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Calamares y lomo saltado at a favorite Peruvian restaurant. They're playing Marco Antonio Solis, Enrique Iglesias,…
@ShelfNerds Yikes, so sorry to hear that. Hope the recovery is speedy and they can help with the pain in the meantime! @rashiduzzaman82 It was really a fun thing to find out! 🙂I have just discovered that my dad has been watching all of #startrek #voyager (he's even seen some I haven't gotte… present from my mom. I know she doesn't understand why I like SW so much, so this was sweet ☺️ @markberkins Haha. Thank you!! ☺️🖖🏼 They are pretty great kids but they have SO much energy it can be a lot of work for sure. 😅
@Tiffanieskater Thanks!! 🙂🙂🖖🏼 @pollyesthergems Thank you!! ☺️🖖🏼 @SusanneLupica Thanks!! 🙂🖖🏼 @TrekkieRob Thank you, Rob - me too! ☺️🖖🏼 I was hoping to go to STLV for the first time this year, but maybe next y… @TheRobinDP Thanks! 🖖🏼🙂 @EntropicEnigma Thank you! 🙂🖖🏼 @GautreauRachel Thank you, Rachel! 🙂🖖🏼 @TrekGeeks Thank you 🙂🙂🖖🏼 So happy to find this group this year ☺️ @TrekProfiles @TrekGeeks Thanks so much!! ☺️🖖🏼 @SJwashere Thank you!! ☺️🖖🏼 @laura_laural Yes, and the kind of gracefulness I always aspired to, but I am way more awkward 😅 @hrouse_rmn Thank you! 🙂🖖🏼 @jemabean1 @TrekGeeks Thank you!! 🖖🙂 @ShuttlepodTwo Thanks so much! 😊 (Also, I love this scene - just classic Tuvok and Janeway friendship.) @PatrickE34 Haha. If you argue with yourself, who wins?? Thanks so much 😊🖖 @BatlethBabe You are sweet 😅 Yes, I'll have to post it on another Trek Tuesday! @BatlethBabe @TrekGeeks Thank you, Heather!! 😊🖖 Instead of going to STLV, I bought myself a Chateau Picard shirt fo… @GarrAarghHrumph @TrekGeeks Thank you so much! 😊😊 @PositivelyTrek It was a super stressful day, so good time to contemplate this question, and honestly I would just… was 14, in 1994 in Columbus. Got pictures with Walter Koenig & George Takei (who had a Pocket Books shirt on, whi… @evan_kapitansky @TrekGeeks Thanks, you too! 🖖 It's very disconcerting. Mulgrew projects incredible gravitas as Jan…
We'd like to take a moment to appreciate stunt choreographer Nick Gillard and how his insight shaped not only the e…
Retweeted by Kimberly @bluetrekker12 You made my day - thanks! So happy you like them. These really are my favorite characters and I always enjoy writing them. 😊🖖 @bluetrekker12 Thank you so much! So glad you like it 😊Happy #TrekTuesday! As of today I am officially older than Kate Mulgrew when she started playing Captain Janeway. M… @OntheRock81 @PicardNeedsBev Thank you!! I definitely agree. On this one, Una McCormack has written some of my abso… @OntheRock81 @DavidAlanMack @PicardNeedsBev @redshirt82 @TrekBookClub @startrekcbs Hear, hear. Some of the only rea… @c06891164 @DavidAlanMack @redshirt82 @TrekBookClub If not, there is always fanfiction 😊 @ryan1234560 Don't cross the streams. @ryan1234560 I may end up in the same place, kind of like after SW Legends (with just a handful of exceptions). But… @rthabiger Doing my part... ☺️ I'm just sad she was written out in the first place! Would love to see her as a capt…
@Kertrats @Brandiwine12 @Admiral_Rex This time I really am going to try to make of my absolute favorite episodes!Yes!! I think Beverly would make an *excellent* captain. Love those moments in S7 in particular where we got to see… light of news that #beverlycrusher might appear in #startrekpicard (yay!), posting a link to the story I'm worki… EXCLUSIVE: Gates McFadden Says There Is A “Good Chance” She Will Appear In #StarTrekPicard
Retweeted by Kimberly @DavidAlanMack @redshirt82 @TrekBookClub That is so wonderful to know - thank you!! It made for such a wonderful ch… @kalliend3 @redshirt82 @TrekBookClub The writers of the novels feel your pain and promise that we're trying to brin…
Retweeted by Kimberly @redshirt82 @TrekBookClub @DavidAlanMack I also like to re-read Death in Winter, especially since *sniffle* the who… McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi was perfection.
Retweeted by Kimberly @GarrAarghHrumph @petertrek1 @TrekBookClub Glad I wasn't the only one! ☺️ Apparently I just haven't watched Search… @Anthro_CLH It's really outstanding.
@petertrek1 @TrekBookClub I'm pretty decent with Star Trek trivia, but I didn't actually know Sarek's parents' name… @TrekBookClub It was fun, thank you! ☺️🖖🏼 @GarrAarghHrumph @TrekBookClub Yes & it's a shame. You'd think they would be more supportive of people having famil… @TrekBookClub I enjoyed seeing Malcolm and T'Pol as captains, and thought CLB did a nice job giving every main char… @TrekBookClub It's only natural that she hesitated, bc the change has been so profound from the way they used to be… @TrekBookClub This was shocking and upsetting - we're so used to Trek medicine being almost magical and able to hea… @TrekBookClub Very fortunate, and it's nice to have Iloja here as an outsider to highlight that fact. I think if yo… @TrekBookClub I liked seeing how Malcolm's experiences affected him and his sense of ethics. He used his experience… @GarrAarghHrumph @TrekBookClub I agree, and it's hard to see :( @TrekFan4387 One of my favorite Picard/Crusher scenes as well. It says a lot that he trusts her to be with him whil…
@TrekBookClub I recognized the Essex right away, but this was a really unexpected reference. Interesting to see Shu… @TrekBookClub To be honest I was a little surprised at how truly angry Travis was, but it did seem realistic. I app… @TrekBookClub It is perfect for him, & I thought the book did a good job showing his reluctant but growing acceptan… @TrekBookClub It shows tremendous empathy and reflects very well on him, I think. #trekbookclub @TrekBookClub It's appropriate. Is federalism more of an American concept & that's why Gene named it that? The idea… @TrekBookClub Seems like a very appropriate name for the early days of space exploration! #trekbookclub @TrekfanRick @TrekBookClub Definitely a great performance there too! @TrekBookClub "Sarek" is one of my top ten #TNG eps - such incredible performances from two great actors. I got to… @TrekBookClub l like it! Less common to have a symbol on the cover than a ship or characters, but this is instantly… @SartajGovindSin Happy birthday to you too! (And yes, Abrams really did *such* a great job creating these new characters!)Watching "Kir'shara" in advance of @TrekBookClub's reading #UncertainLogic this weekend. 🖖🏼 Looking forward to the…
@ryantriddle Pulaski's great, but Crusher was always my favorite character - really a role model for me as a kid -… weekend starts tomorrow - spread the word! Join us on twitter throughout the weekend to discuss the…
Retweeted by Kimberly#VOY25 #StarTrek A latent image is an image on an exposed film which hasn't developed yet and is still unseeable. B…
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The fight does not go well, Enterprise. @GreatestTrek“Conquer it, sanitize it, and homogenize it. That’s the Federation way.” Is Bashir having a midlife crisis in…
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Happy #trektuesday! Usually my Lego-obsessed kids make extremely elaborate Star Wars fighters and cruisers for play… @ListeningToFilm My older two love that font, too! Ha. It hurts my eyes when they use it for entire paragraphs, but… @BreeElizabeth @GreatestTrek @BenjaminAhr @CutForTime One of my all time favorite gifs. ☺️
Monday mood, rinse and repeat. #maximumjaneway
@petertrek1 @TrekBookClub I know they were published separately, but it would definitely be interesting to go back… @Elfwine @TrekBookClub @unamccormack I read Enigma Tales before I had read Brinkmanship and The Missing. It read pe… @ListeningToFilm Awww. What a sweet picture! Happy Father's Day, Carl! @michaelangie I'll have to queue this one up! Tain was definitely...not a good father 😅All of these would be good to talk about, but I'd love to discuss the Destiny trilogy with the great @TrekBookClub @TrekBookClub Would Destiny just be the first book or the omnibus trilogy?Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history. #ShakespeareSunday As You Like It A2S7
Retweeted by Kimberly @Trekkin10 It messes with me every time. Frakes does such a great job with it.What, a play toward! I'll be an auditor; An actor too, perhaps, if I see cause. #ShakespeareSunday A Midsummer Nig…
Retweeted by Kimberly @AlxAugust"Is there no play, To ease the anguish of a torturing hour?" (Midsummer Night's Dream, V.1) #shakespearesunday"Good now, play one scene Of excellent dissembling." (Antony and Cleopatra, I.3) #shakespearesunday #lando #rotj"As an unperfect actor on the stage Who with his fear is put besides his part." (Sonnet 23) #shakespearesunday
My feelings as my children cheerfully came in to check how my nap was approximately 47 times during the middle of s… @io1ness Oh, I've been on a TNG kick since I was ten, nothing wrong with that 🙂 But DS9 really does have some amazing episodes!11yo officially has bigger feet and hands than I do. I probably only have a year or so before he's taller too. 😬 @ListeningToFilm I think one of my biggest disappointments with Into Darkness was this too. As in, how is this diff… @ListeningToFilm Ooh, hot take. ...that makes a lot of sense, actually. I never loved Action Picard in the films. 🤔
@annaonthemoon Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that :( You will be in my prayers.4yo, hauling his Millennium Falcon toy upstairs to show his brothers: Hey, I found this piece of junk for you!…
@ListeningToFilm @TrekRanks Great list!! Don't know what it says that I can immediately hear all of these in my min… @annaonthemoon Silly question - how long did it take you to get used to Celsius? I got used to it during study abro… @Sith1701 Definitely Crusher or Bashir. I love me some sarcastic, crabby doctors, but I think I appreciate a nicer…