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@babitabaruah I love the taste as it is, beyond any religious angle. Looking forward to trying this for sure :)
@anindasardar Best wishes! @AbhinandanSekhr Shame Shame Channel :)Hear about digital payments growing nearly 50% and can’t help but wonder why does it require man-made disasters for… more and more we read, the less and less we know. @rahulkanwal @abhisar_sharma @Uppolice बाक़ी सब पता था पर कोई भी गाड़ी पलटना नहीं बता पाया. ये एक #मास्टर्स्ट्रोक था। सबकी कल्पना से परे। @svaradarajan @thewire_in The price one pays to keep the image intact I guess! @tinucherian Smart look 👀 It is workingअंत में सिर्फ़ नेता ही बचता है, बाक़ी सब मर या मारे जाते हैं. यही परम सत्य है. तो अगर बनना है तो नेता बनो इस देश…
@SankarshanT Nice! No more Nehru, Gandhi, Patel, Ambedkar and likes. No more debates about RSS running away from fr… @sardesairajdeep @mausamii2u @IndiaToday Kudos! This is real journalism which has to hold a mirror to the society - good or bad or ugly. @ShobhaTharoor @ShashiTharoor My favourite Member of Parliament, even when I am not Trivendrum :) @anindasardar Let us just say we send them so that they understand concepts like discipline, camaraderie & team work! @anindasardar In the end, It is the values and humanity that as a parent you and I will pass on to the next generat… @ashoswai Rightly observed.Offered without comment :)
#LOL How ironical? if true, but then @ajaishukla has been all along so trust him. a Ford historian for a quick tour of the Bronco archives.
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@sumantbanerji 😂
Reading 3rd article this weekend on opposition. One thing clear in all is people expect more from @INCIndia as the… @sonaliranade @RahulGandhi Revisiting the 2019 elections will refresh what he stood for and promised. @ShekharGupta @khanthefatima What a wonderful story to discredit an already marganlised opposition. Well done, the…विकास तो ग़ायब था ही ... अब विकास दुबे भी पकड़ा नहीं जा रहा और ग़ायब हो गया। इस नाम में ही कुछ काला जादू है ।Well done @SavlonIndia. You truly came forward & served when the @DettolIndia went missing at a crucial time. As a… miss #JamesBond movies not being on any OTT shelf. @NetflixIndia @PrimeVideoIN @SonyLIV Great opportunity waiting… @NetflixIndia Mission Impossible, but it does not play. Keeps going in a loop. Shifting to @PrimeVideoIN to see it now. @manaman_chhina 🙊Mind blowing. @Kranti_Sambhav Seizing property of rioters :)
@ShujaUH People advise when you go astray :) Journalism in India - barring many notable exceptions - has.We are living in the past because the future we voted for made our present intensely painful #KalAajAurKal1971: PM IndiraGandhi in Leh before slicing Pakistan into two. 2005: PM Manmohan Singh on 1…
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Are you helping your child with their new car purchase but aren’t sure of your choice? Worry not, we've got your ba…
Retweeted by Kapil Sharma | کلہن | कल्हण @mtruby Happy Independence Day! @rohini_sgh In India too, we have also ‘picked up’ real journalists (... in a way) and replaced them with actor/ anchors. @babitabaruah Put a reminder :) for 12 glassesTake a deep breath. Hug your parents. Tell that someone that you love them. There has been so much loss around us,…
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@autox Really sorry to hear that @Dhruv_Behl @javedmansari @rohini_sgh Possibly the Govt is waiting for the verdict in the Babri Masjid 🕌 Demolition case to tak… avoid police🚨 I for one don’t like them as they are rude, presumptuous & corrupt - morally too. Our investi… @Chellaney What moral right do we have to comment on this subject, after we made Kashmir a UT? It will surely backf…
@madhulika_s 😂 @Chellaney Interesting to note, we have moved away from policy to personas, it seems! @Vakeel_Sb @Rezhasan Those ridiculing the tweet would have also retweeted. I just hope the world is not lost. @anindasardar Best wishes. Where to next?You have to be dead inside to make a comment like this. What a low life, I feel sorry for his family & parents.… In conversation with nurses on the Covid19 crisis. #WeSaluteHealthHeroes
Retweeted by Kapil Sharma | کلہن | कल्हण @Mkharbanda15 @nitinmantri @PRFuzion Wow! Certainly special. Best wishes to both.
@sneheshphilip @ThePrintIndia Guess it is because of every word being translated to & fro. Don’t expect the Chinese to be fluent in English.Now this is what you call a ‘master stroke’ 😂 @tmkrishna @ghazalawahab ... the speech was focused on elections and not any religion. @leishembaa Can’t compare Beer & Tea-time :)Notice the script provided to Anchors also carries regional nuance :) Rest of the actors will follow suit. @sardesairajdeep This was an Election address ahead of Bihar elections... @sumantbanerji You mean, the election address ahead of Bihar elections... @mishramugdha Me too, either. Not even a single one and heard about some for the first time thanks to the ban. @tinucherian You have truly made worth your while being here! Congratulations
Why single out women? Why do they need to prove things, while men roam around feeely? #LowNotHighCourt @nivedithalva @RifatJawaid She was covered by @ANI because she used @BJP in her statement, otherwise they would not… @sardesairajdeep Tragic. Someone please show this to the man riding a Harley in Nagpur :(“As soon as Bhat reached home, he walked to the graveyard & crying like a child, 48 year old flung himself on the g… a country where morals no longer matter, Opposition is to be blamed for not putting a fight but equally are Judi…👍🏼 notes every morning, from the ‘all talk, no action’ PM #StillUnderLockdown
😂 😂 Chidiya Ud, as someone said 😂 😂 Antakshari has also started topping the charts. @rohini_sgh 😂 @Renuks @YouTube Simply Wow! So many talents in our man :) I like how the words carried the humanity & captured the…
😬 Oops!कुछ चैनलों के लिए सरकार की सुरक्षा देश की सुरक्षा से बढ़कर है।
Retweeted by Kapil Sharma | کلہن | कल्हणANI - the lead news agency! Sends F M Manekshaw’s mortal remains to New Zealand!
Retweeted by Kapil Sharma | کلہن | कल्हणEvery single life matters, be it #GeorgeFloyd #JeyarajandFenix or #Faizan who died performing National anthem for ⁦… @timesofindia @AtishiAAP Whose brainchild is Delhi’s Patel memorial? Any idea?Last time Prasar Bharati / AIR issued similar ‘notice’ to Press Trust of India was in 1976. Yeah, it’s EMERGENCY !…
Retweeted by Kapil Sharma | کلہن | कल्हण @SankarshanT @PTI_News High time @PTI_News finds its own feet and protects the soul of the nation destroyed by the likes of Asmita Andhera @virsanghvi @rohini_sgh @PTI_News An independent, impartial @PTI_News can serve the nation so well at a time when b… @_YogendraYadav Paid media will be out covering it in their fancy dresses. Looking forward to seeing Deepak Chaurasia cover this. @AtishiAAP @ArvindKejriwal This is in bad taste, especially when you asked for help from the same Central Govt who… @thewire_in Rowlatt Act 1919 has been unofficially reimposed in India : No vakeel, no appeal, no daleel
Retweeted by Kapil Sharma | کلہن | कल्हण @suchi_mirchi @bhakisundar @ahmedmeeranoffl #SpeakUpIndiaImagine the INCOMPETENCE of the present Govt. that the spokespersons have to post pictures pre 1991 to DEFEND the i…
Retweeted by Kapil Sharma | کلہن | कल्हण @SR_speedhounds Why not Mr .56 Inch 😂
Confirmed. China is on our side of the Border. Remember what Mr56 Inch said. @DilliDurAst Sab Maya Hai :)Well you can have anything in the headline, you paid for it ;) @draj1180 Everyone learnt from the incident, for sure :) and some relaunched it too with a different script. It is… Modi claimed in his address to the nation, “no one has entered our borders’ and ‘none of our posts have be… you believe this? I can but can you - talking about the devotees out there?
@Mkharbanda15 Also, tell me which of their decisions really flew in the last six years ? @Mkharbanda15 Understand the stats of last six years and then say so. If true, I will be with you supporting this Communal, Weak outfit :)Unemployment, Covid, Tanked Economy, China & Nepal claiming India’s land, Rising fuel prices .... the list is endle… from what was told to the nation by the Govt. This is bizarre☝🏼 while the PM and Govt roams free attacking o… @EconomicTimes ... but they could not file a chargesheet :) Imagine that. @prabhateshwaram @virsanghvi The change is coming! You see more and more purchased representatives then elected, despite the brute majorityFinally, print version of this celebratory edition in my hands! Thank you team @autocarindiamag @hormazdsorabjee fo… @dhanyarajendran @DilliDurAst Great start changing the name, but what do we do to change the thinking? Nothing :) @roshunpovaiah Currently, thanks to Electoral bond money 💴 CBI and ED, the Govt’s are being bought :) right now but… @siddhantchauhan Nothing is beyond reach if you aspire :) and you for me is the biggest role model for me to prove…