozuya 🥶 fb drake wannabeキッドちゃんにピンヒール履かせたかっただけ
Retweeted by Dar @curtisjuro Wait what did I just write 😭 @curtisjuro Call Saul better ong @Ragibaba_ Thought I could trust you man 😔 @jaehafuckme @sonhawkss Also, I'm a bloodhound when it comes to people saying they wanna watch major 😭😭 🙏 @jaehafuckme @sonhawkss @ImReallyZeb counter ratioaired omg MAN I LOVE RYUJI SO MUCHHHHstill easily one of my favourite game OSTs of all time @jaehafuckme @sonhawkss I am one of the 2 hiveleaders of major twt 🙏🤞 also AHHHHHHH I LOVE YOUUU @Markado1234 Needa continue ippo lmfao @ImReallyZeb @ImReallyZeb Hey! are you really zeb??? @ImReallyZeb One day I'll know when you switch accs... @sonhawkss 🥲 @sonhawkss haha... ha... @sonhawkss major so goat @jaehafuckme @sonhawkss GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… LETS GOOOO
2021 @Shirodorsi watch major instead 😃saying "my life sucks" when something goes wrong •self deprecating •depressing •makes you sadder saying "Kazuma K…
Retweeted by Dar @McLemoreA_ @Ragibaba_ Get his ass @TeoSeishuu He doesn't need them to be broken🙏Goro's so broken 😭😭 In terms of another baseball anime, in highscholl he had pitches much faster than furuya and p… @sSpectralls And then the VAs got mamoru miyano and kaji yuki @sSpectralls Don't forget tetsuro arakiThis way too stacked wtf 😭となりの席に座っている気になる男子が授業に集中していると、他から見えないように妨害行為を仕掛けてくるギャルクラスメイト。【カラー版】
Retweeted by Dar気になるオシリを強調してくる女の子たち。
Retweeted by Dar気になる男子がいつも出社する時間にあわせてアパート周りの掃除を始め、目を惹きつける服装で挨拶をしてくれる管理人さん。
Retweeted by Dar気になる男子の食生活を心配し、おすそ分けを手に夕ごはんも含めいろいろと面倒を見にきてくれる管理人さん。
Retweeted by Dar気になる男子を部室で待ちかまえ、文化祭で使うメイド喫茶の衣装を、あえて競泳水着の上から着用した姿で感想を求めてくる水泳部の先輩。【カラー版】
Retweeted by Dar @Frukuri Be like me and don't tweet about it ong 💀気になる男子が暑さでへばっていると、庭にプールを設置し一緒に入ることおススメすることで、密着しようとしてくるホームステイ中のドイツっ娘留学生。【カラー版】
Retweeted by Dar @sonhawkss The disrespect to my middleschool goat. Nah but dw, you will see him at every step of the way @sonhawkss You aint even seen middleschool goro yet 😭😭 @sonhawkss You'll see another character in the series which I will never not believe to be the inspiration for miyuki @Kanbukki @TeoSeishuu Had to reread this 5 times cause I read it as raw cock every time 😭 @sonhawkss Goro nothing like miyuki tho, he more of a mei @sonhawkss I like to believe that goro the inspiration for furuya @sonhawkss Yeah 💀 @SnowBrightOFI @shehryxr It's well worth the time, I wish the anime was longer tbhHirata top 4, horikita top 6 @SnowBrightOFI @shehryxr Major, you are right it isnt the main focus but its a pretty big aspect of the series @mugiwaraijin love it so much @sonhawkss GOOO @sSpectralls I have no problems with them, I just don't like them as much as my 10sI'll read the next year probably next year 👍Top 5 volumes 1. 11 (9.5/10) 2. 7 (9.5/10) 3. 11.5 (9.5/10) 4. 10 (9/10) 5. 4 (9/10)Bored so, relative distance between them 1 . . . 2 . . . . 3 . . . . . . 4 5Final Y1 Top 5 1. Ayanokouji 2. Ryuuen 3. Kei 4. Horikita 5. SakayanagiClassroom of the Elite Year 1 Complete 9.5/10 I like a lot 👍 @MERCURlALRAY Major goat omg「え、奢り?いいの?」
Retweeted by Dar黒羽快斗|这身制服我好爱ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Retweeted by Dar黒羽快斗|给自己撸个生贺 魔术师斗(/ω\)☆
Retweeted by Dar @boopiedybop I wouldnt call them a flaw at all, they are side content meant to give you a challenge, its completely… @sonhawkss 🥲🥲 @boopiedybop c sides are the bane of me, why did I come back to this game do this 😭Finally... Sports character, no ones doing it like him.
Retweeted by Dar @sonhawkss major twt soon @sonhawkss believe in the process @TeoSeishuu @sonhawkss @sonhawkss yw近所に住んでいる学校の先輩
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@TeoSeishuu its canon in my heart of heartsthis toshiya boy will be goro’s catcher and i can tell he’ll be cute, i know this
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Retweeted by Dar @sonhawkss The trust this man shigeharu has in his child crazy 😭😭 @hourlytetsuya @sonhawkss @hourlytetsuya @sonhawkss @hourlytetsuya @sonhawkss @hourlytetsuya @sonhawkss dont make me have to ratio you again seisei @hourlytetsuya @sonhawkss @sonhawkss AHHHHHH I LOVE YOUi’m going to watch the first episode of major just because
Retweeted by Dar @sonhawkss OMG OMG OMGhe’s so cute lmao😭
Retweeted by Dar @ShoyosStudent @weeb_ams counter ratio by peak angle of goro, brought to you by major volumes so goat for having this manんべぇ #HuTao #原神
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Retweeted by Dar @SemesterSem Bro forever 13 @SemesterSem LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @Niall11057 before* @hourlytetsuya We dont get that cold here either, lowest we go in like -20. The ones in the true north the ones that needa prepare @hourlytetsuya I had to sit outside in freezing weather for 4 hours to get my G1 💀 G2 i'm prolly gonna get in summer @weeb_ams Major ONG 💀