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@cashhartz @courage_always @MyFavMurder @GHardstark He was more Human Resources but I’ll allow it @gabeliedman @courage_always @MyFavMurder @GHardstark wow demandy @cashhartz @courage_always @MyFavMurder @GHardstark Tommy Lasorda @courage_always @MyFavMurder @GHardstark I think you should start a podcast called My Favorite Manager @Allison_Tolman @GHardstark Haaa! They’re hot AND they know how to have a good timeIf this plane goes down remember me as one who, above all else, thrived in chaosBest wishes this Yom Kippur and remember: God may forgive but I never will @GHardstark @KarenKilgariff I think my friend’s cat is also a secret member of the Skarsgård family
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @MaddiB_ @GHardstark Haaaa omgMistakes are for kids from prep schools. Abuse is rough housing. Boys will be boys. Try weed. Steal a car. Abort pr…
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@johnlevenstein you dirty ratMe and my emails is not the place for naked sincerity and idealism. I know that. But the sound of angry women who will not b…
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffI was at a point where I was ready to say I am what I am because of what I am and if you like me I'm grateful, and…
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"He didn't do this...a long time ago...and everybody did it...and what about all the people he didn't do it to?" is…
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffTake a ride with us and all our bullshit! in loser, we're going to the Scholastic Book Fair.
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffMe all Sunday @nickprueher Haaa! That’s mean!
@TheAudreyC @molls Never your life is just beginningTurns out I have 2 ladders @deathoftheparty @JoshMankiewicz Finally tweeter beef I give a shit about!Here’s me and @molls talking absolute filth for what seems like 2 days @sleezsisters We grew up so specifically @Caissie FEMA test
@jerry_eldred powerfulThe best graffiti I ever saw was scrawled on the side of a dumpster in Glasgow but I was laughing and didn’t frame… @Shmoo06 peak Enid Coleslawi was bored so i injected some of martin short's dna into a squirrel
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffHave a wonderful weekend everyone.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @mediasully @GHardstark Perfect usage @cjvanston Dude I didn’t even know I had a ladderI sent this to the wrong number and this is the response I get😂
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @SarahThyre I’m all curled up on an oil stainwhoa one of the characters on this ep of Inspector Morse has an eyepatch Fridaaay niiightThat is a sweet assed moon @sage_advice HAAAA oh my god there’s never been more garbage in one place @leehoonprovo @womensart1 I mean it’s uncanny @christyredd_ @DesiJed haa he is a giver“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
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Motherfucker that’s a left hand
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @Molly_Kats Living my lifeVenetian Rococo painter Rosalba Giovana Carriera (1675-1757), the first woman in Western art credited as influentia…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @albz I shazamed like 4 songs last night the theme song rules @Brandazzle Haaa horrifying @albz Tim told someone to shut up in the last one I watched and my heart exploded @IwantyourPDX Haaaaaa I’m a fraud @bessbell Bess you get it @fortunefunny Haa @bukotz A professional man! Come see! @Hollyyo1 These lazy jerks? @sleezsisters The Rustic @danjan13 HAAAA but do you like bird shit enough to make it work @johnlevenstein I mean it I was worried @everykindco the sassy envelope cancels it out @johnlevenstein @sleezsisters haa yes and the combo of those with red hots presented as “candy” leaves me to believe that machine was from 1977 @KarenAndersonHi No it was a third guy @riegercanttweet Haaa I had no idea those were available to me this whole time @Nicifrog It was 70% spiders @torchedchapel Those things were rickety as fuck @TheBookOfJobes Red Hots and Spanish peanuts and spiders @theeAdversary I just gasped very loudly @falllinepodcast well I didn’t know I had a ladder until yesterdaygoodbye old junky garage me hello new clean garage me love Detroiters
His apartment also contained an off duty homicidal cop.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @Mike_Eagle power movesWell, who's laughing now, motherfucker.
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @milliedechirico Haaa that’s why I worship that goddamn band it’s every feeling at once @milliedechirico Because it’s impossible to understand the lyrics unless you listen to every song 1 million times @ArielDumas sorry sorryME: I think I may not need therapy anymore. THERAPIST: Would you like to discuss how you’ve been 15 minutes late f… @iamcamiamm no I woke up in the middle of a deep sleep and realized I forgot to record my ads Steven hates me gutsAt 2 in the morning, hundreds of Ted Cruz supporters all woke up to issue the same exact statement on Twitter. Noth…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @TaylorNBanks Dude I listened to it all this morning and my heart is still racing!
“Hi, I’m Vanilla Turd Boy for Sass phones! And I’m Nuh Uh Girl for Friend bank!” - every commercial
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @EvansBrad These are amaaazing @reynoldsgareth @easterlily49 I won’t argue I’ll just sing other songs loudly over your jock jams
@reynoldsgareth @easterlily49 I’ll go if Gareth drivesTurkish textile artist Irem Yazici creates embroideries that show often magical, fairy tale-like worlds #womensart
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffMe after I read three paragraphs of an article
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Lady Gaga’s character looking gorgeous in the A Star Is Born trailer: I’m too shy to sing because I’ve been told I’…
Best one yet.
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffAnd there it is.
Retweeted by Karen KilgariffShe rules
@lanyardigan My grandpa told us about the faeries too!! He was very matter of fact about it they’re real @amymoneill Steve sees all @BigSteveMoulton Haaa nice @MarylandMudflap Double Beard Jeopardy!!A slightly larger beard? Daily Mail has mixed up the captions on a Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin story with images of a man surfing w…
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @steviestevesiv He’s so goodHer: Honey, do you think I’m a good cook? Me: Is CHEP a Brambles company?
Retweeted by Karen Kilgariff @KatieWienke78 Aw Joseph! Frank got skunked once. Let’s just say it took *a while* for the smell to go away @usedwigs now I’m bonded to themMrs. Kravitz over here spying on the neighbors @McClure_SF Amateurs -it’s a convertible Porsche for God’s sake get a drone in there!! @McClure_SF you’re a dumb guilty pleasure