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Karl Alone @KarlAlone5 Mississauga, Ontario

hello demons it me, ya boi (One Piece is life, pray for Oda)

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@renegade4l @BadCrippIe That’s nice @DHragos Wtf is this @renegade4l @BadCrippIe Didn’t know that deleted @KarlAlone5 same energy
Retweeted by Karl Alone @THump 😈😈😈 @TacoSlayer69 Lmaooo @KarlAlone5 My man looking like a one piece character, all shoulder no neck
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Retweeted by Karl Alone @THump Ima ratio you soon if you keep dis up 😈 @aliii_cpj LMAO @ThisOffendsMeTV Don’t make me shave your beard off in your sleep @THump Bro chill that’s the homieI respect anyone that can roast, and talk mad shit, while taking it too. Seriously, that shit so dope to me. @KarlAlone5 Me watching this whole exchange knowing I shouldn’t be laughing but I am lol
Retweeted by Karl Alone @LivingScribe Love you big fellaTHIS HAS TO BE THE BEST COMEBACK EVER
Retweeted by Karl Alone @LivingScribe Yeah but when the police come this gonna be you @KarlAlone5 If you get your ass jumped one day and I'm there, this gon be me
Retweeted by Karl Alone @LivingScribe Really Poe? That’s what u gonna day to me when my nut in her hair?You raggedy bastard
Retweeted by Karl AloneI didn’t know I needed this banter on twitter but it makes me happy
Retweeted by Karl AloneLMAO
Retweeted by Karl AloneI get tested every 3 months nigga won’t happen. I hope you find the love of your life, you put your all into her, y… already broke my dick this ain’t nothing to me. I hope the next time you beat your meet it falls off & goes up yo… have no idea how accurate that is.
Retweeted by Karl AloneI hope you wake up with your sister dropping fire content on onlyfans needs pointless banter tbh. If you can’t roast your friends & not get butthurt then life isn’t for you.I hope you catch covid & barely survive, only to contract HIV from the first woman you trust/love after. look like kinda nigga that moan when he gets tickled. I bet he wipes his hands on his shirt after he pees & sit… hope the government kidnaps you & makes you fuck monkeys for a living hope the next time you have sex you fall asleep crying and wake up with a strap on dildo in ya cheeks. hope the police shoot your dick off due to police brutality tall son of a bitch I hope you stub your toe on your weights and the nail gets cracked and you end up with hom…
Retweeted by Karl Alone @LivingScribe I hope the next time you eat coochie she doo doos on your chin so you can finally have a real beard @LivingScribe Right?! I talk to you all the time @madisynxyz LMFAO @Quarantine_Geta 6 months @Leminent_ Bruh @KarlAlone5 Your penis trying to enter the booty hole
Retweeted by Karl AloneNigga I broke my penis, how do you think it felt? @ugh_itsme_again 😭😭😭 @LivingScribe Why would you put this on my timeline bro? @ugh_itsme_again The weekend is hereDidn’t think I’d be seeing this at 9am on a Friday morning
Retweeted by Karl Alone @phobvbn 17 lol @kassbean Yea lmao on a pool table @lewnair Kill it 💪🏾Y’all wanna know how my Christian mother found out I was sexually active? She found out when I was hospitalized aft…
Retweeted by Karl Alone @kassbean @ChaoticGoodest I do agree tho it’s positive to have these convos with your parents, if you can, and them… @xhoneyyybee 😭😭 @kassbean @ChaoticGoodest Agreed but cmon this video is cringe lmaoGood morning, y’all go workout today if you can 🙂 @TheTwoon Honestly maybe @JustinWhang @TheTwoon Obviously we not accepting this move playa @yekayuriy54 LMAO @Jack_Septic_Eye @BangBangClick ITS LIT @BangBangClick You’ve even cropped out their watermark in the banner and haven’t given them credit for it anywhere. Very hypocritical
Retweeted by Karl Alone @BangBangClick I find this thinking extremely ironic considering you have fanart of me, a streamer, as your banner…
Retweeted by Karl AloneAlright whites people, I’ve had your back for a long time... explain this. @BangBangClick No.
Retweeted by Karl Alone @Objcam @annandvirk @TomSweeneyINC @Objcam @annandvirk @TomSweeneyINC Blocked @otteritarian 😒 @DianaWintah @annandvirk @TomSweeneyINC Bro?This y’all favourite content creator? @KarlAlone5 omw
Retweeted by Karl AloneHelped my boy at his job today, forgot he’s a dealer & he gave me a lot of weed. Just finished rolling & all ima sa… @_n0s3y_ 🙏🏾Me Nd Biggie @KarlAlone5 We out here
Retweeted by Karl Alone @xoxabstract Damn I always do this sucks‘TYLER HERRO’ - JACK HARLOW
Retweeted by Karl AloneI’m so used to people ghosting me it doesn’t bother me at all anymore, and I like that a lot.
@BeZo @TristanGHill You one tweet away bro @TristanGHill @BeZo 😒 @TristanGHill @BeZo @ThisOffendsMeTV Why would u wish this on me Todd? @ThisOffendsMeTV Smfh @DaraweshGames Would never be there lmak @INSVLA’s okay she addicted to heroin now, ain’t god good y’all?! Hall of yula @WeeboJones Bruv @DianaWintah Don’t encourage thisFalse. My EX I was with for 6 years did LMAO @justseekheIp @rudy_betrayed Definitely lying @amanduhh_pls I’m bout that tho @ausmandanut Yes lmao @amanduhh_pls Wouldn’t complain @morganisawizard 😒😒😒 @morganisawizard Morgan don’t condone his behaviour @BeZo @KarlAlone5
Retweeted by Karl Alone @TrippyLiberty Blocked @RealWynotm3 ....