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it’s been 3 weeks since i’ve had a tim tam. i have the willpower of an ox
I have never eaten stuffed crust pizzayear of the rabbit time @See_Em_Play yeah just don’t watch the sequel, china girl. it’s super racist and SWERFYthe weather needs to warm up. it’s so cold today, i considered making KD 3 times @MrIanMacIntyre hey but at least he works clean, am i right??? @MrIanMacIntyre i think he exploited artie lange for his show and that’s a legit bummerNBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: O.J. Simpson remains at large — Tom Brokaw, 3:10 pm PT (June 17, 1994)
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳tomorrow’s episode is a spicy meatball. A lot of people are about to find out what Hillsong has been hoping has bee… coworkers in an open-concept office every four minutes
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳 @PREMIUMPONCHO i like the Glico hot curry @PREMIUMPONCHO if you have the curry cubes, you can make it in like 6 minutes in an instant pot. It’s a go-to in the winter for me @NYCNavid @KyleKashuv @davidaxelrod have you considered that Barack Obama isn’t a fuckin idiot?When someone gives you a compliment and then an insult Premier Doug Ford was greeted with a chorus of boos when he was announced to the crowd at the…
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳Pardon my glamour @GMPaiella that classic relationship milestoneJust checked on the score in the #CHNESP game and nil all at 89????fab 4 because Antoni is useless, i’m dressed as a fuckin dickhead again today but at least my stupid hat that i need because the sun is tryin… @MikeIsaac love too viscerally disgorgethank you to the roger whittaker impersonator whistling his ass off outside my window while i’m on a call @hudsonhongo nature is gross and awesomeIt’s a-meee, Saddama
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳what... da fuk mins to #RSAGERInteresting to see the same people who called for @chick_in_kiev to lose multiple jobs, turning a single bad tweet…
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳 @nataliesurely shaken my dang head @Jamespownall6 bitch you reached out to me. Don’t like the response? Don’t hop into people’s mentions @Garrett4Trump @willsommer i’m not a democrat garrett. I’m trying to show you your own line of thinking has way mor… vanderbilt died. I will eat some jeans in her honour @Jamespownall6 or brainsquebec elected fascists in their provincial election and those fascists did some fascism over the weekend. This bil… on @OnBeliefPod we delve into the history of hipster instagram church Hillsong to discover what they actua… @mtracey what were your SAT results mikey @elamin88 is this a problem in a city that’s 3 times as wide as it is tall or something? @Garrett4Trump @willsommer uh huh, now do frank trump @MrL0wkey you’re welcome @Jamespownall6 16 year old kid what? @KirpJr @willsommer yeah that’s what the best media training in Florida will give you to work withthe Kyle Kashuv situation proves that if you want to be racist and go to Harvard, your parents had better be rich @QanonAnonymous @mbueckert oh dear lord @willsommer they weren’t insignificant! And he’s playing them off as if he said them by accident or w/eHere's the background on the racial slurs that got Kashuv's Harvard admission revoked
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳*Nelson voice* HA HA! replied with my pointy butt
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳why is footage of white people singing at church always really funny?Text “Deez Nutz” to 42069 to impeach President Covfefe Cheeto @arts_gender oh yeah i’m not saying ‘turn this shit off!’ i’m always like “that chanel jacket would be ROASTING in a car on the highway"i’ve become a reply guy only for the roni cups instagramme, watching Big Little Lies: isn’t everyone warm in those clothes all the time? @miketheburrito We really wee weed this one up @thomas_violence @TheDemocrats @revrrlewis why does he hate the military? the correct way to dispose of a flag is to burn itLeisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, View 138, Loop 2 #AGI #Sierra
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳 @AGoldmund hard to say… I mean, he has those weird rap videos from his Florida period... @AliceAvizandum St Mingeonton’s Day (observed) @sophcw he got the ultimate payback with the costco swerve thoughRyūgan-ō is a king Scotch egg from Nagasaki.
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳throw a brick at this thing @andymoney69 yes guy @sophcw @whatfreshheck welcome
happy father's day to the father of the chinese revolution!
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳no kanopy i do not want to watch ordinary people on father’s day @Mobute hussseino.bmf @normwilner imagine getting that image and thinking you look normal in it, and not like a person who eats childrens’ facesi had one helluva nap this afternoonnew claws tonight @ParkerMolloy wawawawawa @karengeier
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳It’s a-meee, Saddama out and RIP to my grandfathers, Opa Geier who used to fall asleep at the dinner table and who I never heard s… father’s day to kurt eichenwald, who is spending the day watching tentacle porn with his sons @ColsBols @benshapiro slipped through the key holei could eat a big beef n cheddar with horsey sauce right now. not gonna lie @floozyesq even like someone’s 80 year old nan will just be on the shots all night @floozyesq eastern europeans have the ability to just house alcohol. you can’t go drink for drink with them @nytopinion @DouthatNYT what a twat @SloppyPSY0P the russians are taking away everything I love; Hillary Clinton and Target (which I still pronounce Tar-jay in 2019)heads up: if your dad is a troop, you have to call him twice todayHey even if you’re a mincing sissy, we’re here for you, says this bank they’re doing a New Orleans jazz version of All StarBeating off cancer in our lifetimeWe’ve just crossed paths with other a charity walk and they have some jam band playing like slow sex mix tunes for them @ICEgov Maybe you can make them wear a pink triangle arm bandA little concerned that this church is allowed to advertise on a school campus. I counted 6 different signsAnyone know anything about these folks? A cursory search turns up that it’s something like Hillsong? lover 69 instance, I just spent 6 bucks on a lemonadeIf you have a not great relationship with your dad, get out there and do something you know he’d hate todayHe’s waiting on his limonana leader apologizing to constituents is not an insignificant thing in China. There’s. Whole system of protecting f… you thanked a Top today?
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳Missing the first half of the #SWETHA game to walk my dang dog. Please no one do any extremely cool moves until I can find a tvSo Doug was supporting the police’s “right” to march in Pride. The police were the ones who invited him. The police…
Retweeted by Listen to @onbeliefpod Li'l 🌳 @RealCandaceO For such s patriot, you sure don’t understand how anything works