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this most annoying thing is hearing “you look stuck up” “i thought you were mean when we first met.” i have anxi… @UrBoringAsFUCK No 🥺😭 @sirrkhalil no seriously 😭 @HoneyBalenciaga watching the joy crab legs bring to everyone 🥺😩 when everyone was saying “didn’t they tell you i was a savage?” rih created monsters that year 😭😩life too short lil baby fall forcing no chasing, i’m too raw for that.
Retweeted by KBevery time i ignore my gut feelings, i regret it.i love my body wow.. it’s potential 😩🙏🏽A cabin trip this winter is needed..
Retweeted by KB @rxmsxy very last minute @timmygotsoul yo the way she move her limbs!Sarah Paulson in every season of AHS
Retweeted by KBa batty?! I- 😭 @snapshotmike 😔😭😭 mind you I try to keep it 3 lines.. but yeah same cause when you’re getting multiple notifications you pay attention more @snapshotmike break it down so i can process everything; it’s funny i say this cause a nigga will write essays 😭Jeremy Pope for the #Emmys Spent the weekend in Florida celebrating @hollywoodnetflx’s Archie’s first nomination f…
Retweeted by KBI’m learning that things don’t always have to “go bad” just because you & someone have decided to not be together.…
Retweeted by KBHaving a bestfriend who’s family considers you an extra child Is ELITE.
Retweeted by KBIdc where I’m at...if When I See You by Fantasia come on..I’m singing😂
Retweeted by KB @jrdynjy like what common sense do these people have. love this😭😭😭 was the only moment of peace in 2020
Retweeted by KB @islandday_ Damnnnn they got me outta thereJust another look... ☺️
Retweeted by KBwhy is Twitter glitching today? @Jinxurself_ Yoooo 😭😭
Ew.y’all really be having the audacity... as if there’s not consistent cases of police killing people in their own h… God
Retweeted by KBi always revisit songs i don’t like when i first listen to it then end up having it on repeat 😩 @treysotrigga no lol but i feel their pain my allergies are wild afi know this is annoying to y’all.. but imagine going through it 😔 yourself first
Retweeted by KB @dre__cole After season 2 i was outthis gif OMG
Retweeted by KBEveryone-and I do mean everyone-should be against officers being able to walk into your home and kill you with impunity. Everyone.
Retweeted by KB#NewProfilePic do it different.SZA really did that. i'm obsessed.
Retweeted by KB* @Tinashe (feat. @asvpxrocky) :| pretend.
Retweeted by KBSlide in your crush dm . Promise you it ain’t difficult
Retweeted by KBBlack death is worth ~$12 million. we are still atomized, itemized, weighed, measured, appraised as flesh. brutal mathematics.
Retweeted by KB @SkyhighNoDisney ByeBreonna Taylor should be alive today. This decision is a disgrace. We need accountability for the officers who…
Retweeted by KB @SkyhighNoDisney you wasn’t paying attention at all cause .. no way loltori kelly paper heart. @SkyhighNoDisney he didn’t do it lol @_chuckiew✌🏽.. @MrAmbitious12 It’s happening to a lot of peopleDaniel Cameron shows why we must have a deeper conversation on representation. It can't just be about identity; it…
Retweeted by KBPraying for Breonna’s mother and family. Because they knew and loved her before her name became a hashtag.
Retweeted by KBThe fact that bullets that went into neighboring apartments are more actionable than bullets that went into…
Retweeted by KBBe clear. You don't declare a state of emergency and start lining up police because you believe that Justice is about to be served.
Retweeted by KBSkydiver or not with you. Taylor, I’m so sorry. 💔
Retweeted by KBthey got what they wanted.. I’m desensitized to this.. i really don’t feel anything anymore. this is the norm for t… @FUCCl no the hell she wasn’t.Kissing chemistry is so important. IMO.
Retweeted by KBLMFAOOOOOO. will never do without you. @__Ralphiee bI’m still not over maya calling her a joke that’s not funny, and that she couldn’t be on her “successful woman semi… @jrdynjy they did her so dirty @212surf ima vf 😭😂 @jrdynjy Lynn too?!Be who you want to be, these ppl really don’t care. They just want/need something to talk about.
Retweeted by KBI hate posting stuff that make me look hurt cause I really be chilling, I just agree. 😂🖕🏽
Retweeted by KB @devROCKSohd Yes yes yes!!! 🥺❤️When we oooo, empty @noellearchives tasteanything. notable mention: bed @_issatrip Congratulations 🍾This is what looting actually looks like
Retweeted by KBstill over Delilah getting killed in Youi like it just like that.Bubbles to eat in chilly NYC but no bubbles for the homeless in chilly NYC
Retweeted by KBNo one is coming to save you.
Retweeted by KB📸: Jonathan Mannion
Retweeted by KB a girl from Brooklyn 💅
Retweeted by KBMay people with pure intentions find people with pure intentions
Retweeted by KBas soon as the blunt go out...
Retweeted by KB @nuhtae well it’s gone, after getting stuck on one .. I’ll stick to holding everyone’s stuff lolWhen u already feel comfortable in the bed but forgot to pee
Retweeted by KB @donnyjean LMFAO sad but true 😣😭 @nuhtae Idk how y’all do it 😭 @KingCharmng absolutely I’m traumatized. I got stuck on a rollercoaster once 😭just woke up.. we see how tonight’s gonna go 😒 @____Kollin edamame?just another interlude > switched out Mya’s whole family. first a different Darnell, then a whole different jabari 😭
@theeboyquan thank you ✨🙏🏽