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Velocity girl, racecar mouth, danger extrovert, nerd mom. ARCHITECTS OF MEMORY, @torbooks, 2020. Photo/video pro. Rep: @DorianMaffei. VP20, Clarion. She/her.

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I built my characters and their ship in The Sims, then gave them all the correct traits and installed a bunch of he…'re just over six months out from ARCHITECTS OF MEMORY! This means that, in real time, the crew of the Auroran sa… @bittybittyzap you are doing what you need to do, and that is absolutely badass. WE LOVE YOUUUUU.
If any one piece of writing is absolutely essential now, this is it.
Retweeted by Karen Osborne @ac_wise @AtGreenblatt @ECthetwit @FoxesandRoses @sillysyntax @GwendolynKiste @silviamg @MariaHaskins @sicarrol @the_real_tyler It's almost sad they only show up once in this entire book. Ward Board Ward Board Ward Board Ward BoardNo, Karen. You cannot call the board of directors that controls the interests of the Ward-Ellicott family "The War… @cstross that is literally the first commandment i can't even aaaarrrhhhhghghg @phiala Oh dear! ERs are the worst. @nancipants @nancipants DAMMIT NANCI I'M CRYING NOWClearly I must go to #Boskone next year.
MID-2021, PEOPLE MID-2021 @mrbruff I love the SORRY one. @snarkbat oooooooTrump identified the Republican Party as a distressed property and acquired it. Bloomberg is trying to do the same…
Retweeted by Karen OsborneSo, you hate socialism, ya say? If you make $50,000/year, $36 of your taxes goes to food stamps. $4,000 goes to co…
Retweeted by Karen Osborne @MariaHaskins Oh, he’s gonna love fandom. Lol @jemaleddin She has a doppelgänger! Just off enough for me to go... nope, can’t be her. Then wonder for the ride home haha @jemaleddin The finest! Did I totally just not recognize her at Giant tonight? Because I think I might have? I'm so tired.
@jemaleddin You're a good neighbor. Protest signs! @KMSzpara @suzusaur I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE HONOR SWORD TRUTH ELVES, KELLAN But alas, I can't think he's hot. He'… @SarahPinsker Yessssswhat no, i don't wake up in cold sweats thinking about my preorders AT ALL ALSO SCREAMED I really wanted in this life was canon Romulan honor swords, and #StarTrekPicard just gave us canon Romulan hon… @PurpleSaline I thought I would be all "ugh, get your Lord of the Rings out of my Star Trek," and instead I am #1 R…'m gonna call him Baby Elrond. Y'all can't stop me. BABY ELROND.
so my sweetie actually ordered me chicken korma so i wouldn't have to heat up leftovers ❤️ i didn't quite finish t… @Laurel_Volk I'm still "reaching" for things all the time myself. @ArkadyMartine @UncannyMagazine that sounds INCREDIBLY you and I can't waitit's valentine's day and i have a baby & a deadline, so we're... making leftovers and watching an episode of picard… got to hang out with my fellow @torbooks author @sarah_kozloff today during her swing through B’more & DC on the…
@Wiswell Me & the munchkin! @TheDrakeford Just remember it's not always so easy for women. :) @MykeCole Very good point. I wish this was 100% entirely true for women. @MarinaLostetter Replace “Witcher” with “Star Trek” and it’s me. High five! @nancipants I was just remarking this morning to how I don’t sleep well anymore because my brain twigs on her every… @AlasdairStuart *yoink* SOLD, that’s all the review I needed, well done, 10/10
@AlasdairStuart DOES IT HAVE ROMULANSwhy the heck does twitter believe i would ever be interested in intermittent fasting ESPECIALLY on deadline @englishmace @freyamarske YES PLEASE TO ALL OF THIS.the feeling if i actually pull this off @roberts_keena oh yeah. considering the last version of this chapter resembled a broken trashfire. :) @DebutanteBall @kwestbooks YES TO JENNIFER GARNER. YES. @kbwagers it's way too hopepunk for this universe... OR IS IT @roberts_keena I'm working on the last chapter of the second book :)holy HELL this last chapter you guys THIS LAST CHAPTER it slays a public shout-out to my amazing agent @DorianMaffei, who is sure putting up with A LOT OF KAREN this week.
@PurpleSaline @Spotify their ads are SO LOUD!! @TrekProfiles It was totally awesome. @philmargolies @GalleryCurious YOU SOLD THE ZOMBIE APE TALE I AM SO HAPPYHappy book birthday @clpolk! hey @spotify, you're still airing very loud trojan condom ads while i'm playing a baby lullaby playlist FIX YOUR ALGORITHMfuck yeah
Retweeted by Karen Osborne @Laurel_Volk I can't stop thinking about Ross Poldark with Romulan ears nowT'int right, t'int fair, t'int proper
Retweeted by Karen Osborne
@nancipants The crib is a game changer. @ArkadyMartine @mikechenwriter @SarahPinsker @AlixEHarrow @xasymptote Wonderful!Congratulations to @gaileyfrey & @jennreese & @fran_wilde & @ac_wise & @kjy1066!When I wrote this story, I asked myself at least six times if it was "too much," if it went "too far," if it was "t… @fran_wilde @UncannyMagazine @gaileyfrey @jennreese @ac_wise Congratulations! Your story was so brilliant! @kjy1066 @gaileyfrey @jennreese @fran_wilde @ac_wise @kekduckett @UncannyMagazine HIGH FIVE! Fantastic!!OMG you guys we're in the BEST WEEK OF THE DEBUTANTE BALL, where we cast our books as if they were movies. IT'S GO…
@arianna_emery I don't think we have a motto, but Groot is the only founding family to NOT get a street named after them, I think @redroomrantings It's mentioned in both Moby-Dick and The Simpsons.It's mentioned in both Moby-Dick and The Simpsons. @PrinceJvstin He was Dutch. :)One of the founders of the town was literally named Groot. @KenSchrader4882 At the pool it was in my shoe! :) @PurpleSaline the sound of FREEDOM @mikechenwriter Okay, I think this is the first time outside of my childhood that I have approved of Barbie.I told a story to my 11th graders about how that when my friends called, I had to talk to them IN THE KITCHEN IN FR… @mikechenwriter Is Barbie Elsa?GREAT NEWS! You’re a simple but kindhearted woodcutter who lives in the Big Forest with your wife! You’ve been marr…
Retweeted by Karen Osborne @LaurenHougen Can you enforce one? Move things around? Even give yourself an evening or a morning off? I find that… have procrastinated long enough & am filling out my nebula nomination form TBH, we're in a golden age of science… for the fact that providing true and real information to a populace is seen in fascist and authoritarian cou…😶 #TheExpanse410
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@OriginalKelpien @actordougjones @AaronHarberts @VulcanPusheen Scream!!! Excellent!!!n / s / e / w / name / job / bye / look / examine @SarahPinsker yay baltimore.We are excited to host @the_real_tyler. RT for a chance to win a signed copy of THE IMAGINARY CORPSE, AND a bookpl…
Retweeted by Karen Osborne @hawkwing_lb @DjangoWexler @CaseyLBlair Oh, certainly not. @hawkwing_lb @DjangoWexler @CaseyLBlair There's an offhand comment that Dahj's BF makes about her "tragic" replicat… @hawkwing_lb @DjangoWexler @CaseyLBlair That said, it's hard for people to conceptualize a post-scarcity society. I… @hawkwing_lb @DjangoWexler @CaseyLBlair I think so. My working theory is that the Federation was suddenly struck re… @hawkwing_lb @DjangoWexler @CaseyLBlair I always suspected that Starfleet officers and other people who "contribute… morning from my tiny office, where it is 4:15 am, i am two chapters away from deadline & the cat is currently… ARE MY LARIS GIFS, INTERNET hanging in by my fingernails right now like that cat in the '70s poster. however, the denizens of the interne… @matociquala oh, i have. in fic. God bless fic. @matociquala I want him to be. but he's definitely not.
@sosaidvictoria The goalposts are always moving, alas. @eilatan I feel like we haven't seen the last of them. If they come in for a last deus ex machina and sacrifice the… @eilatan Okay. Did you also have the thought "why does a Vulcan need sunglasses?" And then remembered the last char… should hire me to write a Romulan tie-in novel or I might be forced to write one anyway @eilatan YES! ... and god, Laris and Zhaban, of course they put disruptors literally everywhere. I love them so mu… if you don't read current work there will be no current work