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She/her. Attends a lot of cons & wishes she were a cat. @hzdg Production Designer. Mayor Mare's assistant. Avid reader.

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Privileged people: If you are concerned about losing your right to an abortion just spare a thought for the people…
Retweeted by Karen Robersonobviously it doesnt need to be repeated but if one person dying can basically ruin the future for women, minorities…
Retweeted by Karen RobersonMay her memory be a fucking revolution.
Retweeted by Karen Roberson @DenDenMonMon That’s a great one even though all the men in it are absolute trash. I love sandy! @DenDenMonMon What’s ur fav then? @DenDenMonMon It’s cool I’ll fight you 😂🙏
Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of the greatest Americans who has ever lived. She was a shield that protected us from s…
Retweeted by Karen RobersonRest in power. 2020. Damn.Janeway in Black and White I'll never get over how stunning she is. #janeway #theJCersOnTwitterDidThis
Retweeted by Karen Roberson @cinnatweets P I N S @cinnatweets The way it worked for this scenario is that they try to have the person eat food the regular way but t… @WomenAtWarp Who? Don’t know her.Mom got her feeding tube removed today. Which is awesome. And apparently they yanked out and it sounded like uncork… @crystalclearc1 @crystalclearc1 Reading and cleaning and starting a new video game. :) @TuckerBees 💖👌 @presidentpoppy Tbqh this is the loveliest thing ever. And I am flattered. Gates is the CEO but I’ll bring her coffee 💕If y’all don’t associate with a metric ton of super specific characters than I have failed. know who hurt the careers of the Deadly Wizard School game devs? The writer lady who decided to be a full on…
Retweeted by Karen Roberson @Cassandra_Sz Oh yes. I am pretty low brow with the movies I’m manically into. Some people are so cool haha @cinnatweets I know! It’s a comfort movie for sure for me. @lrenhrda Also Frau is my favvvvvvvv DC character ever. The end. @lrenhrda Second is my fav of the three. You? @BonecrusherJenk I love the bubbe Sophie Halloweenie vibe in “the Rosie Show”. What a fantastic scene. I do wish th… @priyatori Go to IKEA just to get lunch @lrenhrda I love our love of Austin powers bc for me especially it is very off brand @deerlette I just did this meme too and put Twister in it. That movie is EVERYTHING right?! I saw the pinball machi… @deerlette 10/10 me and my pinball transparency will fite u @cxptainjaneway I screamed LIZARD BABY when I saw it. What a delight. I wasn’t sure if I was right as I didn’t look… @TrishForstner No you the bomb. I love you. @TrishForstner You fuckin D O N T @Malissa_Longo Practicing for exorcist auditions.4 movies you’re pretty sure you like more than anyone you know part II movies you’re pretty sure you like more than anyone you know.
@lrenhrda Omg I love this one. I need to do it later. @m_t_baltimore There are seasons after 8? I’m unfamiliar. @Tyranicus I stepped on a hairball in the dark the other day. Nice. @m_t_baltimore Agree. I also think I would put all things on my list for overrated. The enthusiasm fans have for it… @m_t_baltimore I need to think on this more but Kill switch is in my top five favorite eps and I feel like it’s pre… @lightninglychee It’s bc he is a boi @lightninglychee Omg then he will be able to be a neurosurgeon. Hot damn. @lightninglychee Omg he’s ready to be a seeing eye meow @Native_Orchid We waited 13 literal years for the third installment and it was terrible. It might not be as bad to… got me thinking about kingdom hearts III and reminded me that I’m going to die mad. @Native_Orchid KINGDOM HEARTS IS A TRAP. @Native_Orchid Cool! Yeah IMO it’s definitely worth it to try for a 5 instead of a cheaper 4. But I know that the s… @Native_Orchid Ps5 has backwards compatibility with the 4. 🥰 @TyTwinny @BeezleMcFly I’m sooooo mad that game is gonna he FPS bc that’s not my jams. But I’m gonna play the shit out of it. @Tyranicus Yeah I’m confused. Being super polite and having manners is a thing. Jeeze. @TrishForstner It’s stupid cute. I can’t stand it.PS5 can choke me. Im so ready. 💦💦💦💦💦
@diansakhuart I love your redesign. It makes me think of drossel from anime fireball. Such robot cuties. @ShelfNerds Let the women do things. @MarkLaubenthal A lion 🦁
@SachaDiGregori0 U TOO HOT FOR THIS HELL SITE. Also ty 😭🥰 @BonecrusherJenk Not meant as any sort of weird brag but it was a cool project: @BonecrusherJenk I did my thesis type final paper on her in school. And it’s pronounced. SEE-PEE. ;) @BonecrusherJenk Cipe Pineles is a super interesting lady and did some of the initial design of these magazines. I… @rashiduzzaman82 Happy birthday friend! I wish I had even a fraction of your optimism. Thanks for being the good vibes. 🥰John Boyega: -discusses Disney's issue with poorly handling POC in Star Wars- Disney: -drops Mandalorian season 2 r…
Retweeted by Karen RobersonLoving Daisy’s witchy vibes as Magic Kingdom celebrates Halloween 🎃 #WaltDisneyWorld #WDW #MagicKingdom #Halloween
Retweeted by Karen Roberson @TrishForstner But are there pins? *grabby hands*No one should be going to Disney but I’m still gonna admit that my duck wife looks cuties in her spoop ensemble. @TrishForstner She a WITCH. I was so meh about her princess look. THIS IS THE BEST. @Native_Orchid Oh didn’t see that yet @Native_Orchid I appreciate the implication that Mcgonagall would have fought for trans rights. 💖Cats have a precise method of walking called direct registering. Their hind paws fall inside the place of their for…
Retweeted by Karen Roberson @Capt_Barker I know in two weeks I’m gonna compare and feel way better. @DashingSoulJay 🥰 Thank you fam! You’re right you’re right. Gotta drink more water too. @BouncyBat Thank you my precious bat. I have good and bad days. I know I have literal diagnosed issues as to why it… @priyatori Thank you my wife. I try to never compare and avoid the progress of others. Not to be unsupportive but I… @BeezleMcFly It’s honestly the best podcast of all time and you will be crying laughing. #belindablinked @BeezleMcFly My dad wrote a porno. The bright sessions. 99% invisible.✨🐉👩‍👦🐉✨
Retweeted by Karen Roberson @flee_bites Excuse me this is gorgeous. Dragonair is my favorite Pokémon.I’ve been working really hard for months and I accidentally looked at the other students in the course and their pr…
@moonkittyy_ Everyone staying safe? 💕 @wmejia1987 No. But that would be fun! @beverlyscrusher It was my duty for about...four years? I miss it and should maybe do it again. @CrushingonBev Miami for her honeymoon. Hours before the hotel went out of business right from under them and guest… @crystalvisionsx Gillian Anderson’s filmography especially has so little that is redeemable outside of her face 💖I’ve seen *checks notes* 44 Joan Cusack, movies, I am the poster child for this feeling. ✨ think about this dress every day, and a fitting RT. Let’s go fall 🍂
🙏 My favorite sonic theme. will forever advocate for the normalization of adults doing harmless “childish” things. Sleep with stuffed animal…
Retweeted by Karen Roberson @ittatto23 All the things you RT are older tweets from years ago now. I’m sure I did post some Big Goodbye at some point. @sarahmiyoko But surely you remembered Lulus belt skirt? It’s everything. @HeyStevieLee @rashiduzzaman82 I’m fine going to the GC some day but going on this thingie is a big no#BreonnaTaylor was murdered 6 months ago. She was not resisting arrest. She was asleep. And she was murdered by pol…
Retweeted by Karen Roberson @rashiduzzaman82 I’ve got that adult developed fear of heights that’s case by case. Have you seen that thing that s… @rashiduzzaman82 No. I would be too “aware” and Irational about it and probably couldn’t go inside. @beverlyscrusher Unsure if link will work (apologies) but here is my contribution to the cause: @BouncyBat Stop you’re gonna give me kingdom hearts PTSD @BouncyBat 👀🔍 this is the best.My mom is such a babe. (1984) to take a selfie in a neat vintage bathing suit my mom gave me. But this is much more interesting content.