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A podcast chronicling Kanye West’s discography. Chris Lambert runs the page. ✍🏼 Forbes & Film Colossus. Listen:

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@Cine_Realm I read the article. Tom Holland said he wasn’t sure they’d get to do more movies @sho_boy27 “I think I’m gonna give Donda a rest and listen to something else today” Also me:
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneThe DONDA academy athletics/basketball jersey logo is a alternate version of the YEEZY athletics logo stamped in Ye…
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneDon’t fucking do that. End the trilogy, sure. But no more solo Spider-Man movies in the MCU? Might as well end the… @fakeshoredrive Feels like something @CM_Desiigns would make!So long UK. It’s been a blast. @myles899 People thought Bale would be a bad Batman. And Ledger a bad Joker. @1Darsock4 @LakerFern Meniscus surgery is rough but it’s not that rough. Especially 2 years later. This is OBJ 3.5… x @DaveChappelle x @BustaRhymes 🐐
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneVideo of Kanye meeting fans at dinner in Paris tonight (10.14.21)
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneLet’s. Fucking. Go. Cat hop changed forever that day. Just look at this it tells you everything you need to know about Kanye West’s leg…
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneKanye has had these Apple headphones with him for weeks/months now. What do you think he listens to? Does he have p… in Paris 📸 - @alexandretailleur (IG)
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneI would like to listen to this
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneSean Leon X Ye 🔜
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneWholesome Ye photo of Kanye with a fan while on FaceTime with Justin Bieber in Paris today (10.14.21)
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneKanye West's discography is so inspiring.. My favourite song right now !🙂
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneKanye Twitter in Wyoming listening to Off The Grid after we buy the ranch:
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneHow is it? @HopTarzan Jokes. It’s all jokes @ChildishTommy I’m just making hyperbolic jokesPlease don’t take this seriously. I do find it hilarious but I don’t think it’s necessarily art lol @Mickey5232000 I’m kidding lolNARCISSIST TOUR❗️ Off the Grid Live @playboicarti 🔥
Retweeted by Watching the Throne#OffTheGrid
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneThat’s actually pretty amazing. Start a tour for an album that isn’t out and don’t play any new songs. What kind o…, please video of Kanye in the studio with @seanleon
Retweeted by Watching the Throne @EFFEXWHORE Rooting for you!I BEEN tryinggggggg
Retweeted by Watching the Thronethe more and more I listen to Come to Life, the more I get pissed the fuck off cause I don't see Twitter give it enough love
Retweeted by Watching the Throne.@RealChalamet immediately recognizing "New Again" while playing a Guess The Song game with @ComplexNews.
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneKanye West - Father Stretch My Hands
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneShoutout to the fam 🕊♥️
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneThe song Kanye interpolates for Say You Will would you describe this album? will read some of the replies when filming today
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneJay-Z gave a rare performance after the screening of his new movie Wednesday night in L.A.
Retweeted by Watching the Throne @turningthetbles So The College Dropout is an album for the history books, as Kanye confidently and outrageously pr… @turningthetbles Then Act 3 is Kanye rediscovering his rebellious spirit and declaring, “Forget what the industry w… @turningthetbles TCD is Kanye’s coming of age story. Act 1 sees him in Chicago, reflecting on what’s around him wh…
@ItsBenBlanks That gave me a good laugh. It is 4:30pm in England so I am good! @QuoteGOATed NooooooThis ice cube is an iceberg @DaveTrent9 It’s called the Oxford comma and is the superior choice. You should absolutely judge people who don’t u… Scottish dragoon @TrinityPaulR That’s right!Kanye approves a Scottish dragoon slaying a tank, with a sword @dondanite Yes? @MarkAssTwain_ Gurren LagannGraduating next month 🎓
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneBaki was not, for me, a very good anime. It has fun moments. And some good action. But it’s pretty atrocious writin… all this birthday money and no one to take to get their nails done, followed by dinner 😔🤚🏼🤚🏼🤚🏼
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneKind of a W for him actually
Retweeted by Watching the Throne🚨🚨🚨 Atenção! Kanye West NÃO vem ao Rock In Rio.
Retweeted by Watching the Throne @MikeTeeRising Sus LordIf I die tonight, will I see her in the after life?
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneEric Skelton is a great journalist. Very much worth the read Thug HAD to be on 'Donda' 😂
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneFun fact about Young Thug’s recording space while finishing Punk: There’s a painting of Billie Eilish on the wall…
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneArt Direction & Design for @Complex "Being Young Thug" & Young Thug Week 🐍💕🐍💕 Read the story here:…
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneI interviewed one of the most interesting people on the planet, @YoungThug Spending time with him in two different…
Retweeted by Watching the Throne @crokeyz Great call! @theyeezymafia Can we just start referring them as the Volcanoes rather than Slate RedsThey’re called Slate Red. But can we just collectively rename them the Volcanoes?'s aesthetics >>
Retweeted by Watching the ThroneYes there were the red foam runners, but do we count those as shoe shoes? @TheTanKKDempsey I guess I consider those like…not shoes lol @TyRasmussen52 Sometime next week! Traveling this weekFor the first time ever: red Adidas Yeezys @MisterKit3 @excitebikee fuck. That’s game over. First red Adidas Yeezy ever
Hm to be at former Trump attorney’s release from home confinement party? @KanyePodcast @TeamKanyeDaily
Retweeted by Watching the Throne @excitebikee I thought at first you meant my post haha But yeah, it was a dramatic thing to read lol. Some people… video! Kanye lists his Wyoming ranch for $11 million video! A new version of Donda with additional songs is coming! @OfficerQuacks I asked when, not whereWhat’s the next album you’re most looking forward to? @OfficerQuacks Hm? @ByDobson @HendrixRhyme @Myliifeaspablo @glueebybladee @Myliifeaspablo @ByDobson Now that you mention it… @OfficerQuacks When did I think that? @ByDobson @HendrixRhyme @Myliifeaspablo Me? @Guanallc My last meal isn’t gonna be KFC. If I’m going out on a biscuit it’s at least gonna be a Bojangle’s biscuit @OfficerQuacks That’s better @HendrixRhyme @Myliifeaspablo @ByDobson I made the post because I had some downtime and thought it would be funny t… @OfficerQuacks Why are you crying about me crying about it? @love_scars14 @Myliifeaspablo @ByDobson The immediate feeding frenzy is pretty impressive. Like watching piranhas @NeoLipaCFC Yeah, LR is awesome. Not trying to dethrone it in your rankings, just hopefully help increase the appre… @flackospurity @Myliifeaspablo @ByDobson I’m amazed at how a simple question can upset so many people. @ByDobson Scones > biscuits @SAINt_ARD Who said anything about crying?