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Karen @KarenEmbra Up on a ferris wheel!

Work in education and serious stuff. But at heart - I want a pair of pink high heels, that catch the light.....

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Hi @WrenKitchens Have been trying to download a brochure since you can’t supply print ones. Your ‘contact us’ doesn…
@SimonSalento @Beathhigh @SimonSalento @Beathhigh 😱 @MyraPark01 Not just eye watering a friend’s garden. Each chilli is smaller than a pinky nail. I’ll leave you to guess how hot 💥🔥 @LynnHenni I reckon I have to finish. It’s the third in the Elena Ferrante series and I’m basically reading to impr… @rhetta_mclean Lovely to be in touch! And yes - I love the pink shoes too. Unfortunately the opportunities to wear… @WrenKitchens Thanks Adam @WrenKitchens I logged on to your site for a brochure and was surprised to get a sales call. Caller told me I could… @rhetta_mclean Now that has spurred me on!
Here’s a knitting challenge for you @John_Bizzell ! @Tangledfox @bigblether @MWGoneFishing @RealBobMortimer Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Completely hooked. Line and sinker. @rhetta_mclean Not really. But I’m reading it not just for ‘pleasure’ (definitely not that) but to improve my Itali… @bookwumman Oh no! That’s now 2 votes to 2 - although @Beathhigh ‘s doesn’t really count as its not one of his.
Sergio Mattarella entered politics to continue the legacy of his brother, who died in his arms, murdered by the maf…
Retweeted by KarenIl #25settembre 1896 nasceva #SandroPertini. Presidente, partigiano.
Retweeted by KarenAnother true story from @SimonSalento 😁 @SimonSalento ❤️❤️❤️❤️335 pages into a 385-page book - that I decided I really didn’t like on page 75. The big question: should I finish it or just give up? @brucerisk Just back. Really effective test, track and trace systems in place - at least where we were. Restaurant… @edinhelp Thank you! @edinhelp Hi there. How do I report a missed garden waste collection? Our brown bin has been sitting on the pavemen…
If there is to be a border with Kent, it should be drawn with a ruler by a brown guy who has never been there
Retweeted by KarenOur minds are being overwhelmed By underwhelming men Thank you so much for this line @brian_bilston ! sat and listened whilst a mum of 3 who has worked her entire life sobbed her heart out to me today. She has lost…
Retweeted by KarenBoom boom @SimonSalento Now’s your chance! Oh yes it is!
For you @Tangledfox @Guuye @howardramsay ????!!!???!!! boom @SimonSalento ! 💗 #DavidBowie giving MTV the grilling they deserved. If only we had him now.
Retweeted by Karen @SamanthaDrisco1 Sturgeon: “Be strong, be kind and let’s all try and act out of love and solidarity”
Retweeted by KarenOver 1 million of us have downloaded the free Protect Scotland app. But the more of us that use it, the better it w…
Retweeted by Karen @MyraPark01 It’s a treat is it not?!
Dear Twitter - this is a work of art that uplifts the soul. It deserves to go viral. 😉
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The more people use this app, the more effective contact tracing will be.
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@John_Bizzell @nsdlittlelegs @onawintersnight Ibuprofen- it’s a miracle!Boom boom @SimonSalento !
Retweeted by KarenHello! Taking a break for a while, if you're interested in Nae Pasarán, these will be helpful: Stream/download Nae…
Retweeted by Karen.@UKgovcomms Having to complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form before travelling. How do you save it in an… @Beathhigh @SimonSalento One for when we reconvene?
That’s better 😉
Retweeted by KarenICYMI @HelenMilburn testing system is broken. If we do nothing the pandemic will run out of control
Retweeted by KarenActually good charity single (written by @KateStJohn5 and Neil MacColl and fronted by the brilliant Jessie Buckley,…
Retweeted by KarenI’m now officially a second class citizen of Europe. Thanks Tory cunts. #ToryIncompetence
Retweeted by KarenSeen this @SimonSalento @elicens ? @bookwumman 😁Will do! He recommends playing videos on You Tube while you’re pedalling to keep your mind occupied! 😆 @bookwumman Fantastic idea! Good on you. Hope they are super helpful and you find the one that’s right for you. My… @Tangledfox @Beathhigh @SimonSalento 🤣🤣 ‘Here comes the rein(s) again’
My dashboard lit up
Retweeted by Karen @Beathhigh The entire Ninja Horse back catalogue. What say you @SimonSalento @Tangledfox ? Which is your favourit… 👇👇👇
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ok but beyoncé didn’t have to make thomas the tank engine slap this hard
Retweeted by KarenDeenan Pillay, a member of Independent Sage, said the involvement of the private sector had created a “hotch-potch”…
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If you’re in a group where your leader tells you in order to show loyalty you must commit to breaking the law, I ca…
Retweeted by KarenOh yes he did! Thanks @AndyGray59 for supporting our campaign to #SaveOurTheatres "I know the King's very well. I…
Retweeted by Karen @CrowleyOnAir @ropoem @GrantMcPheeFilm A beautiful version Bobby - thank youBeautiful. discovered how broken the UK COVID-19 system really is. Strap in... Family member sent home from work with a…
Retweeted by KarenWelcome to Boris Johnson’s idea of “leveling up”
Retweeted by Karen @keepnhspublic @NHSMillion @doctor_oxford @NHAparty business is rubbing it's hand with taking more of the…
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@Barbwatt Beautiful!This isn’t just any #TestandTrace - this is #SercoTestAndTrace is nice to hear
Retweeted by KarenSBT alumni has done us proud! Mustafa, one of our boys who makes jute and paper bags, has had no income due to the…
Retweeted by KarenToday. at all. Call me a Mongol because I am. Mongols live in different countries, they can be any nationality. Mongo…
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@John_Bizzell 👏👏👏👏👏👏Amazon: Ban Amazon sellers inciting Down Syndrome Hate speech - Firma la petizione! via @ChangeItalia @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 @GoughCherry @MyraPark01 Already a schism in the pistacchio camp. @bigblether can have your share....... @bigblether @GoughCherry @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 @MyraPark01 Play your cards right....,, @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 Naps, I have no idea. ‘Il riposino’, however, is the finest invention known to humankind. Just ask my dad!Retweet if you think our media journalists should take a leaf out of Led @bydonkeys's book and start quoting politi…
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the sunset is its promise; the sunrise is its coming true #Salento #nofilter #morning #iocorroqui #dawn
Retweeted by KarenMy sister's dog's folk band have been doing promo shots for their album release (taken by her dog walker who is fra…
Retweeted by Karen @GoughCherry @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 @MyraPark01 You poor, poor thing - how do you manage?Moving on from the pistacchio cream cake to the pistacchio pecorino cheese. There’s a theme emerging @GoughCherry
@ZeeZooMeeMoo1 Thank you. There’s still a bit left for tomorrow’s #BreakfastOfChampions ! Tanti saluti da qui. @GoughCherry @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 Thank you. Feeling healthier by the minute!The Great question of our age RT for Dark Chocolate LIKE for Milk Chocolate
Retweeted by Karen @LondonEconomic @LondonEconomic @LondonEconomic Pillay, Professor of Virology at UCL, outlines the three core purposes of testing
Retweeted by Karen @JimCMackintosh @BBCScotland you might be interested in this
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@trishsky @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 @GoughCherry Thank you so much. Am full of cake. May never move again. @MyraPark01 @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 @GoughCherry Thank you. Would you like a slice? (Get in fast before @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 sees that!) @Guuye ❤️ Thank you - and thank you. Really honoured to be in the book ( although I don’t know what Meryl will say...)Hello there @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 @GoughCherry So this happened.....Yes- a birthday cake made almost entirely of pistacchi… @SimonSalento @bigblether I got the drift..... @bigblether Thank you!!!!! @HelenMilburn @SimonSalento Thank you. We’ll eat some marzipan for you. It’s a hard job...... @SamanthaDrisco1 Thank you 😘😘 @Barbwatt Thank you to Alice - and to all associated hoomans! @Windy_West_Lady @laveesh_sharma Thank you!! The cale started yesterday and is going to continue...Man saves a baby swan while it’s mom is being a mama.. Thank you.. Not all heroes wear capes.. 🙏
Retweeted by KarenI’m crying.🤣😭🤣 Wait for the dismount...
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