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@pstyd Berbayar pras? @rayestu Mantap! Gue pelajari teknisnya dulu ya 😅Wah masuk akal juga @dessyS My brain is always on a holiday 😂Who would pay for such thing???TIL there's such thing as kuliah whatsapp group @audhinafh ngapain jiper 😅 @rayestu Yuk sini ngobrol kita! @pengabdirakyat No. Mutual animosity certainly exists between the 2 camps, but it has never been strong enough to b… wants to talk about Indonesia with me on my brand new podcast??It's on Spotify! trailernya nggak muncul? 🤦‍♂️Testing the water are all morally corrosiveVirtually all modern ideologies are about reducing ethics into politics.This is the kind of problem that you'd get when you externalize all moral constraints into law. When ethics is redu… problem is that our values are too divergent to agree on a set of criteria that can be used to decide which sto… opinions are censored in the mainstream media for good reasons. Lack of censorship is precisely what makes m… is socially necessary and inevitable. The real question is thus not whether it should be allowed, but wh…
@ngabdul @rayestu Kemarin se-RT ikut rapid test. Kata petugas puskesmasnya akurasi cuma 30%. Ada tetangga yang reak… is an industry, and polarization is a duopoly: good for everyone working in the industry, bad for everybody else.Other countries have real ideological polarization, we have none and that's why polarization in Indonesia (which be… @Bur_ski it'll take sometime to regain sleepiness after getting viciously assaulted by bad takes @Bur_ski It's a quarter after one 🎤Can confirm up to a barrage of bad takes @audhinafh بل هم في لبس من خلق جديدPhilosophers of science: What causes the ball to pass the hoop and through the net?'s better to be mocked for assuming the best of other people than to be praised for indulging our prejudice.The desirable future is never punctual. It either arrives too early or too late.The best Siomay in town: @ArcaneArctica Kayaknya apa yang dilakukan segera setelah bangun itu menentukan retention deh. Kalau nggak langsung… @kangrozin trevor noah pernah ada bit soal ketiduran pas belajar bahasa jerman via youtube, gak sengaja keputar bbr…
Retweeted by Rozin @kangrozin gw jg pernah kok waktu dengerin lecture ngasih materi (sayup-sayup bisa ngedengerin apa yg beliau sampai…
Retweeted by Rozin @ibethps Oh, watched this. Multiple times. My favorite!😅 @kangrozin Gua tidur sambil nonton tv. Visualnya ganti, tapi ceritanya sama. Fix kebawa mimpi dan otak kita bekerja.
Retweeted by RozinGara-gara pengalaman pribadi ini, gue jadi yakin kalau sebenarnya belajar saat tidur itu mungkin. Can you imagine h… gue denger podcast tentang homeschooling dan ketiduran setelah beberapa menit, tapi suaranya tetep tembus ke m… pernah nggak sih tertidur waktu dengerin podcast/lecture, tapi materinya tetap masuk dan tetap ingat setelah… is coming to education. @TourismandAntiq @audhinafhWhat song sums up your current situation best?
Interesting. @ngaekal haha ingenious @dessyS I knew there's a book in the box!!Your boss insists on not putting on a facemask while he's at the office. What do you do?I was nominated by @niasiswadi to: 1. Upload cover of a book, no explanation 2. Nominate 6 people I would love to… @felicious_felix hoo i see @felicious_felix Loh, apa hubungannya sama kominfo? @evibaiturohmah 🐼 @yaya__nh Yes, tapi caveatnya, in practice, policy-makers bukan cuma pejabat. Jadi a single document won't do, kare… @lunettique I'm sorry, thanks was implied -,- @lunettique Whoa I've never heard of this beforeKalau orang yang biasa desain furniture, itu sekolahnya jurusan apa ya? @yaya__nh Seketika masuk bab policy recommendation, di situ sudah bukan wilayah sains lagi, tapi wilayah politik (a… @Aswicahyono sui generis lah itu. Rentan konflik sebenarnya nggak necessarily jelek buat ekonomi (in the long run),… @OreoSusuKeju Kalau udah viral & menyesatkan, ya boleh lah diseriusin 😌Coba bayangkan kalau Sumatra nggak ada pegunungan bukit barisanPunya gunung itu nggak bagus buat ekonomi. Bikin orang hidup terpisah, sedangkan bangun infrastruktur susah dan mah…, @putriviona is the true expert on this. I am just a cute panda who likes to play with humans 🐼👫 @bilsanmad Yep. Analysis of epidemic might be the domain of epidemiologists, but policy advocacy is an interdiscipl… @putriviona sama kayak handle twitter kok, pakai gmailOn the other hand, political scientists and other social scientists should pro-actively help epidemiologists, not b… @putriviona Kirim ke email lah! @putriviona Jangan pesimis amat lah haha. Gue justru yakin pengalaman pandemi ini bakal cukup traumatis buat para a… @putriviona Makanya, ideologi itu perlu dilunakkan dengan pragmatisme politik :) @felicious_felix Tunggu gue bikin lowongannya ya 😏 @felicious_felix Ngantor lagi zu? @putriviona Musti interdisciplinary sih, kayak lo sama Uli heheA good strategy always requires an understanding of the strategic landscape, an identification of who the key actor… advocacy is a fundamentally strategic enterprise in the sense that you're not the only one who can decide th… policy ideas often fall on deaf ear because they don't take into account key political actors' interests and… should probably learn a thing or two about political economy so they can calibrate their strategy o… my new avatar
Sampel tulisan seadanya aja, tugas kuliah yg udah pernah dikumpulkan. Tujuannya supaya gue punya dasar untuk mengir… @jazilaaah Yes please!! Thanks a lot! Much appreciated! @jazilaaah Agreed. But still I can't help but wonder if there's a yet discovered method that could significantly steepen the learning curve @thefrankbreaker @logikawan Ooh, oke. Ikutin ini ya! @IHaripa @logikawan Ooh, oke. Ikutin ini ya! beneran minat, langsung aja kirimin sampel tulisan kalian ke email gue ya (kangrozin[at]gmail[dot]com). Maksimal 3 halaman. @thefrankbreaker @logikawan Dari jurusan apa ya? @jazilaaah Yes, I think there are aspects of it that can definitely be taught in short course format (how to descri… @IHaripa @logikawan Dari jurusan apa?Sebenarnya gue agak skeptis kalau menulis itu bisa diajarkan, tapi gue ingin buktikan gue salah. Jadi, gue ingin ny… @jazilaaah Aah, I see. But can you at least confirm that you're working on the Indonesian language? 😅 @niasiswadi What kind of research topic are you working on? @jazilaaah That's really cool! What kind of data do you use for training the model? @jazilaaah Are you working on NLP? @finamilla Maaf lahir batin juga, Fina! @hhaanniiyy Buciin @writerinthedark I don't think so, but that sounds like something that someone somewhere should be working on. @writerinthedark Seems like your only hope is something like Grammarly 😂 @writerinthedark I see. Is this particular to your office or is it a standard practice in jakarta lawfirms? @Aswicahyono Definisinya aja obligate intracellular parasite, jadi emang butuh host. Kemarin sempat belajar dari s… @writerinthedark I see...but client privilege can be waived by prior consent, right? @writerinthedark Why not hire people to do that task? @audhinafh Ooh hahaha @audhinafh data traffic as in road traffic?