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@johnlevenstein Haaaaaa @johnlevenstein 40 minute percolating time on that one5:07pm- oh look it’s the dead of night
@MaryEBertrand Oooh gurl @allisonkwest haaa shut UP Allison!Tamara O'Neal, the ER doctor killed by her ex-fiance at Chicago's Mercy Hospital, worked 2 full time jobs after col…
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me flirting @ElleOhHell HAAAA come onWho's ready for Thanksgiving?
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffGet Emily’s new comedy album she truly rules now and then I like to remind the world that Dolly Parton has donated 100 MILLION books to children.
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffSunday blessings
@botandy @adiospantaloons So do I! @hodgman Join me John @brendonwalsh Ok dadOh. Oh my.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @saraacummings Haaa amazing
@adamzopf The greatest movie with the worst ending of all time @adamzopf I just like underwater stuffFuck you im renting The Meg @mrscynthiajones @GHardstark Amazing!.@staceyabrams ran an inspiring campaign that showed girls and women everywhere what class, kindness and power look…
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Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff'Leaping a fence' by UK photographer Fay Godwin (1931-2005) #womensart
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffSeeing people actually using those free scooters is how I know it’s time to bring back bullyingThe Leonids peak this weekend. Here is one of my favorite things ever: an engraving of 1833 Leonids.…
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"The easiest thing to do on earth is not write." #RIPWilliamGoldman One of the greatest screenwriters in the histo…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff“I’m fine with women in power, just not this one specific woman currently in power.” This is so good.
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffHappy Friday! Laura Ingram’s radio show was dropped by Fox.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @kaiguy87 The entire time @AndyRichter @SarahThyre Every damn dayIt’s the Peaky fuckin Blinders boy @pryanlee_ They’re doing it for attention @sleezsisters @thatbilloakley It’s pretty rough @thatbilloakley @sleezsisters HAAAA X-men Eating Lite @heymikehenry No I know it’s unreal @sleezsisters @laylamh318 you shut your trap @DVSblast @AmandaDebaser haaa bastards all @muhreeugh it doesn’t smell like dessert casserole @DVSblast imagine dinner dragonsSomeone in my neighborhood is cooking dinner imagine @TrashPainter @mmockingbird Awww a dream come true
@KennethWReid Please I beg"The next chance you get, do somethin' nice for somebody - say 'good day,' hold a door open - and don't wait around…
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In times like these it’s comforting to think how much that bro who came up with bros before hos deeply loved his bros @danihebert21 OmgAs God said, “Thou shall hide the voting machines in a warehouse.”
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @richardrushfield @PFTompkins @johnlevenstein You specifically told me it would be Richard @richardrushfield @PFTompkins @johnlevenstein I’m just so tired.
<gasp>’t know when this happened, but: CAGNEY AND LACEY is now streaming on @CBSAllAccess.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @johnlevenstein I’m 11% alcohol by volume @karenkilgargif @safety_in_speed @talkshowtrutv I like it!Drink us in!
Next week’s @newyorker cover.
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffPatriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By putting our own intere…
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@LyricalFalls In April @constantdsgnr 🗿 @beepbeepamanda No idea @emily_cramps 9 @6meme6queen6 Neither @AndyTheG We’ve always talked what we need to track down is what kind of murder took place in that house @sararosewheeler Bust your ass and write @KitCat_2 Lean into not getting over it for as long as you can @SlyLovesMakeup I’m all set @witchspine Certs @Brooke_AF Both @MgGrady 500 grand in unmarked bills @faerytaleonfire The Holy Bible @constantdsgnr Old Amsterdam @HunterMadden My mustache and I are so proud @becth0mas overjoyed @felixtre89 Silence of the Lambs @venuscrytrap Help someone else @Iacroixcan The farting @MarthaKelly3 I think he taught us all a little something about courage today @Mandyrene93 Thank you for noticing my incredibly subtle physical comedyWorship for Sunday Who Saved 669 Children During The Holocaust Has No Idea They’re Around Him On Live Television Show.…
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffMaria Oakey Dewing, A Bed of Poppies, (c.1909) #womensart
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffHi, Satan! I'm an ER doc. If you add up every gummy bear, cue ball, or copy of your shitty books Ive pulled out of…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @DakotaBlueR @MyFavMurder @EndeavourTV omg Hiiiee you’re so good on it!!Playing their first home game since a shooting in Thousand Oaks on Wednesday killed 12, the Clippers wore T-shirts…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @morgan_murphy Look I once said this is my favorite tweet so someone made me my own shirt of it 🙌🏼 @carrierandall08 @MyFavMurder @StevenRayMorris @GHardstark Haaaa simply the best!From Pasadena Fire Association: "Mr. President, with all due respect, you are wrong. The fires in So. Cal are urba…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @carrierandall08 @MyFavMurder @StevenRayMorris @GHardstark Is this REAL?!?! We’re CRYING laughing at this right now!! @johnlevenstein ARE YOU INCOME TAX?!?!Of all the comments left about the pirated full-length version of E.T. on YouTube I think Income Tax’s is the most…
@anylaurie16 @bordernirvana @dailykos @jackiekashian This is like that time I got introduced as Laurie Kilgallon at the SF ImprovI’m watching a show called Drain The Ocean and now I know what I want to do for my birthday this year @johnlevenstein Yeah your version of me had such a strong you voice I just thought you were talking to me @johnlevenstein I was being myself 100 @johnlevenstein Just a slightly thicker version of whatever’s already happening on top @DVSblast Haaaa can I just have one moment alone with itME CALLING ROOM SERVICE: Yeah can you describe the mac and cheese to me like is it fancy and weird with twigs and s… @cogentanalysis