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Not a comic artist, did not draw BLACK STARS ABOVE—@thevaultcomics Really did not draw/co-write SHE'S GOT IT!—@ReadRazorblades #1 I'm totally Eisner nominated

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ALSO WHY DID THEY HAVE A SEX ROBOT IN NEW VEGAS BUT YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO FUCK NICK VALENTINE?????????????????I still really only feel like myself with graphite. As traditional as I try to make digital art look, it never feel… for better, more sincere markmaking and cartooning, complete with that stupid strathmore paper to 4-5 years ago when I fucking sucked, I only drew traditionally, and my art and cartooning was way bett… be clear I know I'm probably completely mistaken about the gun thingLala Albert
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@DankAndDonuts **and it'll be fucking awesomeVery pleased I found my new tshirt for conventions @DanielDKraus @JohnJPearson I really appreciate both of them, a little contentious depending on who you talk to hahaHis brother, Joel Peter Witkin: you'll have to google him yourself Witkin: thread @DankAndDonuts it's gunna be about 3 years till that happens lol but when it happens it'll be a 350 page book.Franklin Booth was an American Illustrator (1874-1948), who learned his ink technique by copying wood engravings fr…
Retweeted by Jenna Cha @steve_foxe @juni_omg @AsianReptar @LeagueOfLegends im fucking deadゲーム上で憎しみ合った敵は、ただの誰でもない他人
Retweeted by Jenna Cha @treswritesstuff bruh @DankAndDonuts FUCK I'M SORRY what's the recoupment rate for an apology video vs notes app screenshot
@LonnieNadler @ZacBeThompson it's literally raining. right now.the only people that need to exist on this planet are mike patton, nathan fielder, bong joon ho and alan moore @hottestsingles (12 years later) ah, finallyyou ever like, "I need to accessorize this t-shirt with more tattoos"A friendly reminder: Pls don't wait to buy the 1st book in a series until the series in complete, because often the…
Retweeted by Jenna Cha"Pee your pants or die." - Dave Lynch
Retweeted by Jenna Cha @LonnieNadler @sami_kivela .@sami_kivela can you just...draw all my comics @brian_level Fuck you you're right lol @brian_level The SEO might be a problem @valkyriespeaker also the crocodile episode made me laugh a lot @valkyriespeaker i motherfucking agree @adamszym THANK YOU ADAM, I'LL EVEN TAKE A 3.5
the most immature, crude, grotesque, viscerally repulsive and unrealistic thing about this comic is thinking i'll even get published at all @grimwilkins @LonnieNadler RIP @Ze_Burnay 🤮❤️Awaiting the day my first artist/writer comic book gets published @LonnieNadler aaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhi hope i get euthanasia in my christmas stocking😜💦
ok NEW RULE: you're allowed to retweet my art ONLY if you fucking feel like it @ZacBeThompson costs $400,000 to retweet my art @spookysperry @BetaTestingTomK all I said is it is factually, objectively, indeed, a look @spookysperry @BetaTestingTomK you said it i didnt say itand i'd get rid of those weird pseudo-joker philosophy characteristics he's been given lately and make sure he's fu… @valkyriespeaker @JamesTheFourth I dig the "Slovenian philosopher or comic industry person?" look @snailshoes in any weirdly nuanced and specific way that ever happens to comes along I will try and help you achieve this dream @joshixson the 20 year old girlfriend or my story? lol
slightly related: my dads ex was an SF politician and took me to volunteer at a large homeless/low income charity e… year has been so transformative for me. for example , i don’t think about anything anymore, i don’t know what’…
Retweeted by Jenna ChaThe Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening by Katsuya Terada (寺田 克也) / 1994
Retweeted by Jenna ChaHow To With John Wilson is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Ever. @asa_ora sick* my brain just biffed it @asa_ora if you havent already you NEEEEEEED to read Li Chi Tak. I've only looked at his book Spirit, but I'm not e… @asa_ora god dammit that looks like
someone let me know what this is and if I should regret not buying it
Lonnie's contribution to this line was to change my original "milk-dick" to "skim-dick"
@asa_ora fuck people
Retweeted by Jenna Cha @HassanOE You're right hass writers are frauds @HassanOE i didnt read your whole tweet, I haven't had my coffee yet and immediately jumped into i dont wanna offend anybody mode**I'm the fucking fraud @HassanOE oh I meant I'm a fucking fraud. I can't draw the highlight of a face because I'm a fucking fraud lol.dont u dare call yourself a creator till casually desecrating your work is part of the process yeah i know writing is hard i know but have you ever spent an hour redrawing just the highlight on a person… @brian_level when I think crimewave, I think of a movie written by the guys who made no country for old men
Twin Peaks commission
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@ZacBeThompson well he was a stoner Free Speech Movement-era berkeley film student who grew up with the kennedys, s… @ZacBeThompson oh it fucked me UP, that's what I meant hahah. I don't remember a whole lot from it but I still reme… @ZacBeThompson I remember my dad told me to watch that when I was really young. by the end I was like dad, what the fuck, come onIt's getting cold out, time to post the best video ever made.
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@EliotRahal ❤️❤️❤️1. a guy hitting on me who picked random girl off the top of his head 2. ex boyfriend who was going through his hun… @alexpardee a teacher at my college told us he wrote that movie when he was like 20yo/trying to make it in hollywoo… @JackKotz correct, and if you let someone point out it's actually dark souls, you cant unsee it @alexpardee oh my god is that...the manitou... @JackKotz ok jack. angel's egg: dark souls or bloodborne?
@alis_samp thats good to hear. I'm biting the bullet in trying this out to see the potential for integrating video… @treswritesstuff last night lonnie was like "you just need to watch this" and played 10 seconds of Papillon and I t… a drawing video, editing the video, dismissing that it's too long and nobody will watch it, waiting for it t… @treswritesstuff re:
Retweeted by Jenna Chavaati has spoken, all you fuckos bitching and bullying the designers can shove it @brian_level @treswritesstuff give brian a dollar tres
i guess i still got Possessor on the mindhi I just found out a Spanish translation of BLACK STARS ABOVE will be published by @EdHidra next month! This is…
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@hottestsingles @hottestsingles i went to community college which was a theater kid-less experience and then i went to art college… @hottestsingles if ever an oxymoron blew a hole in the space time continuum @hottestsingles i fucking knew you were a theater kid @hottestsingles was that YOUR improv groups name jordanFull "Rudy At The 4 Seasons" Song
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