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@McCMugwump Very good 👏 @McCMugwump Thank you! Enjoy your forthcoming immunity. @McCMugwump I’m so glad to hear that from the sounds of it you are on the mend. Yes, It is one of those songs that… reminder that Vera Lynn is still alive. #WeWillMeetAgain @maryjanemorris @amldawson Starter didn’t start, I also had unhelpful recipe that recommended a ladleful as a unit of measurement @amldawson @maryjanemorris mine was so bad I threw it in the bin. congratulations @mariadw1234 @Charlottecw65 I would be surprised if ours wasn't also around that figure. My friend who works for a… @tori_tweets @RonnieRL Great job @JonnElledge I read this thread backwards to the start and I wholeheartedly concur. Wtf. Perhaps there are more peo… @lisamovius I have read nothing about mask hygiene here, it’s just not something we know about. Until 3 months ago… @lisamovius I bet. I hope it stays manageable and you guys don’t have to go back in again @lisamovius Blimey @lisamovius Ok, that’s very interesting. How is it now in Shanghai as people are going outside more? @lisamovius I mean every day, not everyday @MaxJLHardy Oh @lisamovius That’s interesting. I thought they had been really vigilant. I meant to ask before, do you have a separ…"Brockwell Park" Compton Street in 1975
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹 @McCMugwump Well said. Let’s hope they hear usSocial distancing embarrassing if Mother Nature thinks we are doing this for her. @asomerscocks The emperor has no clothesTwo places dealing with this in a commendable way but only one which has the virus under control. Everyone should b… oath for politicians and t.v show personalities, pls
♥️ you mad bastard
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹 @emmacastagno Thanks ems. I will watch one of your films with you v soon. Sorry I keep missing them. Am keeping a note of all the titles xx @lisamovius @JavierPes1 @AnnaBrady_Art @JuliaKMichalska @h_mcgivern @georginaadam @mgerlis @maryjanemorris commuting to work at the end of lockdown
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹 @Luke_ONeill Cheers, luke @MellieJBS Thank you v much @Amy4168 Thank you! :) @martinhowe4 thank you so much.
@MaxJLHardy @xandvt Ha ha ha. I forgot to put the spikes on.Discovered that my felt tips still work after a 10 year hiatus. Here’s a goldfinch. you just have to put your sad face away and put on some Diana Ross and dance.Wow just been informed my neighbours will be starting their roof extension now. of course they are.Jennifer Live Hewitt Jennifer Laugh Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹are Uber drivers still having to pay for cars that they have rented? @maryjanemorris Ah. Thank you! Jane Morris to the rescue.Q U E U E #SocialDistanacing @Supersmallmusic Ha ha haPlease sign & RT this petition, via @38_degrees
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹Remember this? It suddenly seems relevant to where we find ourselves now.
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹 @youngvulgarian birmingham. @SupersmallmusicAmusing myself at home by making the lyric "Who is Colin?" Isolation day: 22 @clacktastic @benlukeart @TANaudio @ChristiesInc Do I have to sign in? @agnesfrim Sorry, not sorryPlease don't hate me for asking a question about sourdough. When i'm feeding the starter and throwing out half eve… @ignatzhoch doing itBreakfast? + coffee. suddenly things seem a bit more manageable. immunity is when we help each other get through this.More of this sort of thing. Especially when this is over
@HCA_Bentall I lost mine the week before this all hit. I know i'm missing stuff but it's all cancelled anyway. @se_kip ha! indeed.I wonder if people will still buy these make up sponges in the shape of an egg for £17.99 when this is over. @se_kip Music for this evening sortedif this is the case why should we expect the virus to disappear in the summer months? crap the Tories are good with money... is this dog not called boop
@kathryncorlett Just everyone. I reckon we will need more. Nothing like a bit of forward planningAh yes, the famous American cup size Tiger King is actually Eric Idle born again as a Lost Boy and no one can convince me otherwise.Best public service video...
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹Can someone remind the government that they are going to have a midwife and hospital staff shortage in 9 months tim… councils, now would be a really good time to fill those dangerous potholes. @xandvt Is that because your dancing skills are somewhat similar? Lol. I hope you are feeling better. Thank you bot… @xandvt On a scale of 1-10 how much are you enjoying this? I’m a 10Women beaten by their “partners” Why can’t we even say it? Men. Women beaten by men. @PeterStefanovi2 You are right, It is shameful that our society turns a blind eye to their efforts made out of comp…, planes are loud. It was so nice while it lasted.Why is it that in a court of law, a person is obliged to answer a question truthfully, yet in the House of Commons,…
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹A ghostly galleon - a London tram - sails along Embankment through the night-time fog. (Pic: Hulton archive, 1938)
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹Wonderful idea
@Fallon00 LoveI want to learn how to tell stories with this intonation. @elvisbrady That is a good question. I don’t know but I do know there is a road near me that breaches it’s NO2 emis… is very good and black is very bad. Look where we are! Please can we not go back to “normal” after this. to @artfund for reaching the £3.5m target to needed to #SaveProspectCottage. look at it, ahh, it ma… @annyleshaw Well, I have the time @annyleshaw thanks budCan someone please write some tips for abusive partners on what is abuse and how not to do it.Could #gardencentres not do a flat rate scheme. Sign up, pay £50, get 10 plants dropped off, potluck style. To keep…
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹 @_her_moth_ @ignatzhoch I want to make this a reality @sarahemclaugh @michaelschaub I’m genuinely flabbergasted it has taken a whole day for me to see this.
Two women a *week* are murdered by their partner or ex. I cannot imagine how terrifying it must be to be in a DV si…
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹When someone asks you to explain a joke. Ault's mysterious nocturnal views of Russell's Corners, an intersection near his studio in Woodstock, NY. He…
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹Morale is perfect heist: Van Gogh painting stolen from Dutch museum on anniversary of artist's birth
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹Why is it up from last year? a retweet
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹6% to go to save this treasure. @xandvt @NHSHomerton @Dr_Ronx Sending ♥️. Get well soon. Thank you NHS‘Well,’ said the heavily bandaged Countess of Lucan from her hospital bed, eyeing her sister and brother-in-law wit…
Retweeted by Katherine Hardy🌹Obituary of a dear friend and key figure in the auction house world. He had a sense of fun about him like one of th…