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@sueyangel Pennsylvania @ghceorg Oh wow I think you’ve solved the mystery, Scoob! 10 Scooby snacks for you!This is Enzo. His bed got a new squeaker feature. Must’ve come with the latest pupdate. 13/10 very exciting
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @KevinColgan13 I don’t think that’s true, or very “POLITE” @greeneyed_meg 😭😭 I hate everything. That’s probably the smartest move.Connections here matter. In the past week, I’ve talked to a few people on the phone in one form or another and for…
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @aphotomama Nope, I live in Pittsburgh. 😭My son’s preschool has a full lockdown plan in effect for Inauguration Day. They’ve changed drop off and pickup pro… hope you had a good day today.
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Today’s Pre-Orders are centered around social justice! From Intersectionality, Prison Abolition, to ACT UP! These b…
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮Really not looking forward to seeing some of the worst people quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr today
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮happy mlk day im looking fwd to all the out of context quotes don’t let me down
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @perlhack @RobStoto Alphabet SOUPer Spreader @perlhack 🤣🤣🤣💀💀 that’s why I have 7 alts, you’ll never shake me @perlhack IT IS ESSENTIAL I GET MY CHAKRAS IN HARMONY NATE WHAT DO I DO WHEN MY CHAKRAS ARENT PROPERLY CHAKRAD @WCoombsDSW 🤣🤣 there is NO convincing her she’s adopted, she’s all yours, a whole queen @Orbanya mantrums 🤣🤣 @pollux2325 Thank you my friend! I hope the same for you! 😀
@_Jizzabelle @SmutLisa 🤣🤣 I love you so muchimagine saying this and then someone in the dms says their fave book is subtle art of not giving a fuck
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @WCoombsDSW I thought this was a song lyric and I was like that’s real deep. @BCE684 I’m so glad ♥️ I hope the rest is better! @KevinColgan13 @Hammer_Toe 🤣🤣🤣 uhhhhh no habla ingles @gunna_brooklyn NO U! @canadaslady 🤣🤣🤣 @lezzimomof2 You are everything 😍😍
Thanks to @EffinBirds my outsides can now match how I feel on the inside @SuperG_l8n That’s what I was doing when I wrote it 🤣 @KevinColgan13 No that’s probably why I woke up miserable @perlhack 🤣🤣🤣 I mean, I’m sure he has other gifts to offer you“If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out…
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮I don't like this ~All day everyday
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮I don't drive the fastest car, but my heated seats go from nice & warm to Viking funeral for my sperm count in about 5 seconds flat.
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Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮Is slow motion snowfall cliche? Maybe. But it looks incredible falling in front of the Smithfield St. Bridge in…
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @perlhack I hope this Punxatawny Phil has rabies bc that would be on brand. @SnarkyMommy78 Love YOU 😘♥️ @cherry_hat 🤣🤣 she was a reckless woman @tofailisgood 🤣🤣 I wrote a tweet about exactly that! my mom told me that all the time as a kid my face would stick… @gunna_brooklyn You get it! @lezzimomof2 Omggggg I love you so much 😭😍 you are the most precious creature there ever was. also that’s all you 🔥After 4 hours of sleep I am awoken by charley horses in both of my calves and as I enter this new beautiful gift of… to adulthood. Your keys will be in the pocket closest to the hand holding the most grocery bags.
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮I’m a slut for ice cream sandwiches
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @perlhack @tolkienasian 🤣🤣 he doesn’t missif someone you don't know steals your tweet, maybe it was just some common thot
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮me: who tf took my also, me: oh there it is
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @Simplybec81 omg you are so beautiful 😍😍 @KevinColgan13 🤣🤣 oh wow you are so polite. @KevinColgan13 I am never wrong and you are never polite and you don’t need to be so pedantic all the time. Stay blessed, cheese whiz.They say we can have a gathering of eight people in total without issues. Honestly I don't even know eight people without issues.
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @shanroser That’s exactly what it’s like except all the cats pick their nosesthey need to make masks that are waterproof for crying
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @solsayswhaaa Omg this made my whole life, I am now complete 🤣me at midnight
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮1st day of jogging: got distracted and came back with a raccoon and a bucket of fried chicken
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮The most dangerous game you can play with yourself is by saying: lemme close my eyes for just a few mi....
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @Ketih_the_Yeti Wooooo! 18 year old me had higher hopes 🤣 @NoToRiOuSJT_48 Thank you so much ♥️♥️ @Ketih_the_Yeti I mean that’s relatable, same 🤣 @Ketih_the_Yeti Omg what a peanut ♥️13 years later, my ability to act right is at an all time low. I don’t leave my bra on the floor anymore tho so cha… @dadthatwrites Love you, friend. Sending you giant heart doesn't just hurt us. our insecurities hurt our relationships. our demons and vices hurt our relationships. o…
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮Fuck nudes. Show me things you’ve built.
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @WCoombsDSW I know Pippy personally, she never told me anything about you tho except that one thing.
@WCoombsDSW YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE (even when it looks like pippy longstocking is your stylist, which she total… @Kay__Tee__ 🤣🤣🤣 we have to stick together @canadaslady 😍😍😍😍“STOP FUCKING YELLING WE DO NOT YELL IN THIS HOUSE,” I yell. @canadaslady @perlhack We are supposed to road trip together we cannot collectively road trip without seeing vag @perlhack @canadaslady 👀 👀 @maryfairybobrry Oh so precious 😍My toddler just put down his favorite toys, stopped watching his show and came into the other room to find me just…
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮The real takeaway from 345 months of hell, I mean kindergarten zoom, is that now I know how to tell someone to fuck off in a teacher voice. @JerryT85373 @MissieDeeDee @Nancywaddell18 @ItIsMsJillyBean @StaceyBuzzActor @amandajpanda @BombSipnBourbon Lauper and Mariah Carey from last year doing a duet
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @DrNickPgh let’s do sports together soon, preferably jiu jitsu and footballHim: Are you athletic? Me: OH AM I EVER I love sporty ball games so much @CFNIS That’s what shape shifting with an air tank is for I have faith in you @CFNIS Fear factor, yes.whoever named them "freshmen" never had to live with three of them
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮Things I’ve found up people’s butts (A thread)
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @Little_behemoth @WCoombsDSW That’s how you find your fit. People first. Good therapists are like that! ♥️ You’ll f… @Little_behemoth A lot of therapists really suck. Therapists like that are barfalicious. It’s terrifying and takes… time I click on fleets I get this excited/anxious feeling like ‘am I going to see nudity?’ Then I think ‘do I…
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @Death_and_Grave When I posted this I immediately was curious what you would say ♥️
@KimberCanada49 @Ketih_the_Yeti This world is more beautiful because you exist in it. You, as you, are so wonderful… @dadthatwrites Please keep us posted for her e-course series on How to Be A Badass, I’ll pay for a lifetime subscription I love her @jebba67 This made me snort laughCan you answer the question “who are you?” without using any assigned titles or roles you play in your life? Who are you?You know those gift cards near the grocery checkout for Amazon, shoppers, or the liquor store? Buy one & then give…
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @canadaslady Omggggg I love this! ♥️Teaching six year olds via zoom is so funny. I’ll spend 15 minutes explaining a literacy task and when I ask if the…
Retweeted by Live Laugh Unhinged 🚮 @WhiskeyAndChill 🤣🤣🤣 that’s the whole truth @Sillyness109 Kindergarten teachers deserve a 250k salary minimum. And yes, the collective mayhem is a real treat e… @CrownsAndThings If I’m honest I had no idea hedgehogs participated in this winter activity. Stay woke. 🤣Few things bring me more joy at 9 am than watching my daughter’s kindergarten teacher try not to completely lose he…“It’s cheat day,” I announce alone in my living room, as I start, pace unbroken, on my second large meat lovers pizza
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