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Pokemon Go Valor level 40. Ready for shiny trades if we build up ultra level friendship.

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Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotHola, because the demand is high, i will increase the winners 10 Tickets - 10 Winners Good Luck Trainers!
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @engel_go Coords please @playgrndndrgrnd Thank you for the giveaway 🙏Pokémon GO Fest 2020 GIVEAWAY! 5 tickets = 5 winners Giveaway ends at 12.07.2020 18:00 (MESZ) Rules: 1.Follow…
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@Last_Praetorian Lets hope you can 👍It's done spoofing and playing on pc with #MEMU and #PGSHARP 👌😃
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @Last_Praetorian Wow.. gotta catch'em all shundos 😁🤩
@diagonoz @Last_Praetorian @Hcouto91 @wagner_fortes1 @vhrayanz @EXRaidLeader @OzRlate1 Awesome. Congratulations 🎉 @Last_Praetorian @jenghom You're one awesome shundo hunter 🤩🤩
7X squirtles 34.610219,135.515095
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @Reclaimer_9 @OzRlate1 @StardustPokmnGO 🐭 ❄️✨LEGENDARY TRIO GIVEAWAY✨ In honor of 4th of July, we have formed our own Legendary Trio to bring you another awes…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotMake sure you check on the light green area,the coords will drop you right where all the charmander are spawing,don…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @OzRlate1 Congrats bro 🤩🤩All Charmander Nests 🆃 Auckland 🇳🇿 🆆 -36.8971,174.7866 🅸 🆃 Houston 🇺🇸 🆃 29.7178,-95.3913 🅴 🆁 London 🇬🇧 @ 51.5067…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot40.779074,-73.961935 Pika
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotI’m getting a late start to the event so idk if it’s already been posted, buttttt... ✨SQUIRTLE NEST✨ 34.612023,135…
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Boosted bulbasaur nest -43.530417,172.620131
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotCharmender nest 52.668906,-2.440842
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotCharmender nest 😍😍 29.717429,-95.392278
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotFresh level 30 gmail account, no RW but may still be subject to it. Threw a few remote passes and gofest ticket ont…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @ThruMeSheShines @GaganGulati333 Wow two in a row for you 🤩🤩 two more starters to go 👍 hope you get them all 😁Boosted squirtle nest 😍😍 34.611046,135.520188
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotCharmender nest ?? 51.507490,-0.174703
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @OzRlate1 I want this ticket because its too costly for me and getting shinies without ticket is too tough for me.…🚨 GOFEST TICKET GIVEAWAY 🚨 Giving away 16 Gofest Tickets(from me and amazing Donors) -Watch full video for detail…
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Dweeble 47.516727,-122.382710 L34 💯 iv cp 1119
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotdwebble -33.983492,151.212840 L35 98iv
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Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @rRyno8376 😔 @rRyno8376 Ok. 21 @rRyno8376 Friday @DOCmewtwo @Jakerstrike777 I am from India✨⭐️✨✨⭐️⭐️✨✨⭐️⭐️✨WHO WANTS A #pokemongofest2020 TICKET?? LIKE, R/T, FOLLOW, tag someone and COMMENT where you REPRES…
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🔥Charizard X and Y🐉 Some say X is cool, some say Y is better but deep we all know both are awesome.💦 I can't really…
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191 Sunkern 💯 ʟ 35 ᴄᴘ 367 ♂ 🇬🇧 Lambeth, United Kingdom Est time to dsp: 36:24 Boosted ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 51.499645,-0.105399
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @DOCmewtwo Charizard 😎 coz it's so cool. I loved the Charizard vs artcuno fight in the animeSpotlight hour of Clefairy starting in Dubai in approx 15 minutes. Dubai 25.077159, 55.133036
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotThank you everyone for your support. As we reached 200 followers we have planned to do a small giveaway of shiny k…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotSpotlight hour in Japan and South Korea starts in 1 minute. Tokyo:35.6892,139.6978 Tokyo:35.66959,139.69969 Seoul:3…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotclefairy 27.888102,-82.800640 93iv L30
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotclefairy 41.286021,-75.900094 91iv L34
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotclefairy 93iv L30 41.433070,-75.623218
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotclefairy 🤹‍♀️ 100 28 924🤹‍♀️ 44.930790,-122.982715
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotNext spotlight hour for Clefairy starts in 1 hour approx in Australia. Will post the coords soon along with the start time.
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotSpotlight hour in Newzealand starts soon around 45+ minutes from now.. We will post the coords soon. Don't worry yo…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @OzRlate1 Thanks for your efforts bro😊Clefairy spotlight hour started in kiribati. Here you go 1.9872122, -157.4772
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Yeah finally reach 200. Thanks you for all support. I'll look forward on the next 100. Make it 300 followers. Altho…
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Weedle ✨💯 ℒ 35 ℂℙ 423 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1 13.831460,100.534490
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotRank1 GL Beedril(1499) L22 CP227 (0/13/14) 60iv -33.959045,151.0802 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @OzRlate1 I want this ticket because its too costly for me and i wanna catch those shinies badly. During every even… TICKET GIVEAWAY Pogo trainers are going through tough times and wish I could help you all but unfor…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotWeedle 3.004913,101.387280 L33 CP 410 💯 iv
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotweedle -27.447995,153.047183 L33 CP 410 💯 iv
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotWeedle 25.106018,121.484043 L28 CP 365 💯 iv
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotWeedle 25.038668,121.509030 L30 CP391 💯 iv
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotweedle -27.440149,152.987120 L35 MAX 423CP go fast guys
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotRank1 GL Beedril(1499) L10 CP103 (0/13/14) 60iv -33.76332,151.13031 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotRank1 GL Beedril(1499) L14 CP144 (0/13/14) 60iv -33.93439,151.07200 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
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clefairy 41.433797,-75.657311 L28 91iv
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotclefairy 35.719700,139.770839 L30 96iv
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotclefairy 43.772643,-79.592782 L19 91iv
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotclefairy 43.859327,-79.298095 L15 96iv
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotclefairy 39.135959,-75.519072 L26 98iv
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotclefairy 43.851643,-79.265244 L28 91iv
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Charmander ➱💯 🄲🄿➱854 🄻➂➀ 44.272568,-76.530119
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@Lucario88357817 @Kelven91 IKR.. feeling so excited @LoveForPokemon1 Thanks bro 👊 @LoveForPokemon1 Got it bro @Mukesh4Mystic @nui103kp_kp Not 💯 iv bro @Skittyz2 Cp 1307?Please join 🙏🤞 ✈️ 45.550554,11.545600 🏟 Patronato Leone XIII 🇮🇹 Vicenza Instinct ☁️ Zekrom 🐣 Join at hatch at 12.…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @koecoh @StardustPokmnGO @Shinytracker @CoordsPokemon @OzRlate1 @Hcouto91 It already has these 3 moves bro. Not a g… @LoveForPokemon1 Thanks for the help bro. Registered the legendaryGastly ♀ 🇸🇬🇸🇬 Rank 1 GL Gengar CP 1498 L:19.5 Stardust 40.1K Candy 71 CP: 150 LVL: 5 IV: 58% - (0/13/13) MS: Asto…
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@engel_go Great... Thanks bro 😁 my phone is not there in this list luckilyPVP Rating UL - #43 Zekrom Score 86.3 Dragon Breath, Crunch, Wild Charge ML - #1 Zekrom Score 94.5 Dragon Breath,…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotWhose ready for this?
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotHey guys. Spotlight hour for Numel and mystery hour for Double Stardust is here. Numel doesn't have shiny but atlea…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @Shinytracker Lets do it. 5 doneOnly one person came 😪😪sos help please next raid will be latios or latías promise
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @Shinytracker Bro only 3 were there.. can we lobby again24.74831, 121.73177 Rashiram enter at 22:00 timer #dailyraidpass need at least four to help me out 🙏 #
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @Shinytracker I'm coming bro
✨Clefairy✨Nest ✨live on Friday June 19th, 8am every local time! ⭐️New Orleans LA🇺🇸 29.988385,-90.094794 Cape To…
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@LoveForPokemon1 Thanks Jay 😊
@AerialSurveyPGO Thank you my friend 😁 @OzRlate1 Congrats bro 👏 😀
seviper L 31 IV 1OO CP 1835 ♂️✅ 19.710212,-155.076171 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotchansey L 27 IV 1OO CP 968 ♀️✅ 30.063948,-95.431064 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotsudowoodo L 30 IV 1OO CP 1841 ♀️✅ 27.275469,-80.288445 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotexeggcute L 33 IV 1OO CP 1058 ♂️✅ 29.558726,-95.389906 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarottauros L 31 IV 1OO CP 2283 ♂️✅ 44.252005,-76.457858 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot @EXRaidLeader @NilagiriVamshi2 Shiny krabby 😃✨🎁GIVEAWAY TIME🎁✨ #giveaway Info: 5 Winners will be selected on June 11th at 12:00pm CST - Pick any one of the mo…
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot40.830725,-74.477456 Teddiursa 💯 iv L31 CP1157 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarot-27.418321,152.939296 Houndour 💯 iv L27 CP952 Please follow us at @LoveForPokemon1
Retweeted by KenjiDKakarotBulbasaur MAX 💯 41.898510,-71.096317
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