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MnM | Kalvin 展威 @KalKalCS

• Founder/Director/Manager/Creative @MnMGamingUK • 2x 🇬🇧 Esports Manager of the Year • 15+ Championships 🏆 • 10+ Finalist 🥈 • Prev @level99co • 🇨🇳🇬🇧

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GOATS 🐐 GG WP @natusvincere, we take the W. 7⃣ - 5⃣ 📺 #ForTheFlame #为燃烧而生 #炎のために 🔥
Retweeted by MnM | Kalvin 展威Using up whatever is left in the fridge. Japanese inspired chickens wings | Japanese mayo | Gailan Chinese broccol… @LooneyDogzz Facts, homemade ones are OP thoughhPog Maw go 🐶💦💦💦 in #UKLC Week 4 #ForTheFlame #为燃烧而生
Retweeted by MnM | Kalvin 展威 @MnMGamingUK honestly the spit spit spit thing you've started @Hiprain @esportscuisine I know this 4/10 presentation has got @_Tridd all over it @CanFo they are just so amazing @garethsrowe @conoredits @OoniHQ I mean 🙂🙂Taiwanese Pineapple Cake 凤梨酥
@Filk_CH @sammylam_ @JavelinCS Maybe one day I'll make a video recipe @CraneLoL @sammylam_ @JavelinCS lockdown ending my friend, pop on over @CloudyWolfAcc @esportscuisine People always going to hate on revolutionistsWet brine and butter milk fried chicken thighs, wings, strips with a touch of rosemary to finish. 🍗 Trying out new…
@SimbahR6S @lappycs ???? @MnM_Phoebe 8 @CoachFykling No idea it just fixed itself after I stopped wearing glasses. I can legally drive without glasses too @CoachFykling That's awesome to hear actually! 🥰 Haha yeah luckily my eyes are no longer crossed eyed and no more glassesI present to you baby K a l 🤓 @jamesbardolph @Trackmania @MnMGamingUK Always full kb when at homePapa Chung is playing with the new MNM car on new @trackmania game #为燃烧而生
Queue the music for #UKLC Week 3 🎶 #ForTheFlame #为燃烧而生 🔥
Retweeted by MnM | Kalvin 展威But anime Kal would be so cool. I'd be the best chef
F. 😢MNM R6 IS BACK TODAY, HERES SOME FLAME 🔥🔥🔥๛ก(ー̀ωー́ก) #ForTheFlame #为燃烧而生 #炎のために
Retweeted by MnM | Kalvin 展威No matter where we are from across the world, creativity is what connects us.
Retweeted by MnM | Kalvin 展威 @Adddler @yangsinlv @IcySolace I'm always up for a challenger
Nah but how cool is it that MNM has an official club and skin in the new @trackmania game? This skin is 🔥… MNM car, kal go vroom vroom now 🏎️ 🖌️ @scottSMM_ #ForTheFlame @sluGabedTV @SuperFantasyLEC @Rogue @Hanssama Trying to look like a kpop star @chrisrsword @MnMGamingUK @Trackmania @shortzesu @PacTM2 @Ubisoft_UK @UbisoftFR Thanks Chris, I am very lucky I fou… TRACKMANIA: A NEW ERA 🏎️ #ForTheFlame #为燃烧而生 🔥
Retweeted by MnM | Kalvin 展威 @Lyonia_OW @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ porchetta it is then chief @Nuhdeano Chinese wedding so we can get that 11 course banquet- lobster and crispy noodles Helllooooooo13 h 30 minutes until Ubisoft Nadeo releases their new game. I literally cannot wait for it to come out and annou… @jenna_yay @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ lockdown ends soon dw @_Spxcced @5FTFrodo86 @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ I'll give it a go! @Girl_Dm_ @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ Thank you! Glad you enjoy it ~ @Girl_Dm_ @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ I will look into that - thanks for the suggestion 😊
@lopezcreative @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ The Ratatouille & Pancakes (no eggs were used) are vegan but I'll defi… @SteviewrGG @sammylam_ @JavelinCS 🤗🤗 I'll be the best auntie trust @SteviewrGG @sammylam_ @JavelinCS Unreal you're taking presentation to another level @geomancylol @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ I'll add it to the list @Rahulahoop_ @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ thanks man! It is also definitely one of my favourite movies @SteviewrGG @_Tridd Hahahahaha please draw faces on all food from now on @sam_s_cooke @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ DHL for life remember this @sam_s_cooke @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ Middle and middle right dishes are veggie-friendly thanks x @YusaaLoL @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ doable for my fellow kpop band member @AuxCasts @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ I'm going to tweet sometime at how insane his kitchen his compared to mine aha @kARMApangya @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ It was very poggers @CoachFykling @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ 🙏king @CloudyWolfAcc @Hiprain @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ Tridd started it 😠I'd rather be a cook good than be average at cooking & baking 🙂 @KuroNinji @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ 🧑‍🍳🧑‍🍳I just use whatever sunlight is left at the time to be fair but I d… @_Tridd @JavelinCS @sammylam_ Always a first time for everything I guessCooking during lockdown has been really fun🧑‍🍳 Comment suggestions for what you want me to cook next because I can… @xConjoe If there's food, there's a way @xConjoe Invite next time pls @duncanmeltdown @_Tridd I'd say they'd be proud of me but we all know they won't be. @_Tridd 1. Less Rice under the onions so it isn't too tall 2. Spring Onions on top for colour, flavour & contrast 3… @atroooix @JavelinCS @fionaa_t Sorry this one has Daniel written all over it 🙏 @Kxndrew @MnMGamingUK @CTZNr6 @Rainbow6_UK Honestly I can never get enough of it
@xConjoe @sammylam_ @JavelinCS Yeah wtf so I'm so underappreciated. If your house needs cook lmk 😤 @xConjoe @sammylam_ @JavelinCS Mostly but Daniel sometimes cooks a good meal too @xConjoe I mean basically that's what I do with @sammylam_ @JavelinCS except they all say I'm annoying😢I'm his best auntie 😤 @NiiKiWi_ @sammylam_ @JavelinCS yaaaaaaaaaaa you should 100000000% cook it, it was so good wish I made more @Aphiren @AceOfPyrite @_Tridd @sammylam_ @MnMGamingUK @JavelinCS @Adddler @Subliners @LeonGiddens @Cynil_ @YusaaLoL facts @atkpwr it was soooooooo goood ngl 😍 @x_RyZeGaming_x @Speedy_TM @_Tridd @sammylam_ @MnMGamingUK @JavelinCS @Adddler @Subliners @LeonGiddens @Cynil_ @Speedy_TM @_Tridd @sammylam_ @MnMGamingUK @JavelinCS @Adddler @Subliners @LeonGiddens @Cynil_ @Aphiren @YusaaLoL B… @MythixOfficial @sammylam_ @JavelinCS When lockdown over yaPoggers squad @Dom_Sacco Poggers @TobinCSGO @sammylam_ @JavelinCS Only way I can do that is offer up a bowl my king 👊 @notCraxan @sammylam_ @JavelinCS Thank you Chief 🔥 @TheChrisStealth @sammylam_ @JavelinCS Sammys bowl has been beside him untouched and it's getting cold 😠 @Nefos_tweets @sammylam_ @JavelinCS I highly recommend giving it an order on your next Chinese椒盐鸡翅, 清炒时蔬 (芥蓝, 白菜)。 Salt and pepper chicken wings, homemade Chinese BBQ sauce with pak choi and Chinese broccoli. broke that Asian bad driver stereotype by being the best helmsman in the galaxy...
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@MythixOfficial She's a heartbreakerNah but my nephew & niece are so cute they don't know the difference between uncle and auntie. Teddy the king want… how you want to win a game but.. GG guys @RiftyLoL @BeeleyLoL @PFI__ 💕🙏200 years 🤪 🖥️ 📺 #ForTheFlame #为燃烧而生 #UKLC
Retweeted by MnM | Kalvin 展威 @Hiprain 🙂🙂🙂 @BanKsEsports That's a gift, not a problem 👊 @BanKsEsports Perfect balance when you can't decide between ice cream and lollyThe best summer treat, no doubt about it. @RiftyLoL @JavelinCS Don't need gaming houses, just need cooking houses @toffee Better plater than @_Tridd @sammylam_ Clearly when you were looking at your bedSammy's mirror is best mirror in apartment zzzz
@_Tridd Your kitchen vs my kitchen 😠 @_Tridd So how can I even compete haha
@xConjoe @Manx_Azn They're so cute ngl @OishiiBaka We had stickers and if you got 25 you are given a bronze badge and so on @xConjoe I mean when I need a boost in likes there's always the MNM twitter 🙂 @OishiiBaka Unfollowing @Adddler No chance - I was quiet @ChemeraLol @soflol @MadLadPad haha @LDN_Esports what ego food have you been feeding this guy?Always that one kid in school who said at the end of class: "But Sir/Miss you forgot to take our homework" 😠