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it seems taka gets less of a pass because he's kind of an asshole lmao i still think ill like him a lotFUCK OFF I LOVE THIS TYPE has the plus of being a huge sweetheart tooi see a character who is strict, uptight, and respects the rules above all else and im fucking gone. im done for, manstarted trigger happy havoc. music is banging so farafter having invisalign for 17 weeks it's super unsettling how far out i can push my jaw. what the fuck @hipppityhoppity tetsu x8 @hipppityhoppity tetsu x4tetsutetsu tetsutetsu. tetsutetsu? tetsutetsu.Stop that. @SloanPanda awhhh thank you that's genuinely really nice to hear 🥺🥺 @flameontheroof ONE OF MY FAVORITE YOUTUBERSi really respect his ability to make his top 10 best lists just as entertaining as his worst listsbabe wake up new todd in the shadows videowhat's your favorite episode of mha? want to rewatch some good onesnot even sarcastic im literally doing betterLET'S FUCKING GOOOOOO drawing of a self-insert dnd-style character in tongues vibes at the beginning of modus always get me right in the heartdid i tell you guys about that time i was challenged by pokemon go user meatyteaty
not shitting on the song though it's incrediblenever have i heard a song so purely and unashamedly about sex as this one IS THIS SO FUNNY GOD I'M SO LONELY SO I OPEN THE WINDOW TO HEAR SOUNDS OF PEOPLE TO HEAR SOUNDS OF PEOPLEmy bookmarks are just Cool Art and Haha Cute GuyHey dip shit @thegardentrolls just write it in man what are they gonna do? arrest you? @thegardentrolls i seriously doubt it @thegardentrolls JDHJDJ its okaywas not expecting this to be controversial @thegardentrolls yes that is the joke /lhDO YOU GUYS NEED A GRAMMAR LESSON @neonosie if you're using it like "a friendly wave" then wave is a noun @KROELOVEBOT in that example it would be "they waved friendly"NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO USE ADVERBS @neonosie Adjective @photosyntisis adverbbbbbb @flameontheroof THAT'S AN ADJECTIVEguy who uses "friendly" as an adverb
Retweeted by ninai am THINKING. about TOGATA MIRIO!!! @P5YCH0METRY VALID. BUT I DISAGREEnever again listening to the end of mitski nobody when it's dark outside @V01DBaby listening to my pokemon music playlist and goijg crazymitski nobody hourscan't go to sleep sorry my brain is rottingi see alola hate on the tl and it's on sight. get out /hjTHIS COMMENT ON BEDE'S ENCOUNTER THEME IS MAKING ME LOSE MY MIND pokemon sword and shield tournament lobby theme /pos love you so much babe @neonosie OHHHH NO!!!this show is a nightmare for my bisexual ass. why are they all so hothate this mf baby i want you to know i love you very much"my little soybean" WHAT AN ASSOHHH FUCKONCE AGAIN, UH OH!!! @neonosie never trust a todoroki fan /ji don't think there's anything funnier than the generic "chomp" sound effectgreat pretender shenanigans UH OHUh ohdiffuse any tense situation simply by saying "hee hoo" @neonosie well that's good at least.... i can't imagine not liking the characters that are on screen literally 95%… Pokémon characters!
Retweeted by ninaMysterious Silhouette @neonosie ???? WHY EVEN WATCH THE SHOW AT THAT POINT @neonosie What the fuckI have himb @Caverr4 WHY NOT
walked 90km today :)'T EXPECT HIM TO BE SO BIG yes he's like 10 it does make sensehow tf is he so tiny love the lillie/gladion/ lusamine story with all my heart even if it's really sad it's just such a good plotIt's Gordie! Animation test. SwordShield is a year old already? It must be time to draw the best boy again.…
Retweeted by ninamake fun of interstellar all you want but ill punch you in the teeth if you look me in the eyes and say it's a bad movie /hjgod someone help me ive wandered back into the dane cook animatics side of a fanbase
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Retweeted by ninalegendary IT I'M GOING TO GIVE YOU A HUG if you're not careful im going to kiss you on the cheek love tenya so much ultimate comfort character THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING I THOUGHT THIS WAS NORMALUhhhhhh i like girls so muchActually the fucking music ever
Retweeted by ninai wonder how splashkittyartist is doingTwo of them ain't never seen two pretty best friends. 1 always ugly 😂 to power him up :DHell yeah arceus #pokemon #betapokemon #mossworm
Retweeted by ninalrt im love herFrom Sun and Moon Episode 83 #anipoke
Retweeted by ninahey buddies nilsa serega here i am lemonguys. 10,000 spoons oleana edit. please