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Velocity girl, racecar mouth. Nebula & Sturgeon finalist. ARCHITECTS OF MEMORY out now from @torbooks! Rep: @DorianMaffei. VP20, Clarion. She/her.

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@mcmar I'm so glad! <3 @ninocipri OH THIS IS JUST THE BEST THING EVER!!! Congratulations to you both!Sometimes you just need a weapon that can think for itself. believe I called it: Completely heartbreaking and utterly brilliant. *makes shooing motions* Why are you stil…
Retweeted by Karen Osborne @FisherParton @K_C_Associates Thank you!! @Scuba_On_Mars Awesome! Thank you! I love The Expanse so much I had to stop reading it until my books were done!… @theorycircles Thank you! @AndreaGStewart What a great baby!!!ICYMI, my debut sci-fi novel, #ArchitectsofMemory, came out this month! If salvage operators and alien weapons and… to read this.
This.’m finding it hilarious that the very same people calling criticism of Barrett “anti-Catholic” are attacking Joe B… @natasha_lane1 No problem! Yeah, right now is hilarious because the right is claiming anti-Catholicism on Barrett w… at @RoberConNY -- join me! 2pm EST: We Are All Made of Stars: Galaxy-Building in Science Fiction 4pm EST: T…, I just wanted to share this, my first experience of True Mom Rage. I'm utterly sick of how kids get shoved… gets the extreme privilege of CLEANING UP BOY SWEAT MOPPING UP BOY SPIT AND SERVING BOYS DRINKS's so afraid of what the boys will say that she RUNS AND HIDES IN HER BASEMENT. The whole team TEARS APART THE H… in mind that when Donna started learning to play baseball, she could *already* run as fast as her brother. So…'m a writer, so at this point I stopped and looked at what the story was telling me before going on. Perhaps Donna… gets sick of playing with UGH HIS SISTER and joins a REAL TEAM with BOYS. But he gets sick the day of the big g… informs you that Don loves baseball *because* he's a boy, and Donna is *afraid* of baseball because she's a girl… author starts out by informing you that there are no appreciable differences between twins Don and Donna aside… spouse has dozens of books he grew up with. We're reading them to the baby to decide which to keep, and it's bee… @UroFuchs1 This is the literal tiniest bit of fame, though. Like............. the tiniest. @HawleyMO @JoeBiden bringing back the "we can't elect kennedy!!!11!! he'll follow teh pope!!111" rhetoric in a big… #5amwritersclub! i'm up writing a lawyer with really great buttons on his jacket into my space opera. b… @hughhewitt There’s this wild tiny section of Catholics that wants so desperately to be oppressed that they forget… you are truly Catholic, you will vote for Joe Biden and then work with Democrats on policies that make abortion… get in a dander about “the last acceptable prejudice” and “anti-Catholicism” because they’re considered by oth… just like in many places right now, the loudest voices you hear are right-wing & super-orthodox. Most of us a… a reminder, folks, that Catholics do not have a monolithic evangelical-lite belief system, no matter what Cath…
@miyukijane that would be fine :) @thegourmez Try it again from the same place from 10% higher. The lighting is, i didn't understand henry cavill until i saw him in enola holmes OK I GET IT @thegourmez I'm not sure what's up with it, but it doesn't quite look like you. Nose maybe. Otherwise, it's lovely.🖤 @Aimee_Ogden Awesome!! @KA_Doore Never.No. is going to be fun! I'll be hanging around Saturday at 2pm for an editing panel and 4pm for a panel on buildin…
Lets talk books with @karenthology , author of Architects of Memory ! @PrinceJvstin
Retweeted by Karen OsborneThe Exhausted Board Book of Anne Ham Biscuit @KA_Doore Not to mention that nobody picks anyone up for six books anymore unless they're magical unicorns.oh look it's me & @DorianMaffei RN 🤣🤣🤣 see ppl responding to this w/ "panic" & "caffeine" & "sleep dep" & as someone who is operating her writing career… @DavidAlanMack @mrbowers That makes sense! Which means there’s still a chance for Seven to meet Mariner. YesssssIt’s also very late and the baby won’t sleep, which is why I know this, la la laaaaToday, we learned that Lower Decks probably exists in the Kelvin timeline, because Romulus still exists.
LinkedIn keeps on sending me these ridiculous “you’re getting noticed!!” e-mails that are invariably three MLM sell… @MittRomney You and your fellow senators can do something about that if you want, or you can keep tweeting, your choice @JessBScott Moooooo ha haaaaaaaa“On my morning walk this morning” Guess who hadn’t had her coffeeOn my morning walk this morning, I figured out what was really going on at the heart of the new novel. So that was…
Picnic. Saturated. @SarahPinsker, @valerievaldes & @ashleyblooms!🚀ARCHITECTS OF MEMORY is finally here! Reviewers are calling it "gripping," "unforgettable" & "excellent." Don't mi…’ve decided the truth of Gen X is that we were all promised as we entered adulthood in the early 1990s that the we…
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@Writer_Carrie Awful. I felt shamed and stupid. Avoid.I know it’s New York, but this internship pays more than I’ve ever made doing anything and some days I just feel co… @pintojamesbean I have not yet had vomit and I am counting my lucky starsI am off & running with plans for my Patreon. Join me, because space is scary and full of horrors -- and we are goi… was up at 3am this morning for the first time in a long while. Two cups of coffee & two hours later, I have the b… @PenPrince_NSA Yeah. Basically. Watching the pirate links outnumber the rest of the google results was.... something I was not prepared for.
@SmallStonesTall @scalzi The people running our face of a country have never had to worry. It’s awful. Good luck… @_plinth_ They didn’t have home INRs when I was recovering! My DVT was in 2006 & the excuse my GP gave when I asked… @SuzKorb @scalzi Thank you! @betsydornbusch @PrinceJvstin @scalzi It just seems so random.remember when we were able to trust that the CDC was both doing a good job and uninfluenced by politicians that wan…'s that old phrase my mom taught me: To assume is to makes a you-know what out of "u" and "me..." @KMSzpara DAAAAMNI wrote this while Ruth Bader Ginsburg was still with us and before I knew that California vs. Texas would be litig…🔥This is probably the best essay I've ever written -- about how I survived a blood clot and waded through the uniqu… think the small creatures in the house are having quarantine feelings this morning. @wordfey Snuggles are always worth it.
My brother's band -- the New York Players -- is live right now if you want some cover band goodness! 6 month mark in any sustained crisis is always difficult. We have all adjusted to this "new normal", but might…
Retweeted by Karen OsborneOh look, it’s my life
@fretmistress @ArkadyMartine @toadstoolbooks Thanks for coming! What was it?"The thriller action beats ... the aliens, the criticism and critique of ultracapitalism, the weird alien tech, the… @vsharriman Thank you, Vince!I can add to this, at least for #ArchitectsofMemory, a great book: fast paced, great characters and world building…
Retweeted by Karen Osborne @nancipants @ProfEmilyOster That book was really useful to me.TODAY 4PM EST! I'm chatting about ARCHITECTS OF MEMORY, writing space opera and all sorts of wonderful things w/…
!!!!!!! @kungfusquirrel Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it! (And you'll only have to wait until February!)Don't miss these debuts that we're checking out at #QuilltoLive! @karenthology
Retweeted by Karen Osborne @AnAmberAuthor It's such a rush!!My mom went to my hometown B&N — and look what was there! #ArchitectsofMemory! Tomorrow! pain Muad’Dib: what’s in the box? Bene Gesserit: Pain. CPM’D: ok Bene Gesserit: What will you d— why are y…
Retweeted by Karen OsborneIf you take that Hogwarts house out of your bio you'll have enough room to toss your pronouns in there 😉👉
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SATURDAY 4PM EST! I'm chatting about ARCHITECTS OF MEMORY, writing space opera and all sorts of wonderful things w/… on the Mars Society's insta:
Retweeted by Karen OsborneI am here for this. @LzLwsn Every day.oh MY Our government shouldn't be conspiring to use heat rays against us for exercising our constitutional righ…
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