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U.S. Senator. Wife, Momala, Auntie. Still fighting for the people. She/her.

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Don’t worry, Mr. President. I’ll see you at your trial. has been the honor of my life to be your candidate. We will keep up the fight. my supporters, it is with deep regret—but also with deep gratitude—that I am suspending my campaign today. Bu… has connected us like never before—making it even easier for abusive partners to perpetrate digital dome… movement is about uplifting everyone, regardless of who you voted for in the last election. teachers shouldn’t have to learn how to tackle a gunman as part of teacher orientation. By turning a blind ey… @GavinNewsom Thanks @gavinnewsom! Don’t forget your jacket—December in Iowa is a little different from the Bay.We’ve placed a societal value on jobs that require a college education, while devaluing the jobs that don’t. In a…
Thank you @rashadrobinson for having me on the #VotingWhileBlack podcast season finale to discuss my plans for crim… transgender community faces an all out assault from the Trump Administration. @KamalaHarris has spent her caree…
Retweeted by Kamala HarrisI took on the big banks that preyed on people. I took on for-profit colleges that preyed on students. I took on tra…"It didn’t matter what your social status was because everyone was doing OxyContin." Heartbreaking stories from th…’s lawsuit threatens gun safety laws across our nation. Proud to stand with @MomsDemand, @Giffords, @BradyBuzz’s a no-brainer that if we want our children to thrive, we need to reinvest in America’s public education system—…
We are in a fight for democracy, for justice and for the rule of law. There’s a criminal enterprise afoot. And w… Ohio to Arkansas, an all-out assault is being waged on reproductive rights. I won’t stand for it. As president… the victims of the New Orleans shooting and their families in my prayers as our nation wakes up to news of… are nearly 40 million people living with HIV around the world. On #WorldAIDSDay, it is my commitment to you t… DeVos: teachers don't need a gun, they need a raise.The values that we as Americans hold dear are all on the line in this election. Justice for the American people is…
These lawmakers need to take a lesson in biology before trying to pass laws that interfere with women’s decisions a… Chisholm was unbought and unbossed, paving the way for Black women to lead, run—and win. On her birthday, w… each and every vote—one conversation at a time. South Carolina to Iowa, I’ve been blessed to meet with so many incredible small business owners. They are who…
It’s moments like 🥰 need your help. There are only two days left in the month and we’re trying to raise enough money online to make… is on the ballot when people are spending weeks, months, and years in jail because they can’t afford bail.… strength of our union isn’t in the walls we build. Our power is found in our diversity.I stopped by Corinthian Gardens apartments in Des Moines more than a decade ago to canvass for Barack Obama. It was…
Too many of our nation’s servicemembers are away from their families this Thanksgiving. California’s firefighters… for farm workers across our nation whose hard work and sacrifice has put food on the table for millions of… to all the Des Moines Turkey Trot runners! Now, it’s time for some turkey.’s a lot to be thankful for this year—from my family to all our joyful and talented volunteers, supporters, an… week, and every week, I’m thankful for America’s teachers. But they deserve more than thanks—they deserve high… American should ever have to delay or skip medication because drug makers jack up their prices. As president,… Captains like Soren play a huge role in our winning strategy in Iowa. Text Iowa to 70785 to become a Pre…
Private prisons literally incentivize making money off of incarcerating human beings. No wonder ICE officials are b… Black Women's Weekend of Action in South Carolina was historic. am ready to defeat Trump—but we need your help to get our video, "The Antidote to Trump," on TV in Iowa so caucus…'m honored to have the support of teachers from across Iowa. Teachers give everything to ensure our kids have brig… am ready to defeat Trump—but we need your help to get our video, "The Antidote to Trump," on TV in Iowa so caucus… grew up knowing the criminal justice system was unjust. That’s why I decided to go up the rough side of the mount… had so much fun cooking masala dosa with @mindykaling, and even got to meet her dad.
Looking forward to doing some pre-Thanksgiving prep with the family in Des Moines. United has fundamentally changed the foundation of our political system, giving the top 1% an unfair advan…'s be real about the health care debate in this primary. Some of my friends on the debate stage will take away y…'m incredibly proud of my team who pulled this video together. We want to continue to push out content like this a… the people of Santa Barbara County and our firefighters in my prayers as they battle these blazes on Thanks… catering workers shouldn’t have to choose between paying their bills or seeing a doctor. Today I joined… message to Mitch McConnell and the feckless Republicans who refuse to act to end gun violence: our children are… else keeps their spices in Taster’s Choice jars? Turns out @MindyKaling and I have more in common than we ini…
When it comes to our health care plans, some candidates would eliminate Americans' choice, while others—by their ow…’re kicking off our Fundraising Drive for the People with a very important message from @thesherylralph. Make th…
Retweeted by Kamala HarrisOver 50% of returning veterans who have PTSD do not receive mental health care. In a Harris Administration, we’ll d… mental health plan will: →Cover mental health care on demand →End the mental illness to jail pipeline →Double Do… we talk about health care, we often frame it as the neck down—but we need to take care of people from the neck… country is in a mental health crisis. Too many Americans are silently suffering with no relief in sight. Today,… 2020, we need: →A plan to cover everyone →A plan to bring down costs for Americans →A plan to preserve choice… won’t want to miss this video with @mindykaling tomorrow. #MyFavoriteIndianFood
I’ve spent my entire career fighting for justice. The choice between me and this lawless president couldn’t be more… is on the ballot when majority-Black communities in cities across our country lack clean drinking water.… @ljoywilliams I meant every word of it.Honored to join @HigherHeightPAC for this incredible event yesterday highlighting the voices and experiences of Bla… I started Back on Track as District Attorney of San Francisco, a lot of people questioned why I was helping y…'s official!
LIVE: Black Women's Town Hall with @HigherHeightsPAC, I’ll take the stage for our Black Women’s Town Hall with @HigherHeightPAC. Black women are the backbone of… President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney are part of a criminal… a people, we don’t throw up our hands—we roll up our sleeves and fight. We’re in this together. Be sure to tun… @lucymcbath Lucy, you've turned your pain into power and continue to inspire countless families who’ve also lost a…, @andyrichter has a message for you. and every day, Black women across our nation wake up and fight to achieve a vision of what is possible. We hav… need a leader who has the experience of working with all folks—including women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ comm… we’re building a grassroots campaign from the ground up to fight for justice. It won’t be easy, but I’m co…
Some of our most profitable businesses are selling weed. Those criminalized for doing the exact same thing should b… lift me up each and every day. of killing its citizens, violating rights, shutting down the internet, and destabilizing the region, the Ir… hard-earned money is at work lining Trump’s pockets. Hill's testimony is an example of dedicated public servants who work every day to preserve all that we hold d…’re on the road this week w. #TeamKamala in Columbia, SC, Fri. Nov. 22 - Sun., Nov, 24! Join our #BlackWomenLead
Retweeted by Kamala HarrisWe are witnessing a criminal enterprise involving all the President’s men. I encourage my Republican colleagues to… women are the lifeblood of the Democratic Party. It’s time we had their backs, and not just when we need thei… and I'm back on the @colbertlateshow show. Be sure to tune in tonight at 11:30/10:30c.’s an injustice that working women in America aren’t paid equally.
For too long, candidates have taken Black women—the backbone of the Democratic Party—for granted. We need to show u… calling it like it is 👇 Black Americans are disproportionately affected by gun violence. It’s the l…
Retweeted by Kamala HarrisWomen often have to make the difficult choice between their careers and caring for their families. As president, my… nation has mourned the lives lost after multiple mass shootings over the past few weeks. We can’t just discus… voters aren't just dealing with voter suppression—Russian interference is also at play. reviews are in: @KamalaHarris won Wednesday’s Democratic debate in Atlanta by standing up for Black women, spea…
Retweeted by Kamala HarrisWhen we overcome injustices, we will unlock the potential of the American people. That's the America I believe in.… rest my case. for all Americans is on the ballot in 2020. We have a criminal living in the White House and I'm ready to d… question Black women voters have for us as candidates is: Where you been, and what are you gonna do? #DemDebate to be the second Black woman elected to the U.S. Senate. #DemDebateBlack women are the backbone of the Democratic Party. But after they help us win, they’re still paid less, more lik… Trump got punked. He traded a photo op for nothing. #DemDebate commander in chief needs to concern herself with the security of our nation—including being respected around th… worker in America should receive six months of paid family leave. This is how we start to resolve the injusti…