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Neighbors seem very upset at my Christmas decorations. Buddy, you're lucky this 50ft "RIP DIMEBAG" banner isn't up all year long
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Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @Terr @MTVNEWS really look forward to your foray into advertorial pretending it's editorial! anyway why doesn't mtv… down to the L.A. River and was amazed by how much water was in it. @JamilSmith I kinda wanna start a betting pool on how long it lasts - not a huge buy-in, but like $20 or something.I know this is a stupidly obvious Buzzcocks song to talk about, but Ever Fallen In Love is one of the best singles… thread which helpfully lists all the scabs working at MTV News 2.0.
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonBuzzcocks playing “What Do I Get?” Live at the Electric Circus in 1977. #RIPPeteShelley
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @pixelatedboat Guess the videos weren't good enough! Better luck next time, gang!Buzzcocks playing “Ever Fallen In Love” on Top Of The Pops in 1978 #RIPPeteShelley
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @bowiesongs @sterlewine So much has changed in movies and TV since '00-'05 though. There's so much stuff I've total… very rude, terron. nobody wants that in the workplace. @Terr can you give me a job at mtv. i've never written an article before but i promise to solve, once and for a… terron why doesn't mtv play music videos anymore @Terr @MTVNEWS I pledge to retweet every one of your new writers in 13 months when they post that MTV has unfortuna…
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonGood news is it’ll last six months before people are “available for their next exciting adventure.” @NickMillerMusic Send me an email and read Sisters Brothers.Oh, I also learned that the events and characters of the film Metropolitan probably aren’t stupid and frivolous *en…, this week I have learned: 1) Rich northeastern whites want to be ruled by a monarch, 2) Nothing else. @davidgross_man Still not over Profit, by the way. I’m as floored by that as when you first showed it to me.Read up on what Skull And Bones is. Conclusion: sounds stupid. Bunch of moneyed-up Yankees playing games or somethi… about this fella, who gets paid millions of dollars to act like he has a neurodegenerative disease. How doe… that guy Chris Godzilla or whatever his name is, what's his problem? He just got a fetish for licking the boots…
@pareene (I say this as somebody who grew up around a bunch of religious right types who not only never went to chu… @pareene I feel like this must have something to do with the desire of Easter/Christmas Christians to feel like tho… @hollywoodsteveh It also kinda undermines things like organizing or direct action. Status quo reinforcement.Jimmy Carter has spent nearly the last forty years of his life doing ministry and charity work, which is really the… @mollylambert I’m good at prose and bad at story and I’ll write one when I can get story up to “almost not bad.”The mailman just dropped a package off at my apartment, proving once again that Los Angeles is a land of sicko libs… @NoChorus I feel like you actually can intuit what fictional character they’re really thinking about when they write these.They’re also bizarrely written like the politicians are our friends? Like they leave their compounds and chauffers… worst genre of post on the whole computer, not just Twitter, is people doing politician fanfic, imagining what… Fernando Road.
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonI refuse to accept any scenario besides her being Exene’s friend who had to leave Los Angeles.
Was gonna try and get a cool Americana musician to do a bumper for my podcast I'm starting next year, only to find… worst habit from the message board internet is that I can't do that ironic detachment thing of not capitalizing… has spent $21 trillion producing shows that no one will watch called THE ACTUARY and WYOMING POLICE HORSE a…
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @mollylambert Have you done the 99? That's where I shot most of that stuff. (By the way, drove through Stockton a… @trevordebrauw Jury’s still out. Who’s to say, really.The new Meet My Friends the Friends is another reminder that @scharpling is making the best comedy podcast of 2018.
You know the world is in a great place when our largest corporations are literally using the same strategies as Nat…
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonFeels like the hobo with the golden voice was a thousand years ago. Anything that happened between 2008 and 2016 fe… @NoChorus Watching you become obsessed with Columbo in real time is an absolute joy. Also, you're having the exact…
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonI saw some of that guy’s pro-Amazon “I own a house in the Hamptons!” riff, and underreported is that it’s not just… of nothing, it’s almost awe-inspiring how many unforced errors Saturday Night Live makes. It’s gone from be… fire and silence, after no water remains to freeze, after we have all cried out for and been given death, th…
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @katehascats Commander’s Palace is actually worth it. There was also this place called Coquette that I loved. Think…
@willmenaker I put off the cowboy game so somebody could buy it for me for Christmas, but at this point I’m activel…'ve created a doctoral thesis on the replacement of any critical engagement with "fan" culture consisting of caref…
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @MatthewDessem @marieberd I would probably fly into a rage that wouldn’t subside for days. @marieberd @pixelatedboat I think they were in classic Simpsons, so that would be the true sum of my awareness. I h… @franzferdinand2 @marieberd That’s it. That’s the one.
And the whispering at the end, man. Like a sip of scotch. It’d be tough to disabuse me of the notion that Ray Charl… extremely midcentury set is great too.Good Lord, Ray Charles does an incredible version of Ring of Fire. This is one of the best covers I’ve ever heard. Inn.
@sundownmotel It's great living somewhere with so much nearby neon to shoot.San Fernando Road. @kalyarn What disturbing propaganda.
This the greatest introduction to a celebrity interview I've ever read. YOUR FILTH ONLINE, SCROUNGE THE WEB FOR EMOTION, LOG OFF ANGRY AND GO TO BED SAD
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonIf this happens to make anybody listen to Streetcore, don't sleep on the Acton Town Hall show from a few weeks befo… @NSlayton @Mobute Spec song for Johnny Cash, one of two (The Road to Rock 'n' Roll is the other). @alex_heigl Love it, not sure how much of it really belongs to him. @GMPaiella That one-two punch of Coma Girl and Get Down Moses kills me. I don't think I've heard two songs that goo… @sterlewine @useful_noise This is the correct take and I'm not sure I've ever seen it before.Wrote a small piece on one of my favorite albums: Streetcore, by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. @nandorvila They were kind of an easy thing to miss. I wouldn’t have even known where to buy a comic book in a phys… @weedguy420boner Have you tried eating the mug after? Helps me. @NoChorus I think of it like a spotlight on a guitarist who’s about to go into a solo, only to play the solo so inc… @lfitzmaurice Coping mechanism on my part.Chinese Restaurant.
@ElSangito A lot of immigrant-run places I like in LA are cash-only, it’s immigrant punishment in a bad wig. @mpsinger Thanks for this. Something about that original piece smelled off and vain and it'd been bugging me ever since. @sterlewine Simonon's sound on that album is huge, which I dig. @sterlewine I think the first album is underrated too. Herculean and History Song are both excellent. @NoChorus I was ambivalent about Twin Peaks season 3 being anime, but I came around when I realized Harry Dean and… @tcote It really did. Better than Mr Show maybe. @McLeemz does he like our 46th president (elon musk)?Bakersfield.
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@PAPPADEMAS I’m not normally a gambler but I’ll put all of my chips on hell yes that was on purpose. @evepeyser Every time you post about this I think about that Simpsons line "so one of those Egg Council creeps got… @jeffparker Check out Maria McKee's. (I spent five years trying to hunt down that song back in the day, so I'm bias… @jeffparker It's so lonely and ethereal. @pixelatedboat Unbelievable that you would also misquote me. It was balderdash.I would like to briefly point out that the Washington Post was extremely cowardly for quoting me and changing the m…
great point, but quick question: how many government agencies are currently investigating you @Bro_Pair Huck Finn is staggeringly funny, maybe my favorite American novel. @Bro_Pair congratulations man, I'm proud of youTo her credit as a thinker, Lena Dunham discovered the only way to destroy the monumental goodwill gained by launch… favorite Ricky Jay thing was his cameo in Mystery Men. He pretty much has one line, and it's "look, I'm a public… @davidgross_man He's extremely still Jim and he only seems comfortable in this show when he's in an office.Remember when people tried to make Mark Zuckerberg run for president even though his only qualification was making…, it occurs to me that Decker is the only political show I watch. Probably better off for it.I watched the first episode of that Jack Ryan show with that guy from The Office who makes that horrible face, and… you need respite from the daily bad news on TV, I recommend you watch Peter Falk solve a case on a rerun of "Columbo,"
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @snipy Galveston oh Galveston, I am so afraid of dying. What a lyric.The day I saw through the matrix of country music was the day I admitted Glen Campbell made great music and was an…