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She/her. Sub-editor for hire. Film and TV journo, @SFXmagazine. Geek. Loves her grumpy chinchilla (Charlie Chaplin!) and Iceland. 🇮🇸

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@HelenLOHara I’m having such a lovely evening now. 🥰God bless you, Latin American re-dubs. #Supernatural #cryptictweet #nospoilers @simithedemon I mean, it’s SO MUCH better this wayA "friend" has just pointed out that this action figure of Dean Winchester looks more like Kris Jenner. I would lik… neighbours are friendly.) took 15 years for me to finally splurge on my very own Baby. She’s settling in nicely. ❤️ #Supernatural @zincstoat It's on offer on Prime Video at the moment, just £1.99 to rent for 30 days. I had forgotten how good it… @zincstoat The sad thing is, I probably didn't even blink at it when I saw those films in the cinema. Or just felt… @snowglobe123 I can't remember that, it's been a while since I saw that movie at the cinema. ...Man, I'm old.I will forgive Bill & Ted, though, because despite that unfortunate gag - and some sigh-worthy sexism - those two g…'s fair to say that Logan's Run was massively ahead of its time (no pun intended, given the subject matter). And… night I watched Logan's Run (1976) and it featured a scene in which Logan turned down a male date, then wonder…🤔
@ianberriman @ArrowFilmsVideo This was the first film I ever bought on DVD, 20 years ago. Very pleased to hear the… to the old man in the US Capitol building: “What kind of place is this?” ...and this is why I love this film… forgot Farrah was in this too. Her green spangly dress is to die for. fashion in this film makes me so happy 😍 @SophLouiseHall That’s the only reason I’m watching it 😆#NowWatching @bean_mother @jamiesont It should improve soon - but it may well be on the rise again after Christmas at this rate...608 deaths today barely mentioned as an afterthought amid all the festive excitement that Christmas is saved as fam…
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖 @Palhil The first line of that document is "I wish to register a complaint!" @Palhil Oooh, I do love a bit of quick-fire Photoshop! 😆“Stop typing so loudly, I’m trying to sleep!” of the Planets! Had a huge number of requests for this absolutely banging theme from the late 70s 🤘🤘🪐☄️💥🚀
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖I did not design, develop, build, or certificate the building I live in, nor do I own it! Why am I declared the fun…
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖But I thought... I thought I was the only one...
@DrLizoSpoons @cutex24 He got better, though! @cutex24 I was devastated about that! @snowglobe123 And also, clubs may need the cash, but people shouldn't have to risk death to enable that. 🤷‍♀️ @snowglobe123 Very true - the argument should be "Why are there crowds ANYWHERE?"Whatever your thoughts on the #Supernatural finale, this is a series with an episode in which an honest-to-God ange… no. NO. We are never defeating this goddamn virus if we allow groups this huge to gather. Even if it's outsid… people feel the need to continually say they live in the greatest country on earth, I think two things: a) why…
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖Oooh la la! all year for a vaccine and then three come along at once. @MetalEd73 Thank you! 😚 I’m so lucky to live here.I am so excited about my view this morning that I just Fleeted. Sorry about that. Wait long enough and it’ll clear. Maybe open a window.🤩 @pussellrarker 😡What a morning! 😍 #Twickenham
@IceStella77 Soooooooo gooooooodLyra and I share the same opinion of popcorn. #HisDarkMaterials @kennethwilsonuk It's a makeshift Kew Gardens!Also, while filling your home with multitudes of plants is wonderful, it just took me a whole hour to water just 50… week on from setting up a plant light in my bedroom, this canna sheltering indoors over winter has grown a full… @PetiteMadame It was a gorgeous moment and such gorgeous art, you're amazing! BTW your pic of Dean and his tribute… can't provide a link to that fundraiser as it's spoilery, but it's easily found!Ah, #Supernatural. So those who didn't like the finale have split into two factions: those hurling abuse and hate a…
If state recounts re-affirming the fact that @JoeBiden won and @realDonaldTrump lost were a drinking game, we’d all be hammered by now.
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖 @PetiteMadame Nooooo it hurts 😭
Class. Pure class.’ve been mourning #Supernatural all day, but these two critters have just cheered me up no end. Thank you, baby Yo… #Supernatural #CastielForever #WinchestersForever #StillCrying @darksilvercat Ha, I used to have loads of Due South VHS tapes (one of them autographed by the actors) and yes, the… @darksilvercat I'm just glad they won't be on VHS cos bloody hell, that would be a lot of shelf space. 😉 @waywardbrother1 @SuperWiki ...actually I regret saying this, because it's bullying the bullies, and that makes me… @waywardbrother1 @SuperWiki Because they're entitled twatgibbons. @SuperWiki That would've been what we Brits call "a right Bobby dazzler". @darksilvercat I used to import the US box sets of SPN, as they had all the extras on them. But these days I can't… @darksilvercat Jeez, I hope not. 😫 @darksilvercat You'd think! There seems to be a set for seasons 1-13 but Amazon aren't showing anything for a full… @rebelrebel62 I don't think they'll sell that many given that most fans already have boxsets from earlier seasons.… @Kelpheron Aw man, that's a great idea!So here's a question I can't seem to find an answer to: will there be a complete #Supernatural seasons 1-15 box set? 🤔 @darrenmdr @CatWithSausages Good luck! I saw some UK news sites running stories about previous episodes with no warnings, whic… @darrenmdr I'm sure they're still out there. Saving people, hunting things. ♥️Just saw a gif from the #Supernatural finale here on Twitter and burst into tears again. Today's going to be messy.I have no idea what happened in the final-ever scenes of #Supernatural because I WAS CRYING SO FUCKING HARD
You know what's amazing, Eric, you did it. An entire generation has grown up watching your mythic story about good…
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖You scumbag, you maggot. You:
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖 @alexandermilas Will watch tomorrow, can’t wait!😭😭😭😭 @jamiesont It does look cluttered. 🙄 @jamiesont Ooh I follow them! That’s better than I was expecting. @jamiesont Christ, I literally replied to you and then checked my feed and the circles have appeared. 🥴 @jamiesont Are they strangers or do you follow them? I quite like the “stories” thing on Instagram but that’s becau… good on TV tonight?
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖Don’t you cry no more. #Supernatural 😭 @indian_skimmer Stay up all night and catch up! You are definitely going to get spoiled ☹️I will miss every goddamn character but I’ll miss this badass motherfucker most of all. #Supernatural @TheBozDog I don’t know how I’m supposed to work tomorrow. My eyes will be so swollen. @bookiesnacksize years of my life! This show has been like an epic love affair (sometimes an abusive one). I just can’t imag… finishes tonight and I am NOT okay. #Supernatural off you little herrenvolk shite
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖 @GigerPunk I *knew* that was going to be the cat-scream. 😆I'd forgotten about this... 😆 #supernatural @starpuffed Exactly. It’s so frustrating that a show which is so nice and gentle can attract such cunts.
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖Tomorrow 👇🤘🖖
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖 @leahmholmes People are shits. 😡This is incredible @lawrenceks. We couldn’t be more proud to make it official!! Now, can we do anything about those…
Retweeted by Jayne Nelson 🦖Although his evilness is slightly sidelined by the little dollop of food stuck in the middle of his forehead.’s really hard to work when someone is sitting behind you giving such solid evil judgement of your actions. 👿 @danieljmckee Ha! Brilliant! In the footsteps of giants...And finally, I found a photo of my old flat on an episode of Monty Python (it's on the far left). Still can't belie… @Smallbrainfield I'll see those and raise you a packet of Iced Gems.