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And we’ve missed you guys!🎙💛🎙 ok Marley?!? Today - LIVE on YouTube - 🎙CARDIOKE IS BACK! Can’t wait to sing and sweat with you all again, we’ve missed you…
This Sunday’s 10am CARDIOKE 🎙 - LIVE LINK is right here. Don’t miss it!!
They’re getting ready for Sunday at 10am with @DavidPWebb.... CARDIOKE 🎙 @hammerslibrary @DavidPWebb Yes! That too!!You asked for it back, so it’s back. 10am CARDIOKE 🎙 - THIS SUNDAY Don’t miss out. K&D
Workout in the morning so your brain doesn’t get a chance to figure out what you’re doing! @barebellsuk
Exhale Negativity, Inhale Tacos...
Hump day ......
@Starmaker73 @DavidPWebb Oh she’s singing too, she’s just more shy than the others!"What's the difference between an aeroplane and a Theatre. Why is it safe to fly six a breast to Greece but not saf…
Retweeted by Karen HauerPlease sign and support this call to help the future of LIVE theatre, music, dance and all those people in this inc… Practice Morning Warmup with @DavidPWebb featuring Phoebe’s Cow 🐮 Impression at the end....
“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, & there is only one of…
@Alicia1Day YASSS X @sofaprisoner Happy Birthday Alison x @JCOrd71 They are the best days x @willawizz Absolute Bliss xx @tomjordan332 YES BOBBY! I am so excited for you all xx wow. The days won’t come fast enough for you x @KellyShaw31 Enjoy your well deserved time off xx @JoMac39 Betty politely declines and says she can sleep in the basket but won’t be ironing xx @Gillycruise Please send some my way! @TeresaTelfer PURRRRFECT XX @PennieCLister Love this!!It's almost time for the weekend, and for those of you looking for some training inspiration, look no further! The…
Retweeted by Karen Hauer @vickigroveyaho1 Happy Birthday Snowy!! X
@Starmaker73 Betty’s just asked if she can get lazy with Hudson.....🤣🤣 @Gina_Brown85 She is tooooo cute xx @ZebraSats5 You do you Hunny! Have a great day xx @misssimmo78 Ooh, what are you reading at the moment, I’m always looking for recommendations. Xx @ItsEmmaFOBno1 Full House Clean means now you can lounge and enjoy the fruits of your labour looking around at your clean place!! XxBetty wants to know what you’re all up to today.....she’s just had a walk and is likely about to spend the rest of…
@ShamaunMargaret Yes Margaret!! You absolute star! So proud of you xxSome days I will train twice with a stretch flow in the evening & SOME DAYS I just walk around the house eating bur…
@Donnat13icloud1 @AmyDowdenFan92 Hey Boz, let’s hang!! 🐾 M @AmyDowdenFan92 Hi Lilly, you’re SO LUCKY, my Dad always tells me and my sister to get out of the kitchen so I miss… @pollygoodwin Hi Olly, Sorry you’ve not been able to spend time with your mate. That sucks! Just know I think you look really cool! 🐾 M x @hazel_j1976 Mmm, Warm poop is so hard to resist isn’t it Brodie. Hope we can snuggle at some point to help you sleep better. 🐾 M x @sweetlikejackie Milly, I’m so sorry you’ve had a bad life, it’s really rubbish when I hear other dogs have had tou… @hazel_j1976 Billy, don’t be scared. I fart a lot too. So does Phoebe, although she doesn’t even know she’s doing t… @bigbluepictsie Dexter, please give me some tips because everytime I try to hide from Phoebe and Betty they find me! M🐾 x @Sistermatic Bruce, you look like a great soul. Let’s be buds! M🐾 x @mrsmalamute TEAM MARLEY AND BERTIE!!! Let’s chase 🐿🐿 @mad4lundy MOLLY! I didn’t know it was smart causal, I need a shower as you look super gorgeous! 🐾 M x @honeywyness Lexie, what do you bake? Looks like you’ve made something special there. You’re so talented. Let’s be… @slutforjareau DAISY, you are TOO CUTE! I think we would be a great couple. M🐾 x @robphllps Oh Olive. Give me 20 mins, I’m on my way. 🐾 M x @suequinn46 Guys, I think we could join forces and be the new Avengers. You guys, me, Betty and Phoebe. What a SQUAD! M🐾 x @harlow_dawn My parents are the same Boycie, Fox Poo isn’t my scent, but my sister Betty LOVES it and she smells gr… @fejones43 I’m RESCUE! @Sagmiester Loki, do you do spells? Because there is a Squirrel 🐿 who has been taunting me from fence and I’m inter… @tomjordan332 Hi Gem! I hope you get a new brother, being a sibling is the BEST! But don’t get sad if for the first… @kathyclarkewade Maybe we could share a fish stick after a walk....?!? 🐾 Mx @swimmynoggin Betty! That’s my big Sisters name! You look strong and fierce, I like strong women. 🐾 M. X @JulesPerilli Finley, I think I’ve found a new best friend. I love Pie too. What’s your favourite? Squirrel or Pigeon? 🐾M x @sarabick Toby, shall we arrange for a joint belly rub spa day? 🐾 M. X @iragiorgetti No, I LOVE my food, I just like to eat Mum’s plants. 🐾 M x @KimAEllis I had to take a pic as soon as I saw it!! K x @mrssnarloch Oh Molly and Tilly, I don’t know how to choose, you are both so yummy! 🐾 M x @VasHanna91 hej killar, ni ser ut som om vi kunde vara vänner. molly är precis som jag, jag gillar inte att bli utelämnad heller! @AngeMcELundo Maggie, what shampoo do you use? You are so pretty. M🐾 x @Katya_Buswell Hi Poppy, I think you’d like Phoebe my sister as she plays ball too. You’re very pretty. 🐾 M. X @DaveTaylor_UK Crumble, you are making me go all rhubarb for you! 🐾M x @danielle86white You look beautiful Lyra. Let’s take a walk and see where it takes us.🐾 x @Anna_Isabel29 TOBY! @Anna_Isabel29 I’m happy to hang whenever you want Tony. 🐾 @lizzieedgerton Meg, you got plans for tonight? @CrochetbyJan Oh hey there Girl xHi, My Name is Marley, I’m single, currently unemployed and I live with my parents. I’m vegan, well, I eat all my m…
🔥FIREDANCE IS BACK🔥 Tickets on sale NOW ‼️
#TBT to Marley’s first ever choreography session with me, that furry little face! K💛🌻 x @pollygoodwin Rascal!!! @SJHICKS75 They love that don’t they!! @Janicemutton This is brilliant! Xx @Galleygirl Oh Bailey!!! 💛💛 @clarebailey349 Pickles looks very calm indeed! @Gina_Brown85 Teehee! So does Marley! Xx @barmymandy This is like Phoebe and David, she always pushes him to the edge!!
@seanskinner2015 LOVE!!Fellow Dog Owners, talk to me about Dog Beds, we currently have 3 Earthbound which are great, but would like to dow… finally got a lockdown cut....
You ok there hun? ‘roped’ me into working out with him...
I love that she tried to pretend she hadn’t been caught...‘All your emotions come from your centre, from your pelvis. You know, when you cry, the first thing you do is you c… @lizzieedgerton OH MEG!!! @samgio1997 Hi Barley!!FIREDANCE 2021 . Set Your Alarms! . Tickets on sale this Friday June 19th 🔥 . visit : .
My pensive little Marley.... @melpayne77 @keviclifton @Mrs_katjones @Aj11Ace @AljazSkorjanec @pernicegiovann1 Feliz Cumpleaños Luiz x
@katex19x Huge hugs from me xYes You Are....
You rock x - as you can tell from my hair and lack of roots, this was recorded WAY before lockdown!! XGood Morning My Lovelies, my new plan is now up and running. More cardio, more dance and obviously more doggies! Kx…
Today’s the day 💛😭 I really cant believe this, so excited !!! @inthestyleUK 6PM launching on the app!!
Retweeted by Karen HauerWe tried the #fruitsnackchallenge with Phoebe @NIrawpetfoods
Retweeted by Karen Hauer