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This keeps making me laugh @addatude_ @GHardstark @MyFavMurder That’s a picture showing how scalping feels @celtadri @MyFavMurder This is high art @youlackfaith @MyFavMurder Faith this is the first I’m seeing it! And it’s breathtaking!
@HelloCullen What could possibly go wrong @SarahThyre @PatrickHastie They should change it to Haverchuck @SarahThyre @PatrickHastie Let’s get ‘em!I made fun of Howard Schultz, the guy who doesn’t see color.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @PatrickHastie That’s fucked upSHIIIIT @ecareyo choo choo betch Im 11 years old
This #SinglesAwarenessDay don't drown in post Valentines sorrow, take a note from @guybranum and don't fall back on…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @inja_ninja_15 @MyFavMurder That’s majestic please tell her thank you @heidigolitely @katelynferry THANK you Heidi @reynoldsgareth Every time I throw that red light up onto the roof of our unmarked car it’s gonna go all the way ac… to announce I am doing a buddy cop show with @KarenKilgariff . Don’t look it up.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @BusyChristen Hi my lovely! We’ll be back!
@vornietom Farmers in the dark gets me in my deepest feelings @vornietom I know me too every timeHappy Valentines Day! May you find someone who loves you like Richard Brautigan loves the benefits of electricity @WGladstone Thank you my friend!Hello my valentine listen to this live Dollop we did it’s a goodie @katelynferry Shut UP Katelyn! @collinllewellyn You were right to tell me @aubspot You can tell it’s not me because I do not share my shouldersBREAKING: another huge legal win for Sandy Hook families against Infowars and Alex Jones. A judge ruled tonight tha…
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US photographer Margaret Bourke-White on the Chrysler Building, New York, 1931 #womensart
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffNothing separates real actors from willing amateurs like pretending to wake up.
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“Happy Galentines Day!” I scream into the Equinox saunaHappy Birthday Abraham Lincoln. If he were alive today, Abraham would be 210 years old and 77 feet tall.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @IwantyourPDX I find it so very @indierockranger @GHardstark You DO know tho
trust me on this one stop saying “duh”Never forget the only person to defeat Anton Chigurh
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @ChrisCubas That poster rules the mostI’m not wrong
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffBIRD #8,260 Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus)
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffUK artist Helen Musselwhite combines hand cutting, folding and scoring paper and card to create her artworks, which…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @ShawnHatosy Honored to be a part of your disorderIm still mad about that year at the Grammys when people were like “Hey this Annie Lennox can really sing!” fuckin rubes @wtvramanda No but thank you @agbnasa Those belong to @lizzycooperman @Molly_Kats It’s liiiiikeOur brunch table collapsed it was so punk @blainecapatch Agreeit's important to tape your stand-up sets so that you have something to watch while wearing a wedding dress in your cobwebbed mansion
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"It remains your responsibility to both suffer the racism and find the power to speak out against that racism, all…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariffopen for a fun surprise @itsluckyyyyyyy @brittanyrinck @StevenRayMorris @GHardstark SAME!! @jackshoegazer Its 100% true
@BigHern Long live Jesus Christ. @BigHern OMG I JUST SAW THAT TOO AND HAVE BEEN CRYING LAUGHING ABOUT IT @AndrewHess77 That and wearing a huge crucifix around the *outside* of your polo shirt collarI saw a My Pillow commercial last night that will absolutely be entered into evidence against that guy one day @yeschefbridges @constantdsgnr @DynarPodcast @chrisfairbanks @StevenRayMorris Haa! Thank you that’s awesome @cccap @DanielRWilson Cindy STOP IT YES YOU ARE @_AndrewC17 Ooh yesss thank you @BrianTiedeman @DanielRWilson High fiveahh yes I’m in Hawaii allowing the tradewinds to whisk all my cares away wait fuck is tradewinds one word or two godDAMMIT ALL TO HELL @rahne_jones Ooh looking her up now!! @DanielRWilson Don’t worry we’re all doing our best
King of kitchen sink - Albert Finney: a life in pictures
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffShe is me, I am her! ❤️✊🏽 @AOC
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffI asked my 4-year-old if she ever thought she'd find "the one."
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @actuallymaxie @GHardstark @MyFavMurder Oh wowww I hope it’s true @nickcurl Oh noooooWe may be superficial but we’re good at it
@rachoolihubkap Never doubt me again, Rachel. @Shonali_ Hi friend!!
@NerdHeather Heather thank you and back atchamissy elliott is the designated survivor for virginia
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffThere hadn’t been anyone like Mr. Rogers on television before and there hasn’t been since. Mark your calendars, and…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @DanSpenser lol fiiine @amahnke It’s called symbolism Aaron I mean a metaphor @Randazzoj @PFTompkins You little devilI’ve noticed a trend in movies/tv lately of sudden realistic barfing and I just want to say hey guys no one needs this right nowLA! March 4 @LargoLosAngeles @danielvankirk amd we will be doing an epic live @DPTpodcast w @KarenKilgariff and Jo…
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffSure Charlie got himself a Chocolate Factory, but his grandparents got to stay in bed for 20 years so ask yourself who were the real winners
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffStacey Abrams should be the Governor of Georgia.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @MrsGillin I say I think karaoke is stupid because I love it so much it scares meI will never forget the clapping & joking & shouts of "USA!" despite the catastrophic debasement of this country's…
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffI choose to remember Buzz Aldrin for knocking that moon landing denier the fuck out at the age of 86. You guys do y…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @pants @BrandonEsWolf Ooh I like that that’s the one to beat @BrandonEsWolf we have 45 minutes let’s to try to beat that @pants stop it! @ManInTheHoody
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffIf this plane goes down I’LL LIVE TWEET IT FOR YOU CUZ THIS WIFI IS FULL ON WORKING🗣
@annetdonahue SURELY THIS WORD DOC WILL MAKE UP FOR MY ENLARGED PORES @annetdonahue Ooh yeah THIS IS THE ESSAY THAT WILL FINALLY GET ME VOTED SOPHOMORE CLASS SWEETHEART @johnlevenstein One person doing 3 “weird” voices @annetdonahue I like to yell “IT HAS TO BE BAD!!” at the top of my lungs and then crack my knuckles 10 times @johnlevenstein What about one where everybody narratesWhy must a movie be “good” ? Is it not enough to sit somewhere dark and see a beautiful face, huge?
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @TheAudreyC Shiiiit!! @meatloaf_jpg @GHardstark I don’t care what you think @johnnypemberton I feel I must @ShawnHatosy SHAWN I MISS USWe’ve been on the road so long these Forensic Files episodes have cycled all the way through and started over :(...