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BORO // FINAL 15 TICKETS This is it. The end of our debut album tour is nigh. Tonight will be a banger in the Wes…
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@jenniferjordanz 😂😂 @jenniferjordanz Our boy is not bothered one bit 🙌🏼
@steve_lamacq I think this is one of the best shows! @avalanche_party on 60s second CV and Milk & Sunlight on the s…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheHULL TONIGHT // Back in the promised land. @TheAdelphiClub tonight. Doors 8pm. Limited tickets on the door. Dea…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAvalanche Party at the legendary Adelphi tonight. OH YES. Sleep tomorrow...
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheNew record player day. Big decision what to play first on this special day. Buzzcocks classic? Pistols 'Never mind…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAvalanche Party - Rebel Forever - 24 Carat Diamond Trephine (2019)
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAvalanche Party - 7 - 24 Carat Diamond Trephine (2019)
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheGreat to see the lads again @fulfordarmsyork #York. Brilliant new album and gig from @avalanche_party. 05Dec19 Mor…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheGet some @Benefitstheband And get some tickets Boro. Selling selling selling. Massively looking forward to ending…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAll the best @Rianne_Thompson on her first time at the wheel full time on @bbcteesintro tonight 📻 thanks for the sp…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheFeaturing @work1ngmensclub @_Haaze_ @thechatsband @warmduscherr @hellomushband @squidbanduk @rrroxygirls #drahla
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche @work1ngmensclub Join me between 9pm and 11pm this evening on @StoneTownRadio where I’ll have tunes from @TheC33s
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheHowl has been selected by big @JohnKennedy as his X-Posure Show Big One all this week on @RadioX 📻 Big thanks to…
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Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAvalanche Party - Howl - 24 Carat Diamond Trephine (2019)
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheThis weekend belongs to @avalanche_party and this is the first instalment...
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheYORK TONIGHT // @fulfordarmsyork tonight in York. Big tings. @theblacklagoons & Pig Club supporting. Doors 7:30p…
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche @WeBuyRecordsPod @pickadisc Can’t pick one so I’ll give you 5. Murder Capital, Fat White Family, Avalanche Party, Fontaines DC, Little Simz
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheSHEFFIELD TONIGHT Playing @RecordJunkee w/ @wearejustmint & @BlackMambaFever 💥 Doors 7:30pm.
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheEpisode 51 of the @CRC1029fm #AlleyCatRadioShow is now streaming on Mixcloud! Catch up with the November 21st broad…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheMIDDLESBROUGH SPECIAL GUESTS // Our mates @Benefitstheband & @BlackWaters_UK will join us as very special guests o…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheBORO
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheVery chuffed to have @Benefitstheband join us for our Boro gig. Kingsley has been highly influential to this band o…
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche6MUSIC // LAMMO Thanks @steve_lamacq for another spin of Howl on @BBC6Music tonight 📻
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche‘Howl’ the latest release from @avalanche_party sounding brilliant as always on @steve_lamacq @BBC6Music show tonig…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAvalanche Party - Howl - 24 Carat Diamond Trephine (2019)
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheReally sad news to hear about someone who was on the Teesside scene for as long as we’ve known. Donate.
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Avalanche Party - Milk & Sunlight Is a Heavy Dream - 24 Carat Diamond Trephine (2019)
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheSHEFFIELD PALS We return tomorrow night to play @RecordJunkee w/ mates @wearejustmint & @BlackMambaFever 💥 LTD…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheLast gig of 2019 so you know we’re going to be slightly above average. Wednesday 4th December @RecordJunkee suppor…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheViva @steve_lamacq
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#InsideTheAcidBox live on @PLATFORMBradio NOW PLAYING 105.5FM @avalanche_party - Milk & Sunlight Is A Heavy Dream
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheHuge thanks to Paul Rivers @TheCraufurd Arms last night for giving @thecomms_band a leg up on their 2nd gig - also…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheThese boys are very special @avalanche_party - top album !
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAvalanche Party - Howl - 24 Carat Diamond Trephine (2019)
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheSAGITTARIUS SEASON ♐️ We've got new playlist for u with some of our faves ❄️☃️ @swimminggirlsuk, @pipblom,…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheListen to @avalanche_party's stompy Howl as your Track Of The Week:
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheHowl featured as a Track of the Week at @ClassicRockMag 📻
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche @BBC6Music @yak_band top with ‘pursuit of momentary happiness’ (unfortunately that pursuit ended up with them split…
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Retweeted by Kane AvalancheThe boys from @thecomms_band totally smashed it last night on their debut gig! If you’re around MK tonight the boys…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheWe've made a new mix with a bunch of our recent favourites and new releases, including: @avalanche_party
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheMILTON KEYNES // Milton Keynes tonight. @craufurdarmsmk w/ The Comms. Doors 7:30pm. 📸: Jason Ferdinandho
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheThanks to @kexp for supporting our album out in the States 🇺🇸🖤
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheGarage rockers @avalanche_party are going to bring over their intense live show very soon, we can't wait! Tickets…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheCan't wait for the @avalanche_party to rip up the @angelmbrewery on Friday 13th December with @CLONKOFFICIAL ,…
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche#NP: @avalanche_party has been on repeat all week on the team's playlists. Celebrating the launch of their new albu…
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BATH // TONIGHT Playing Bath tonight in @MolesBath 💥 another new territory. Join us. Doors 7pm. 📸: @mr_hoy94
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche @Morrisons @Morrisons eh?Ah, some things never change. No malaise to shake myself out of, but 5 gigs in 6 nights from tomorrow, including…
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche. @avalanche_party absolutely killed it last night at @Lepub 💥💥💥 album is mega, new tunes are mega
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheStick around with @shellzenner as tracks still to play from the likes of @fieldmusicmusic @vistasmusic
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheListened to the Avalanche Party album it's proper mint, I think my favourite is 'Milk & Sunlight is a heavy dream'…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheCheck out the latest indie releases on #TheIndiePlaylist! Includes @vistasmusic @louisberry @SportsTeam_ @gengahr
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche📻🇺🇸
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheOn @sinefm at 4pm! New music w/ @LarkinsBand @NathanBallmusic @avalanche_party @ThylaMusic @theworldnoisy
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheKEXP // Thanks to @kexp for spinning Howl on their mighty airwaves across the pond 📻🇺🇸
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Well the albums bloody brilliant so I can’t really miss this! @avalanche_party ticket sorted for @angelmbrewery
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheViva @steve_lamacq
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche @Morrisons They said they ran out is sausages, how do you explain this @Morrisons How can they run out? They have a super store next door full of delicious goods. It was sausage galore in thereNEWPORT // Making our Newport debut this evening at @Lepub 💥 tickets on the door. Nonoia & French Alps Tiger join…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheSTEVE LAMACQ // LIVENER TRACK OF THE WEEK The main man @steve_lamacq has made Howl his Livener Track of the Week…
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche @Morrisons we are in your reading store and you state that breakfast runs until 3pm, we get there all pumped up for… @steve_lamacq big thank you for playing Avalanche Party again Steve. It may sound cliche but I`m listening to your…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAvalanche Party - Howl
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Big love to Big @JohnKennedy & @RadioX for supporting our album 🖤 always an honour.
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheStick around with @shellzenner as tracks still to play from the likes of @fieldmusicmusic @vistasmusic
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheWhat better way to spend a Thursday than @avalanche_party & @jwparismusic at @hornvenue 🔥
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheTonight gig 184. This will be the most gigs I've been to in one year. The awesome @avalanche_party will help me pass this milestone.
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheCheers to The Don @VicGalloway for playing Howl on his @BBCRadioScot @bbcintroducing show. Big love 🖤
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheWe make our St. Albans debut tonight. Limited tickets available on the door.
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche“Explosive and fiercely articulate, but also humorous album by the garage-punk quintet... Definitely a must if you…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheNot long now till we're back in the tub with @avalanche_party and SMACK! 😮 Guest list spaces are running low so me…
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche📻🇺🇸
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Retweeted by Kane Avalancheso many incredible albums and bands have emerged this year, will be posting a full review of what 2019 has had to o…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAvalanche Party - Howl - 24 Carat Diamond Trephine (2019)
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheWe’ve curated tonight’s @LutonTown v @CAFCofficial match playlist, featuring @wearesicklove @LHbandUK @stereo_honey
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Brand new music on @BBCTees tonight from @HeadofLight @feedyourwolves @avalanche_party @WeekendSun @nchapmanmusic
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheNew music on the show first from... @feedyourwolves @avalanche_party @WeekendSun @nchapmanmusic Listen in via…
Retweeted by Kane Avalanchethe @avalanche_party album is an absolute triumph, proper not what i expected at all and i think thats why it’s even better
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheIt’s #NewMusicMonday and on tonight’s show we’ll bring you all the latest new-release indie and alternative bangers…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheWhat a load of shit. Come see this lot at @RecordJunkee on Dec 4th. Long live @avalanche_party.
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche“This British band’s debut full-length is an adventurous blend of ferocious garage-punk, dark theatrical rock, clan…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheWe can’t wait for Friday!
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheCheers @huwstephens & @BBCR1 @bbcintroducing ✌️📻
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheAvalanche Party - Rebel Forever - 24 Carat Diamond Trephine (2019)
Retweeted by Kane Avalanche @BBC6Music The debut Avalanche Party album. It’s great too.
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheKEXP Music Director Don Yates (joined this week by DJ Alex) shares thoughts on new & upcoming releases including…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheOur #AlbumoftheWeek, 24 Carat Diamond Trephine by @avalanche_party and now playing is Bugzy and straight after that…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheThanks to @huwstephens for playing the brand new single ‘Howl’ taken from @avalanche_party debut album ‘24 Carat Di…
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Don't miss this - @avalanche_party's '24 Carat Diamond Trephine' was Radio 1's @jackxsaunders album of the weekend.…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheFresh tracks added to our Counter Culture playlist. Hit play on these... @G1RLRAY, @avalanche_party, Slag Heap,…
Retweeted by Kane AvalancheA new addition. And let me tell you this, if Nick Cave, Alex Turner and Josh Homme had got together to write a song…
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