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Kara Corvus @KaraCorvus Los Angeles, CA

Partnered Streamer • Cosplayer • VO Artist • Actress • Model • Scientist Website: Patreon: Email: kara@karacorvus .com

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ew okay time to block and report @The_KillerBear No >:(Update tweet. I was right of course, and I didn't even say he could ask it.
@DoctorJohn_MD @scrappy451 @Catreeeena @David_5705 I have a Tesla too, but I'm glad the only person you have to embarrass is yourself. @scrappy451 @DoctorJohn_MD @Catreeeena @David_5705 Can someone come pick up their mom? I think she's lost.The next 'who wants to win 50k bits' hosted by @Crescentine008 will take place on the 4th September 🥳 The contestan…
Retweeted by Kara Corvus @crazydudex1 @toxxxicsupport I forgot about curiouscat, just went back to my account to check and man, I was quickl… @crazydudex1 @toxxxicsupport LOLOLOL I can't believe you have people asking you to ask me things @Seapeekay I've already done my part. ✊ @VickyFarewell Almost always worse in person lol @iHasCupquake Only appropriate application is the literal one. @RubberNinja @SlamuraiShaq I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THIS AMONG US CREW. @toxxxicsupport 200 IQ @Henzoid Exactly, get to the point already!! @seraph_six Exactly lmaoAnyone else traumatized by "can I ask you a question?" because it's literally always asking about something inappro… @Craftingtablee @Pikaclicks I was asleep @Pikaclicks Hi Noah ☺ @charlelelelette OH NO LOL @F1NN5TER I've won about 70% of these. I had to explain what twitch is, that they aren't purchasing anything tangib… @pokayalt People who make fun of someone not wearing makeup are really outting themselves. They clearly have never… @Wormgod4 @wood_mm2 @pokayalt Questioning a company's choice of sponsorship isn't going after a source of income lmao @spinalfailed @Lowco2525 no u @WillzAnimationz @Avjcisrael @MCWipeout I will forgive this one time @Pikaclicks @MCWipeout @a6doff @SaintsofGames @FireBreathMan @_MegaPVP_ Stop giving me feelings!! @Pokay__ @Krinios 3/10 do not recommend edate with krinios @Avjcisrael @MCWipeout Bruh @Lowco2525 Ummmm Zelda is a girl. I think you mean Luigi @Krinios Emo krinios emo kriniosAugust 8th.... 3PM EST
Retweeted by Kara Corvus @Pokay__ You have to be 13+ to be on Twitter and so content is PG-13. 😌
@Pokay__ Damn I'm so forgetful oops @Ohbeepgcp @GilPhotography That used to be the only thing I streamed on twitch, it has since been neutered due to o… to all the minecraft children. Congrats on your sudden puberty! @TessidaZ lmao @RoastedJames ya sorry that was me @Ohbeepgcp @GilPhotography I usually have to alter the clothing to fit better if I don't make from scratch.Throwback to my favorite cosplay of this year during the before times. ♥️ Yennefer 📷: @GilPhotography @RubberNinja THIS IS HOW IT STARTS. Don't continue use!! I now have chronic headaches from using VR too much. @Sneegsnag Gorgeous @BridgetGoes @EmmaThePugg @WeightReRacker @Lego_Maestro I mean I guess he does sound like a knock off comic book character @WeightReRacker @EmmaThePugg @Lego_Maestro @BridgetGoes No who is captainsparkles @dexbonus Happy birthday!! @EmmaThePugg @Lego_Maestro @BridgetGoes ok but who @BridgetGoes ??? @BridgetGoes Who?
@tommyinnit vikkstar is the queen of women, yesImagine not stanning the Krimson Krakens? You'd hate to see it. @CaptainSparklez @KaraCorvus @Krinios @Krtzyy
Retweeted by Kara Corvus @sophieoftexas Me too! Dx @ZergGirrl Yep lol @sparklebabylol Children who are trying to be taken seriouslyAnd then have a fit and call that streamer unprofessional and rude because they asked you to respect their time and have patience lol.A follow up to irrational pet peeves: if you've already DMed someone with a business proposal but haven't gotten a…
@Swarp_Playz @cark_irl I'm talking about civs after roman. But the V was still just a U shaped like a V. @angstysnow_vr what about for the other one? @angstysnow_vr hmm which context you think? @CaptainSparklez @GetSpectrum No discount or reimbursement when I couldn't work because they failed to plan ahead a… @JaredShrews @cark_irl there's only one negative there though @MetroDong @cark_irl they're aren't @cark_irl gtfoWhich sounds more natural to you? Just curious. :) @Djtechlive @crazydudex1 Hope that guy never has to interact with women, future rapist @EvilBunnyFuFu @MoenensJan @QueenieKris @nimiq yeah I figured @FallGuysGame A better story than Twilight @Swarp_Playz @cark_irl Depends on the person's handwriting and script lol @CaptainSparklez Rip in pepperonis @_Cappin_ @PhillyD How did this person survive??Absolutely horrifying video of the explosion in Beirut.
Retweeted by Kara CorvusFriendly Reminder to never buy bits or subs through the Twitch mobile app and only use the website to make those pu…
Retweeted by Kara Corvus @PhillyD Oh my God. How does this even happen?? I can't imagine how Lebanese are feeling right now. @MoenensJan @QueenieKris @nimiq I can't take you seriously with these random typos and grammar mistakes. @MoenensJan @QueenieKris @nimiq @QueenieKris BUY BITCOIN FUCKTON @crazydudex1 Damn what a child @cark_irl If you take into account that America didn't have Trump as president until u and v were separate, then yes. @cark_irl In the 11th century, uu became w. The letter v was invented in the 16th century. Before all this the let… @CaptainKorasi @cark_irl I thought this too thank you @cark_irl KNOWLEDGE IS POWER @AshleyOshley @Warcraft AGREED @idmavelar @cark_irl I think you mean uuuu @cark_irl Commandeering this tweet to forcefully educate you guys: Is called double u because it was originally wri… @MCChampionship_ ACTUALLY SO MUCH FUN @FallGuysGame Fall Guys is a great time for you and I will try and make a trip out there for sure @realQuig That's one sexy corner. - Quigs probably
@Pokay__ you'll go blind if you touch it too much @Brandon_f04 It feels very unprofessional and businesses should be respecting both mine and their own time. Why was… @Pokay__ poke did you just touch your weenus @realQuig Bro you gucci @RemittalYT @realQuig Pics or gtfo @RemittalYT @realQuig Show average or doesn't count @DoctorJohn_MD You know our pain!! @DoctorJohn_MD 90% of the time when someone leads with that and I say yes, its something sexual or a dick pic. I'm… @Sigils I think I just get irrationally angry about it lol @SirJynxTV LmaoIrrational pet peeve: if you are DMing someone for business related things, just put your business proposal in your… @discord Is it worth trying to become verified server if already discord partner? @SamStrake Why are people mad? Just don't use it if you don't like it what @AetherWart im a gamer @realQuig fuck dude, oh god no, how will I face my parents now @Krtzyy hell yeah