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Joined Twitter 11/19/15 grinding immortality @yoojpls me waiting for you yooj @MethodNoizeeh HAHAHAHAH @_liquidpyro 🤍🤍🤍 @suppycaitlin i miss caitlin n colleen n all the micro peener roasts @senzeehpai ok @senzeehpai ???? r u
@cindyydwg and spenny boba @oAmity_ unbelievable @plooful hoiiiii @lolArnav happy day of birth arnav and apoorv 😊 nice to meet you apoorv!!!!!!! @ShiinaScripts @Wahtuhmelun tealios v2 lubed shina! :-) @lolArnav @JosephRay671 arnav this is not how you're entering your birthday, close your eyes close your ears @JosephRay671 LOOOOOOOOOLi hope this person gets diarrhea and food poisoning whoever used my ubereats acc for £300 fucking helllllllllllllllllllll @viavmber thank you amber ☺️🤍 @Eurazn_ thank you jen jen! @Aiervon thank you david!! :) @Lohpally thank you pally! @yolkyasian happy day of birth today then! :P @_ashleykan thank you ashley!!! pubg queen @poinlxm thank you poi! :-) hope you had a great night @vivianduongg thank you viv!!! <3 @dinorosies no. you. stop. this. atrocity. @YeahhDanTV thank you ! :) @SuppyColleen thank you colleeeeeeeeeen, i miss you & caitlins energy pls come back
@plooful thank you my bootiful gloria ;_; @o0Fesse0o thank you jonas :') @xngocthu THANK YOU THUU ^_^ and thats on a quarter to a century!!!!!! 25 but still lookin 16 🥲 @Maineyxc .... LISTEN @yenbooo thank you so much yen :^) I will fill this pot belly for sure @Kawziy thank you kawzzz! @somee_bee thank you unni me can’t wait for tomorrow :boardface: @SphinXy96 thank you sphinx! :-) @kumochanko thank you!!! 🥺 we grind to improve!! you got this chicawhen you’re tired of hearing roza ult this roza ult that 😔
all i wanted for my 25th bday was a 240hz monitor and my mod team made it come true beyond blessed grinding in my prime 8)
@jessicahkim @Wahtuhmelun cute like jeth @juanith_thomas a 3080 and 5800 ryzen! :-) @anthonyvirgil @xChocoBars 🥺🥺🥺🥺✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 @Average_Jonas 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @dinorosies poggers anne @HUYNH_CS @PlayVALORANT @RiotZiegler that gun be twerking @Dynofps happy day of birth dynoooo! @Hpeful_XO @somee_bee @dinorosies @Hpeful_XO LOOOOL CHILLLL HAHAHAHAHA @BaloghMTamas @LCSOfficial @LEC :DD!
2021 day 2 placements donzo & FINALLY EMOTES!!!!!!!!!!!! @kyaayuki oh mywaiting to get the new pc so i won’t get crazy fps drops whilst streaming and... 1080p will be a huge upgrade, i actually cannot wait 🥺✊🏼 @Didehvar @Wahtuhmelun o my what switches @DekyFPS @Laudando7 that the banana you had for breakfast @jessicahkim YUHHHHHHHHH🥺✊🏼 @Didehvar @Wahtuhmelun 0h y4h?this was my happy project this quarantini and early treat to myself ^^ thank you for the amazing build and your gui… @tomasuuuuuu @DrawwithJoo JOO CUTE & EMOTES CUTE pls send her my lubb tomas 🥺❤️ Emote commission for @karagii ! 💙 Thank you for commissioning me!:)
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@Aiervon 3080 btw?? @Aiervon hopefully you’ll get it for the end of the month at least! @GreshyPoo @lolArnav ever since he thought he was nam do san the man be different @WedidValorant .... done w u @Laudando7 nah come i still need to whoop your italian cheeks @viciousVALO mmm i feel like if it becomes too frequent it’s a bad habit no? better situational @Aiervon that’s a huge yikes though what the heck better be insured @Aiervon my new PC is due to come soon too >.< @InfamyBeats watching @acesu play hitman was like this @lolArnav arnav.. what did i do to you HUH tell me @Baekunn definitely feels a lot smoother in DM when i unbinded but necessity in game for some situations as you said :| @floaromaa MINE TOO.. so eerie and macho!! something captivating about his character for sure @hoajuu julie summoning her divine energy on the timeline as per @floaromaa sukuna >.^?so many january babies.. capricorn’s rise up @AngelArcherLoL happy day of birth luci! :-) @LiaSamurai might have to get on that aswell 😔 the crouch instincts is strong here @plooful pls come to euw :-( @shopoww i have one! for sub games heh @jessicahkim jess compliment - carol smile @Aiervon grinding this act david? 😤 @bingbingxd @BasiilLeaf 🥺✊🏼should i unbind ctrl...>:)
first placement game got match mvp :^) thanks @WedidValorant for the coachingiron 3 beta gonna grind so hard this season till my wrist bleeds wait wat @ozzyxaxa i’m turkish then @JosephRay671 its amazeballs
i won’t be streaming today been having terrible sleep, will be live tomorrow for the new act!
@Yonji_x1 oh really @lolArnav pick your fighter nam do san or levi @HUYNH_CS :huynhSMIRK:the promised neverland season 2.. that’s the tweet @BobbyTheKidd @Laudando7 sam too cool for anime.. hes a .. man?the first time and last time i cosplayed at 18 was as mikasa ackerman and dressed my 11 year old sis as survey corp… @WedidValorant ok im waiting 😵anime, streaming and gaming with my friends have made me so happy in quarantineNEW ATTACK ON TITAN EPISODE MY LORDDDDDDD PLEASE DONT END @WedidValorant new year new hair when? 🥸 @WedidValorant silver hair + 20 skill @JWantedL wait...