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Happy 4/20 to the stoners and not the Hitler Fans @Digbylj Thank you for making a persuasive argument against inherited titlesSolidarity with the Dryjackers Local 131“You’ve clearly never read Jordan Peterson’s book” Wanna bet? is a “puff dog?” This is also is getting
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳i have sex with the dream
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳it’s 5:30 and my parents are having an argument because “there’s no breakfast plan!!!” the diner doesn’t open until 7 @turnerwingo this is the one we’ve been waiting for, lads! (pulls a giant lever that reads “PREGNANT MAN" @karengeier Terf Island to defcon 2
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳Graham’s about to BLOW A COW @Baroque_Lesnar @guardian why? it’s not yours @brexitparty_uk the work you do of organizing all of britain’s most impotent racists into one place is so important…’m jordan peterson for catheters by mailpeople who took campaign money from jared kushner might want to shut the fuck up about the mueller report @NateSilver538 @pattymo strong agree @andylevy what about mozzarella sticks @ParkerMolloy i thought that was the case but wasn’t 100% sureJordan Peterson fuck a fan contestJapopos @andymoney69 true @andymoney69 now who’s the dipshit? @ParkerMolloy didn’t jack follow him at some point? @Slampig2012 he is a ‘collector of communist art’ and I’m willing to bet that’s the extent of his readingI feel a bit bad that I didn’t go to the debate with @andraydomise tonight but only because he’s suffering, not because I want to be there @coolgoku13 That boy is makin a bed! @Slampig2012 I appreciate the bilingual mayomaybe Jordan Peterson doesn’t wash his hair as a means of defending himself against getting punched, like an extremely sexist hagfish
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳Jordan Peterson looks like a vampire that only feeds on extremely divorced men
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳Jordan Peterson is David Icke for guys who aren’t cool enough to do drugs or get laid
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳Jordan Peterson enjoys all the advantages of Canada’s welfare state, and is paid a salary from an institution where…
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳Every time you see the name Jordan Peterson, imagine Huell Howser interviewing him
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳Jordan Peterson
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳 @gunsmoslem it’s peacunting when he does itexcited to hear more about the debate between the guy who always looks like he smells (and he probably does bc he e…
arm. fart. noises. Someone do it. @jonbernhardt yeah i think that’s accurate @jonbernhardt interesting thought experiment: whether you believe obama could beat trump in 2020. I’m not sure he could tbhChag Pesach Sameach's good Friday
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳.@pontifex can u eat ass on Good Friday
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳 @rachelmillman thank youuuuuuu @MikeIsaac the last thing you see before your Berner gets stolen @tresdessert The Mueller report is carrying the gene for type 1 diabetes @juggstorecowboy Nice oneWe’re so fucked!, police? I’d like to report evidence of a rave @juggstorecowboy congrats. whatchu getting @amandamull Your poor dad thinks you’re being abused by northern foodanyone out there had your podcast feed rejected by apple for “test content”? How did you fix it? If this isn’t you, please do not reply!Graham’s celebrating Shitty Friday @juggstorecowboy @juggstorecowboy i didwe’re freakin going to Nando’s tonight @5five0oh4four strong agree @MrsMZ2u thank u @LouisPeitzman oh my god Louis. LOIS’s STORY @J_Hagendorf @WolffintheWild @benshapiro almost, you’ve got the numbers flippedholy shit i fixed it. Ok it’s good friday againfuck my weed pen won’t turn onahh the perfect crime (like you being 4 foot 1 in tom cruise grade lifts) don’t care about your feelings @WolffintheWild @benshapiro Hi Michael, would you care to share how tall you are? @c_9 @celliottability @MacLeodLisa @jpags no such thing as a rational conservative. Conservatism is the ideology th… @edzitron Bandersnatch is the only movie where a thing happens and then another thing happens later @fingerbIaster There’s a weird retail law that allows drug stores to be open on stat holidays, but only a certain p… My bot’s going to get locked on Good Friday @royaltheartist Saying this in Italian is GOOD @unknonbint Learn to take care of yourself, wimp @Crawf33 Lol @karengeier should be illegal
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳People who sit at the table next to you in an empty restaurant are the worst @eponawest @LLW902 @See_Em_Play As soon as I said it, I realized it might not be available in Scotland @eponawest @LLW902 @See_Em_Play Herradura is a solid choice and more widely available @LLW902 @See_Em_Play Second this with a recommendation for Espolon reposadoCurrently watching my dad try to manage his impatience and you may he surprised to know he’s losing the battle @Glinner if they’re gender hippies, you’re the gender old dad sitting at home watching ‘Allo, ‘Allo and wishing the… will be mistRIP to Glenn Greenwald. Logiced himself into a corner and then mind fudged himself into another dimension. @chick_in_kiev @libbycwatson we went through this on a smaller scale with Rob Ford, and every time people thought “OH DAMN, WE GOT… @EoinHiggins_ @baxbooksdeux true queens will speak at the aryan brotherhood conference because they PAY ON TIMEeverybody shut the fuck up for a second WANT MISS VANJIE’S CAPE @GMPaiella get his (presumably wide??) ass, Gabriella!!!!.@SethAbramson praying you reach 1286
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳 @Gracie_Roth sorry to hear. Hope she’s feeling betterLove to discuss Jeffrey Epstein at breakfast in a diner @karengeier the two things everyone loves about pet ownership, it costs nothing and you don't have to take care of the animal
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳This was the BURIED LEDE in this week’s episode“getting a dog because you’re broke” is pretty funny. I spent 275 dollars yesterday for a woman to tell me my dog d… Josie, I’m sorry you can’t contemplate someone wanting the joy of a dog in their life can hear my dad watching Law and Orderit’s 5:40 am on a holiday, so that means I’m up rolling emails with sources @julianfeeld ahh I see you studied in LyonsGrapes hate
Retweeted by Friend of the Pod Li'l 🌳 @pattymo that hair! he’s going through his hippie phase @magiciansbook if you look at the rest of his feed, for “ManPoints" @fknryderdye i will do what I want on my own feed