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kait @kanatouu 17 cali

valorant @babykeem @turtlewurdle ♡ @stellariwnl @kotunara

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tf is rizz @cockwrld wish it never changed @cockwrld last summer was the best. @spenczz yes it makes splashy noises @blxstra niniisometimes u guys forget others on this app actually have a life when they turn it off @yvkiyo @stellariwnl @zekeiVAL HI BAE @stellariwnl @zekeiVAL bro is like 8 heads above me @zekeiVAL @stellariwnl BAHAAH @zekeiVAL @stellariwnl ooooooo @zekeiVAL 🥹 @stellariwnl @zekeiVAL ayrin am i an egirlwhat is a egirl @zekeiVAL NO IM NOT JFSJFHFKD @daimyoFPS STFU EBOY @zekeiVAL shut up eboy @Kxzuha_ hi how are you @z2c haloo @IlluminateAF hii hruhi
don’t waste your time forcing something that wasn’t meant to be @stellariwnl make it wet @stellariwnl just dont be bored @zekeiVAL bro @c5sey luckyy @kotunara hella red bro😭😭😭 @stellariwnl im wearing all black help @stellariwnl ayrin im BOILING RN HOW ARE U NIT DYINGnah cause who tf let it be this hot @cockwrld chdmfbjf FEEL BETTER BAE DRINK WATER AND EAT BREAD @Teklinor69 @tr33som i think i’ve just adapted to having all guy friends especially in the val community or wte my… @cockwrld poggersss @mtec69420 this
@ashiibun hii @stellariwnl @adorbse down bad @blxstra UH LIKE ONE GIRL FRIEND AND THE REST GUYSis it unattractive if a girl has too many guy friends @cloudyerin_ @stellariwnl @kotunara @xel_valorant oh yes i play league🫶 @stellariwnl @kotunara @cloudyerin_ @xel_valorant what is happening here @G1raVal playing w it straight makes my hand comfyhow do you tilt ur keyboard when you play games
@cockwrld reallim bad at captions lol
Retweeted by kait @NoBreadHere @stellariwnl @stephhuni LOL IT WAS SO FUN @whosmichela mich stop itt😣😣😣thank you for 600 ♡ you all mean the world to me and i’m so appreciative of your continued support through everyth…
Retweeted by kait @Nighty100k hai im good hbuuu @kotunara morning ethann @zekeiVAL no @Nighty100k hi @justjungi ntplease tell me cause i cantnahh cause how tf do you open up to people 😂😂talking to someone in the healing stage will hurt both of youppl will be be bad at valorant and cant pull bitches like pick a struggle 😂😂
@milkyuya_ tbh @milkteaboards DUDEEEE @milkteaboards austin not like thisss😭TEK IT mid valorant clips god song
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@ryukunno_ OMGGG SAY HII @1andrwcn just sleep @stellariwnl @zekeiVAL BHHHAAH REAL @stellariwnl @zekeiVAL its never too early 😄
@1kotaaa lololl ur goodd, two weeks from now i have gradd are you a senior? @1kotaaa nah im a senior where u get thatt @zekeiVAL Yyyy @zekeiVAL j leave @1kotaaa veryvery tireddd im ab to sleep in class @nuwumy fr though @sushicanie hai😇 @lizyuhhhh hihii! hru @yvkiyo HI HANNAH ITS BEEN SO LONG HOW ARE UU @_xie_tianyi baee so prettyBuilt like a stick
Retweeted by kait @Nighty10k sending thoughts 🫶 @zekeiVAL @OfficiaIDevour @HyperX WW
@Bre4ad WW @KlashOW2 im listening 😄 @turtlewurdle RIGHT @lambgorl hai hai how are youu @1kotaaa hi hruu @ashiibun hi ashley bae how are youui need more girl friends but how do u talk to girls. @skylrqii meee @NeilNakamoto yes👍🏽 @chubsgrl its so good @MoonKiller_VAL deadass @luvducki i leave my phone open n shi
would you let your girl/girl friends wear whatever they want? @cockwrld it’s funny cause theyre sm more bothered than me 😭 @pufbae deadassib mr. @Lee0zz 👍🏽give me book suggestions 😵‍💫 @stellariwnl now are you sure about that @ryukunno_ IM UR FANGIRL @zekeiVAL 🌬 @pufbae :ccfans asf 🫶 @blxstra REALLthe way half of u guys calling us pigs & shit on the timeline r constantly in our dms begging for attention and nudes etc is so embarrassing
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