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Kara @KaraCorvus Los Angeles, CA

Partnered Streamer • Cosplayer • VO Artist • Actress • Model • Scientist Website: Socials: Email: kara@karacorvus .com

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@CaptainSparklez @hapico_lb @breebunn How dare you tickle his japanese fetish undeservingly. @AvaGG OMG ALL THE PLANT CHILDREN ❤❤ @Pikaclicks Trump?
Simultaneously insulting myself and my viewers. Just how I like it. @LilyPichu @Crunchyroll @BangZoom @mummynyan @littlevomama Congrats!!! That's so awesome! @theandrey13 Of course, you animal @TessidaZ PircyAny positives in the chat? @RealRifkin @NickiTaylor Same to yooouuu @ChilledChaos @playrust I don't see you fixing the problem, Chilled!!When your game takes 20 HECKING MINUTES TO START, something is wrong. I'm looking at you, @playrust. >__> @TwitchUKI Rack. Makes sense.
@Venerac CA really out here saying fuck yo winter. @bdunkelman @CaptainSparklez Truuuuue @natavamc I'm honored! @CaptainSparklez My addiction to tea only exacerbates this issue. @ignCalvin HELL YEEEEAAHHHH @Pikaclicks Spitting truths @JustNathanTV You can get verified now lmao @SapphicLion Yes please 😍 @shelbygraces FirstnameBunchofnumbers strikes again. I'm glad they make it easy to see who needs to be blocked! :)Thanks for making 2020 a little bit better, guys. :) @jojosoIos Noooooo @ChilledChaos @jessbubger I love this @Jinastator @CaptainSparklez @RealRifkin @CupToast Oh gotcha haha. I thought I forgot a really funny moment!! I love the no lines style! @Jinastator @CaptainSparklez @RealRifkin @CupToast What clip is this from lol @BlueVack @TwitchSupport I agree! Maybe twitch will tweet something later, I've seen other streamers have your issue too. @BlueVack @TwitchSupport Weird! I wish they would just send both if you streamed at all this year. @TessidaZ Hahaha @IngaPotejto I love that hours = GODZ @crazydudex1 Yes, @DreaChu is super talented!! @crazydudex1 Glad you enjoy my emotes. 😁 @DecLXIV @lastsmp This guy's cool @DrumsyOfficial right lol @GloomyKassie heyyy ;) @weesterner 😳😳😳
@JakeyBoiArts My eyeliner pen is really good! @weesterner I wish I had an egirlIf you guys really can't figure it out, look at my header lol.Previews! this month's shoot. I just can't forget about my queen. @PeterGo29304180 @jojosoIos Without makeup? @jojosoIos I have you to thank for thisALSO IM GOING BLONDE BECAUSE MY STREAM HIT THE SUB GOAL HA HA. 🙃My hair has gotten so freaking long. Also look at this really cool @jojosoIos shirt! @Locodoco If I've done 3 campaigns am I real³?Neat @GeeNelly So cute Nelly! @RubberNinja Nice!! @Br00dGames Hell yeah dude!I made DogChamp in Rust. :D
@dreamwastaken Time to paint the ceiling lime green. @ToriHill23 Awww I love this! @RubberNinja @matthwatson 🙏 @matthwatson My body is ready @CupToast @Pikaclicks I forgot about this!! @RubberNinja Ross is a minecraft streamer now!! @matthwatson What a girl gotta do to play with her friends? :o
@kwehzy Greetings Koobroobs, it is I, Koobroob. @ZeRoyalViking Every time I pre-jack I say "Not today, impostors!" then get killed immediately without fail.Damn, I'm too healthy and my career isn't very important.Also how can I get a COVID vaccine? I think vaccines are just neat. @TessidaZ Computer surgery is fun! @kaceytron Even that would be amazing. she's very pretty 😫I REALLY NEED A 3080 AHHHHHHHGHHH @ignCalvin Play with diff people dude!
@MPLily13 @NerdOutMusic Yes @wispexe I too have dreams sometimes. @NerdOutMusic Elf lady and elf man save world from pig man. @BaboAbe Would love to come knock my friends down a peg. ;) @GizzyGazza Why did they like that ugly orange yellow so much??
@TheMattAcevedo Same! @jvckk Disagree @realQuig @Pikaclicks @RealM0F fuck @realQuig @Pikaclicks @RealM0F QUIG GO TO YOUR ROOM @realQuig @RealM0F @realQuig @RealM0F PORQUE NO LOS DOS?? @realQuig @RealM0F Quig how can someone not like boobies @connor_marti Oh shit the French connection was intentional?? I wonder how parler denizens would feel knowing that. @JeffyBed French buds unite @shelbygraces Shelby, I've had enough of your pottymouth.Anyone else read Parler as "Parlay" or is that just me? @TheDeluxe4 Yeah, fair. @AlfredoPlays Your daughter is beautiful. @FitMC An affront to science @KaiRossBests Ooooh yeah no thanks!! @ItsMeHimi Yep!!Tbh though this is why I live in LA. I can wear shorts year round. 😁It's snowing in Texas, so cool! Meanwhile in Los Angeles: Wtf is winter? @ChilledChaos Ah so just like when it rains in Los Angeles. Godspeed. @panicsw1tched MUH FREE SPEECH
@SaysMasonLIVE Back when I was on tinder I said I worked at the internet @Phin86_ @TessidaZ @RealRifkin I was joking about asparagi lol, I always just use asparagus for both singular and plural. @Phin86_ @TessidaZ @RealRifkin Asparagi? @TessidaZ @RealRifkin I think so? @RealRifkin Because they prepare it correctly @The_Eret Happy birthday my dude!! I'm so proud of you and everything you've accomplished. :) @GizzyGazza YAY ADULTING @CaptainSparklez @IngaPotejto Are you a Kingdom Hearts protagonist now?