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Karen @KarenEmbra Up on a ferris wheel!

Work in education and serious stuff. But at heart - I want a pair of pink high heels, that catch the light.....

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@jon_emmans That stethoscope’s enormousHave just seen that there’s a remake of Call OfThe Wild. My mum took me to the cinema when I was about 6. #ScarredForLife @MyraPark01 @MyraPark01 We’re cheering you on hereThis guy should be prime minister #ToryBritain
Retweeted by Karen @Guuye We always do 😁 @TLabajos Something for @SimonSalento to remember at the 20-mile point of next week’s Seville Marathon.....
@bigblether @laveesh_sharma @Tangledfox @SimonSalento @Barbwatt @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 The DVD made it all the way to Delhi… @laveesh_sharma @Tangledfox @bigblether @SimonSalento @Barbwatt @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 Here’s a singalong for you!’m not sure. if you have a valentine yet. but if you don’t. my application is below
Retweeted by Karen @Tangledfox We’ve got the tix - that’s a start! 👍Listening to the blah blah about Johnson being ‘powerful’ on @BBCRadioScot #bbcgms - and all I can think is that th… @Tangledfox Oh no! You poor thing - take care of yourself. And let’s plan our escape to the sun! xLovely
@StephenJardine @EDI_Airport It’s the price we pay for an airport that thinks it’s main priority is being a shoppin… you for all your comments , love , advices and support We appreciate everyone and your love warm our frozen h…
Retweeted by KarenThe latest UN figure for the number of people displaced by the Idlib fighting: 832,000. It's the biggest displaceme…
Retweeted by KarenMeanwhile, in Syria…..! @kazbaa But not surprisingFirst part of our farm do animals arrived after 8 hours of travel to the new place Here they are far from the bomb…
Retweeted by Karen @cnocanview @RichardGarven @thedreadedlurgy @RussellImrie @jomowat @EdinburghPython @caitlyndewar @brianjaffa
Retweeted by KarenLike pulling teeth, but at last an answer from @Edinburgh_CC to the question when Princes St Gardens will be reinst…
Retweeted by Karen @bigblether @Tangledfox My point preciselyhow we can explain him why his mommy is not with him ?? We separate him from the others We rented place close and…
Retweeted by Karen @Guuye @jacks_rainbow independent shop on Easter Road, It Started in the North, showing it has a social conscience and supporting Hel…
Retweeted by Karen @bigblether @Tangledfox You do do it rather well Mr B. Almost as if you’d had practiceEXCLUSIVE: Emails reveal @Edinburgh_CC had safety fears for Christmas Market on the same day the public were told i…
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This is the face of “how dare you compare me to black men I’ve deported for doing class A drugs (like me) and not b…
Retweeted by Karen @DameDeniseMina You’ve made the big time!. Did you get to meet Patience Strong?! @bigblether 😧 @brucerisk Born outside UK. Admitted to drug use. Similar to those deported to Jamaica yesterday.Can you help Glasgow Night Shelter for destitute asylum seekers @GlasgowShelter transform their service?…
Retweeted by KarenFor you @Tangledfox - have some fluff! Bridges wants you to do the Kiltwalk, and so do we! Find out more about fundraising for people seeking refuge…
Retweeted by KarenBREAKING NEWS: Christmas Market/Princes Street Gardens controversy - Underbelly boss @charliewoody reveals new cari…
Retweeted by KarenSurprise night out at the theatre with @SimonSalento last night. Pride & Prejudice as you’ve never seen it. Abso…
A plea to all the world... We are in Idlib, Can you hear us? Tragic moments from #WhiteHelmets rescue operations of…
Retweeted by Karen @SyriaCivilDef We hear you. And our thoughts are with you. You are not forgotten @Guuye Lots of love to them from us xxDon’t worry @HoraceCSmith You’ll easily recognise @brian_bilston - if only from this portrait of him by… Helping Hands Fun•Fitness•Freedom
Retweeted by Karenlive gentle together
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Interesting approach by @VodafoneUKBiz . It seems that if you give less-than-satisfied responses to their surveys t…
I can say very happily that if I earn £40k in a year I have absolutely zero problem with paying £128 extra in tax,…
Retweeted by Karen @Beathhigh @doug_johnstone @markcousinsfilm Just coming into land.... @ropoem Desperate. The only word for it - full of despair
A stoater! @SimonSalento Oh yesMy favourite like someone’s been expecting Mr Bond to be looking for a WiFi connection Horse alert @SimonSalento @Beathhigh @Tangledfox @theAleppoCatman Wishing you a safe havenIt’s raining day and very very cold in Ernesto’s But this mean also : today no fighters planes over Ernesto’s We…
Retweeted by KarenFinally….. @SimonSalento xxFor years @theAleppoCatman has been caring for animal victims of the war in Syria. Under horrifying skies. Pls supp… the distribution of the meals. All the team still in camp to check if every mouth was fed ,especially the shy…
Retweeted by Karen @delboy1978ukThe White Helmets and @theAleppoCatman - lessons in humanity from Syria.
Seen this @misterhsk ? I met Medical Aid for Palestinians @MedicalAidPal to discuss their work & how Trump's 'deal' must be reje…
Retweeted by Karen @LynnHenni @Oriento8 @PaulHenni New decade, new existential threat. It’s never ending. Time to drown in wine and t… @misterhsk Good morning from the shores of the Caspian Hardeep! Hope all’s well. xNot for long #BakuSongs 19/20
Retweeted by Karen @SimonSalento ❤️❤️For you @ZeeZooMeeMoo1 @laveesh_sharma - happy mango day @LynnHenni @Oriento8 @PaulHenni Happy anniversary to you both!Maybe the next nd is very near for us ...! We are very scared 😟
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Seen this @Guuye ? @Tangledfox @SimonSalento @Barbwatt @Beathhigh Ah. Hopefully she waits until after my plane has landed @Barbwatt @Tangledfox @SimonSalento @Beathhigh You might get blown into Monday. Be careful out there! @SimonSalento @Barbwatt @Beathhigh @Tangledfox No - but I did look up a map to see where I might end up if I got sw… @brucerisk Wishing you a wonderful birthday Bruce. Hope you have a fab day!Day 16: it’s blawin’ a hoolie in Baku. But managed 6k along the seaside without being blown into the Caspian.… 18/20
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@KarenEmbra @Barbwatt @mencap_charity @jshannontreacy is one of the 2 plaintiffs in the conjoined cases. John is no…
Retweeted by KarenSaw this and thought it was Edinburgh - but apparently not. kids don’t learn languages in school this is how they end up - bothered by people speaking other languages. to the @bbcworldservice to a piece about Cheerobics - a mix of cheerleading and aerobics. Oh yes it is! video you’ll see all day @SimonSalento ❤️Dum dum di dumdum Dum didi dum No clicking till you get it @Guuye And you prove them wrong -always. xx
Didn’t schedule crying in for today but here we are
Retweeted by KarenJessie ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #wildrose
Retweeted by Karen @brucerisk Morning Bruce. @SimonSalento’m with Dog
‘Refugees’ by the brilliant ⁦@Brian_bilston⁩ A palindrome poem, for #PalindromeDay 02 2 20 (from A Poem for Eve…
Retweeted by Karen @ShetlandLibrary @LibraryofBham @OrkneyLibrary Glad to see #SuperSheltie on the hoof again! @trishsky @Tangledfox Died and went to heaven..... @Tangledfox Fab. Had my new favourite open sandwich - fresh tandoor bread piled with v salty sheep’s cheese, preser… @Tangledfox Fabulous - I love that route. Just heading out on my own Sunday run along the sea! @Guuye 😱🤢Anyone in Scotland do not be tempted @Alzscot and NHS Scotland can provide all this free #dementia
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