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Gotta spend the bag to get a bigger one.
Here's a SNEAK PEEK of My 1st SINGLE DROPPIN Soon‼️ Y'all Ready?? 👀#IssaMood 🙏🏽♥️
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Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettI only wanna hang round GOOD vibes!Bbygurlll✨
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettEvery day.
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettGenuis or quick to judge
Retweeted by DJ Kam Bennett“2 Milly” be talking to me different
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettWant promotion on your content today? Send me a DM right now 📭An apology can go a long way w me.DK- Who Dat is
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettY’all fwm for 🔥 beats!!!!
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettLoyalty 🖤
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettIn Jesus name I pray, cos I need a good day🥺
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettFacts! Another day, another opportunity ⚡️
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettBoss Up 🗣
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettAny junt that he saying “I had to” guaranteed banger 😂
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettI really don’t know. Jus Like Me” a personal favorite tho.
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettStop overthinking! Ya driving ya self crazyI’m speaking it to existence
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettManifest 💪🏽
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettSure isss 😇
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettWhat yall think is @MoneyMan best song?They need to go ahead and open up the Apple stores asapToday’s gonna be a great day.Kanye - GorgeousGood Morning 🌴Let’s teach our kids better than we were taught.
Retweeted by DJ Kam Bennett‼️Gee Q - Been Lit OUT NOW PIPE UP!!!!! #STL #KC #KS #MO #YtiesdaMOB ‼️Link On My PAGE‼️
Retweeted by DJ Kam Bennett[New] @Byg_q0 - “Notice”
tik tok made me do it
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettScore S+: Rosalindcapulet, is the PRIME EXAMPLE of why the S + score exists. Let me tell you why. Rosalind started…
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettIt ain’t no fun if you don’t share with ya peoplePremier Virgin Bundles + FREE Premier products to care for your hair. Shop today and use co…
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettYou shouldn’t play wit that boy he is not one a them!!!!!!I thought they had my back but I’m steady seeing signsTurn ya goofy down...U See “All This “ Huh??🧊😝
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettAnother one🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettI Make shit look Easy but they don't know what it take.I make shit look easy but they don’t know what it take...Bibby and Lud Foe both needa drop some music for the streets.. shit 21 Savage too... they all been MIA🔥🔥 bro @nomainono go crazy g you praying on my downfall you deserve to see me ball.Chess not checkers, don’t forget!8️⃣ Relentless. Driven. A true competitor. We celebrate Kobe Bryant as our Cover Athlete for the Current Gen Mamba…
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettEverybody got a plan till they get punched in they shit 👊🏽NEW SHIRT DROP BLM EDITION LINK IN BIO. 50% of all proceeds are gonna be donated to the Bail Project. Thank you for…
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettLet’s teach our kids better than we were taught.Don’t burn a bridge before you even build it.[New] @_JayyF - “Motivate” @imxxxdark Score S+: a lot of people ask me why I enjoy doing this so much. Is it the reactions I get to my reviews…
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By any means necessaryhelp me choose the Thunderbolt cover art girl 🥺
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettWe paid on repeat all weekend!!!!Damn near all my problems is cause of dumb shit other people did... trust yourself and yourself only!!!Checkout this video
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettCheck this out
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettIf I said that shit I meant that shitTop 5 1. ESCAPE From LA- The Weeknd. 2. I care 4 u- Aaliyah 3. NOLA- August Alsina 4. Savage anthem- Party next d…
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettYou not handling your business bro... you Fuckin up your reputation.[New] @DK_Spanky “Who Dat Is” gotta stay focused. @DJTonee1 @hot1079atl 3-4 times a week is barely anything he’s talking about records that are getting played 2-3 ti…[New] @gvbkent - “EXHALE” (Official Music Video) @two2theneck @izzy_izzo He’s not talking about getting a few plays. He’s talking about being in direct rotation in an entire MARKETTough love is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do for someone. @htx_isaiah He’s not talking bout getting your song played once or twice he’s talking about being in mainstream radio ROTATIONWhat’s your favorite song right now?I don’t know anyone who became successful by luck... everyone I know who really getting to it worked they ASS off and still does to this dayWe wouldn’t even be having this conversation if you was really a bossI feel beyond blessed. Thank you God 4 everything 🙌🏽Wanted to capture the Saharan dust cloud really bad but wasn’t sure where it would be but the universe places me in…
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettAll facts 💯 Radio spins are not free. Never have been, never will be. Somebody gotta get paid for that record to be…’t rush yourself either
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettI been way too good to you.... you take me for granted.Lol all facts tho I’m dead 😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😂😂😂 it twice ain’t mad atcha. Do ya thang.Today’s gonna be a great day.If I smoke this blunt ima forget u.Good Morning 🌴We ain’t going nowhere We can’t be stopped now Cuz it’s rap shit for life
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettWatch who you call your homie!! @djafrokid2003 @Authenick_ 🔥🔥Gas This Up ⛽️🔥 I’ll drop ASAP #blacklivesmatter #KuKlux 🖕🏿👻
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettSo who lying? August or Jada...? I wanna believe her, but the evidence ain’t pointing in that direction 🧐
Retweeted by DJ Kam BennettStop making excuses... start executing.
I support voluntary sex workers @amazingasiaa Yes dmYeah I promote girls only fans.. so what? Idgaf we gettin money over here & sex sells better than anything sorryNormalize hot girls that love to fuck
Retweeted by DJ Kam Bennettmood: i need more money
Retweeted by DJ Kam Bennett🤮 competing with myself.I Would Die 4 UYou only gon do certain shit for so long when it’s not being reciprocated