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@csodacsirke It’s awful. I love watching him tell it. @willmenaker He’s so damn good in Broken Flowers. This is the first Boardwalk Empire take that made me want to watch it.Anyway, here's a clip where James Garner says "don't lie to me, Conan." am proud to announce that I am investigating Russia. My findings conclude that the Zone is real, and the room is…
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@LeavittAlone Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.Elon M*sk has spent all year behaving like an exact combination of Rod Blagojevich and John DeLorean. There's no wa… @LeavittAlone If he has, that's a big tell.$20 says Elon M*sk is functionally out at Tesla within a year. Also, I suspect that beneath this Extremely Online s… @theshrillest On the same note, David Lynch effectively doubled his body of work last year, with something that is possibly his masterpiece.I think that we still don't properly appreciate that in his late 60s, having spent most of the previous two decades…
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonAmazon, but you have to watch footage of a warehouse picker with back problems sprinting to scan your item in a 105…
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @ShutUpAndrosky @nickwiger yup. @unabanned This is very insightful and on-point.a lotta people dont realize that irish folks were also slaves and (a book lands in front of me and i scream and kick it away)
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonThe outrage over this stupid summit, where two idiots did their normal idiot things, is ahistorical and only possib… won’t any republican patriots bring back the kind of bipartisan decency we haven’t had since both parties united to send us to Iraq
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonCongratulations to the Republican conmen of Vichy LA Weekly. In less than a year of leadership by simpering twerp…
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton12 presidents owned slaves, 8 of them in office
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonWhile his tweets are now deleted, it’s worth noting in this post-Gawker age that billionaire Elon Musk libeled a he…
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonPolitics opinion: as chain pizza goes, Papa John’s is dead last, behind even the 7/11 heat lamp pizza.It’s really funny in retrospect that The Notebook, often dissed in its day for being too much of a girl’s movie, ha… can’t be complacent about Nazis because we live in a “liberal” city. Fascism is everywhere and LA has always had…
That said, I respect his policy of giving the press nothing, and less than nothing if the question is imbecilic. It… most that man has given any interviewer is “I acted in this movie. I put on a costume and read the script.” Tha…“I’ve done this before. I’m a professional.” this one is *chef’s kiss*
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonI used to think there were two nearly impossible profiles to write: Harry Dean, and Tommy Lee Jones. I kinda think… Lee Jones famously told Jim Carrey “I cannot sanction your buffoonery,” but the icing on the cake is that he… Lee Jones is furious at the mere *idea* that his interviewer is chewing gum. It’s breathtaking. @edzitron Oh Ed, I ain’t know about all them computers. @edzitron For you, Ed? I’m gonna knock off 40%. You can be driving this piece of art for a mere $87,400. @edzitron The man himself! He drove this baby in Bullitt!White South Africans: -Elon Musk -guy I met once who yelled “don’t tell me I can’t claim an Efrican identity” and t…
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonIf you have read more than one Elon Musk tweet without infering that he is a Republican who doesn’t believe in weal… @marieberd @WildPalmCity Look, this is homeowner cosplay, but that bathroom kicks ass.Also: best politics I’ve seen in a movie in a long damn time.Honorable mention to Armie Hammer’s live action update of Burns telling Smithers to get in a model airplane at gunpoint.Sorry To Bother You was hilarious, but the most hilarious part was probably Danny Glover saying “I love to see a mo…
@davidgross_man Munro is amazing. I’ll get on this. @nandelabra @SethLSanders Schwarzenegger piece.Peru.
@quartzcity Shades of when I realized a nonzero amount of individual-targeted green initiatives were a way of shift… @jonbernhardt The meter was flawless. @kalebhorton worse, its title is going to be "Galt's Gulch Revisited"
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonLet's be real, Kanye West has 35% accomplished that with every piece of music he made this year and you can see som…, what if the first lyric of the new Grimes album was "Unions are bad / And small submarines are bett…'m still pretty sure Jonathan Ch*it ripped off an article from me a couple years ago, and I never did anything abo… don't think any movie has made me fall in love with a city the way Mystery Train made me fall in love with Memphi… @lurie_john @iowahawkblog It's incredible that he was able to shoot color and b&w and make both equally beautiful.… @span_myers Thanks for the explanation on that. I always wondered how they got those. I figured there was a knocked… Müller also did the cinematography for Paris, Texas, another flawless work and the movie he'll always be asso… @chelseagsummers @kalebhorton
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @iowahawkblog @lurie_john A classic.While I was away, Robby Müller died. He was the best cinematographer in the color era, and his work on Mystery Trai… defiance of my attempts to be jaded, Jim Jarmusch's upstate New York zombie movie with Bill Murray, Adam Driver… every day, forever and ever. Tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram.
Retweeted by Kaleb Horton @leonardpierce Corbin's cool. I'm just dissing Robbie. Shoulda cropped out that byline. I'm sure the article's good. @freemaneric That sounds like a joke but it's actually 100% accurate and unironically verifiable.Also, Levon Helm is as much a force for pure good as Robbie Robertson is a force for pure evil. This is consensus w… @kalebhorton he should have been an eagle.
Retweeted by Kaleb HortonPart of being a good evangelist for 20th century American music is evangelizing, say, Charlie Patton and the songwr… me a break, you want to write about The Band and you interview some random guy?
Peru. @justinKLOCZKO There's no way the non-O'Rourke version is better. I can't even imagine it. @PulpPit No, but that's available through Strummer's label as a legitimate release now. I don't believe it's differ… @deaconlf if you're too online it eventually happens, and generally for no good reason @substitute I think it's possible there's no one song on this thing though, unless you haven't heard that Streetcore outtake.The big thing I'm disappointed about is that there are no Mescaleros rarities, when I suspect there's a fair amount…'m shocked it took until 15 years after his death for a Joe Strummer rarities compilation to exist. Not much to fi… wish the Emmys would be more honest about how stupid they are and somehow give like 90 nominations to The Good Doctor. @mtsw True. And this post was of course made by a hacker after I win a primetime Emmy for one of my great show ideas.Congratulations to the Emmys for ignoring Twin Peaks, the best TV of the last ten years. I just hope nobody finds o… @matbreen @MTVNews hey matt, why doesnt mtv play music videos anymore?MTV already fired a brilliant and prestigious newsroom to pivot to TRL, which had approximately the ratings of one… story is incredible. A near-flawless mimic who impersonates studio executives and leaves no paper trail, worki…
Remember when MTV brought back TRL and within a month it dropped out of the Nielsen top 150 and into a zone occupie…’s a question for ya, buddy: why doesnt mtv play music videos anymore Phil Hartman was still with us, Newsradio could come back on the air as a 22 minute David Brooks diss track.