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PerfumeAddicts Exclusive Deal: Paco Rabanne Pour Homme from Paco Rabanne 100ml for 2600. #fougereclassic OLD CLAS… @chintanv9 @kalravkapadia Couldn’t agree more.. kalrav is the go to man for perfumes.. quality and delivery top class
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @mihirfromroha @chintanv9 Thank you sir @sathya1077 LovelyPerfumeAddicts New Launch Update: Brand - Gucci Name - Gucci Pour Homme Eau De Parfum Top Notes - Chilli, Rose M… @OnlyPrions The azzaro one listed today is good. Issey Miyake classic is good. DG light blue intense is good @Sabertrax No. The azzaro one listed today is good. Issey Miyake classic is good. DG light blue intense is goodIf you love AQUATICS with super fresh accords and very good performance, JUST DONT THINK TWICE BEFORE ADDING THIS T… one by far is one of the best AZZARO CHROME FLANKER TO COME. Released in 2019 this one's been under the radar and has gone unnoticed.GREEN APPLE + VETIVER + MINT + BASIL + VIOLET LEAF + SEA ACCORDS + GRAPEFRUIT This was something which was missing… Exclusive Deal: Azzaro Chrome Aqua Pour Homme for men from Azzaro 100ml for 2950. #citrus #aromatic @kalravkapadia BEST MAN for Perfumes... Super Quality and Super Service...
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @chintanv9 Thank u sirWord!!!
Superb Talent!! I don't know the lyrics not had heard this melodious song...but the kid has sung it so me… THIS ART OF BLISSFULNESS BEFORE THE STOCK FLIES🏌🏽‍♂🏌🏽‍♂🏌🏽‍♂.'s PURE WATER with CLEAN FLORALS topped up with Amber and Woods. Issey Miyake pefumes have always been more AR… wearing this you will be transported to a beautiful lush white and green forest where the sun is sparkling with… on the timeline if you haven't tried this one and want to add something Beautiful, Charismatic and blissful.… Miyake L'eau D'Issey Pour Femme for women from Issey Miyake 100ml for 3650 #floral #aquatic Personally, for… @Sourav_Halder04 Yes
@droidshake Yes 💥💥 @amitpawar87 Try it before it's too late @pradeep2018 Not available @aalsijhingur Not in @pradeep2018 Let u know @neetakolhatkar Ok @neetakolhatkar You want me to book it for uIt's a GREAT SMOKY BOMB WHICH WILL TAKE YOU FOR THRILLING RIDE THROUGH ITS UNIQUE NOTE PYRAMID!!! Dominant Accords… one will knock your SOCKS out for sure....AN ULTIMATE UNIQUE HIGH QUALITY JUICE FOR SURE. This will envelope… 2 or MAX 3 and you are done for the full 24 hours. That's how strong and sexy it is. SMOKY + FRESH + SWEET… Exclusive Deal: Rasasi Shuhrah Pour Homme for men from Rasasi 90ml EDP for 2650. #beastmode #strong @anuragrp1988 @ThBuckStopsHere Not available @MinolAjekar Sure pls whatsapp on 9773027279 @technofreak06 200ml 5500 @ThBuckStopsHere Yes💥💥Tried and tested. For the best brands and killer deals in perfumes! Contact @kalravkapadia ! Genuine stuff and bes…
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @vishesh2902 Thank you so much sir for the recommendation.Numero UNO 👑👑👑👑 Flash Deal - Limited Stock ( 6 ONLY) GRAB THE BEAST 🔥👊🔥👊 Exclusive Deal: Paco Rabanne One Million Pour Homme for men from Paco Rabanne 200ml for 5500… @SandeepMall We should thank you sir @SandeepMall You inspire so many lives here on Twitter. Thank you sir. Twitter seems so peaceful after reading your…
@ariif Hello sir, this one is 100ml EDP 18900.This is one SUPERHOUSE perfume which has not been formulated and kept as it right from 1982, when it was released.… Notes - Artemisia, Rosemary, Lavender, Basil, Lemon, Bergamot Middle Notes - Coriander, Carnation, Cinnamon, J… Exclusive Deal: Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir Pour Homme for men from Guy Laroche 100ml for 2650… @Pritali7 @DhirenSalian YupPicked this one up. Amazing scent. Thanks @kalravkapadia
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @DhirenSalian Thank you sir @sumitmeghani198 18900 100ml @aalsijhingur Maybe by June 2020All the SHADES OF POLO BLUE RALPH LAUREN IN ONE PIC!!! #ralphlauren #poloblue #perfumes @Pritali7 YesPerformance is 10/10 and quality of the juice will surprise you for sure!!! If you have the MOOLAH and want to spl… MASTERPIECE belongs to the PRIVATE BLEND category of perfumes from Tom Ford, where he has created an unique co… Exclusive Deal: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Pour Homme for men from Tom Ford 100ml EDP for 18900.… @ThBuckStopsHere @subbureddyy @droidshake Sure sir @ThBuckStopsHere @subbureddyy @droidshake Projection and longevity are super duper. One of the best OUD cheapies in…
@subbureddyy @droidshake 👍👍 @subbureddyy @droidshake Our pleasure sir @droidshake @subbureddyy Wow😄And so I was majorly pulling @droidshake leg for the way he was picking up perfumes left and right from…
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @tanmaybilay Not yet released @subbureddyy @droidshake The ones you have got are Compliment monsters...the Oud one stays on clothes for 24+.PerfumeAddicts New Launch Update: Brand - Ralph Lauren Name - Polo Deep Blue Parfum Top Notes - Green Mango, Grap… @gulabiglares @Phrustated No I assume you can't stack regular 2 on 2 plus @droidshake Bang on @droidshake Add DG Light Blue Eau Intense in your arsenal!! @AnuragNShah Pls whatsapp on 9773027279 @SudarshanEMA Yes, Win for India is a Chimera
@kalravkapadia thank you, beautiful fragrance! Got so many compliments :)
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @jatin_gala16 Thank you for the trust sirThank you @kalravkapadia for this. One my favourite ! Amazingly quick service,much more amazing than I expected..…
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @rakeshbhakna Thank u sir for the trust @SudarshanEMA 👍 @SudarshanEMA Status, Nariman PointPlease RT this!
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @neerajku No sirThank you @kalravkapadia This gem Armaf Club De Nuit Intense smells awesome (almost 90% like Creed Aventus). Nice…
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @droidshake Thank u sir @gauravkapoors Yes @JiteshJ29312309 Pls whatsapp on 9773027279Don’t miss this guys.
Retweeted by PerfumeAddicts @ThBuckStopsHere Yes amazing @prachimee @djhiren Yes, clones Chanel Coco Madmoiselle @pseudosoc1al Thank you sirCan vouch for this. One of the best. Fragrance lasts for almost 6 hours+
Retweeted by PerfumeAddictsArmaf has done it again and has produced GEM AFTER GEMS.Summer is fast approaching and if you trust Recommended perfumes please go ahead and buy this STUNNER. Top Notes -… the price it's a MUST buy if you love Citrus Aromatic perfumes, especially Acqua Di Gio. The quality is top n… Exclusive Deal: Armaf Blue Homme Pour Homme for men from Armaf 100ml for 1350. #citrus #aromatic F… @SandeepN9NE Not sure sir but this one is a KILLER#NewProfilePic
@DeepXP Amazing and musky!!! @SuvarnaHemanth No